• Published 26th Nov 2013
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If we could fix the past - Reganthestrange

The youth of Celestia and Luna was a very long time ago, you would never have guessed that they grew up with Discord! But sadly Celestia did something that ruined their friendship, and turned Discord into the Chaos causing monster he is today!

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Sneaking in "9" 9

Discord and Luna appeared in a flash of light, they both fell into the snow. Luna stood up, her legs where shacking for there was a heavy snow storm.

"W..W...where....are...w...we?" She asked, still shaking vigorously .

Discord picked Luna up and held her in his arms, hoping to give her some warmth. He looked around the area, the whole area seemed to be a desolate land of snow.

Luna looked up at him, "we..thought t...thou said...we where....b...being teleported to the...c...crystal empire!"

Discord was still scanning their surroundings, "so did I." He sighed and started to walk, "Well, it has to be around here somewhere, I highly doubt my magic sent us to the wrong place." Discord took a few steps forward and bashed into a wall.

"Huzzah! We..found i...it!" Said Luna, trying to brighten the mood.

Discord took a step back and rubbed his nose, "Ow," he muttered.

Luna glared at him, "We can deal with thy's nose later, right now we need to save Celestia and our parents!"

"You're right." Said Discord, He flew up into the air with Luna still in his arms, Discord flew forward towards the city. Once they were above the city he flew behind a building and landed. The city was just as bad as outside. All of the buildings where old with cracks in them and had either smashed or boarded up windows, the street was empty except for two or three guards. The only good thing was King Sombra seemed to have stopped the blizzard from getting into the city.

"Where is everypony?" Asked Luna.

"I have no clue," said Discord.

Discord looked over at the guards, all of them seemed to just be staring off into the distance, none of them where even paying attention for intruders.

Discord grinned, "We could easily take those guards out Lulu, do you want to take one and I'll take the other two?"

Luna shook her head, "No, we don't want to hurt anypony unless it is necessary. Why doesn't thou cast an invisibility spell on us?"

Discord patted Luna on the head, "Oh Lulu, you always come up with the best ideas."

Discord set Luna on the ground beside him and clicked his talon, casting the spell.

Nothing happened.

Discord blushed a bit, "oops, hehe...let me try that again." Discord once again clicked his talon.

Nothing happened.

"UUUGGHHHHH!" shouted Discord, "Why isn't it working!"

Luna put her hoof on her chin, "hmmm, we should have suspected this."

Discord looked down at Luna, "suspected what?"

Luna looked up at Discord, "Sombra must have cast a spell that makes nopony be able to cast magic."

"But he uses magic," replied Discord.

"You're right." said Luna, "So it must be a spell that means...." Luna smiled, "Discord, we do have a way of using magic. But it will mainly have to be you."

"What are you talking about? I just tried to cast a spell but it wouldn't work!" asked Discord.

"Let us explain," said Luna. "We are guessing that what Sombra did was make it so only dark magic can be cast. For if I remember correctly his eyes shone green which signals he only uses dark magic."

"That makes sense," said Discord, "But isn't dark magic against the law?"

Luna nodded, "Yes, but we are sure we shall be forgiven if it was used to save the royal family's life."

"OK," said Discord, "What dark magic spell would help us?" I don't exactly know any."

"I think the one thou should use is a shape shifting spell," Said Luna. "How you cast a dark spell is bring up all the anger deep within you and send it to your magic."

"Ok." Said Discord. He started to cast the spell, a dark ball of magic appeared in his talon, Discord concentrated with all his might and then suddenly it exploded. When the explosion was gone in the place of where Luna and Discord should have been, stood two royal crystal guards.

Luna looked down at her hooves; the ground suddenly seemed a lot further away than usual. She turned around and saw another stallion guard beside her.

“Discord?” asked Luna. She gasped when she heard her voice, it sounded deep and husky.

Discord looked at her and grinned, “Wow Lulu, you really need to cut back on the smoking.”

Luna glared at him, “Discord! This is definitely not the time for jokes!”

Discord nodded his head, “Your right, Ok now hopefully we should just walk to the castle and they will let us in.”

Discord started to walk; Luna found it surprising how quickly he adapted to walking on a completely different set of feet. But she suspected it was actually probably a lot easier than his normal feet. She sighed and decided to follow him, although she definitely knew it would not be as easy as just walking into the castle, gaining access to where ever her parents and sister might be and then them all just escaping.

Life was never that simple.

Luna felt her heart beating at twenty miles an hour as they walked. Every guard they passed turned and looked at them as they walked, although luckily after a few seconds of staring they all just turned back to continue staring into no-where.
Discord on the other looked as calm as if he was simply going for a walk back in Canterlot, Every time the guards stared at them Discord smiled and nodded his head a bit, as if he was greeting an old friend.

They finally made it up to the steps of the Crystal palace. Although the whole city lay in the ruins the palace was still breath taking, it shone a brilliant shade of blue that glistened so bright you would be able to have seen it a miles off, that was of course if there wasn’t an enormous storm outside that would blind anypony who went into it.

Discord and Luna walked up the steps to the door of the palace, Luna lifted her hoof to knock but Discord used his magic to open the door instead. Then he walked in, Luna looked around to make sure no pony was watching them and then she followed Discord into the castle. As they stepped in Luna scanned the whole area, for she had a feeling Sombra wouldn’t like to find two guards just wondering around the palace.

Discord looked around the palace for a few moments before he just decided to walk to door closest to them and open it. Luna gasped when they walked in, the room they had stepped into was the royal throne room. It was different to the other parts of the castle though. It looked as though King Sombra had used his magic to make this one room in pacific more to his liking. Instead of the normal blue crystal walls and floors the crystals where a dark shade of black. The throne was made of the same black crystal as the rest of the room, and at the very top of the throne there was one crystal in pacific that caught Luna's eye. It was an even darker shade of black then all the rest and it had a sort of dark aura around it.

“I have a feeling he is keeping Tia and our parents probably somewhere around here,” Said Discord.

“Well then we shall have to search our surroundings,” Said Luna.

Luna started to walk around the room, making sure to check every single place she passed. Discord did the same, only he was at the other side of the room.

After a few minute Luna groaned and sat on the floor, “Oh it’s useless!” she cried, “We shall never find our family!”

“Your family?” Suddenly said a strange voice, Luna froze for she definitely knew it wasn’t Discords voice, even though they had both changed into stallion guards Discords voice had stayed the same.

Luna stood up and turned around, she found herself face to face with the almighty King Sombra.

He glared at her, “I shall repeat myself what do you mean your family?”

Luna cowered a bit, “I...I uh..”

“Sorry about this your highness, he was talking about a photo of his family, he brought it everywhere with him and sadly he dropped it in here earlier on.” Said Discord, he walked out from behind one of the curtains, “I was helping him look for it.”

King Sombra looked at the new guard that had just approached him, “Very well, but that still doesn’t give you the right to skip whatever duty you are meant to be doing!”

Luna stood up straight; she had suddenly had a brilliant idea of how to save her parents and sister.
“Our duty at the moment is to guard the new prisoners,” She replied.

Sombra looked at her, “I don’t recall requesting guards to watch them...but I suppose it would be good to have somepony to keep an eye on them.”

Suddenly King Sombra’s eyes shone a bright shade of purple, and the green flames at the sides of his eyes grew twice the size. He shot a black beam of magic onto the crystal on top of the throne and suddenly the whole room started to shake. A hole started to form in the ground. Luna closed her eyes terrified thinking about what King Sombra might be doing.

Luna felt Discord give her a small nudge on the side; she slowly opened both her eyes and gasped. In the centre of the room there was a large hole in the ground with stairs leading down into it. She suspected they were going down there but instead Sombra lead them to behind the throne. The magic had also made a secret door appear behind the throne.

Sombra opened the door, “well here you go,”

Discord and Luna stared at the door, it lead into a pitch black room. Luna wasn’t that keen on going in there and neither was Discord.

“Go on now, no more slacking!” Shouted Sombra.

Discord and Luna both took a deep breath and stepped into the darkness...

Author's Note:

Yay! one more awesome chapter! (at least I hope its awesome)
I don't know exactly when the next chapter shall be out, but now that I have a way to be able to write and upload again I really hope that I can start to bring these chapters out a lot quicker, but you never know because you know...life.

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