• Published 26th Nov 2013
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If we could fix the past - Reganthestrange

The youth of Celestia and Luna was a very long time ago, you would never have guessed that they grew up with Discord! But sadly Celestia did something that ruined their friendship, and turned Discord into the Chaos causing monster he is today!

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A Free day "4" 4

Celestia,Luna and Discord waked into the dining room. Luna and Discords manes were all ruffled up as if they had fell down a hill or something. Their Parents raised an eyebrow each.

"And what happened to you two?" Asked The queen.

Luna looked a bit awkward so Celestia answered.

"They...had a bit of an accident in the hall..."

Celestia's father just kept looking at them, "did you fall down the stairs?"

Luna glared at Discord who smirked while he spoke "something like that."

Celestia and Luna's mother just laughed "well come and sit down for breakfast, you three."

Luna went and sat beside her parents and Discord and Celestia sat beside each other. A few minutes later the cooks and servants came in carrying their breakfasts.

"Pancakes, yum!!!" said Discord jumping up and down.

Luna glared at him "what age art thou, five?"

Discord just laughed before tucking in to his breakfast.

There was a few minutes silence before Luna spoke up.

"So mother and Father, what is on thy schedule today, we would like to know?

Their Father answered, "Actually you, Celestia and Discord have nothing to do today."

Celestia looked at them, How so?"

"Well," their father continued "With the ball tomorrow all royal duties have been put on hold,but tomorrow we will need you three to help out."

"Oh my Equestria the ball, I forgot!" shouted Celestia. "I haven't even got a dress!

"That's what you ones are doing tomorrow," said the queen, you all have an appointment at the boutique down town."

"What about the royal dress makers?" said Luna.

"Well they are busy tomorrow," said the queen "and its not the cheap boutique its a new one that opened at the end of town, its very pricey but the ball calls for the best outfits possible."

Discord let out a long sigh "aww a dress shop,BORING!

"Now come on Discord," said the king ,"this will be the first proper ball you three will have been to, the Equestrian ball only happens every ten years!

Discord blew his flap of hair out of his eyes "whatever it will be boring!"

"oh come on Discord" said Celestia "it could be fun if we hang out!"

Discord smiled "I...I suppose"

Luna ate the last of her pancakes and stood up from the table "if thou doesn't mind we are going to go and study now."

Discord looked at her, "study? but its your day off!"

Luna sighed, "yes it is,and we intend to use this day to study."

Suddenly Luna appeared in Discord arms, "oh no you don't!" He said. "Me,you and Celestia are going to hang out today!"

"What!" said Luna, "no! Father tell him no!"

The king gave a sheepish grin, "I think you should take the day off, go play outside."

"UUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH!" Said Luna , "very well,we shall hang out with thee."

Discord appeared beside Celestia and high hoofed her, while doing this he dropped Luna on the floor!

Celestia, Luna and Discord walked into the palace gardens.

"well,?" said Luna "What art we going to do?

Discord thought for a moment "how about hide and seek!"

Luna glared at Discord "last time we played that thou said they were it and then when we hid thou went off and left us for 4 hours!"

Discord laughed "that was funny, but we are playing for real this time."

"Very well" said Luna "but Discord is not being it!"

"I'll be it." Said Celestia. "You have 30 Seconds...GO!"

Discord flew off into the sky laughing. Luna started to run

"think Luna, she thought, "Where should we hide?

Luna kept running until she came to a bush "That didn't end well last time." she thought. Luna kept on runnig, after a bit she came to the royal flowers, she found some blue flowers (her personal favourite) and hid in between them being careful not to squish any. "Celestia shall have a hard time finding us!" she thought.


Discord kept flying up higher and higher until he could see all the palace gardens, "hmm where to hide?" he thought. Discord landed on the ground, he had suddenly had an idea, Discord was almost crying of laughter as he clicked his talons. He turned into a little maid pony with blond hair and big eyelashes, No one would ever guess anything except for the fact his eyes and voice didn't change. He tapped his hoof and sunglasses appeared on him to cover his eyes. "Oh this is gonna be good!" he thought


"28...29...and 30! ready or not here I come!" Celestia yelled.

She looked around the garden "hmmm where to start!" she thought. She headed over to the fountain because she knew that was Discords favourite spot. They had spent many nights there when they were younger.

When she got over there there was a maid watering some flowers. Celestia went over to her.

"em excuse me," she said "may I ask if you have seen Discord or princess Luna anywhere?"

The maid turned around,she was wearing a pair of pink sunglasses. she grinned a bit as she talked "yes,I saw Discord over by the labyrinth."

Celestia eyed the maid suspiciously, her voice sounded a lot like Discord only higher and more squeaky.

"Would you mind taking off you sunglasses?" asked Celestia.

The maid looked like she was starting to panic "but...but its very bright out!"

Celestia glared at her "Discord..."

The maid smiled at her "What are you talking about,my name is...Miss...um star...pie.

Celestia raised an eyebrow "Miss star pie?"

The maid was almost laughing now "Yes Miss Starpie and I love...wearing pretty bows and...picking flowers!"

Celestia used her magic to make the sunglasses fall to the ground,she saw Discord bright yellow eyes with his big red pupils

Discord sighed "all right you got me!"

Celestia giggled, "you'r a very pretty girl Discord."

Discord turned back to his mismatched self. He pulled a pose "I look good no matter what."

Celestia grinned, "you wait here while I go find Luna."

"sure" said Discord

Celestia went to the fountain,the gazebo and even the muddy part of the garden and still hadn't found Luna, The last place was the flower garden. Celestia really should have went there first, it was Luna's favourite place after all.

She entered the garden and went to Luna's flower patch, she had planted beautiful blue flowers. Celestia sat staring at them for a while before she heard a sneeze coming from the flowers.

"How in Equestria?" thought Celestia

She looked closer at the flowers and saw Luna lying face first in the flower patch. Celestia had an idea. She pretended to walk away, she heard Luna giggle a bit and then just as she got to the entrance of the flower garden she ran back, scooped up Luna and started to tickle her.

"hahaha stop hahaha it!!!!" yelled Luna

"Oh Luna" said Celestia setting her down, "trust you to sneeze at just the wrong moment."

Luna giggled a bit as they walked back to Discord. When they got back Discord waved at them.

"so will I be it?" said Discord

Luna blushed a bit, "We...we would quite like a chance to be it...we never have been before."

Discord blew at his flap of hair, "fine whatever, count to 30 then come find us."

Luna started to count and Celestia and Discord ran off laughing.

"Lets hide together," said Celestia

Discord looked at her, "why?"

Celestia giggled a bit "you know so Luna doesn't have to make two trips, it is only her first go."

"Ok then!" said Discord.

They ran until they came to a big bush, it was just in front of a hill that led down to the entrance of the castle.
They both stood behind it.

"This will be fun!" laughed Discord

"29..30! ready or not here thy come!"

Luna turned around she could see the fountain, the flower garden and the entrance. She walked for a bit until she came to the bush Discord and Celestia were behind. She would have passed without blinking an eye but Discords tail was sticking out.

Luna grinned "we've got you know.!

She peeked in between the leaves and saw Celestia as well. Luna grinned.

"We shall get our sister back for tickling us!" she thought.

Luna slowly crept up to the side of the bush Celestia was at, she could hear them mumbling to each other. She slowly made her way to just behind her sister and then yelled using her royal Canterlot voice...


Celestia screamed "AHHH!" She got such a shock she tripped and started to fall down the hill, she grabbed Discord for support but all she did was pull him with her. They both fell down the hill screaming.

They finally got to the bottom and Celestia landed on top of Discord,they stared at each other for a moment before they both burst out laughing!

" Celestia you are so clumsy!" Said Discord still laughing.

"Really?" said Celestia Poking Discords chest "you were the one that fell when I grabbed you!

Luna walked down the hill to find the two friends on top of each other laughing their heads off. Luna raised an eyebrow.

"What art thou doing on the ground?"

"Oh lighten up Luna!" Discord grabbed Luna and pulled into the middle of them, she told Celestia and Discord to let her go but they just proceeded to hug her.

After they went and got cleaned up they all went and sat in the garden, the sun was starting to set,that meant that dinner was going to be in a few minutes.

"you know," said Discord sighing "I had so much fun today."

"Me too." said Celestia.

They both looked at Luna smiling. Luna sighed.

"It was quite fun" she said "but I would have rather studied.

Celestia grinned "oh my responsible sister" she hugged her, "When the time comes you will be a great leader."

At that moment a servant came out and told them their dinner was ready, so they all headed in for a lovely meal!

Author's Note:

I loved writing this chapter especially the scene of them playing hide and seek. Don't know when the next chapter will be, I have exams coming up so I wont have a lot of free time but I will try to have it up in about a week.By the way, in case you were confused for now in my story Discords pupils are the same size.