• Published 26th Nov 2013
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If we could fix the past - Reganthestrange

The youth of Celestia and Luna was a very long time ago, you would never have guessed that they grew up with Discord! But sadly Celestia did something that ruined their friendship, and turned Discord into the Chaos causing monster he is today!

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The royal ball "7" 7

A large group of maids came running towards them. Discord, Luna and Celestia were only in the door of the palace when they heard them all shouting. The one that got to them first started to talk.

"Thank goodness you are back! The ball is in 3 hours you all need to get ready!"

"Sorry," said Celestia "We stopped at the bakery on the way."

"Well!" Said the maid, "We are 30 minutes behind on schedule so come along ponies."

Celestia turned around to Discord, "I'll see you at the ball then."

Discord smiled, "I'll be waiting."

Discord turned around to Luna, "And I can't wait to get to see my little Luna all fancy!"

Luna smiled at Discord, "We could say the same our self."

Discord laughed, "Yea right, like I'm letting the maids dress me!"

The maid that had spoken to them a minute ago walked up to Discord.

"Actually Discord, we are dressing you."

Discords smile dropped. "No, really I'm fine."

The maid smiled at Discord, "King and Queens orders."

Discord sighed, "Man, when am I getting a break today!"

Luna gave a small chuckle, "We shall see you there Discord."

Luna turned around and started to walk away with a group of maids. Celestia had already left so it was just Discord and 6 maids, including the one that spoke to him.

"Right!" said the maid, "let's get you looking wonderful. We are going to be together for a while so let me introduce myself, I am maid Dust Feather. I am the new head of maids."

"Splendid" muttered Discord.

5 of the maids grabbed Discord. The brought him to a large room he had never been in before, it had an orange carpet with yellow walls, there were clothes racks and dressing tables everywhere. And to one side there was another open door, inside Discord could see a toilet, so he presumed it was a bathroom.

"First up," said maid Dust Feather, "A bath."

3 maids walked over the Discord, Discord smiled, "It's ok I can wash myself."

"Yes" said maid Dust Feather, "but we need to make sure you are as clean as possible."

"Fine" said Discord, he walked into the bathroom, the bath was already filled with water, he jumped in.

"AAAHHHHH!" Yelled Discord, "This water is roasting!"

The 3 maids from before walked in and closed the door. one of them spoke, "Sorry, Mr Discord, but we don't have time to wait for it to cool down."

They started to put shampoo and things on him, one was scrubbing his head like mad, one was washing his body and the other was filling a jug with water.

"Water please," said the one that was scrubbing his head.

The maid that had filled a jug with water walked over to the side of the bath. She lifted the jug over Discords head and tipped it over. The water in it was freezing!

"AAHHH,Are we almost done?" Said Discord, trying to decide if the hot water or cold water was worse.

"We're done." said one of the maids.

Discord jumped out of the bath, and picked up a towel.

One of the maids, who was a unicorn, used her magic to dry off Discord. "There!" She said, "All dry!"

"What's next?" asked Discord.

"Next," said one of the maids, "you're getting dressed."

So the 4 of them walked into the dressing room again where maid Dust Feather was sitting with Discords outfit.

"This will suit you well." She said.

Maid dust feather pointed to a small box, "Please stand on that."

Discord went over and stood on it.

Maid Dust Feather started pulling out scissors and things, The other maids were holding up the suit, Maid Dust Feather put the scissors up to it before putting them on the floor again.

"That's odd," she said, "this suit looks like it will fit you already, but how? You were only at the boutique for about an hour, how can she have made a suit that fast?"

Discord gave an awkward laugh, "Heh heh, yea..she... already had some in my size."

Maid Dust Feather raised an eyebrow while she spoke, "How can she have some in YOUR size. You're the only blinking draconequus in well...all of everywhere!"

Discord waved one of his lion fingers in the air, "Tut, tut Maid Dust Feather, such language. Anyhow even if I AM the only draconequus in all of, as you put it, EVERYWHERE, am I still not a respected citizen of society that should be able to walk into a shop and buy clothes?"

Maid Dust Feather gave a long sigh, "You're right Discord, how silly of me to think otherwise it's not like this is the first time you have ever went to a shop and bought some clothes."

Discord glared at her, "Firstly, of course I'm right, I'm always right, and secondly it's not my fault that there are professional clothes makers that will make me whatever I want with a click of my finger!"

Maid Dust Feather smiled, "Yes, poor you, living with the royals. Anyway we have a suit and that's all that matters. Ladies let's get this boy looking like a prince!"

Two maids lifted up Discord arms while two other maids put on his shirt, after that they put on his jacket and bow tie. Discord did make quite a lot of protests about having to wear a bow tie but after some scolding from maid Dust Feather and a bribe of sweets from one of the maids they finally got him to wear it.

Then they put on his gloves and next came his trousers.

Discord looked at the trousers. Then he said, "I'm not even sure if it is possible for me to wear trousers, look how long I am!"

Maid Dust Feather pushed Discord over, then three other maids came and pulled on the trousers. Maid Dust Feather smiled, "There, easy. And finally.." Maid Dust Feather pointed to a stool, "your hair!"

Discord sat on the stool. Two of the maids started brushing the bit of hair behind his head, while maid Dust Feather and the other looked at the flap of hair in his face.

"No no no, this just won't do!" Said maid Dust Feather.

She went over to a box and took out a long tube, she squirted some of the substance onto her hooves and hopped over to Discord. Discord looked at the gel.

"What is that?"

maid Dust Feather started to apply it to Discord's flap of hair, "It's hair gel silly. It's so we can get this bit of hair out of your eyes.

"What! said Discord, "No way, I like that bit of hair."

Maid Dust Feather sighed, "just for tonight Discord, please?"

Discord smiled, "very well."

The maids finally finished off doing Discords hair.

"TA DA!" Said maid Dust Feather, "There, a draconequus fit for a ball!"

Discord walked over to a mirror, He gasped when he saw his reflection. It looked like him, but it also didn't look like him, his eyes were so noticeable now, with his big red pupils and the way the rest of his eye was yellow, it was so...different from everypony else.

Discord gave a smile, "thanks everypony, I look great!"

Maid Dust Feather smiled, "No problem, now off to the ball with you, you don't want to be late!"

Discord waved once more before teleporting himself out of the room. As soon as he did so he clicked his talon and made a mirror appear. He laughed "Now this won't do," Discord clicked his talon again and his flap off hair, that was now being held back by hair gel, fell onto his face again. He clicked his talon once more and made all the hair gel disappear from it.

"There!" Said Discord smiling, "Now I'm ready!"


Discord gasped as he walked into the ballroom, he had thought about teleporting in but this was going to be his main impression on the rich citizens of Canterlot. The ballroom looked so different it was like Discord had stepped into a brand new world. There were big strands of silk across the walls and lots of tables and chairs around the outside of the room, and then by the door an orchestra playing beautiful harmonic music.

Discord looked around, he couldn't spot Celestia or Luna anywhere. He decided to ask some maids who were welcoming the guests by the door. Discord started to walk over to the maids but accidentally banged into a dazzling blue unicorn. The unicorn stepped back and gasped, she raised an eyebrow.

"Who or may I say WHAT are you?" She asked.

Discord blushed feeling a bit awkward, "I em..I am a draconequus, my name is Discord."

Her eyes opened wide when he finished speaking, "The Discord, as in the one that lives here?"

Discord smiled, "The one and only!"

The blue unicorn said "I say!" Then held her nose high in the air and walked away.

"Well!" Thought Discord, "Someponies have no manners!"

Discord continued his journey over to the maids at the front door. He finally got there and tapped one of them on the shoulder. She turned around and smiled.

"Master Discord." She said, "how may I help you?"

"I was just wondering if you knew where Princess Celestia may be?" He asked.

The maid smiled, "She should be coming in any moment now," said the maid, I would go and stand in the middle of the room if you want to get to see her and our majesties enter."

Discord smiled, "Thank you...ugh."

"Strawberry Cake." said the maid smiling.

Discord smiled, "Ok, thanks Strawberry Cake."

Discord took off to the middle of the ballroom, already a few ponies had gathered, Discord sighed he would never get a good look at this rate. He sighed, there was only one way of him getting a good view. Discord took off into the air and squished himself in the middle. A young stallion glared at him.

"Do you mind!" He said.

Discord smiled, "sorry."

The man sighed and looked away, Discord could have sworn he heard him mutter "animal". He didn't get much time to think about this though because Maid Dust Feather walked up to the top of the big staircase and started to speak.

"Attention everypony! I proudly present our majesties the king and queen!"

The orchestra started to play trumpets and the King and Queen walked out. The king looked very regal in his fine suit with a huge crown on his head and the Queen had a long, silk, red dress on with a matching red tiara in her hair. They both had long red cloaks attached around their necks. They walked down the stairs and everypony stamped their hooves.

When they got to the bottom they stopped and stepped to the side. Maid Dust Feather spoke again.

"I now present our princesses, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna!"

The orchestra started up again and Celestia and Luna walked in, Discord gasped. Celestia and Luna looked... Beautiful.

Luna was in a dark blue dress that had a very puffy bottom on it, it had long sleeves that ended in little frills that bounced off the floor as she walked. She had light blue shoes on with small heels and a small tiara on her head.

But Celestia, she looked the most beautiful of all, she had a long white dress on that's skirt had a small puff to it, the top of her dress had small pink rose patterns on it that glittered and shone. Her dress had short sleeves that looked like they were made out of silk. Her shoes were high heels that were also white, Discord wasn't sure, they looked like they could be glass. Then her pink bubble-gum hair had a sort of flowing look to it. She too wore a small tiara on top.

They both walked down the stairs and met with their parents, Maid Dust Feather bowed and walked off. The orchestra started playing normal music again and all the ponies went back to talking amongst themselves. Celestia and Luna walked over to Discord.

Celestia smiled, " I look silly don't I?"

"No." Said Discord, "Tia,you look...amazing."

Celestia laughed and Discord then turned around to Luna.

"And you my little Lulu!" said Discord picking her up, "You look like a little dolly!"

"Put us down!" Said Luna.

"As you wish," said Discord.

He dropped Luna but just as she was about to hit the floor Discord caught her on his tail.

Then he held her by her hooves, her legs dangling in the air and started to spin with her.

"Come Luna!" He said, "Let us dance!"

"Discord wait, what!" Said Luna as Discord pulled her out onto the dance floor.

Celestia laughed. she could tell this was going to be a fun night.


A few hours later Celestia and Luna had to go mingle. Luna went off but Celestia stayed with her parents and just talked to whoever they talked to. She was doing this when Suddenly Maid Dust Feather appeared again at the top of the staircase.

"Sadly our night is almost over, but of course it could not finish without the traditional royal dance."

Maid Dust Feather smiled "And this year, the king and queen have asked Princess Celestia to have the honour!"

Celestia looked at her parents, any time she had been to ball, even a small family one it had always been the king and queen that did the royal dance.

"Why me?" Asked Celestia.

Her father smiled, "Celestia, your are almost an adult now. So me and your mother decided it was time for you to have the dance."

"But who will I dance with?" Asked Celestia.

Her mother pointed a hoof over to three rich stallions around her age, "I'm sure one of them would gladly dance."

Celestia shuddered at the thought, she wasn't exactly the best dancer now and she had a feeling if she stepped on one of their hoofs by accident they would start to scream to their "mummy".

Celestia looked around the hall, there was someone she could dance with. But would he do it?

Celestia felt her mother nudge her back, "go now Celestia, don't keep everypony waiting."

"Yes mother." said Celestia.

Celestia started to walk over to the food table. Discord was there talking to Luna. well he was talking, Luna was telling him to shut up.

Celestia walked up to him, "emm..Discord?"

Discord turned around and smiled when he saw Celestia, "hi Tia."

Celestia smiled, "I..I was...you know....wondering if...if you may do the honour of dancing with me?"

Discord had noticed how everypony was staring at him. He looked at Luna and gave her a "confused look"

Luna whispered, "Tis the royal dance, say yes!

Discord turned back to Celestia, "ok."

Celestia and Discord walked into the middle of the hall. The orchestra started to play, Celestia stood on her hind legs and put her front legs on his shoulders. Then they started to dance.

After a few minutes lots of other ponies started to join in, But neither of them noticed, They both just sat staring into each other's eyes while the world spinned around them.

Celestia smiled at Discord, "I'm sorry about this, but my parents made me."

Discord chuckled " It's fine, I'm actually quite enjoying this."

Celestia's eyes lit up, "Really? Oh thank the Gods! I was so scared you would say no and I would have to dance with one of them snobby rich stallions!"

"I would never make you have to do such an awful thing!" said Discord.

Celestia laughed, "Thank you, Discord."

Celestia smiled, when they had first started dancing she had thought it was going to be very awkward but she had to admit, it was quite enjoyable.

The music started to fade down until it was finished. Celestia got back on her 4 hoofs again and slowly ponies started to leave. Celestia was meant to stay at the door with her parents but she was exhausted so her parents dismissed her.

Discord walked with Celestia back to her room, as soon as they walked in Discord snapped his talon and made his suit disappear.

"UGH finally!" said Discord "I thought I'd have to wear that suit till I die!"

Celestia took if her dress, shoes and tiara and got into her bed.

Discord floated over and sat on the side of it, "Do you have any "Royal Business" tomorrow?"

Celestia snuggled into her bed, "only one meeting, should be quick."

"Good" Said Discord, "There is a fair down town tomorrow and I was hoping me, you and Luna could go."

"I would like that" said Celestia.

Discord smiled at Celestia, "I did have fun tonight."

Celestia smiled back, "Me too."

Then suddenly, Discord slowly leaned in and kissed her, Celestia's whole face went red, it certainly was a shock but she had no intention of pushing him off.

Then he stood up and said "Goodnight Tia," and teleported out of the room

Author's Note:

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH had to write this chapter so fast!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry I haven't written a chapter in so long I had to take a break to revise for my exams! But I'm back now so yay!

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I'm going to have to post a chapter about every two weeks now with school and everything. I want to make sure I make this story the very best I can!