• Published 26th Nov 2013
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If we could fix the past - Reganthestrange

The youth of Celestia and Luna was a very long time ago, you would never have guessed that they grew up with Discord! But sadly Celestia did something that ruined their friendship, and turned Discord into the Chaos causing monster he is today!

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Celestia "10" 10

The room was pitch black and it smelt revolting. Luna felt herself stepping closer to Discord as they walked in, she knew it was ridiculous for a princess of the night to be scared of the dark but sometimes her inner filly got the best of her. King Sombra hit a lever on the wall and the room lit up, it was still quite dark but the lever had somehow made a few candles on the wall to go ablaze.

He turned around and walked to the door, once he stepped out he closed the metal door behind him. Luna and Discord looked around, it was more like a hall then a room. There were three cells at each side of the hall.

"I'm guessing that Tia and Mom and Dad are probably in one of these cells." Said Discord.

Luna nodded her head, "Yes, we shall check the left side of the room and thou should check the right."

"Ok," Said Discord. He walked over and started to check the cells.

Luna walked over to the first cell. She flapped her wings so she could fly up to the bars on the door and stare in. Sadly nothing was in the cell except for something white curled up in the corner. Luna looked at it for a few moments, she couldn't make out what it was but for all she knew it could be some helpless filly that needed her help.

Luna landed on the ground and looked around for something she could use to get the fillies attention. She smiled when she saw a rock by the door. Luna trotted over and tried to pick up the rock with her magic, she sighed when she remembered that sadly Sombra had made only dark magic useable. So instead she picked the rock up in her mouth; Luna then flew back up to the door again.

She looked in through the bars and sure enough it was still in the same place. Luna spat the rock onto her hoof and then squeezed her arm through the bars, her arm was only just able to fit. She aimed at its back and then gently threw the rock.
It flew through the air and hit it right in the centre of its back. But to Luna's surprise and horror when it hit it the rock went right through the skin! Blood started to pour from its back, in a matter of seconds the floor of the cell had a trail of blood on it, the body started to slip on the blood that was oozing from its back.

The body continued to slip in it until it turned over, Luna screamed.
It was a filly as she had predicted, but its whole body was rotten and had flesh hanging off it.

Discord ran over and put his paw over Luna’s mouth, “shhhhhh, we are going to get caught if you continue to make so much noise.” He whispered.

Luna was still shaking too much to reply, so instead she just pointed to the corpse in the cell. Discord looked at the body for a few seconds before putting his paw over his mouth, “I think I’m going to be sick.” He said.

Luna flew to the ground and looked up at Discord, “How long must that poor filly have suffered. Why would it have been left to die? “

Discord leaned down to Luna, “I don’t know, but let's just hurry up and get Tia and our parents so we can leave this ghastly place,”

Luna nodded and stepped over to the next cell, she flew up to the bars of the door and looked in, the cell was empty except for a few bits of hay lying in it. Luna flew over to the next cell and peered in. Luna gasped, lying in the cell was Celestia. She was chained up by the legs and her neck and it looked as if she had been beaten up, there was blood dripping from her nose and she had cuts all over her body.

Luna looked over to Discord who was peering through the bars of the last cell on the right side of the room. "Discord!" she shouted, "We have found Celestia."

Discord ran over to the cell and looked in, "Oh my god!" he cried, "Tia!" He started shaking the door, but there was a huge lock on it. "How do I get this damn door open!" He shouted.

"Discord! Calm down!" Said Luna, "We shall find a way don't worry."

Discord looked down at Luna, "calm down? Tia is practically dying in there and you expect me to calm down?"

He looked down at the lock on the door, it had a strange shaped hole in it, not like the normal hole in a lock. He let out a sigh, "If only I could use my magic..wait!" Discord looked at Luna again, "Can you teleport with dark magic?"

"We have no clue," Replied Luna, "As we said we have never used dark magic before, we only know a few spells that hath been in a book we read."

Discord looked into the cell again, Celestia was still in the same position. But luckily it looked like she was breathing. Discord leaned up against the bars, "Tia." He whispered.

Luna looked at him, "Really? Discord, thou just shouted his head off and our sister didn't stir. Yet you think whispering shall prevail? Move a second."

Discord moved out of the way and Luna flew up to the door, she took a deep breath and shouted in the royal Canterlot voice, "SISTER WE NEED YOU IN OUR TIME OF NEED, AWAKIN FROM THY SLUMBER!!!!!!"

Luna moved a bit over so Discord could look into the cell.

Celestia's eyes started to flicker a bit and then they slowly opened, she looked around the cell "w..huh? Where am I?"

"Tia!" Discord shouted.

Celestia looked at the door, "Discord? Luna? Where am I?"

Luna cocked her head, "Does thou not remember a thing?"

Celestia started to think, "Well, I was at the ball, Then Discord brought me to bed and-" Suddenly a blush appeared on her face.

Luna looked at Discord, "And what?"

"Never mind! Replied Celestia, "Anyway then I went to sleep. But I was woke up again by...oh no."

Celestia yanked at her chains, "Where are Mother and Father! Are they alright?" She gave a thrust to try and brake the chains, but they dug into her cuts and she cried out in pain."

"Don't move!" Cried Luna.

Discord couldn't stand to see Celestia in such a state, her flew back to the other end of the room and then ran as fast as he could towards the door, he barged straight into it, but it didn't budge at all."

"There is no use try to break the door down." Said Celestia, "It can only be opened with the crystal key."

"The crystal key? What is that?" Asked Luna.

"It is a key made out of pure crystal. Thousands of years ago, when the crystal heart was created they had left over enchanted crystal, so they made an enchanted key that is the only thing that can unlock the doors in the castle. Although the king seems to only use it for the cells."

"Does thou have any idea where he may keep such a key?" Asked Luna

"I..I heard him say something about it being at the top of the entire empire before he threw me in here." Replied Celestia.

Luna started to think about the book she had read on the crystal empire, it had talked about the castle being one of the tallest buildings in all of Equstria. It had also mentioned something about the King locking away all of the things precious to the crystal empire at the top of the castle, but no pony had ever found a way up.

"We shall find a way up, don't worry." Said Luna.

Discord nodded, "Yea, let's go."

"No, We would appreciate it if thy would stay here with Celestia. She is in terrible condition and needs somepony to stay guard in case somepony tries to hurt her again."

"wait a minute," Said Discord, "How come you get to go? You're younger than me, if somepony catches you how do you plan to escape?"

Luna sighed, "Discord, we don't need to be babied. If we are going to be ruler of Equestria someday we should at least be able to fend for ourselves."

Discord looked over at Celestia, he felt pain in seeing her in such a state. He sighed in defeat, "Fine, but be careful."

"We will." Said Luna. She turned around and walked back over to the door of the room to go and find the key.

Author's Note:

Ok, my dear friends I am going to tell you the tale of why it took me three weeks to upload this chapter.
I wrote it the first week and saved it on my computer and memory pen, I woke up the next day to upload it and my dumb computer had broke again.
I spent the next few days trying to fix it, in the end I gave up and went to upload it on my parents computer. But when I put my memory pen in, it snapped in half!
So with no other choice I have had to retype and upload this chapter in the school!
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