• Published 26th Nov 2013
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If we could fix the past - Reganthestrange

The youth of Celestia and Luna was a very long time ago, you would never have guessed that they grew up with Discord! But sadly Celestia did something that ruined their friendship, and turned Discord into the Chaos causing monster he is today!

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King Sombra "5" 5

King Sombra stood outside the town of Canterlot. He let out a sneer, he had always hated this town...well to be honest the real truth was he was jealous. They got all of Equestria to rule with subjects far and wide that respected them. All he had was one ridiculous empire, and he had to work very hard to maintain that! And now he heard they wanted to take it away from him?!

King Sombra had been planning an attack on Canterlot for 5 years now. He had trained his army day and night! He had never let them stop! He had to admit there where still a few soldiers that would need more training, but he didn't have time! They were going to attack him in 6 days so he needed to act as quickly as possible!

Sombra teleported himself into the castle, he walked down the long, dark halls of the palace. After a bit of walking he got to a light pink door with suns engraved on it. He opened it and slowly snuck in. He walked up to the bed in the room and looked at the young mare sleeping in it. It was the beautiful Princess Celestia. He has always admired her beauty, she was the one thing in the world that could rival the beautifulness of the crystal heart.
He lent down to her ear and mumbled "enjoy your last night of sleep my dear, for tomorrow you shan't last the day!"


King Sombra walked into the crystal castle, two maids rushed over and took off his cloak.

"Anything else my lord?" asked one of them.

"Yes!" shouted King Sombra making the two ponies cower, "go get all of my army and tell them to meet me in the courtyard, we have important matters to discuss!"

"yes your lord."

The two ponies rushed off to go and get the army ready. King Sombra walked out to the courtyard, he stood for a few minutes tapping his hoof, then he bellowed "WHERE IS MY DAMN ARMY?!"

A few seconds later lots of strong stallions came running, they lined up in a queue.

"Finally!" snarled King Sombra. "I have news, we are going to attack Canterlot, Tomorrow night!"

The soldiers gasped. They all started to mumble amongst themselves, one stood forward.

"Bu..but your highness, you told us we weren't ready yet."

King Sombra growled at the brave stallion, his horn glowed a dark green and suddenly the stallion was gone.


All the army shook their heads.

He took a deep breath to calm himself, "We MUST attack tomorrow. The king and queen are planning to run me out of the kingdom. And I'm sure you all don't want me gone...DO YOU?"

Once again all of the soldiers shook their heads very quickly, knowing it would be smart to just agree to whatever the king said.

"Good!" said King Sombra, he turned around and started to walk away, "We will leave in the morning, it's a long trip so when I get out here at 6.am tomorrow morning you will all be here, UNDERSTAND!"

They all nodded their heads.

King Sombra walked inside and slammed the door.

"Just you wait, oh strong and powerful king of the sun!" He thought, "I will make your world crumble!"

Author's Note:

sorry short chapter,I just needed to add a quick chapter explaining his attack.