If we could fix the past

by Reganthestrange

First published

The youth of Celestia and Luna was a very long time ago, you would never have guessed that they grew up with Discord! But sadly Celestia did something that ruined their friendship, and turned Discord into the Chaos causing monster he is today!

The youth of Celestia and Luna was a very long time ago, you would never have guessed that they grew up with Discord!
But sadly Celestia did something that ruined their friendship, and turned Discord into the Chaos causing monster he is today!

My first fanfiction, please tell me how it is :)

In the beginning "1" 1

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In the quiet of the equestrian night, one could stare off beyond the horizon, basking in the twinkle of the jeweled sky. One would be hard pressed to find a landscape more saturated with relaxation.
As with all beautiful things, it was brought to an end by the thunderous clash of metal doors being thrown to the walls. The cause of this noise was merely an alicorn filly, with a snow white coat and a flowing pink mane.
"Drat!" Whispered Celestia. She was trying to be as silent as possible for she was not meant to be out so late. To tell the truth she wasn't really meant to be out at any time without supervision. But she didn't care, tonight was the night were she would be not a princess but just a normal filly.
She wanted to go out and play without having to learn anything or have to be extra careful not to get her hooves dirty! And with her parents so distracted with her new little baby sister this was the perfect time to sneak out for a bit!
The palace gardens where beautiful, they were her favourite place in the world, she began to run around the place, looking at the beautiful scenery. There was one flower in particular she liked. She ran over to another part of the garden to go see it, when she got to it she smiled, It was a beautiful golden rose that only bloomed in summer. Her mother had said it was a special rose that represented the ruler of the sun.
Celestia was busy admiring the rose when suddenly she heard some giggling coming from a bush behind her, "a giggling bush, how odd" thought Celestia. She went over to investigate.
As Celestia advanced towards the bush she saw something move inside it, the giggling had stopped but the bush had started to rustle like mad. She couldn't see what was in it so she leaned down to get a closer look, as soon as she leaned down a small furry creature jumped out and roared at her! " AAHHHHH!" Screamed Celestia, she tripped over and fell down a hill.
The creature followed laughing. " are you ok?" It asked still laughing its head off. Celestia looked at the creature, she was able to see what it looked like now. It was very strange looking indeed! It looked like somepony had gotten lots of different animal parts and stuck them all together.

"What in all of Equestria are you?" Celestia asked brushing the dirt out of her hair.

"Well... to be honest, I don't actually know!" Replied the creature.

"Well" said Celestia finally satisfied with her mane, "what's your name?"

" I'm Discord!" Said the creature proudly.

Celestia looked at the creature with a confused look on her face, "I haven't seen you before, where do you live?"

"well....I haven't really got a home." Said Discord

Celestia looked at him, she was confused, "Don't you live with your parents?"

Discord didn't reply, instead he looked down at the ground. Celestia stared at him for a few moment still expecting him to answer, when he didn't she leaned closer to him, "Haven't you got any parents?"

Discord sighed and looked up at her, "No, I haven't"

"No parents?" Yelled Celestia "but how is that possible?".

"I dunno" said Discord shrugging his shoulders " I remember hearing a voice telling I have a purpose in this world to fulfil, whatever that means then next thing I know I'm lying in a forest somewhere left to fend for myself. So I walked for a while until I came across this village, I saw this garden and knew I would be the perfect place to hide until I had a plan of where to go."

"Wow" said Celestia, "I just can't believe you haven't got any parents, I wouldn't be able to survive without mine."

"Well I just get on with life". Said Discord getting bored with being so serious, "anyhow wanna play together?" As Discord said this a glass of chocolate milk appeared in his hand.

" you're magic?" Asked Celestia, "How is that possible, I thought only alicorns and unicorns could do magic."

"I dunno", said Discord, I've just always been able to do it".

"Cool, I'm magic too!" said Celestia.

"Soo...wanna play a game or not?" Said Discord flying in circles.

"What would we play?" Asked Celestia,

"How about...pin the tail on the pony?" Said Discord grinning.

Celestia was confused for a few moments, then she looked behind her and gasped seeing her tail was gone, and Discord was holding it in his paw smirking.

"Hey!!!" Yelled Celestia.

"Oh don't panic" said Discord clicking his talons and making her tail appear back on her rear end.

" I'm not sure if I want to play anymore..." Grumbled Celestia.

"Oh lighten up", said Discord "how about...tag!"

"Tag?" Said Celestia "I have heard of it but never played before"

So you know the rules then?" Said Discord

"Well sort- "

"TAG YOUR IT" yelled Discord running away laughing!

"Wait, what?" said Celestia. After a few seconds she got it "oh, I get it now! " she yelled chasing him.

After about an hour of playing suddenly Celestia heard her mum yelling.
" oh no I'd better go" she said.

"Wait" yelled Discord running after her. "Can we meet again tomorrow night?"

"Sure" said Celestia.



She was about to leave again when suddenly Discord shouted 'I never got your name!'

'It's Princess Celestia.'
And with that Celestia flew off to meet her raging mum.

The dark one "2" 2

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It had been about a month since Celestia and Discord had met. Since then they had both met up every night, Celestia's parents had gotten suspicious to how she was always a bit tried now but when they asked her if she had got enough sleep she just told them she was only tired from growing. Her parents seemed suspicious but didn't question her because Celestia never lied to them. She felt so bad for doing so, she hated lying to her parents, she loved them very much.

Her father was in charge of raising the sun every morning, he was white like Celestia with a flowing red mane and had the same cutie mark as her. She remembered when she got it, she had been so happy, Her father let her try raising the sun with him one day and then just as she landed it appeared. Her parents held a whole party to celebrate, it was glorious!

Her mother was dark blue with an aqua mane. she had a cutie mark of the moon with a shadow coming off it, they all guessed this would be Luna's cutie mark when the time came.

Her parents ruled all of Equestria because they had been chosen as young fillies. They were both born with a horn and wings, ponies soon started to refer to them as alicorns. They were destined to fall in love and rule Equestria! And the best thing was...they were immortal so they would never die! When Celestia thought this it filled her heart with joy to know her and her family would be together forever!

Her little sister Luna had only been born a few months ago, whereas Celestia was 6. Her sister had a light blue mane that was quite short. She was the same colour of her mother so she would probably raise the moon as well. Although Luna was only a little baby she certainly was smart for her age, she could already say a few words like mother, father and she called Celestia Celly.

Today was a nice warm day with the sun shining so Celestia was out playing with Discord, she couldn't go that night because she had to go out for dinner with her parents to a royal meeting. They were playing eye spy.

It was Discords turn, "OK I spy with my little eye something...PINK!

Celestia sighed ,"is it my mane?"

" oh my gosh yes, how did you get that!"

Celestia rolled her eyes "you have done my mane every time it's your turn!!!"

" Have I? ok I'll go again I spy-"

Celestia stopped him, she had had something on her mind for the past week "Discord."


"I was wondering if you ever got the chance, would you want somewhere to live?"

Discord looked confused, "what do you mean I live here."

" I know." Said Celestia "but what about a real house, with a real family?"

"Well yeah I guess I would."

Celestia's eyes lit up "well I've had a thought, how about you live in the palace?"

Discord looked at her, "Are you crazy your parents would never let me in!"

Celestia smiled "I could go ask them."

Discord sat looking at the floor for a second, "wow, my own home...a place to belong to..."

"Well then" said Celestia smiling, "let's go ask!"
They came up to the throne room and Celestia turned around, Discord was floating in the air trying to look calm but she could tell he was nervous.

"ok" she said "you turn invisible and stay here," I'll go ask.

Discord nodded and disappeared.

"Ok, here it goes," she said. She opened the large doors to the throne room and walked in.

When she walked in her parents were sitting on their thrones, her father was reading some scrolls and her mother was feeding Luna with a bottle.

"em..mother, father?" said Celestia suddenly feeling really nervous.

"Yes my love?" said Celestia's mother, her voice was as elegant as ever.

"I was wondering, if you got the chance to have a son, would you?"

"Celestia, we just had a child, if you think we are having another one you can think twice!" boomed Celestia's father, he didn't mean to be loud he just had a very big voice.

"well what if you could have I don't know like...a stepson!"

"Darling, what are you getting at?" said her mother.

Celestia sighed "all right fine let me tell you," Celestia took a deep breath and then told them everything, sadly she forgot to mention he wasn't a pony.

"well, lets meet the young stallion," said Celestia's father.

"Discord you can come in!"yelled Celestia,

Discord walked in, he walked in on all fours to make himself more normal, sadly it wasn't enough. Celestia's mother screamed and almost dropped Luna while her father almost passed out, but he calmed himself, he didn't want to scare the young lad or make him feel bad about himself.

After calming his wife down he spoke to Discord. "so I hear you're a friend of my daughters?"

Discord spoke in a quiet voice almost too scared to talk "y..yes sir"

"please do not find me rude to ask, but what pray tell are you?"

"I..I don't really know"

Celestia's mother spoke although her voice was a bit shaken, "n..nurse Tree Spirit may know"

"Your right" said her father, "let's go see her!"

They walked up to the office of the royal hospital. Celestia knocked on the door. Nurse Tree Spirit opened it, "oh hello your highnesses, may I help you?"

"Hello Tree Spirit" Said Celestia's father, "we were wondering if you knew what this was?"

He pointed to Discord who blushed and smiled, a bit nervous from all the attention. Nurse Tree Spirit looked at Discord for a second before a look of pure horror and shock appeared on her face, she grabbed Discord and set him on the desk and pulled out a knife!

"Stop right this minute!" yelled Celestia. She ran in front of Discord who had his paw and talon over his head, she pointed a hoof at Nurse Tree Spirit, "what do you think you're doing!"

Celestia's Father ran over, "Yes what are you doing!"

"This creature needs to die!" she yelled.

"And why is this?" said Celestia's father.

"Fine," said Nurse Tree Spirit, "let me explain, this THING is called a draconequus, it is made out of all sorts of animals! He is one of a kind!"

"Then how have you heard about him?" Asked Celestia's father.

"I'll show you." Nurse Tree Spirit tree pulled out an old book from a shelf, "it's an old prophecy," she opened it to a page and there was a bigger version of Discord, "it is said he would come to this earth to destroy it!"

Discord's ears fell down. Celestia's mother saw and told Celestia and Discord to wait outside.

Nurse Tree Spirit waited for them to leave before she continued "He is the body and soul of chaos and disharmony, he was brought to this world by the dark one. HE IS A DANGER WE MUST KILL HIM!" she yelled.

"He doesn't look that strong," Said Celestia's father.

"Oh really! laughed Nurse Tree Spirit," He has more power then all of you alicorns put together!" Only one thing can stop him, the Elements Of Harmony!"

"But" said Celestia's mum, "those are just an old ponies tale!"

Nurse Tree Spirit Showed then the picture of a tree, "you can get them here, to get to the tree you must-"

"wait said Celestia's dad, "then why were you going to stab him?"

"To buy me time."

"Well that doesn't matter," said Celestia's mum, "he is going to live with us!"

"WHAT!" yelled Nurse Tree Spirit, "are you crazy, you have to let me get the elements of harmony and kill him!"

"No," continued Celestia's mum. "We are going to raise him and teach him our ways, he will grow up under my wing and become a good draconequus that can help protect the kingdom!"

She walked into the hall and picked up Discord and Celestia and put them on her back with Luna.

"I'm here 24/7!" shouted Nurse Tree Spirit, "I WILL KILL HIM!!!!!"

"leave now," was all Celestia's father said.

Nurse Tree Spirit Mumbled something and slowly trotted out of the office, realising she had just cost herself her job.

"Am I really evil?" said Discord looking worried.

"No," said Celestia's Mother, "you can live with us and be a wonderful draconequus."

They all cuddled and Celestia thought this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

The Crystal Empire "3" 3

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Celestia jumped out of bed,the shout had woken her up, Celestia let out a long sigh before looking at her clock, It was 6.04. Breakfast wasn't until 7.00. She could have spent another half an hour in bed.

Celestia went over to her mirror and used her magic to levitate a brush up to her hair and start brushing it. It had been a few months over 9 years since Discord had moved in with them, she and him were now 15 and Luna was 9. And Celestia knew very well that it was Luna using the royal Canterlot voice to shout, and she knew very well who it was that was making her shout.

Ever since Luna could walk Discord had started playing pranks on her, Luna had enjoyed them a bit when she was younger but now she wasn't small any more and they just annoyed her, for she had grown up to be quite serious and spent most of her spare time doing royal jobs or studying with her tutors on how to be better at magic.

Celestia put on her crown,shoes and necklace and opened her door only to be trampled over by Luna. Luna skidded to a stop and turned around to Celestia who was now lying face first on the floor.

"Terribly sorry my sister," said Luna

"Oh its quite all-AAAHHHHHHHH!"

Celestia screamed when she saw Luna's what used to be a short light blue mane.

"W....what happened!!" shouted Celestia.

Luna's mane was bright,BRIGHT green with what looked like what were snakes on the top of it.

Luna didn't have time to answer as Discord appeared in front of her, laughing his head off.

"oh man Luna you should see the look on your face...priceless!!"

Luna's face was bright red with anger, Celestia was just waiting for smoke to start coming out of her ears.

"Emm...Discord?" Said Celestia.

Discord turned around, finally noticing Celestia was there.

"Oh..hi! What's up Tia?"

This was Discord's little nickname for Celestia,she had protested at first but after a few years she started to like it. She had then tried to come up with a nickname for him,but sadly they all failed. "well not everyone can be as talented as me when it comes to making things up!" Was all Celestia could remember Discord saying after she failed.

Celestia looked up at Discord, she had to admit he had grown a lot since they were little, he looked quite handsome, Of course Celestia couldn't be 100% sure for he was the only draconquus that existed! He had this one flop of hair in his face he was always blowing out of his eyes, it was quite funny to watch.

"well..." she started "I was just wondering...WHY IS LUNA'S HAIR GREEN!"

Discord had flown back a bit from the shock of Celestia shouting at him. He put his hands in the air.

"Wow,calm down, it was just a harmless prank,"

He clicked his talons and her hair returned back to normal.

"Thank you." said Celestia

"whatever" said Discord, he was trying to sound angry but she could see him smirking.

"Anyway," he continued "what do you girls want to do today?"

"Well" said Celestia " we are meant to be meeting mother and father for breakfast now."

"Well then," said Luna "lets be off"

Luna started to trot off when suddenly a small log appeared in front of her.

"AAAHHHHHHHH!" Luna screamed as she fell over it.

Discord burst out laughing when suddenly Luna ran and jumped on him to tackle him to the floor.


Celestia's mother and father where sitting in the dining room waiting for their children and Discord to come to breakfast when suddenly a messenger pony ran into the room.

"your highnesses,your highnesses! "

Celestia's father looked at him "yes?"

"I...I have been told to tell you,they found IT"

Celestia's father let out a gasp.

"How can that be possible?" he said "we haven't seen it in 18 years!"

The "it" they were talking about was the Crystal Empire. It used to be a happy town,just outside of Canterlot but one day an evil unicorn took over.His name was King Sombra. He had a craving for crystals and would't let any pony get in his way, for he wanted the most beautiful crystal in all of Equestria. The crystal heart. A magical crystal that powered all of the love and hope in the crystal ponies and sent it all over Equestria! But once Sombra took charge their coats turned dull and that love turned into fear! Celestia's parents had heard about his take over and went to save the crystal ponies,but when they got there and confronted Sombra, he used a very powerful spell that transported the Crystal Empire somewhere else. If the spell was cast wrong it would make the whole empire explode! The king and queen had sent out search parties but after a few years just suspected the empire had blown up, they still had a group of men who to this day searched for it. They never actually thought they would find it!

"Where is is?" asked Celestia's mother.

"In the wastelands" replied the messenger pony.

"How in all of Equestria did they survive out there?" Thought Celestia's father.

After a bit of thought Celestia's father spoke. "get the troops ready, we will attack in a week."

"Yes your highness".

The messenger pony turned around to leave but the king spoke again.

"Please do me a favour?"

The messenger pony turned around. "yes?"

"Bring that message straight to the commander and make sure to tell him to tell the guards and the guards only! We cant have word getting out about the attack. Sombra may move the Empire again."

"Of course your highness" The messenger turned around and left the two rulers.

"I do hope we get him this time," said the queen. "I don't want to have to search for him again. And what if he attacks? he might hurt the princesses!"

Celestia's father put an arm around his wife, "Over my dead body he would!"

Sombra's face appeared on the wall behind them,he had heard every word. He let out a laugh and said to himself "as you wish!"

A Free day "4" 4

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Celestia,Luna and Discord waked into the dining room. Luna and Discords manes were all ruffled up as if they had fell down a hill or something. Their Parents raised an eyebrow each.

"And what happened to you two?" Asked The queen.

Luna looked a bit awkward so Celestia answered.

"They...had a bit of an accident in the hall..."

Celestia's father just kept looking at them, "did you fall down the stairs?"

Luna glared at Discord who smirked while he spoke "something like that."

Celestia and Luna's mother just laughed "well come and sit down for breakfast, you three."

Luna went and sat beside her parents and Discord and Celestia sat beside each other. A few minutes later the cooks and servants came in carrying their breakfasts.

"Pancakes, yum!!!" said Discord jumping up and down.

Luna glared at him "what age art thou, five?"

Discord just laughed before tucking in to his breakfast.

There was a few minutes silence before Luna spoke up.

"So mother and Father, what is on thy schedule today, we would like to know?

Their Father answered, "Actually you, Celestia and Discord have nothing to do today."

Celestia looked at them, How so?"

"Well," their father continued "With the ball tomorrow all royal duties have been put on hold,but tomorrow we will need you three to help out."

"Oh my Equestria the ball, I forgot!" shouted Celestia. "I haven't even got a dress!

"That's what you ones are doing tomorrow," said the queen, you all have an appointment at the boutique down town."

"What about the royal dress makers?" said Luna.

"Well they are busy tomorrow," said the queen "and its not the cheap boutique its a new one that opened at the end of town, its very pricey but the ball calls for the best outfits possible."

Discord let out a long sigh "aww a dress shop,BORING!

"Now come on Discord," said the king ,"this will be the first proper ball you three will have been to, the Equestrian ball only happens every ten years!

Discord blew his flap of hair out of his eyes "whatever it will be boring!"

"oh come on Discord" said Celestia "it could be fun if we hang out!"

Discord smiled "I...I suppose"

Luna ate the last of her pancakes and stood up from the table "if thou doesn't mind we are going to go and study now."

Discord looked at her, "study? but its your day off!"

Luna sighed, "yes it is,and we intend to use this day to study."

Suddenly Luna appeared in Discord arms, "oh no you don't!" He said. "Me,you and Celestia are going to hang out today!"

"What!" said Luna, "no! Father tell him no!"

The king gave a sheepish grin, "I think you should take the day off, go play outside."

"UUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH!" Said Luna , "very well,we shall hang out with thee."

Discord appeared beside Celestia and high hoofed her, while doing this he dropped Luna on the floor!

Celestia, Luna and Discord walked into the palace gardens.

"well,?" said Luna "What art we going to do?

Discord thought for a moment "how about hide and seek!"

Luna glared at Discord "last time we played that thou said they were it and then when we hid thou went off and left us for 4 hours!"

Discord laughed "that was funny, but we are playing for real this time."

"Very well" said Luna "but Discord is not being it!"

"I'll be it." Said Celestia. "You have 30 Seconds...GO!"

Discord flew off into the sky laughing. Luna started to run

"think Luna, she thought, "Where should we hide?

Luna kept running until she came to a bush "That didn't end well last time." she thought. Luna kept on runnig, after a bit she came to the royal flowers, she found some blue flowers (her personal favourite) and hid in between them being careful not to squish any. "Celestia shall have a hard time finding us!" she thought.


Discord kept flying up higher and higher until he could see all the palace gardens, "hmm where to hide?" he thought. Discord landed on the ground, he had suddenly had an idea, Discord was almost crying of laughter as he clicked his talons. He turned into a little maid pony with blond hair and big eyelashes, No one would ever guess anything except for the fact his eyes and voice didn't change. He tapped his hoof and sunglasses appeared on him to cover his eyes. "Oh this is gonna be good!" he thought


"28...29...and 30! ready or not here I come!" Celestia yelled.

She looked around the garden "hmmm where to start!" she thought. She headed over to the fountain because she knew that was Discords favourite spot. They had spent many nights there when they were younger.

When she got over there there was a maid watering some flowers. Celestia went over to her.

"em excuse me," she said "may I ask if you have seen Discord or princess Luna anywhere?"

The maid turned around,she was wearing a pair of pink sunglasses. she grinned a bit as she talked "yes,I saw Discord over by the labyrinth."

Celestia eyed the maid suspiciously, her voice sounded a lot like Discord only higher and more squeaky.

"Would you mind taking off you sunglasses?" asked Celestia.

The maid looked like she was starting to panic "but...but its very bright out!"

Celestia glared at her "Discord..."

The maid smiled at her "What are you talking about,my name is...Miss...um star...pie.

Celestia raised an eyebrow "Miss star pie?"

The maid was almost laughing now "Yes Miss Starpie and I love...wearing pretty bows and...picking flowers!"

Celestia used her magic to make the sunglasses fall to the ground,she saw Discord bright yellow eyes with his big red pupils

Discord sighed "all right you got me!"

Celestia giggled, "you'r a very pretty girl Discord."

Discord turned back to his mismatched self. He pulled a pose "I look good no matter what."

Celestia grinned, "you wait here while I go find Luna."

"sure" said Discord

Celestia went to the fountain,the gazebo and even the muddy part of the garden and still hadn't found Luna, The last place was the flower garden. Celestia really should have went there first, it was Luna's favourite place after all.

She entered the garden and went to Luna's flower patch, she had planted beautiful blue flowers. Celestia sat staring at them for a while before she heard a sneeze coming from the flowers.

"How in Equestria?" thought Celestia

She looked closer at the flowers and saw Luna lying face first in the flower patch. Celestia had an idea. She pretended to walk away, she heard Luna giggle a bit and then just as she got to the entrance of the flower garden she ran back, scooped up Luna and started to tickle her.

"hahaha stop hahaha it!!!!" yelled Luna

"Oh Luna" said Celestia setting her down, "trust you to sneeze at just the wrong moment."

Luna giggled a bit as they walked back to Discord. When they got back Discord waved at them.

"so will I be it?" said Discord

Luna blushed a bit, "We...we would quite like a chance to be it...we never have been before."

Discord blew at his flap of hair, "fine whatever, count to 30 then come find us."

Luna started to count and Celestia and Discord ran off laughing.

"Lets hide together," said Celestia

Discord looked at her, "why?"

Celestia giggled a bit "you know so Luna doesn't have to make two trips, it is only her first go."

"Ok then!" said Discord.

They ran until they came to a big bush, it was just in front of a hill that led down to the entrance of the castle.
They both stood behind it.

"This will be fun!" laughed Discord

"29..30! ready or not here thy come!"

Luna turned around she could see the fountain, the flower garden and the entrance. She walked for a bit until she came to the bush Discord and Celestia were behind. She would have passed without blinking an eye but Discords tail was sticking out.

Luna grinned "we've got you know.!

She peeked in between the leaves and saw Celestia as well. Luna grinned.

"We shall get our sister back for tickling us!" she thought.

Luna slowly crept up to the side of the bush Celestia was at, she could hear them mumbling to each other. She slowly made her way to just behind her sister and then yelled using her royal Canterlot voice...


Celestia screamed "AHHH!" She got such a shock she tripped and started to fall down the hill, she grabbed Discord for support but all she did was pull him with her. They both fell down the hill screaming.

They finally got to the bottom and Celestia landed on top of Discord,they stared at each other for a moment before they both burst out laughing!

" Celestia you are so clumsy!" Said Discord still laughing.

"Really?" said Celestia Poking Discords chest "you were the one that fell when I grabbed you!

Luna walked down the hill to find the two friends on top of each other laughing their heads off. Luna raised an eyebrow.

"What art thou doing on the ground?"

"Oh lighten up Luna!" Discord grabbed Luna and pulled into the middle of them, she told Celestia and Discord to let her go but they just proceeded to hug her.

After they went and got cleaned up they all went and sat in the garden, the sun was starting to set,that meant that dinner was going to be in a few minutes.

"you know," said Discord sighing "I had so much fun today."

"Me too." said Celestia.

They both looked at Luna smiling. Luna sighed.

"It was quite fun" she said "but I would have rather studied.

Celestia grinned "oh my responsible sister" she hugged her, "When the time comes you will be a great leader."

At that moment a servant came out and told them their dinner was ready, so they all headed in for a lovely meal!

King Sombra "5" 5

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King Sombra stood outside the town of Canterlot. He let out a sneer, he had always hated this town...well to be honest the real truth was he was jealous. They got all of Equestria to rule with subjects far and wide that respected them. All he had was one ridiculous empire, and he had to work very hard to maintain that! And now he heard they wanted to take it away from him?!

King Sombra had been planning an attack on Canterlot for 5 years now. He had trained his army day and night! He had never let them stop! He had to admit there where still a few soldiers that would need more training, but he didn't have time! They were going to attack him in 6 days so he needed to act as quickly as possible!

Sombra teleported himself into the castle, he walked down the long, dark halls of the palace. After a bit of walking he got to a light pink door with suns engraved on it. He opened it and slowly snuck in. He walked up to the bed in the room and looked at the young mare sleeping in it. It was the beautiful Princess Celestia. He has always admired her beauty, she was the one thing in the world that could rival the beautifulness of the crystal heart.
He lent down to her ear and mumbled "enjoy your last night of sleep my dear, for tomorrow you shan't last the day!"


King Sombra walked into the crystal castle, two maids rushed over and took off his cloak.

"Anything else my lord?" asked one of them.

"Yes!" shouted King Sombra making the two ponies cower, "go get all of my army and tell them to meet me in the courtyard, we have important matters to discuss!"

"yes your lord."

The two ponies rushed off to go and get the army ready. King Sombra walked out to the courtyard, he stood for a few minutes tapping his hoof, then he bellowed "WHERE IS MY DAMN ARMY?!"

A few seconds later lots of strong stallions came running, they lined up in a queue.

"Finally!" snarled King Sombra. "I have news, we are going to attack Canterlot, Tomorrow night!"

The soldiers gasped. They all started to mumble amongst themselves, one stood forward.

"Bu..but your highness, you told us we weren't ready yet."

King Sombra growled at the brave stallion, his horn glowed a dark green and suddenly the stallion was gone.


All the army shook their heads.

He took a deep breath to calm himself, "We MUST attack tomorrow. The king and queen are planning to run me out of the kingdom. And I'm sure you all don't want me gone...DO YOU?"

Once again all of the soldiers shook their heads very quickly, knowing it would be smart to just agree to whatever the king said.

"Good!" said King Sombra, he turned around and started to walk away, "We will leave in the morning, it's a long trip so when I get out here at 6.am tomorrow morning you will all be here, UNDERSTAND!"

They all nodded their heads.

King Sombra walked inside and slammed the door.

"Just you wait, oh strong and powerful king of the sun!" He thought, "I will make your world crumble!"

Discords fan "6" 6

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Celestia, Discord and Luna walked into town. It was a bright day so lots of other ponies were walking around town as well, a lot of them waved at them, Luna nodded at them, Celestia smiled and Discord waved at all of them. When the towns folk had first seen Discord a few years ago a lot of them screamed, some even ran away! But after a while they got used to him and accepted him as a normal pony.

"UGH,! said Discord , "Dress shopping!"

"Oh come now Discord." Said Celestia, " It is always fun to get to go into town."

"yea..I guess," said Discord

After a while they got to the middle of town.

"Ok the shop is this way, said Celestia pointing her hoof west, "come on lets go!"

She looked at them, Discord was looking at something.


Discord pointed, "look the sweet mill bakery! Haven't been there in a while!"

"Not now Discord." Said Celestia.

"Oh come on." Said Discord. "Just a Quick visit wouldn't matter."

"We really don't have time to-"

"I'll show Luna your diary." A small pink book appeared in his paw.

Celestia smiled widely, "to the bakery!"

"Great!" Said Discord. He used His magic to summon some money in his talon.

"WHAT!" shouted Luna. "thou can summon money!"

"Ugh..yea, and?" Said Discord.

"Does thee know how much hassle that could have solved on birthdays!" said Luna

Luna stomped up to Discord and used her magic to snatch the money out of his hand, than she teleported into the bakery.

Discord looked at Celestia and gave a confused look.

Celestia giggled , "ha,yea...she...really....likes...buns."

Discord just summoned more money, "I thought all magic folk could do this,"

"No." said Celestia.

"Ok," said Discord, Well you coming?" He started to fly towards the bakery.

"I'm going to wait here." Said Celestia.

"Ok," Said Discord. "Suit yourself."

Discord flew over to the bakery and went inside.

Celestia looked around, she couldn't see a bench anywhere and her hooves where killing her. She couldn't sit on the ground because that was very unladylike for royalty.

She looked around and gave a gasp, she could see four ponies walking towards her. She couldn't make out their faces. But by the way they all whispered to each other and pointed at her a few times she could guess they where trouble.

They finally stopped when they got to her. It took her a minute to realise who they were.They were a gang of four ponies called the Thrash gang. No pony liked to get in their way, they where known around here for being the baddest ponies around.

The leader of the gang was a tall orange pony with blond hair that flopped in his face. He was a pegasus and his name was fire stoned.

The next member was a girl pony, she was an earth pony that was pink with a frizzy green mane, Celestia didn't know her name.

Next was a really big musceley pony. He was white with a silver mane, Ponies called him the ground cracker. Celestia wasn't that fond on finding out why.

And last was a girl pony who was a aqua colour with a short brown mane. Celestia didn't know her name either.

Fire stoned looked at Celestia and gave a smirk. "Hey there Princess."

Celestia smiled, "Why hello ther-" She was cut of as one of them called out.


Celestia looked confused. "A troll, why on earth would they say i'm a troll? I mean...trolls are hideous beats that live under bridges and attack poor in suspecting ponies."

She ignored the comment and continued, "Hello there Slash team."

"Yea sup, said Fire stoned.

Celestia Didn't know what sup meant so she just nodded.

"So how've you been?"

Celestia smiled a bit, "I've been good, we are having a ball soon."

Fire stoned chuckled and said, "Just make sure it isn't ruined by that freak of nature."

Celestia looked at them, "Freak of nature? Do you mean Discord?... He isn't a freak of nature, well he is a bit but-"

"You don't have to act innocent with us Celestia, besides your little sister seems to like him. Can you believe she likes that..that animal experiment gone wrong?!"

Celestia smiled awkwardly, "Heh....yea, I know right!"

Fire stoned grinned, "yea and-"

"Hey you!"

Celestia turned around and saw a police pony running towards her.

"DAMMIT GOTTA GO, BYE!" shouted Fire stoned. He turned around and ran away. The other 3 followed.

Celestia watched them run away,she had alway knew those ponies where nothing but bad news. Suddenly it hit her she had just agreed with them about Discord being a freak,"Oh my, I can't believe I just said that!"

Celestia looked over at them bakery, she sighed "I will try to forget it, she thought, I didn't mean it of course.

Celestia walked over to the bakery and went inside. Discord was looking at the choices.

"Aha!" he said.

Discord clicked his talons and suddenly some weird green muffin appeared in it.

"Perfect!" He said.

Discord put the money on the counter.

"Thank you!" He said. He turned around and left the shop.

The shop keeper looked confused. "um...your..welcome?" He said.

Luna blushed a bit, "Do not mind our friend, she said. "We will just have...a blueberry muffin"

The baker handed it to her. Luna placed the money on the desk.

The baker smiled. "Keep it," He said, "Your friend has already paid."

Celestia walked over, "Thank you sir."

The baker bowed while still smiling, no problem your majesty's.

Celestia and Luna trotted out of the shop. They found Discord with his bun. He ate it in one big gulp.

"Greedy guts." Said Celestia poking him.

"Hey" said Discord.

Luna walked up to them both, "We should really continue, we have wasted a lot of time."

"You're right!" said Celestia. "We had better get a move on."

So the three of them continued there journey to the boutique.


At long last they got to the boutique. Celestia gasped. It was beautiful, it was a big pink building with a light blue roof that was circle shaped. There where windows all over the building and many of them had long pink curtains blowing out of them. In the middle of it there was a balcony, a white unicorn with a curly pink mane was sitting on it. As far as Celestia could see her cutie mark was a dress with something sticking out of it.

The unicorn looked down and saw them, she gave out a high pitched scream before suddenly teleporting in front of them. Celestia could now see it was a sowing needle sticking out of the dress that was her cutie mark.

"Hello! your highnesses!" She said, "My name is Diamond shimmer and I shall be your dress maker!"

She stared at them for a long time smiling. Celestia felt very uncomfortable.

"Ok..."said Celestia, "I'm sure you know I'm princess Celestia and this is my sister princess Luna, and then this is our friend-"

She was cut off as Diamond shimmer shouted, "Discord!!!" I've heard all about you!"

Discord looked confused, "You have?"

Diamond shimmer gave out a loud squeal of excitement, "Yes, I think you are the most amazing creature ever! Me and my friends talked about you all the time, I never thought I'd actually meet you in real!"

Diamond shimmer was slowly getting closer and closer to Discord, Discord flew back a bit as he spoke.
"Yea well, that's great,um.... anyway lets go inside."

Diamond shimmer blushed a bit, "oh yes of course." She opened the door and walked in. They all started to follow her, as they did Luna whispered to Discord.

"It is not like thou to not like being praised."

Discord whispered back, "This dress maker girl is creepy, so lets just get in, get your dresses and get out!"

When they were all in Diamond shimmer tapped her hoof and three other unicorns ran over.

Diamond shimmers voice was suddenly loud and stern, "Right fillies, I want one of you to go get Luna into her dress, and two of you to go get Celestia into her dress!"

Celestia frowned, "Don't you need to measure us and make them?"

Diamond shimmer giggled, "Well when I heard you were getting you dresses made here I went and found out your dress sizes so I could have them ready when you came!"

Luna gave a small chuckle, she didn't know weather to be impressed or freaked out.

"Right well enough chit chat lets go get you mares ready!"

Two ponies ran over to Celestia and pulled her away, while the other one did the same to Luna. They pulled them into dressing booths and closed the curtains.

Discord flew over to a seat in the corner, he sat and listened to Celestia shouting, "ow not so tight!" When suddenly Diamond shimmer walked over to him with a really, REALLY big grin on her face. She sat down beside him and half said half sang, "hiiiiiiii, Diiiiiscord."

Discord gave a small smile, really whishing he could run away, but Diamond shimmer was sitting in front of the door.
So he just replied, "hi".

Diamond shimmer giggled. Then she said, "you and me, we are so alike!"
Discord looked at her, "what?"

"Well," said Diamond shimmer, "we both love having fun, and we both are different looking then everypony else!"

Discord looked at her for a moment then replied. "...I'm sorry, did you just say we're both different looking then everypony else?"

She nodded quickly.


Diamond shimmer giggled, "oh silly me I need to show you." She held up her leg, there was a small birth mark on it.

"yea..." Said Discord, "There is kinda a big difference in have a small birth mark and being a completely different species to everypony else"

Diamond shimmer looked at the floor, "I...I suppose."

Discord sighed, Diamond shimmer looked like she was about to cry, for some strange reason he felt like he had just crushed her dreams or something. He leaned down to her and smiled, "But I guess having a birthmark is pretty special to."

Suddenly Diamond shimmer jumped into the air and started dancing around the room, as she did she kept saying again and again, "Discord complimented me!"

She turned around to him and stared to dance towards him when suddenly Celestia and Luna walked out of their booths carrying large bags.

"At last!" thought Discord. He turned around to leave, "ok lets go!"

Celestia ran in front of him, "Discord you haven't got a suit!"

"What!" said Discord, "When did I ever agree to wear a suit?"

"Oh come on," said Celestia "Mother and father have been working so hard to make this ball perfect, the least you could do is look at least a bit presentable."

Discord sighed, "fine."

He leaned down to Celestia, "But Diamond shimmer is not dressing me."

Before Celestia could answer Diamond shimmer ran over and pushed Discord into a booth.

"Hehe, this is the best day ever! I get to dress Discord," she squealed.

She ran off and came back carrying a big pile of suits.

Discord pocked his head out of the booth, "Wont I need to get mine made? I am a completely different animal to everypony else."

Diamond shimmer threw all the suits into the booth and giggled, I made some suits especially for you to!"

Discord mouthed "help me" before Diamond shimmer pushed him back into the booth and jumped into as well.

All Celestia and Luna could hear were Discords protests like, "Ow that's to small! and Stop that tickles!

Luna walked over to the three unicorns who were putting clothes away, Luna asked them, "How did a pony so young get such a successful business?"

One of the unicorns turned around and answered, "She took over her parents business, they retired.

"Oh, ok." said Luna.

After a few minutes Discord came flying out of the booth carrying a large bag, he flew up to Celestia and said, "Please can we go now?"

Celestia laughed, "Of course, let me just pay." Celestia took out the stash of money her parents gave her and put it on the counter.

"Thank you." said Diamond shimmer, "please come back soon." She looked at Discord and smirked, "very soon."

Discord flew out the door as quick as he could and mumbled, "In your dreams sweetheart!"

The royal ball "7" 7

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A large group of maids came running towards them. Discord, Luna and Celestia were only in the door of the palace when they heard them all shouting. The one that got to them first started to talk.

"Thank goodness you are back! The ball is in 3 hours you all need to get ready!"

"Sorry," said Celestia "We stopped at the bakery on the way."

"Well!" Said the maid, "We are 30 minutes behind on schedule so come along ponies."

Celestia turned around to Discord, "I'll see you at the ball then."

Discord smiled, "I'll be waiting."

Discord turned around to Luna, "And I can't wait to get to see my little Luna all fancy!"

Luna smiled at Discord, "We could say the same our self."

Discord laughed, "Yea right, like I'm letting the maids dress me!"

The maid that had spoken to them a minute ago walked up to Discord.

"Actually Discord, we are dressing you."

Discords smile dropped. "No, really I'm fine."

The maid smiled at Discord, "King and Queens orders."

Discord sighed, "Man, when am I getting a break today!"

Luna gave a small chuckle, "We shall see you there Discord."

Luna turned around and started to walk away with a group of maids. Celestia had already left so it was just Discord and 6 maids, including the one that spoke to him.

"Right!" said the maid, "let's get you looking wonderful. We are going to be together for a while so let me introduce myself, I am maid Dust Feather. I am the new head of maids."

"Splendid" muttered Discord.

5 of the maids grabbed Discord. The brought him to a large room he had never been in before, it had an orange carpet with yellow walls, there were clothes racks and dressing tables everywhere. And to one side there was another open door, inside Discord could see a toilet, so he presumed it was a bathroom.

"First up," said maid Dust Feather, "A bath."

3 maids walked over the Discord, Discord smiled, "It's ok I can wash myself."

"Yes" said maid Dust Feather, "but we need to make sure you are as clean as possible."

"Fine" said Discord, he walked into the bathroom, the bath was already filled with water, he jumped in.

"AAAHHHHH!" Yelled Discord, "This water is roasting!"

The 3 maids from before walked in and closed the door. one of them spoke, "Sorry, Mr Discord, but we don't have time to wait for it to cool down."

They started to put shampoo and things on him, one was scrubbing his head like mad, one was washing his body and the other was filling a jug with water.

"Water please," said the one that was scrubbing his head.

The maid that had filled a jug with water walked over to the side of the bath. She lifted the jug over Discords head and tipped it over. The water in it was freezing!

"AAHHH,Are we almost done?" Said Discord, trying to decide if the hot water or cold water was worse.

"We're done." said one of the maids.

Discord jumped out of the bath, and picked up a towel.

One of the maids, who was a unicorn, used her magic to dry off Discord. "There!" She said, "All dry!"

"What's next?" asked Discord.

"Next," said one of the maids, "you're getting dressed."

So the 4 of them walked into the dressing room again where maid Dust Feather was sitting with Discords outfit.

"This will suit you well." She said.

Maid dust feather pointed to a small box, "Please stand on that."

Discord went over and stood on it.

Maid Dust Feather started pulling out scissors and things, The other maids were holding up the suit, Maid Dust Feather put the scissors up to it before putting them on the floor again.

"That's odd," she said, "this suit looks like it will fit you already, but how? You were only at the boutique for about an hour, how can she have made a suit that fast?"

Discord gave an awkward laugh, "Heh heh, yea..she... already had some in my size."

Maid Dust Feather raised an eyebrow while she spoke, "How can she have some in YOUR size. You're the only blinking draconequus in well...all of everywhere!"

Discord waved one of his lion fingers in the air, "Tut, tut Maid Dust Feather, such language. Anyhow even if I AM the only draconequus in all of, as you put it, EVERYWHERE, am I still not a respected citizen of society that should be able to walk into a shop and buy clothes?"

Maid Dust Feather gave a long sigh, "You're right Discord, how silly of me to think otherwise it's not like this is the first time you have ever went to a shop and bought some clothes."

Discord glared at her, "Firstly, of course I'm right, I'm always right, and secondly it's not my fault that there are professional clothes makers that will make me whatever I want with a click of my finger!"

Maid Dust Feather smiled, "Yes, poor you, living with the royals. Anyway we have a suit and that's all that matters. Ladies let's get this boy looking like a prince!"

Two maids lifted up Discord arms while two other maids put on his shirt, after that they put on his jacket and bow tie. Discord did make quite a lot of protests about having to wear a bow tie but after some scolding from maid Dust Feather and a bribe of sweets from one of the maids they finally got him to wear it.

Then they put on his gloves and next came his trousers.

Discord looked at the trousers. Then he said, "I'm not even sure if it is possible for me to wear trousers, look how long I am!"

Maid Dust Feather pushed Discord over, then three other maids came and pulled on the trousers. Maid Dust Feather smiled, "There, easy. And finally.." Maid Dust Feather pointed to a stool, "your hair!"

Discord sat on the stool. Two of the maids started brushing the bit of hair behind his head, while maid Dust Feather and the other looked at the flap of hair in his face.

"No no no, this just won't do!" Said maid Dust Feather.

She went over to a box and took out a long tube, she squirted some of the substance onto her hooves and hopped over to Discord. Discord looked at the gel.

"What is that?"

maid Dust Feather started to apply it to Discord's flap of hair, "It's hair gel silly. It's so we can get this bit of hair out of your eyes.

"What! said Discord, "No way, I like that bit of hair."

Maid Dust Feather sighed, "just for tonight Discord, please?"

Discord smiled, "very well."

The maids finally finished off doing Discords hair.

"TA DA!" Said maid Dust Feather, "There, a draconequus fit for a ball!"

Discord walked over to a mirror, He gasped when he saw his reflection. It looked like him, but it also didn't look like him, his eyes were so noticeable now, with his big red pupils and the way the rest of his eye was yellow, it was so...different from everypony else.

Discord gave a smile, "thanks everypony, I look great!"

Maid Dust Feather smiled, "No problem, now off to the ball with you, you don't want to be late!"

Discord waved once more before teleporting himself out of the room. As soon as he did so he clicked his talon and made a mirror appear. He laughed "Now this won't do," Discord clicked his talon again and his flap off hair, that was now being held back by hair gel, fell onto his face again. He clicked his talon once more and made all the hair gel disappear from it.

"There!" Said Discord smiling, "Now I'm ready!"


Discord gasped as he walked into the ballroom, he had thought about teleporting in but this was going to be his main impression on the rich citizens of Canterlot. The ballroom looked so different it was like Discord had stepped into a brand new world. There were big strands of silk across the walls and lots of tables and chairs around the outside of the room, and then by the door an orchestra playing beautiful harmonic music.

Discord looked around, he couldn't spot Celestia or Luna anywhere. He decided to ask some maids who were welcoming the guests by the door. Discord started to walk over to the maids but accidentally banged into a dazzling blue unicorn. The unicorn stepped back and gasped, she raised an eyebrow.

"Who or may I say WHAT are you?" She asked.

Discord blushed feeling a bit awkward, "I em..I am a draconequus, my name is Discord."

Her eyes opened wide when he finished speaking, "The Discord, as in the one that lives here?"

Discord smiled, "The one and only!"

The blue unicorn said "I say!" Then held her nose high in the air and walked away.

"Well!" Thought Discord, "Someponies have no manners!"

Discord continued his journey over to the maids at the front door. He finally got there and tapped one of them on the shoulder. She turned around and smiled.

"Master Discord." She said, "how may I help you?"

"I was just wondering if you knew where Princess Celestia may be?" He asked.

The maid smiled, "She should be coming in any moment now," said the maid, I would go and stand in the middle of the room if you want to get to see her and our majesties enter."

Discord smiled, "Thank you...ugh."

"Strawberry Cake." said the maid smiling.

Discord smiled, "Ok, thanks Strawberry Cake."

Discord took off to the middle of the ballroom, already a few ponies had gathered, Discord sighed he would never get a good look at this rate. He sighed, there was only one way of him getting a good view. Discord took off into the air and squished himself in the middle. A young stallion glared at him.

"Do you mind!" He said.

Discord smiled, "sorry."

The man sighed and looked away, Discord could have sworn he heard him mutter "animal". He didn't get much time to think about this though because Maid Dust Feather walked up to the top of the big staircase and started to speak.

"Attention everypony! I proudly present our majesties the king and queen!"

The orchestra started to play trumpets and the King and Queen walked out. The king looked very regal in his fine suit with a huge crown on his head and the Queen had a long, silk, red dress on with a matching red tiara in her hair. They both had long red cloaks attached around their necks. They walked down the stairs and everypony stamped their hooves.

When they got to the bottom they stopped and stepped to the side. Maid Dust Feather spoke again.

"I now present our princesses, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna!"

The orchestra started up again and Celestia and Luna walked in, Discord gasped. Celestia and Luna looked... Beautiful.

Luna was in a dark blue dress that had a very puffy bottom on it, it had long sleeves that ended in little frills that bounced off the floor as she walked. She had light blue shoes on with small heels and a small tiara on her head.

But Celestia, she looked the most beautiful of all, she had a long white dress on that's skirt had a small puff to it, the top of her dress had small pink rose patterns on it that glittered and shone. Her dress had short sleeves that looked like they were made out of silk. Her shoes were high heels that were also white, Discord wasn't sure, they looked like they could be glass. Then her pink bubble-gum hair had a sort of flowing look to it. She too wore a small tiara on top.

They both walked down the stairs and met with their parents, Maid Dust Feather bowed and walked off. The orchestra started playing normal music again and all the ponies went back to talking amongst themselves. Celestia and Luna walked over to Discord.

Celestia smiled, " I look silly don't I?"

"No." Said Discord, "Tia,you look...amazing."

Celestia laughed and Discord then turned around to Luna.

"And you my little Lulu!" said Discord picking her up, "You look like a little dolly!"

"Put us down!" Said Luna.

"As you wish," said Discord.

He dropped Luna but just as she was about to hit the floor Discord caught her on his tail.

Then he held her by her hooves, her legs dangling in the air and started to spin with her.

"Come Luna!" He said, "Let us dance!"

"Discord wait, what!" Said Luna as Discord pulled her out onto the dance floor.

Celestia laughed. she could tell this was going to be a fun night.


A few hours later Celestia and Luna had to go mingle. Luna went off but Celestia stayed with her parents and just talked to whoever they talked to. She was doing this when Suddenly Maid Dust Feather appeared again at the top of the staircase.

"Sadly our night is almost over, but of course it could not finish without the traditional royal dance."

Maid Dust Feather smiled "And this year, the king and queen have asked Princess Celestia to have the honour!"

Celestia looked at her parents, any time she had been to ball, even a small family one it had always been the king and queen that did the royal dance.

"Why me?" Asked Celestia.

Her father smiled, "Celestia, your are almost an adult now. So me and your mother decided it was time for you to have the dance."

"But who will I dance with?" Asked Celestia.

Her mother pointed a hoof over to three rich stallions around her age, "I'm sure one of them would gladly dance."

Celestia shuddered at the thought, she wasn't exactly the best dancer now and she had a feeling if she stepped on one of their hoofs by accident they would start to scream to their "mummy".

Celestia looked around the hall, there was someone she could dance with. But would he do it?

Celestia felt her mother nudge her back, "go now Celestia, don't keep everypony waiting."

"Yes mother." said Celestia.

Celestia started to walk over to the food table. Discord was there talking to Luna. well he was talking, Luna was telling him to shut up.

Celestia walked up to him, "emm..Discord?"

Discord turned around and smiled when he saw Celestia, "hi Tia."

Celestia smiled, "I..I was...you know....wondering if...if you may do the honour of dancing with me?"

Discord had noticed how everypony was staring at him. He looked at Luna and gave her a "confused look"

Luna whispered, "Tis the royal dance, say yes!

Discord turned back to Celestia, "ok."

Celestia and Discord walked into the middle of the hall. The orchestra started to play, Celestia stood on her hind legs and put her front legs on his shoulders. Then they started to dance.

After a few minutes lots of other ponies started to join in, But neither of them noticed, They both just sat staring into each other's eyes while the world spinned around them.

Celestia smiled at Discord, "I'm sorry about this, but my parents made me."

Discord chuckled " It's fine, I'm actually quite enjoying this."

Celestia's eyes lit up, "Really? Oh thank the Gods! I was so scared you would say no and I would have to dance with one of them snobby rich stallions!"

"I would never make you have to do such an awful thing!" said Discord.

Celestia laughed, "Thank you, Discord."

Celestia smiled, when they had first started dancing she had thought it was going to be very awkward but she had to admit, it was quite enjoyable.

The music started to fade down until it was finished. Celestia got back on her 4 hoofs again and slowly ponies started to leave. Celestia was meant to stay at the door with her parents but she was exhausted so her parents dismissed her.

Discord walked with Celestia back to her room, as soon as they walked in Discord snapped his talon and made his suit disappear.

"UGH finally!" said Discord "I thought I'd have to wear that suit till I die!"

Celestia took if her dress, shoes and tiara and got into her bed.

Discord floated over and sat on the side of it, "Do you have any "Royal Business" tomorrow?"

Celestia snuggled into her bed, "only one meeting, should be quick."

"Good" Said Discord, "There is a fair down town tomorrow and I was hoping me, you and Luna could go."

"I would like that" said Celestia.

Discord smiled at Celestia, "I did have fun tonight."

Celestia smiled back, "Me too."

Then suddenly, Discord slowly leaned in and kissed her, Celestia's whole face went red, it certainly was a shock but she had no intention of pushing him off.

Then he stood up and said "Goodnight Tia," and teleported out of the room

Kidnapped "8" 8

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Luna trotted into her bedroom, with her mother by her side. It had been a long night so her mother wasn't doing any night duties so Luna got the night off from helping.

Her mother used her magic to make Luna's outfit disappear, she then put her into bed.
"Mother, are you sure we have no duties tonight?" asked Luna.

"Yes, my love," said her mother, "We are both getting the night off, for I'm sure you are as tired as I am."

Luna smiled, "We suppose."

Her mother leaned in and nuzzled her on the nose, Luna nuzzled her back.

"Goodnight, my darling," said her mother.

She walked out of the room and closed the door. Luna snuggled into the blanket to try and fall asleep. After a few minutes she groaned, it was no use, she had never went to sleep this early before she usually stayed up until about 4 with her mother, it was in a night alicorns nature, they only needed about four hours of sleep.

Luna taped her hoof on her head, "come now Luna," she said, "thou can do this!"

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "we feel like we might actually fall asleep."
2 hours later Luna was still rolling around the bed, her blanket was everywhere and at one point she had got so frustrated she had thrown her pillow off the bed.

Luna lay in her bed, she was roasting. "This is pointless!" she shouted, "we are going to be up the wh-"

Luna stopped as she heard something in the hall, Luna shot under the blanket thinking it was her parents to tell her off for shouting. She waited a few minutes, once she thought it was safe she looked up from under the blanket, she could hear ponies mumbling, it sounded like a deep voice, one she had never heard before.

Luna suddenly felt afraid, she went under the covers again and closed her eyes tight. "what are thou doing Luna!" she thought, "we have never felt afraid before!"
Luna pocked her head out from her bed, she could hear them opening a door, Celestia's door!
Luna jumped out of bed going to investigate what it was.
she trotted silently over to her door, she pressed her ear up against it to see what she heard. It sounded like quite a few ponies where entering Celestia's room, to many for it to be normal. Luna felt a shiver go down her spine, they where definitely intruders.
she took a deep breath before slowly opening her door, it made a small creaking noise. Luna panicked, "OH NO" She thought, one was probably going to come and see what the noise was. Luna put her hooves over her head and closed her eyes as tight as she could...no pony came.
She opened one eyes and saw no pony, they mustn't have heard. She gave a sigh of relief. "Right, now to continue the search." she thought.
Luna walked out into the hall, she made sure to stay close to the wall in case one saw her, she very slowly got over to her sisters door. She was about to poke her head in when she gasped, all this time she could have casted an invisibility spell, she tapped herself on the head "idiot!" she thought.
Luna's horn lit up, she focused all her concentration into the spell and suddenly she saw a small flash. She grinned hoping the spell had worked, to check she looked over at the window in the hall and lucky enough she couldn't see a reflection.
Luna walked into the room to see what was going on. she got in and saw a lot of horses backs, she walked a little bit closer and gasped, on two of their backs where her mother and father.
Luna let out a small yelp, she gasped and put her hoof over her mouth. Suddenly all of the horses turned around, Luna stared in horror at them, most of them where soldiers but they where a strange, dull grey colour, every single one of them. Except for one. The leader of them was a tall black unicorn, his eyes shone a terrifying glow of green and he wore a long, red cloak.
He glared at the guards, "Which one of you obnoxious idiots did that!"
They all cowered at his voice, including Luna. It was the kind of voice you would think a monster in your nightmare would have.
All of the guards shook their heads, "It wasn't us your highness." one of them said.
The black king looked the guard straight in the eyes, "Then WHO was it?"
The guard was mumbling some silly nonsense about it being the wind or something when suddenly Celestia groaned in her sleep. The guards and king turned to her.
"Never mind for now" Said the King, "Let's just get Celestia and Luna and leave."
One of the guards walked over to Celestia and inserted some kind of injection into her. Celestia suddenly woke up from the shock, "What in Equestria is going on h-" She stopped in mid sentence as she suddenly passed out.
Luna started to panic, realising she wouldn't stand a chance against them, but if she didn't do something they would take her sister.
The king picked up Celestia and smiled, "hmmm, your even more beautiful up close my dear."
The king and guards started to walk out of the room, Luna looked around for something to do, she smiled as she saw the emergency switch. She ran over and pulled it down with her magic.
The alarms started ringing and the rooms all lit up, the guards looked around panicking.
"I thought we knocked out all the guards!" shouted one.
The king glared at the guards, "you idiots! I told you to take them out."
He started to run, "Forget Luna, she is only a filly! We need to leave!"
He suddenly used a spell to teleport all of them away, as soon as they left all of the alarms turned off.
Luna turned off her invisible spell and fell onto the floor in tears. She felt so hopeless, that crazy king had stole her family and she had just heard they knocked out the guards! All of them where gone, Mum,Dad, Celestia and-!
Luna stood up, "wait a second!" she thought, "they didn't take Discord!"
Luna ran out the door into the hall as fast as she could, she kept running until she got to Discords room. Luna hit his door with her hoof as hard as she could.
She waited...no pony answered. Luna growled under her breath, she hit his door again, at the same time she shouted "Discord get up right this instant, we need you!"

A few seconds later Discord flung the door open, he looked like he was still half asleep. "what! what do you want at 3 in the morning Luna?"

Luna felt her eyes tearing up again, she tried to hold them back while she spoke, "Mum,dad and Celestia have been kidnapped."
A tear slid down her face, "we...we saw some strange unicorn with glowing eyes go into Celestia's room, we were so scared so we turned on an invisibility spell...we knewweI wouldn't be able to take them on by thyselves-"

"Wait a second," interrupted Discord, "Mum dad and Celestia have been kidnapped, how?."

Luna looked at him, "Yes, By a black unicorn."

Luna continued to tell what happened., "H..he had an army with him," Luna was fully crying now, "They inserted some weird injection into Celestia to knock her out. we were s..so scared..so we pulled the alarm...b..bu"

Luna had started to sob uncontrollably now. Discord picked her up and sat her on his bed, he looked straight into her eyes. "Lulu, I know you must be upset but you need to tell me what happened." He used his magic to make a handkerchief appear, he handed it to Luna.

Luna wiped her nose and eyes, she nodded her head. "ok so we pulled the alarm..but he mentioned that thou have knocked out all the guards. Then they teleported away."

Discord kept looking into her eyes, with a serious expression on his face. "What about mum and dad?"

"Two of the soldiers had them on their backs." she said.

Discord looked at the floor, deep in thought. "Hmmm....well I'm guessing if he had an army then he is some sort of king."
He looked at Luna, "Was he wearing a crown?"

Luna nodded her head.

"Ok, that helps us. Do you know anywhere the king and queen may have kept a record of all the royals."

Luna got off the bed, "No, but there is a book in the library about it."

"Great," Said Discord, "Let's go!"
A few minutes later they arrived at the library. Luna ran over to a shelf and started looking at the books. Discord walked over, "Do you
need any help?"

Luna pulled out a big, dusty book. "Nope," she set it on the floor and started flipping through the pages. Discord sat fiddling his fingers. He was terribly worried about Tia and his parents, he had a bad feeling in his stomach that something bad was going to happen to them. But he knew that Luna was equally upset and so he needed to act in charge and keep her hopes up.

He looked at all of the pictured of kings and queens as Luna continued to flick through the book, suddenly she stopped at a specific page and started reading, her jaw dropped open as she read.

"What?" said Discord, feeling even more worried now.

Luna didn't say anything, she just pushed the book over to Discord. He started to read the text.

King Sombra.
King Sombra is ruler of the crystal empire, he overthrew the old ruler many years ago. He is a black Unicorn, age unknown. The crystal empire was always known for spreading love and passion around the world. The Crystal ponies where in charge of powering the crystal heart (see more about the crystal heart at back of book)But since Sombra has reigned they have stopped feeling happy and therefore have stopped powering the heart. They have all been-

Luna slammed the book closed and looked at Discord, "we have heard about him before,"

Discord nodded, "Yes now that I think about it I remember father telling me something about the Crystal Empire."

Luna stood up and headed for the door, "We have no time to lose, We need to get to the Crystal empire now."

She stopped in her tracks, "Wait....The crystal empire disappeared many years ago, We have no way of knowing about its new whereabouts."

Discord smiled, "Well, that would be true, If I hadn't put a tracker spell on Tia,"

Luna looked at him, "What?!"

Discord laughed, "Hey hey calm down," he suddenly appeared beside her tugging at her cheeks, "I have put one on you too LuLu!"

Luna sighed, "Just bring us already!"

Discord snapped his talon and they teleported away to The crystal Empire.

Sneaking in "9" 9

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Discord and Luna appeared in a flash of light, they both fell into the snow. Luna stood up, her legs where shacking for there was a heavy snow storm.

"W..W...where....are...w...we?" She asked, still shaking vigorously .

Discord picked Luna up and held her in his arms, hoping to give her some warmth. He looked around the area, the whole area seemed to be a desolate land of snow.

Luna looked up at him, "we..thought t...thou said...we where....b...being teleported to the...c...crystal empire!"

Discord was still scanning their surroundings, "so did I." He sighed and started to walk, "Well, it has to be around here somewhere, I highly doubt my magic sent us to the wrong place." Discord took a few steps forward and bashed into a wall.

"Huzzah! We..found i...it!" Said Luna, trying to brighten the mood.

Discord took a step back and rubbed his nose, "Ow," he muttered.

Luna glared at him, "We can deal with thy's nose later, right now we need to save Celestia and our parents!"

"You're right." Said Discord, He flew up into the air with Luna still in his arms, Discord flew forward towards the city. Once they were above the city he flew behind a building and landed. The city was just as bad as outside. All of the buildings where old with cracks in them and had either smashed or boarded up windows, the street was empty except for two or three guards. The only good thing was King Sombra seemed to have stopped the blizzard from getting into the city.

"Where is everypony?" Asked Luna.

"I have no clue," said Discord.

Discord looked over at the guards, all of them seemed to just be staring off into the distance, none of them where even paying attention for intruders.

Discord grinned, "We could easily take those guards out Lulu, do you want to take one and I'll take the other two?"

Luna shook her head, "No, we don't want to hurt anypony unless it is necessary. Why doesn't thou cast an invisibility spell on us?"

Discord patted Luna on the head, "Oh Lulu, you always come up with the best ideas."

Discord set Luna on the ground beside him and clicked his talon, casting the spell.

Nothing happened.

Discord blushed a bit, "oops, hehe...let me try that again." Discord once again clicked his talon.

Nothing happened.

"UUUGGHHHHH!" shouted Discord, "Why isn't it working!"

Luna put her hoof on her chin, "hmmm, we should have suspected this."

Discord looked down at Luna, "suspected what?"

Luna looked up at Discord, "Sombra must have cast a spell that makes nopony be able to cast magic."

"But he uses magic," replied Discord.

"You're right." said Luna, "So it must be a spell that means...." Luna smiled, "Discord, we do have a way of using magic. But it will mainly have to be you."

"What are you talking about? I just tried to cast a spell but it wouldn't work!" asked Discord.

"Let us explain," said Luna. "We are guessing that what Sombra did was make it so only dark magic can be cast. For if I remember correctly his eyes shone green which signals he only uses dark magic."

"That makes sense," said Discord, "But isn't dark magic against the law?"

Luna nodded, "Yes, but we are sure we shall be forgiven if it was used to save the royal family's life."

"OK," said Discord, "What dark magic spell would help us?" I don't exactly know any."

"I think the one thou should use is a shape shifting spell," Said Luna. "How you cast a dark spell is bring up all the anger deep within you and send it to your magic."

"Ok." Said Discord. He started to cast the spell, a dark ball of magic appeared in his talon, Discord concentrated with all his might and then suddenly it exploded. When the explosion was gone in the place of where Luna and Discord should have been, stood two royal crystal guards.

Luna looked down at her hooves; the ground suddenly seemed a lot further away than usual. She turned around and saw another stallion guard beside her.

“Discord?” asked Luna. She gasped when she heard her voice, it sounded deep and husky.

Discord looked at her and grinned, “Wow Lulu, you really need to cut back on the smoking.”

Luna glared at him, “Discord! This is definitely not the time for jokes!”

Discord nodded his head, “Your right, Ok now hopefully we should just walk to the castle and they will let us in.”

Discord started to walk; Luna found it surprising how quickly he adapted to walking on a completely different set of feet. But she suspected it was actually probably a lot easier than his normal feet. She sighed and decided to follow him, although she definitely knew it would not be as easy as just walking into the castle, gaining access to where ever her parents and sister might be and then them all just escaping.

Life was never that simple.

Luna felt her heart beating at twenty miles an hour as they walked. Every guard they passed turned and looked at them as they walked, although luckily after a few seconds of staring they all just turned back to continue staring into no-where.
Discord on the other looked as calm as if he was simply going for a walk back in Canterlot, Every time the guards stared at them Discord smiled and nodded his head a bit, as if he was greeting an old friend.

They finally made it up to the steps of the Crystal palace. Although the whole city lay in the ruins the palace was still breath taking, it shone a brilliant shade of blue that glistened so bright you would be able to have seen it a miles off, that was of course if there wasn’t an enormous storm outside that would blind anypony who went into it.

Discord and Luna walked up the steps to the door of the palace, Luna lifted her hoof to knock but Discord used his magic to open the door instead. Then he walked in, Luna looked around to make sure no pony was watching them and then she followed Discord into the castle. As they stepped in Luna scanned the whole area, for she had a feeling Sombra wouldn’t like to find two guards just wondering around the palace.

Discord looked around the palace for a few moments before he just decided to walk to door closest to them and open it. Luna gasped when they walked in, the room they had stepped into was the royal throne room. It was different to the other parts of the castle though. It looked as though King Sombra had used his magic to make this one room in pacific more to his liking. Instead of the normal blue crystal walls and floors the crystals where a dark shade of black. The throne was made of the same black crystal as the rest of the room, and at the very top of the throne there was one crystal in pacific that caught Luna's eye. It was an even darker shade of black then all the rest and it had a sort of dark aura around it.

“I have a feeling he is keeping Tia and our parents probably somewhere around here,” Said Discord.

“Well then we shall have to search our surroundings,” Said Luna.

Luna started to walk around the room, making sure to check every single place she passed. Discord did the same, only he was at the other side of the room.

After a few minute Luna groaned and sat on the floor, “Oh it’s useless!” she cried, “We shall never find our family!”

“Your family?” Suddenly said a strange voice, Luna froze for she definitely knew it wasn’t Discords voice, even though they had both changed into stallion guards Discords voice had stayed the same.

Luna stood up and turned around, she found herself face to face with the almighty King Sombra.

He glared at her, “I shall repeat myself what do you mean your family?”

Luna cowered a bit, “I...I uh..”

“Sorry about this your highness, he was talking about a photo of his family, he brought it everywhere with him and sadly he dropped it in here earlier on.” Said Discord, he walked out from behind one of the curtains, “I was helping him look for it.”

King Sombra looked at the new guard that had just approached him, “Very well, but that still doesn’t give you the right to skip whatever duty you are meant to be doing!”

Luna stood up straight; she had suddenly had a brilliant idea of how to save her parents and sister.
“Our duty at the moment is to guard the new prisoners,” She replied.

Sombra looked at her, “I don’t recall requesting guards to watch them...but I suppose it would be good to have somepony to keep an eye on them.”

Suddenly King Sombra’s eyes shone a bright shade of purple, and the green flames at the sides of his eyes grew twice the size. He shot a black beam of magic onto the crystal on top of the throne and suddenly the whole room started to shake. A hole started to form in the ground. Luna closed her eyes terrified thinking about what King Sombra might be doing.

Luna felt Discord give her a small nudge on the side; she slowly opened both her eyes and gasped. In the centre of the room there was a large hole in the ground with stairs leading down into it. She suspected they were going down there but instead Sombra lead them to behind the throne. The magic had also made a secret door appear behind the throne.

Sombra opened the door, “well here you go,”

Discord and Luna stared at the door, it lead into a pitch black room. Luna wasn’t that keen on going in there and neither was Discord.

“Go on now, no more slacking!” Shouted Sombra.

Discord and Luna both took a deep breath and stepped into the darkness...

Celestia "10" 10

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The room was pitch black and it smelt revolting. Luna felt herself stepping closer to Discord as they walked in, she knew it was ridiculous for a princess of the night to be scared of the dark but sometimes her inner filly got the best of her. King Sombra hit a lever on the wall and the room lit up, it was still quite dark but the lever had somehow made a few candles on the wall to go ablaze.

He turned around and walked to the door, once he stepped out he closed the metal door behind him. Luna and Discord looked around, it was more like a hall then a room. There were three cells at each side of the hall.

"I'm guessing that Tia and Mom and Dad are probably in one of these cells." Said Discord.

Luna nodded her head, "Yes, we shall check the left side of the room and thou should check the right."

"Ok," Said Discord. He walked over and started to check the cells.

Luna walked over to the first cell. She flapped her wings so she could fly up to the bars on the door and stare in. Sadly nothing was in the cell except for something white curled up in the corner. Luna looked at it for a few moments, she couldn't make out what it was but for all she knew it could be some helpless filly that needed her help.

Luna landed on the ground and looked around for something she could use to get the fillies attention. She smiled when she saw a rock by the door. Luna trotted over and tried to pick up the rock with her magic, she sighed when she remembered that sadly Sombra had made only dark magic useable. So instead she picked the rock up in her mouth; Luna then flew back up to the door again.

She looked in through the bars and sure enough it was still in the same place. Luna spat the rock onto her hoof and then squeezed her arm through the bars, her arm was only just able to fit. She aimed at its back and then gently threw the rock.
It flew through the air and hit it right in the centre of its back. But to Luna's surprise and horror when it hit it the rock went right through the skin! Blood started to pour from its back, in a matter of seconds the floor of the cell had a trail of blood on it, the body started to slip on the blood that was oozing from its back.

The body continued to slip in it until it turned over, Luna screamed.
It was a filly as she had predicted, but its whole body was rotten and had flesh hanging off it.

Discord ran over and put his paw over Luna’s mouth, “shhhhhh, we are going to get caught if you continue to make so much noise.” He whispered.

Luna was still shaking too much to reply, so instead she just pointed to the corpse in the cell. Discord looked at the body for a few seconds before putting his paw over his mouth, “I think I’m going to be sick.” He said.

Luna flew to the ground and looked up at Discord, “How long must that poor filly have suffered. Why would it have been left to die? “

Discord leaned down to Luna, “I don’t know, but let's just hurry up and get Tia and our parents so we can leave this ghastly place,”

Luna nodded and stepped over to the next cell, she flew up to the bars of the door and looked in, the cell was empty except for a few bits of hay lying in it. Luna flew over to the next cell and peered in. Luna gasped, lying in the cell was Celestia. She was chained up by the legs and her neck and it looked as if she had been beaten up, there was blood dripping from her nose and she had cuts all over her body.

Luna looked over to Discord who was peering through the bars of the last cell on the right side of the room. "Discord!" she shouted, "We have found Celestia."

Discord ran over to the cell and looked in, "Oh my god!" he cried, "Tia!" He started shaking the door, but there was a huge lock on it. "How do I get this damn door open!" He shouted.

"Discord! Calm down!" Said Luna, "We shall find a way don't worry."

Discord looked down at Luna, "calm down? Tia is practically dying in there and you expect me to calm down?"

He looked down at the lock on the door, it had a strange shaped hole in it, not like the normal hole in a lock. He let out a sigh, "If only I could use my magic..wait!" Discord looked at Luna again, "Can you teleport with dark magic?"

"We have no clue," Replied Luna, "As we said we have never used dark magic before, we only know a few spells that hath been in a book we read."

Discord looked into the cell again, Celestia was still in the same position. But luckily it looked like she was breathing. Discord leaned up against the bars, "Tia." He whispered.

Luna looked at him, "Really? Discord, thou just shouted his head off and our sister didn't stir. Yet you think whispering shall prevail? Move a second."

Discord moved out of the way and Luna flew up to the door, she took a deep breath and shouted in the royal Canterlot voice, "SISTER WE NEED YOU IN OUR TIME OF NEED, AWAKIN FROM THY SLUMBER!!!!!!"

Luna moved a bit over so Discord could look into the cell.

Celestia's eyes started to flicker a bit and then they slowly opened, she looked around the cell "w..huh? Where am I?"

"Tia!" Discord shouted.

Celestia looked at the door, "Discord? Luna? Where am I?"

Luna cocked her head, "Does thou not remember a thing?"

Celestia started to think, "Well, I was at the ball, Then Discord brought me to bed and-" Suddenly a blush appeared on her face.

Luna looked at Discord, "And what?"

"Never mind! Replied Celestia, "Anyway then I went to sleep. But I was woke up again by...oh no."

Celestia yanked at her chains, "Where are Mother and Father! Are they alright?" She gave a thrust to try and brake the chains, but they dug into her cuts and she cried out in pain."

"Don't move!" Cried Luna.

Discord couldn't stand to see Celestia in such a state, her flew back to the other end of the room and then ran as fast as he could towards the door, he barged straight into it, but it didn't budge at all."

"There is no use try to break the door down." Said Celestia, "It can only be opened with the crystal key."

"The crystal key? What is that?" Asked Luna.

"It is a key made out of pure crystal. Thousands of years ago, when the crystal heart was created they had left over enchanted crystal, so they made an enchanted key that is the only thing that can unlock the doors in the castle. Although the king seems to only use it for the cells."

"Does thou have any idea where he may keep such a key?" Asked Luna

"I..I heard him say something about it being at the top of the entire empire before he threw me in here." Replied Celestia.

Luna started to think about the book she had read on the crystal empire, it had talked about the castle being one of the tallest buildings in all of Equstria. It had also mentioned something about the King locking away all of the things precious to the crystal empire at the top of the castle, but no pony had ever found a way up.

"We shall find a way up, don't worry." Said Luna.

Discord nodded, "Yea, let's go."

"No, We would appreciate it if thy would stay here with Celestia. She is in terrible condition and needs somepony to stay guard in case somepony tries to hurt her again."

"wait a minute," Said Discord, "How come you get to go? You're younger than me, if somepony catches you how do you plan to escape?"

Luna sighed, "Discord, we don't need to be babied. If we are going to be ruler of Equestria someday we should at least be able to fend for ourselves."

Discord looked over at Celestia, he felt pain in seeing her in such a state. He sighed in defeat, "Fine, but be careful."

"We will." Said Luna. She turned around and walked back over to the door of the room to go and find the key.

Luna "11" 11

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Luna closed the metal doors behind her, she was once again in the throne room. "Ok," Luna thought to herself "We must find a way to get to the top of the castle."

She sat down so she could think of a plan, "We could always fly up, no that would be to obvious; if Sombra made it that easy we are sure that the civilians would have flew up already and stolen some of the kings treasures."

Luna looked around the room, all of the doors looked the exact same. "It seems we will just have to check every door in the castle," She said out loud with a moan. Luna got up and started to walk over to the hall so she could begin her search, but just as she took her first step, the ground began to shake.

"What in Equestria!" Yelped Luna. She looked behind her and saw that a hole was forming in the middle of the room. "Somepony must be coming out of there!" Said Luna.

She looked around desperately for a place she could hide, the only thing remotely hide-able that was close to her was a table that had a few scrolls on top of it. Knowing it was the only thing she could do Luna ran over and squeezed under the table.

The hole in the throne room kept getting bigger and bigger until finally the ground stopped shaking and the hole stopped growing, then there was a flash of green and King Sombra stood at the top of stairs, that Luna guessed lead down into the hole. "hmm, we think that shall be the first place we check." Thought Luna.

Sombra looked around for a few seconds as if he were checking if anypony was there, then he shot a beam of dark magic onto the crystal on top of the throne like he had when bringing Luna and Discord into the cellars. The hole started to close again and Sombra walked out into the hall. Luna held her breath and closed her eyes while he passed, hoping not to get caught. Luckily he seemed to be in a bit of a hurry and didn't stop to look around the place.

Luna opened one eye and when she saw that he was gone she stepped out from under the table. "Right, back to the mission at hoof." Said Luna.

She trotted back into the throne room and looked at the crystal on the throne, she knew that the only way she would be able to open the hole again was if she cast dark magic. "Alright Luna, thy can do this." she muttered.

Luna closed her eyes and started to summon all of her greatest fears and angers into her head, they flew around her mind, making it harder to contain her magic by the second. She thought about bullies, failing tests, nightmares and any other thing that made her cower a little in fear, then she thought of a haunting image that made her yelp, it was the thought that her parents might be chained up in this castle somewhere, continuously getting whipped by guards and spat on.

She couldn't contain it any longer; Luna opened her eyes and they shone a light shade of green, a large beam of dark magic shot from her horn and smashed into the crystal. Luna put her hoof to her head and rubbed it, it was quite painful casting the spell and she hoped that she wouldn't have to do it again.

The ground started to shake again as the hole started to form behind her. Luna turned around waited for it to grow to its full size.
Once the ground had stopped moving Luna walked over and looked into the hole, it was pitch black and seemed to go on forever. She looked over at the steps, but then shook her head deciding it would probably be quicker to fly down.

Luna took a deep breath and jumped into the hole, she fell for a few second and then she started to flap her wings. She hovered in the same spot, looking around. She couldn't see anything at all. She really wished that she could cast normal magic, then she would be able to light the place up with her horn.

Luna started to fly straight down as slowly as possible, hoping she would spot the ground and not bash into it. She continued to fly downwards for about 5 minutes. "Oh for Equestria's sake!" muttered Luna. "We feel like this is a wild goose chase. How do we even know that this hole has a bottom?"

Luna started to fly down the hole as fast as she could, her face was being blown back and the wind was shooting through her mane. Luna squinted her eyes, she could see something below..... could it be..THE GROU-

Luna smashed straight into the floor. There was a loud crunch as she cracked some of the hard crystal. Luna slowly sat up, her face had a terribly sore tingling feeling through it, she took a deep breath, then she let out a loud scream, "AHHHHHH WE ARE SICK OF THIS CASTLE AND ITS INFERNAL SECRET PASSAGES!!"

Luna looked around, growling and muttering under her breath, there seemed to be nothing at the end of this silly tunnel. She turned her body around and looked at the other side of the hole. There was a door at that side, Luna stood up and walked over to the door, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath to calm herself down. But when she opened her eyes again the door was gone.

"WHAT!" Shouted Luna. She turned around and spotted the door at the other end of the hole. Luna walked over to it, trying not to blink encase it moved. But then as soon as she reached her hoof out to open the door it shot to the other end of the tunnel again.

Luna growled, starting to get agitated; she really was not in the mood for messing about with a door. She ran as fast as she could over to the door and took a leap straight at the door, but it shot away again and she bashed into the wall.

Luna slid down the wall onto the ground, she lay there for a second and then picked herself up off the floor and turned around slowly to the door, "Oh, so that is how thy is going to play this? Is it not?" Luna gritted her teeth and then screamed, "WELL THEN TAKE THIS YOU FIEND!"

Luna's horn lit a dark shade of green and she shoot a mighty blast of dark magic at the door. There was a huge explosion, Luna put her hooves over her head and closed her eyes, having no idea what she could have done.

When she opened her eyes there was a light in front of her. "Huh?" Thought Luna, "Have we killed our self in the explosion?" Luna started to walk towards the light, not knowing what to expect. Having no idea she had been captured in a trance by the door...