• Published 26th Nov 2013
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If we could fix the past - Reganthestrange

The youth of Celestia and Luna was a very long time ago, you would never have guessed that they grew up with Discord! But sadly Celestia did something that ruined their friendship, and turned Discord into the Chaos causing monster he is today!

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The dark one "2" 2

It had been about a month since Celestia and Discord had met. Since then they had both met up every night, Celestia's parents had gotten suspicious to how she was always a bit tried now but when they asked her if she had got enough sleep she just told them she was only tired from growing. Her parents seemed suspicious but didn't question her because Celestia never lied to them. She felt so bad for doing so, she hated lying to her parents, she loved them very much.

Her father was in charge of raising the sun every morning, he was white like Celestia with a flowing red mane and had the same cutie mark as her. She remembered when she got it, she had been so happy, Her father let her try raising the sun with him one day and then just as she landed it appeared. Her parents held a whole party to celebrate, it was glorious!

Her mother was dark blue with an aqua mane. she had a cutie mark of the moon with a shadow coming off it, they all guessed this would be Luna's cutie mark when the time came.

Her parents ruled all of Equestria because they had been chosen as young fillies. They were both born with a horn and wings, ponies soon started to refer to them as alicorns. They were destined to fall in love and rule Equestria! And the best thing was...they were immortal so they would never die! When Celestia thought this it filled her heart with joy to know her and her family would be together forever!

Her little sister Luna had only been born a few months ago, whereas Celestia was 6. Her sister had a light blue mane that was quite short. She was the same colour of her mother so she would probably raise the moon as well. Although Luna was only a little baby she certainly was smart for her age, she could already say a few words like mother, father and she called Celestia Celly.

Today was a nice warm day with the sun shining so Celestia was out playing with Discord, she couldn't go that night because she had to go out for dinner with her parents to a royal meeting. They were playing eye spy.

It was Discords turn, "OK I spy with my little eye something...PINK!

Celestia sighed ,"is it my mane?"

" oh my gosh yes, how did you get that!"

Celestia rolled her eyes "you have done my mane every time it's your turn!!!"

" Have I? ok I'll go again I spy-"

Celestia stopped him, she had had something on her mind for the past week "Discord."


"I was wondering if you ever got the chance, would you want somewhere to live?"

Discord looked confused, "what do you mean I live here."

" I know." Said Celestia "but what about a real house, with a real family?"

"Well yeah I guess I would."

Celestia's eyes lit up "well I've had a thought, how about you live in the palace?"

Discord looked at her, "Are you crazy your parents would never let me in!"

Celestia smiled "I could go ask them."

Discord sat looking at the floor for a second, "wow, my own home...a place to belong to..."

"Well then" said Celestia smiling, "let's go ask!"
They came up to the throne room and Celestia turned around, Discord was floating in the air trying to look calm but she could tell he was nervous.

"ok" she said "you turn invisible and stay here," I'll go ask.

Discord nodded and disappeared.

"Ok, here it goes," she said. She opened the large doors to the throne room and walked in.

When she walked in her parents were sitting on their thrones, her father was reading some scrolls and her mother was feeding Luna with a bottle.

"em..mother, father?" said Celestia suddenly feeling really nervous.

"Yes my love?" said Celestia's mother, her voice was as elegant as ever.

"I was wondering, if you got the chance to have a son, would you?"

"Celestia, we just had a child, if you think we are having another one you can think twice!" boomed Celestia's father, he didn't mean to be loud he just had a very big voice.

"well what if you could have I don't know like...a stepson!"

"Darling, what are you getting at?" said her mother.

Celestia sighed "all right fine let me tell you," Celestia took a deep breath and then told them everything, sadly she forgot to mention he wasn't a pony.

"well, lets meet the young stallion," said Celestia's father.

"Discord you can come in!"yelled Celestia,

Discord walked in, he walked in on all fours to make himself more normal, sadly it wasn't enough. Celestia's mother screamed and almost dropped Luna while her father almost passed out, but he calmed himself, he didn't want to scare the young lad or make him feel bad about himself.

After calming his wife down he spoke to Discord. "so I hear you're a friend of my daughters?"

Discord spoke in a quiet voice almost too scared to talk "y..yes sir"

"please do not find me rude to ask, but what pray tell are you?"

"I..I don't really know"

Celestia's mother spoke although her voice was a bit shaken, "n..nurse Tree Spirit may know"

"Your right" said her father, "let's go see her!"

They walked up to the office of the royal hospital. Celestia knocked on the door. Nurse Tree Spirit opened it, "oh hello your highnesses, may I help you?"

"Hello Tree Spirit" Said Celestia's father, "we were wondering if you knew what this was?"

He pointed to Discord who blushed and smiled, a bit nervous from all the attention. Nurse Tree Spirit looked at Discord for a second before a look of pure horror and shock appeared on her face, she grabbed Discord and set him on the desk and pulled out a knife!

"Stop right this minute!" yelled Celestia. She ran in front of Discord who had his paw and talon over his head, she pointed a hoof at Nurse Tree Spirit, "what do you think you're doing!"

Celestia's Father ran over, "Yes what are you doing!"

"This creature needs to die!" she yelled.

"And why is this?" said Celestia's father.

"Fine," said Nurse Tree Spirit, "let me explain, this THING is called a draconequus, it is made out of all sorts of animals! He is one of a kind!"

"Then how have you heard about him?" Asked Celestia's father.

"I'll show you." Nurse Tree Spirit tree pulled out an old book from a shelf, "it's an old prophecy," she opened it to a page and there was a bigger version of Discord, "it is said he would come to this earth to destroy it!"

Discord's ears fell down. Celestia's mother saw and told Celestia and Discord to wait outside.

Nurse Tree Spirit waited for them to leave before she continued "He is the body and soul of chaos and disharmony, he was brought to this world by the dark one. HE IS A DANGER WE MUST KILL HIM!" she yelled.

"He doesn't look that strong," Said Celestia's father.

"Oh really! laughed Nurse Tree Spirit," He has more power then all of you alicorns put together!" Only one thing can stop him, the Elements Of Harmony!"

"But" said Celestia's mum, "those are just an old ponies tale!"

Nurse Tree Spirit Showed then the picture of a tree, "you can get them here, to get to the tree you must-"

"wait said Celestia's dad, "then why were you going to stab him?"

"To buy me time."

"Well that doesn't matter," said Celestia's mum, "he is going to live with us!"

"WHAT!" yelled Nurse Tree Spirit, "are you crazy, you have to let me get the elements of harmony and kill him!"

"No," continued Celestia's mum. "We are going to raise him and teach him our ways, he will grow up under my wing and become a good draconequus that can help protect the kingdom!"

She walked into the hall and picked up Discord and Celestia and put them on her back with Luna.

"I'm here 24/7!" shouted Nurse Tree Spirit, "I WILL KILL HIM!!!!!"

"leave now," was all Celestia's father said.

Nurse Tree Spirit Mumbled something and slowly trotted out of the office, realising she had just cost herself her job.

"Am I really evil?" said Discord looking worried.

"No," said Celestia's Mother, "you can live with us and be a wonderful draconequus."

They all cuddled and Celestia thought this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Author's Note:

Wow that was long,I was so excited I just typed it all in one go! anyway please leave me comments on what you think. I should have the next chapter in the next week. please tell me if you see any spelling mistakes and thank you!