• Published 31st Oct 2013
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A Mothers Love 2: Nightmare In Equestria - GunsNRoses365

Lightning Twister's new life is in jeopardy when becomes the target of a villain nopony Ever thought they would see again.

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Chapter 1

It was a beautiful afternoon in Equestria as Lightning Twister ran down the dirt path to his home after finishing school for the day.When he saw the cottage appear over the horizon, Lightning took to the sky and flew the rest of the way home. When he arrived at his home, he landed on the ground softly and went inside.

"Momma, I'm home!" Lightning called out.

However there was no response Lightning waited for a second before calling out again.


Once again, nothing but silence, Lightning began to worry, Fluttershy always responded to him whenever he called out to her, and if she wasn't at the cottage when he came home, she always left him a note telling him where she was was and when she would be back. Lightning took a few cautious steps and looked around the empty cottage hoping his mother was nearby

"M-Momma, are you here!?" Lightning called out nervously.

Once more there was no response and Lightning began to get scared. Lightning made his way to the kitchen and let out a sigh of relief when she saw Fluttershy standing in the kitchen with her back turned to him.

"There you are Momma I-"

"What are you doing here?" Fluttershy snapped harshly cutting lightning off.

Lightning stepped back a little bit, Fluttershy never snapped at him like that, even when she had to scold him her voice never sounded that harsh.

Fluttershy turned around and Lightning ears immediately dropped when he saw an angry look on his mothers face.

"Answer me, why are you here?" Fluttershy said harshly again.

Lightning began to tremble a little bit at his mothers tone of voice.

"S-schools over and I-I came home like I always do, M-Momma."

Fluttershy looked at at him as if he had just back talked to her.

"Home, you think is your home? Why would I let you stay here?" she asked angrily

Lightning was scared and very confused at what he was hearing.

"Momma, It's me, Lightning." he said almost pleadingly

"I know who you are!" Fluttershy snapped

Lightning began to choke up in hearing his mothers harshness. She wasn't acting like herself. She was her usual loving self this morning but now she was completely different. Tears formed in Lightning's eyes as he tried to get close to her.

"P-Please, M-Momma, s-stop! Your s-scaring me!" Lightning said almost inaudibly as he tried to hug his mother.

The second Lightning's hooves touched Fluttershy, she grabbed by his foreleg and brought him over her knee. She then brought down four sharp strikes of her hoof across his flank. Lightning screamed in pain and began crying loudly. His mother had never spanked him before, she's never laid a hoof on him.

"Stop crying, you know better than to touch me. Your a bad little foal and bad little foals need to be punished."

Fluttershy brought down three more strikes across lightning sore flank as he continues to cry in pain and sadness. What happened the Fluttershy that had adopted him? What happened to the Fluttershy that loved him more than anypony else in all Equestria.

"Now, get out of my cottage, you bad little foal! I should never have found you in the Everfree Forest, I should never have become you mother!" She screamed.

Lightning said nothing as he ran for the door while crying uncontrollably, but once he opened it he stopped dead in his tracks. Lightning was now scared out of his wits. The cottage was not where it was when he entered it earlier. it was floating over a swirling black hole. Lightning started going backward before bumping into Fluttershy. Lightning gasped in horror as she had a sinister smile on her face and began laughing evily and forcing him back towards the black hole. She grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and held him over the void as he screamed and cried in terror.

"M-Momma, p-please d-don't!" He wailed as Fluttershy continued laughing.

"Goodbye, you little mistake." She said cruelly before dropping him off of the edge.

Lightning screamed in terror as he plummeted into the black hole. The darkness began to surround him as he continued to fall. He then heard a dark menacing laughter before seeing a pair of fiery red and green eyes. Lightning whimpered and trembled as the laughing continued. a shadowy mouth began form under the eyes as well as teeth. The shadow lunged at him with quick speed as Lightning held up his hooves and screamed.

"Noooooooooooo!" Lightning screamed as he shot up with tears rolling down his face. He panted and breathed heavily and rapidly as he noticed he was no longer in the black hole. His surroundings became more and more familiar before he realized he was in his bedroom at the cottage. He brushed his tears away as he trembled in fear. Suddenly his door opened and revealed Fluttershy. Lightning began to tremble again until he heard her voice.

"Lightning, sweetheart, are you okay?" Fluttershy asked softly with worry.

Lightning began to calm his trembling, his mothers voice was not harsh, but the same soft and loving voice he was familiar with. Fluttershy trotted up and saw how terrified he was. He looked like he had just seen a monster. She gently rubbed his shoulder with her hoof to comfort him.

"I heard you screaming and I came here as fast as I could. Did you have another bad dream, sweetie?" she asked with gentlest of voices not wanting to scare her son anymore than he already was.

Lightning nodded his head as Fluttershy looked at him with concern. This was not the first time Lightning's had a nightmare and has woken up looking this upset. He's had these types of Nightmares almost every night for about a week, and it made Fluttershy worried.

"What is as bad as the other ones?" she asked asked worryingly.

Lightning nodded his head again before letting out a yawn and laying back down.

"Are you sure you don't want want to sleep with me tonight, sweetheart?" Flutttershy asked sweetly

Lightning shook his before saying, "I'll be okay, Momma, I'm sorry I woke you up."

Lightning then fell back asleep with Fluttershy smiling softly at him. She gently kissed him on the cheek before leaving the room and closing the door.

At Canterlot Castle, Princess Luna shot up with her head hurting. She had entered Lightning's dream, but before she could find him, the dream ended. She was there trying to figure why Lightning had been having so many nightmares. The only thing she saw was darkness as well as the same pair of eyes and laughter that Lightning saw and heard. Luna stood up and rubbed her head in pain. She then heard an evil sinister laughter. Luna recognized the laughter and growled in anger. It was the same laughter from Lightning's dream.

"I know who you are," Luna hissed "You better not lay a hoof on that innocent child."

The laughter continued for a moment before it vanished. Luna was left in the silence as she let out a sigh and looked out to her beautiful moon. She knew that danger was coming.

Author's Note:

I hope you all enjoyed reading the first chapter to the sequel of "A Mothers Love" I apologize for it being so short. I promise these up and coming chapters will be much longer than this one. :twilightsmile: It seems that there is trouble brewing in Equestria once again. I'll see you all next chapter.:pinkiehappy: