• Published 31st Oct 2013
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A Mothers Love 2: Nightmare In Equestria - GunsNRoses365

Lightning Twister's new life is in jeopardy when becomes the target of a villain nopony Ever thought they would see again.

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Chapter 5

At Ponyville Elementary School everyone was sitting around talking happily. However every student also had their eye on the clock because today was the last day of school. They all couldn't wait for the minute hand to land on the twelve so they could begin their summer vacation. Everyone in the room was cheerful, everyone except Lightning Twister. Even though he had no nightmares last night, Lightning was still having troubles staying awake. Even though Cheerilee told him to stay home, he went against his teachers wishes and came to school anyway. Cheerilee wasn't too happy about this, but she let it go because it was the last day of school and Lightning could then relax after today.

The time everyone was waiting for was about to arrive and everyone was ready to race for the door. Cheerilee however stepped up to her children to tell them one more thing.

"Alright, my little ponies, I hope you all have a wonderful summer vacation. You all have done very well this year and I am very proud of each and every one of you. I'll see you all next year."

After those words left her mouth the bell finally rang and the students shot like bullets towards the door. The CMC were the last to leave the classroom with each of them saying goodbye to Cheerilee. Cheerilee said goodbye to them as well and watched them leave, however her cheerfulness turned into a look of concern as she saw Lightning disappeared with his friends. in the end though she softly smiled and hoped that Lightning would be back to his usual, cheerful self when school started again.

At Ponyville park the CMC were all talking about what they would do this summer. Applebloom and Sweetie Belle were talking about getting their cutie marks and Scootaloo was bragging about how Rainbow Dash was going to take her and Lightning to see the Wonderbolts perform in Canterlot. After the young Pegasus filly mentioned her coltfriend's name, her smile grew into concern as she looked back and saw him laying under the tree that they names carved into when they went on their first date. She noticed a look of sadness and unease on his face. Applebloom and Sweetie Belle noticed this as well and Went over to Lightning as well as Scootaloo. The three fillies saw small tears flowing from Lightning's eyes and down his cheeks as he quickly brushed them away with his hoof.

Scootaloo laid down beside Lightning and put one of her hooves over his. She gently nuzzled his cheek with her muzzle affectionately to comfort him. Lightning gave her a weak smile as he nuzzled her as well.

Applebloom began rubbing Lightning's back softly as she asked, "You still upset about not being able to sleep, Lightning?"

Lightning just nodded his head as sweetie Belle gave him a soft smile.

"Don't worry, Lightning, everything will be alright." She said reassuringly "I have an idea, we can all have a sleepover at my house tomorrow."

"That sounds awesome Sweetie Belle." Scootaloo said as her face beamed up with joy.

"You can count me in." Applebloom said right after.

Lightning gave a soft smile, a nice night with his friends sounded like a good idea. Maybe it could help him relax a little bit and help stop his nightmares.

Eventually, Lightning nodded his head and said with a smile, "Alright, Sweetie Belle, I'll come to the sleepover."

The rest of the CMC were excited and were already planning what the four of them should do until the sky went dark and a rumble of thunder erupted in the sky.

The group of friends fell silent as the looked up at the sudden change in the sky.

"What's going on?" Scootaloo asked curiously "the weather team didn't schedule a storm this afternoon."

A flash of lightning lit the sky followed by a rumble of thunder which made Lightning very uneasy due to his fear of storms.

"I think we all better head to our homes." Sweetie Belle said earning a nod of agreement from everyone.

Applebloom and sweetie belle said goodbye before going running to their respective homes. Scootaloo grabbed her saddlebag and went over to Lightning.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Lightning." She said as she looked up at the sky,

She gave Lightning a quick kiss on the lips before taking off to her home, leaving Lightning all alone. Another rumble of thunder ripped the sky and Lightning took off running towards his house as he began to get frightened of the storm. He was trying to be brave but he felt that something was not right about this storm. When his home appeared over the horizon, Lightning could see Fluttershy helping put her animals in their homes so they would be safe from this strange storm. Fluttershy looked up and saw her son running her way. However Lightning tripped over himself and fell flat on his face.

Lightning soon got to his feet and saw his mother flying towards him in concern. He was about to meet her halfway until he stopped dead in his tracks and cover his head in fear as another wave of thunder and Lightning lit the sky. Lightning began to tremble in fear of the storm but tried to continue moving only to find he couldn't. Looking down at his hooves he saw that they were trapped in something glowing and he instantly became even more scared.

"Momma! Help! I'm Stuck!" He screamed in terror as he tried he tried to break himself free.

Fluttershy then saw the glowing objects at her sons feet and gasped in shock.

"Hold on Sweetheart! Momma's coming!" She shouted until a huge bolt of Lightning stopped her dead in her tracks.

Fluttershy yelped as another one struck the ground almost as if it was trying to attack her. Lightning saw all of this and trembled in fear as she watched the bolts of Lightning send his mother further and further backwards. Suddenly something started growing rapidly in front of him, It was a giant dark crystal. Fluttershy saw the crystal grow as well and it looked all too familiar. She tried to get closer until another bolt of lightning shot down and blocked her path.

Another giant crystal formed beside the first one and more continued to appear in a circle around Lightning,

Now completely scared stiff, Lightning tried to call out once more to Fluttershy but it was almost inaudible.

"M-Momma, h-help me. I-I'm s-s-scared!"

Lightning continued to tremble as tears formed in his eyes. The dark crystals continued to surround Lightning until he could no longer see his mother or the rest of the outside world. Lightning started to cry in fear until he heard a familiar evil laughter, it was the same laughter from his nightmares. Suddenly Lightning found himself being surround by a cloud of dark smoke. He started to cough violently as the smoke began to rise up his body. The evil laughter grew louder and louder as Lightning began to choke on the black smoke. As darkness surrounded him and the laughter continued to grow even louder and more crazed, Lightning used all of his will to shout out a loud and terrified scream.


Fluttershy heard her son's scream as the Lightning stopped trying to attack her. She flew as fast as she could to the crystals only to see them slowly crack and crumble when she arrived. She saw the smoke inside the crystal begin to fade as well as the dark clouds in the sky. However Fluttershy's eyes went wide and tears began to form in them as smoke faded away but Lightning was no longer there.

"N-No! NO!!! LIGHTNING!!" Fluttershy screamed at the top of her lungs as she searched around frantically for her son.

"LIGHTNING, MY BABY BOY, WHERE ARE YOU!?" She screamed as her composure began to break.

She tried to take flight but she fell and landed on her stomach. That was the breaking point for Fluttershy as she broke down and cried, she had lost her son again. She began to roll around on the ground and wail as she flailed her hooves around. She then let out the most pain filled scream a mother could make.


Deep in an underground cave A puff of smoke appeared and disappeared leaving Lightning on the ground. The scared little colt coughed and wheezed violently from inhaling the smoke. His vision was blurry but once it became clear he looked around at his new surroundings.

"M-Momma! W-Where are you!?" Lightning called out while trembling with fear.

Lightning quickly heard a response, however it was not the voice of his mother. It was the laughter from earlier as it echoed across the caves and became even more maniacal and crazed. Lighting turned around and his eyes went wide with fear as found the source of the laughter. Standing in front him was a large black unicorn with a curved red horn and had a familiar sinister smiling face and fiery red and green eyes laughing like a mad pony. Lightning was now face to face with the monster from his nightmares. he was now face to face with King Sombra!

Author's Note:

I hope you all enjoyed reading chapter 5. I want to thank you all for the love and support of this sequel, I truly appreciate it. It seems that Lightning is in serious danger now. What will happen to him when he begins to learn his part of King Sombra's horrible plan and what will happen when Fluttershy tells the rest of her friends about what happened to her son? I'll see you all next chapter.