• Published 29th Oct 2013
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Memoirs in Ink and Blood - Corah Il Cappo

She betrayed us. She mislead us. She imposed her rule upon us. We rose in defiance. Sequel to The Monster We Made

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It was already late in the evening when it happened. I belched out a small burst of green flames as a letter suddenly entered my system. As the fire cooled, I could make out the signature sun insignia on the wax seal of a scroll.

A royal summons.

In an instant I had cracked the seal and unfurled the parchment. I felt a distinct feeling of dread rising in my gut. Something was wrong. Princess Celestia's penmanship was very thick, almost as if it had been written with a printing press. This script was not hers. It was thin, and sprawling, very distinctly hornwritten. Worse still, I recognized the style.

It was the same one Twilight used.

The letter didn't say much. It just requested my attendance at the palace as soon as possible. What really roused my suspicions however, was a small splotch of reddish brown in the lower corner. I sniffed at the stain, but there was no odor.I decided to give it a lick, out of curiosity. Immediately, I spit it out.

The taste was bitter and metallic. I knew what it was that very instant.


I boarded the next train bound for Canterlot. I sat fidgeting the entire ride. My mind was racing, hurling itself through scenarios that only my darkest dreams could conjure. Was Twilight dead? Was she hurt?

When I arrived in Canterlot, I was greeted with the usual hustle and bustle of activity. Ritzy ponies wandered to and fro about the streets, their pockets jingling with gold as they searched for places to spend it. Even though the area felt rushed and frantic, there was a certain calm and tranquility to it. It felt like I had never left.

I made a bee line for the palace. I walked down the decadent white marble entryway, surrounded on either side by glistening white columns. In the gardens just off the pathway, ponies were scrambling to fill a large hole that had been left in the grass. Bits and pieces of stone and iron littered the grass. Casting my eyes upward, I located their point of origin. A large hole had been ripped through the wall of what I thought was the throne room.

Something was very wrong here.

Just beneath the normalcy, beneath the bustling tranquility, beneath the gleaming halls and opulent walls, something was very wrong.

I quickened my pace, going from a walk to a run in an instant. A few ponies remarked how "uncouth" I was as I dashed past them, nearly knocking one out of my way as I sprinted. I had to find Twilight. I passed a small detachment of guards on patrol. Each of them was clad in light purple armor, as though they wore plates of amethyst on their bodies.

They told me to halt.

I refused.

I ran as if my life depended on it, but it wasn't nearly as fast as the guards. I was tackled, as a rather burly earthpony hurled himself at me. He reared back on his hind legs, prepared to smash down on me with his hooves. I braced for impact.

"Hold it!"

Two hooves impacted the tile on either side of my head.

I and the guards turned to see Twilight standing in the hallway. She was stunning. Her wings were spread to their full length, making her appear absolutely massive. She looked the way a god ought to.

The earthpony mumbled an apology as he rose off of me. He left with the other guards. I stood alone with Twilight.

Something was very wrong.

Her eyes were set as stones. Her face appeared tired and haggard. Her mouth was contorted into a grimace. She looked as though she were holding back tears. She didn't speak a word, but simply motioned for me to follow her. Down the hall we went, the only sound being the pitter-patter of my claws and the clip-clop of her hooves.

We reached the door of the throne room. I gagged, fighting to keep the contents of my stomach within me. She hadn't even opened the door yet, but the foul odor of decay was heavy in the air. I could barely stand it, but Twilight was unfazed. She opened the door.

Inside were the bodies of Celestia and Cadence, both mutilated and almost unrecognizable. Twilight entered the room, and I followed at her heels. Scanning the room, I found numerous other corpses scattered about. Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and...Rarity. I began to cry. Twilight was unfazed.

"What happened?"

Twilight's eyes were distant. She sighed.


My blood froze.

"He's a madman, Spike. He always was, and he always will be. He waited until our guard was down, having fooled us with his 'change of heart'. Once we turned our backs on him, he saw his opportunity to strike."

I wiped the tears from my eyes and tried to take in all I had heard. The fragile little peace I had been living in shattered.

"What do we do now?"

My voice was hardly above a whisper. I didn't expect an answer, but I received one anyways.

"Spike, take a letter."

She passed me a quill and parchment.

Something was very wrong.

I didn't know what, but something felt off.

Twilight was unfazed.

"Citizens of Equestria. Our world is in danger. Discord, the spirit of chaos and disharmony, has returned to his old ways. He has already killed Luna, Celestia, and Cadence, along with the five other element bearers. The atrocities he has committed are despicable, cruel, and downright heinous. As your princess, I will not sit still for this. And you, as my people, should not sit still for this! Together, as one nation, we will bring Discord to justice, and we will make him pay for his crimes against equinity! Equestria, to war!"