• Published 29th Oct 2013
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Memoirs in Ink and Blood - Corah Il Cappo

She betrayed us. She mislead us. She imposed her rule upon us. We rose in defiance. Sequel to The Monster We Made

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Of all the presumptuous nerve!

This simple minded, country bumpkin, upstart unicorn has the audacity to take for herself the title of princess? I could scarcely believe my ears when I heard the news. She had not an inkling of the suave, charisma, or pedigree required to rule a nation. I on the other hoof, spent my entire life being groomed for these very tasks.

I was the prince! It was I who was next in line for the throne, not her! Who was she to usurp the natural order and put herself upon the throne?

"You're not the only one with sins to mend."

Of course, even I had my mistakes.

Two, perhaps three years ago at the Grand Galloping Gala, I met a young mare. She was catty, rude, and managed to ruin my suit with cake. Yet, despite all her flaws, I never forgot about her. She had a certain... je ne sais quoi about her. Perhaps it was her unrefined nature, or her fierce attitude that made her so memorable.

Recently however, I learned of her untimely demise. It was a gruesome affair. An act of butchery so savage I did not dare speak of it. I discovered that I had been too late for the funeral. Despite this, I felt as I though I were compelled to pay my respects to her.

To do so however, I would need the location of her grave. The "princess" surely knew this. She was going to make me swallow my pride. The taste was bitter; like black coffee mixed with soured cream. But, I had spent my entire life training for moments such as these. I bit my tongue, both figuratively and literally, and entered the room.

My companion, Shining Armor, nearly blew the doors off when he opened them. He seemed far more intent on action than I. I had come to talk reasonably, not to engage a goddess in a duel. Although I despised her, I understood that strength would get me no where.

A prince wins his battles not by strength, but by guile.

I allowed the captain to speak first. He seemed to be intent on the fact that the goddess herself, rather than Discord, had caused these deaths. She didn't deny it. In fact, she seemed to accept it.

The captain fell silent, so I seized this opportunity to speak what was on my mind.

"Your majesty, I have a request to make of you."

Her eyes carried a look of condescension, as though she were looking down at a scuttling insect.


I ceased clamping down on my tongue.

"There was a pony among those slain in Canterlot. A young mare with a white coat and purple mane. I wish to know the location of her grave, so that I might pay my respects."

I searched her eyes, trying to find one of the many telltale signs of a successful bargain. She gave away nothing.

"Request denied."

There was no reason. No explanation. Just a simple denial. I inquired why she had declined to disclose such information, and the only response I received was a glare and a point to her crown. She claimed that it was not my place to know such things, much less to inquire about them.

I was through with listening.

"How dare you! An uncultured pig such as yourself dares to speak down to me? You may be a goddess, and you may bear the title of princess, but you are not royalty. You have no right to the throne you rule from, nor to the nation you now direct."

Her eyes narrowed into slits.

"And you would replace me? You do not have the slightest inkling of the power I wield. I could crush you like an ant in an instant. You do not have the might to control Canterlot, much less the nation of Equestria."

She was right. I didn't have the power she had.

Not by strength, but by guile.

"To rule is my right!"

I don't quite remember what happened after that. There was a blur, a searing pain in my chest, and a loud crack. My eyes closed then, and when I opened them I was halfway across the room. I said some things in that moment that I'm not proud of. I cursed the goddess who usurped me, hoping she heard every hate laced insult that spewed from my mouth.

Shining Armor stood above me, holding back the traitor with his blade. The strain in his face was like nothing I had ever seen before. He screamed for me to run. I didn't need to be told twice.

I sprang to my hooves. Without looking back,I charged headlong into the hallway.I had to get out of here. I may have had the right to rule, but what use was my right if I were dead?

I rounded a corner and nearly collided with a small platoon of guards. Seeing that I was bleeding and sprinting for my life, they halted me and questioned what the problem was.

I had to think quickly.

"Please! You must help me! Shining Armor has gone mad! He's attacked the princess! I tried to stop him, but look what he did to me! Please! Help!"

They bought it, and dashed for the throne room.

I fled the palace.

I fled the city.

I couldn't stay here. Soon my ruse would be discovered, and the hunt for my hide would begin.

For now however I was free. I exited the city gates without incident, and marked my course for the Everfree forest. They would never think to look for me there. As I left behind the beauty of Canterlot, I resolved that one day I would return to take her back.

Not by strength, but by guile.