• Published 22nd Oct 2013
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Star Wars: Ponies of the Old Republic - BlueSun52

Join Garret, Twilight, Applejack, and the rest of the gang on their galactic adventures as they fight against an evil empire in this ponified version of the 2003 game of the year, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic.

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Chapter 2: Beks and Griffons


On the planet Cantersuant, In the great Libraries of the Unicorn Temple, Grand Master Celestia was showing a very young filly around.

Celestia was an alicorn that wore a white robe with the symbol of her cutie mark on the sides. Her cutie mark looked like a renaissance-style sun. She was taller than anypony and her hair was a light colored rainbow.

The little filly was a purple unicorn and her cutie mark was a pink star that was surrounded by five little white stars. She was carrying a saddle bag on her back and she was holding on to a doll. Her eyes widened as she was amazed of how huge the library is. She couldn't believe that her dreams of becoming a member of Unicorn Order and even better, becoming Celestia's own apprentice. "Master Celestia, this library is so big. It must take forever to read all this," said the little filly as she her eyes continued to gaze around the library.

Celestia let out a small chuckle. "Yes it would take most of a pony's life to read all this, but it is a good thing. Knowledge is an infinite thing and we can never run out of it. So no matter what you've learned here, you can always know that there will be something new around every corner," replied the Grand Master.

As the two were walking down the halls of the library, Celestia noticed a unicorn in a brown robe which was covering his face with a hood. She smiled knowing who it was and called out to him, "Eclipse, would you come over here for a moment?" The unicorn heard the Grand Master and walked over to her. She then said to the unicorn, "Eclipse, I was hoping that you would be one of the first members to meet Twilight." She looked over to Twilight who was a bit nervous at meeting another pony.

Eclipse smiled and said, "It is nice to meet you, Ms. Twilight." He looked over to Celestia and said, "Master, is she the one that you mentioned in the report?"

Celestia nodded and said, "Yes she is. She has an incredible magic capacity hidden within her, but it's still raw." She looked back at Twilight and continued, "But I believe in time she could become a very powerful and wise leader as she grows. Twilight would you please let me and Eclipse be alone for a moment? You can check some of the holocrons we have here."

Twilight was excited to check out the holocrons and in a flash she quickly galloped over to them. Celestia giggled and Eclipse was surprised to see a filly so happy to read from the holocrons, except for himself when he first came to the Temple. Celestia looked over to him and asked, "Have you seen Sunset Shimmer anywhere? I've been looking all over the temple for her."

Eclipse rolled his eyes (If they can be seen under his hood) and answered, "No idea. In fact nopony does. She's not exactly the nicest unicorn to be around. She's rude, arrogant, and claims to be superior all because she's your apprentice. Master Celestia, if you don't mind me asking, what exactly did you see in her when you accepted her as your apprentice?"

Celestia's smile riddled away and she replied, "She was just a little filly at the time and she showed great promise of being a good unicorn. I keep on teaching her the values of friendship, but she just won't listen to me on the matter."

"I think she's a lost cause," Eclipse began to say. "She won't join anypony for anything. I think it's time to give up on her," he suggested.

"No Eclipse. I am her master and it is my duty to show her the ways of harmony. It may take time, but I believe she can still be a great unicorn if she gives friendship a try. Would you have like it if your former master gave up on you when you were having a hard time making friends?" Celestia asked looking down at Eclipse.

Eclipse let out a sigh and replied, "No master I wouldn't. I'm just saying she is making it hard on herself for anypony to be her friend and trust her."

"Give it time. She just needs time to realize that you can't live life without making friends." Celestia then smiled once again. "In the meantime, would you look after Twilight? I have to attend a meeting with the council and it may take sometime for me to get her ready for training." she said.

"Of course master. I'll keep an eye on her until you return." Eclipse said bowing towards Celestia as she made her way to the meeting. He then went over to Twilight to see what she was doing. Twilight was looking over the one of the holoscreens reading about Star Swirl, The First Watchstallion. "Huh? I didn't think anypony would be interested in Star Swirl."

Twilight looked up to him and replied, "Well I mostly like all the theories he had about the connection between our magic and the essence of Harmony."

Eclipse was surprised to hear that a little filly would even be interested in the theories that Star Swirl came up with. The Watchstallion had thousands of theories about it and had discovered many magical abilities as well. It was the reason why Eclipse became a unicorn sentinel and followed the hoofsteps of Star Swirl. "That was also my favorite thing about him too. I even learned some of his most difficult tricks."

"Wow really? What kind of tricks can you do?" Twilight asked with a twinkle of excitement in her eyes.

"Well let me show you," Eclipse replied and started to do something with his horn, until the vision was getting blurry and everything was going black.

Garret was opening his eyes slowly and looked around the room that his was in. The room had a lot of beds in it and he saw medical supplies around the room as well. He presumed that he was in a hospital or at least in a medical room. All of a sudden the door to the room was opening. It was Applejack who was coming in and next to her was a zebra.

The zebra was old looking. He was wearing a light tan and orange jumpsuit all over his body and he seemed to be blind as well. He was mostly bald, except for the pony tail on the back of his head.

Applejack was helping him get to Garret and the zebra said, "Well, glad that you're among the living again, that must have been a rough ride for you."

"Yeah it was," Garret said. He shook his his head for a moment hoping to get rid of the dizziness and asked, "How long have I been out?"

"You've been out for about three days, but I'm sure you'll be fine in no time. In case you were wondering, my name is Gadon, leader of the Hidden Beks."

"Nice to meet you and the name is Garret."

"Glad to meet you too, Garret. I'm sure your friend here would like sometime alone with you, you both have much to discuss," Gadon said as he was leaving the room on his own.

Applejack walked up to Garret and said, "Wal Ah reckon thet you have a lot of questions."

"Yeah I do, but I never did introduced myself. As I already told Gadon, the names Garret, ma'am."

"And th' names Applejack, but of course you've already heard of me since Ah was the commander of the fleet."

"Yeah, so where are we anyway?" Garret asked looking around the area again.

"Well we're in one of th' lower levels of Hoovris and we're hiding out in th' Beks' base."

"I see, where are the other republic troops?"

Applejack felt uncomfortable answering that question, but she muster all her might and said, "Ah'm afraid thet most of them were either captured while they landed near th' upper levels of Hoovris or they landed in th' Undercity and most of them got kill by ponyghouls."

"Ponyghouls?" Garret asked in confusion.

"Yeah, nasty little varmints. They're basically mutants thet turn ponies or anything else into them and continue turning other as well."

"That must be horrible. What about Twilight and Fluttershy? Do we know if they're okay?"

"Ah don't know who Fluttershy is, but if she was with Twilight in th' escape pod, there might be a chance thet she's still alive."

"What do you mean might?"

Applejack was afraid to answer that. Before she could give an answer though however, Gadon came back into the room with another pony by his side.

It was a white pegasus mare with purple stripes around her body. She wore a metallic chest piece and two black boots on her back legs. She was keeping her eyes on both Applejack and Garret and kept her hooves near her blaster.

Gadon went up to Garret and Applejack and said, "I'm afraid to say that your friends are prisoners of the Black Griffons."

"Wait, who are the Black Griffons?" Garret asked.

"They're a bunch of no good thugs who kill people for fun and have waged war against us. Their leader is Gilda, she was once a bek like us, but she left because I didn't think she was ready to lead the beks. I treated her like a daughter and this is how she repays me. With the blood of my fellow bek members and innocent ponies that live down here," Gadon explained.

"So all we have to do is find their base and break in to find Twilight and Fluttershy," Garret said. "Right?"

"Ah'ma afraid thet's not going to happen. From what Gadon told me, Twilight is being kept somewhere else and Gilda might have sold Fluttershy to either Blueblood, a member of the Exchange or to an off-world slaver. Ah don't want to make things bad, but we'll have an easier time finding Twilight than Fluttershy. Ah'm sorry," Applejack explained with remorse.

Garret was saddened to hear the news. He didn't want to believe that Fluttershy was doomed to enslavement, but he knew there wasn't much that he could do up to this point. He mustered all the strength that he had and got out of his bed. "So what is the plan then?"

As some time went by, Applejack, Garret, Gadon, and Gadon's body guard, Zaedra were all in Gadon's office and were discussing their plans on rescuing Twilight.

"So that's it? All we have to do is get your prototype engine and return it to you?" asked Garret.

"Yes that's all, with the prototype engine we will be able to win this years annual swoop race and win your friend's freedom," Gadon explained.

"Ah still can't believe thet Gilda is offering Twilight as a trophy for th' race," Applejack said.

"My bet is that Gilda is hoping to win some of the other lower gangs to join her's, so she can mount an assault on the beks and wipe us out," Gavin explained.

"The plan sounds great and all, but how are we going to get in the base?" Garret asked. "What you told us is that the front doors are locked and it's heavily guarded."

"Don't worry I have a plan for that," Gadon started to explain. "There is a sewer system that leads behind the Griffon's base. You should be able to get in without them knowing you're in. But unfortunately, the sewers are in the Undercity and finding the entrance in all that pathway is dangerous."

"So how do we find the entrance then?" Applejack asked.

"Lucky for you both, I happen to know two ponies that know the way. Vao and Zaalbar," Gadon said.

Zaedra's ears perked up as she was surprised to hear this and said, "Gadon! Are you serious? Vao is just a little filly. We can't just involve her in this, it's too dangerous."

"I know Zaedra, but what choice do we have? She's the only pony in the entire planet that is actually brave enough to go down into the sewers with a smile on her face," Gadon pointed out.

"Don't worry Gadon and Zaedra, we'll make sure that she's safe and sound or die trying," Garret said with confidence.

"Well, looks like we have two ponies that are going into the sewers with a smile. Anyways, Vao is more than likely to be in the Undercity right now," Gadon said. "Oh! And one more thing, be careful around Zaalbar. From what I heard, he's very protective about Vao. So you better do this carefully."

"Got it and thanks again for the help," Garret said.

"We'll be back with th' prototype in no time," Applejack said.

They both left Gadon's office and gathered the supplies that he left them for the trip.

Soon as they left the Beks' Base they were walking down a long wide street that Gavin said would lead them into the Undercity. On the way, Garret was curious about Twilight and he didn't know much about her except the fact that she was just a unicorn. He turned to Applejack and asked, "Is there anything you can tell me about Twilight, commander?"

Applejack looked over to him and answered, "Well not much. Ah know she is a member of the Unicorn Order and thet she has a special gift thet no other unicorn has."

Garret was puzzled by what Applejack said and asked, "What do you mean by special gifts? What makes her so different from the other unicorns?"

Applejack was surprised to hear that one of her men didn't know anything about Twilight's gifts. It was one of the most popular topics in the fleet. "Yo' must've hit your head harder than Ah thought. She has th' ability called 'Harmony's Will.' With it, she can make armies come together even in th' worst of times and give them confidence, while she makes th' enemy lose their will to fight."

"So basically she can give us the courage to keep on going and the enemy can't fight back so well?" Garret repeated what Applejack said, but said it in a different way just to make sure.


"Is that why the Imperials set up a blockade over the planet just to make sure she wouldn't escape?"


"Do you know her personally?

"Nope. In fact most ponies don't know her so well, mostly because she spends most of her time studying holocrons and with her masters. She obviously has no life outside of the Unicorn Order."

"Wow! It sounds like a rough life in the order."

"From what Ah can understand, the unicorns that go there are usually those who have strong connections with magic."

"So wait not all unicorns go there?"

"Well yeah. Many other unicorns can only use basic magics like levitation spells and thet'll be just about it."

"Wow that's really interesting. I haven't really been around unicorns or pegasus from where I'm from, so it's kinda new to me."

"Ah understand partner. Ah used to be in the same boat as you, until Ah joined th' Equestrian fleet and met a lot of good ponies.....as well as no good ponies." Applejack was giving out a look that was filled with hate, while she was remembering an event that happened a long time ago.

Garret saw the expression on Applejack's face and was concerned about her. "Hey, are you okay?"

Applejack snapped out of it realizing she was showing too much emotion. She cleared her mind for a moment and replied, "Yeah Ah'm okay. Just remembering somethings Ah shouldn't be remembering right now."

Garret was confused and wanted to say more, but he had a feeling that it was something too personal and he didn't want to make Applejack anymore uncomfortable.

Applejack and Garret then made it to the entrance of the Undercity. When they got near to the elevator, they looked at each other and nodded at one another. They both knew it was going to be dangerous and they needed to be ready for anything. They took deep breaths and entered the elevator. The elevator then made its way to the dark caverns of the Undercity.


Author's Note:

It took me many edits and rewriting to make this chapter right, but I finally got it ready. I'm going to make the chapters longer after this chapter in hopes of making the story better.

You can thank rhinotaz for proofreading, editing, corrections, and etc. Wow! This guy can handle a lot of work.