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Star Wars: Ponies of the Old Republic - BlueSun52

Join Garret, Twilight, Applejack, and the rest of the gang on their galactic adventures as they fight against an evil empire in this ponified version of the 2003 game of the year, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic.

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Chapter 1: Ambush


For over a thousand years, the Galactic Republic of Equestria has been at peace. But now, a shroud of darkness has come upon the galaxy spreading fear and chaos across it. Nightmare Moonlight, former apprentice of the now deceased Nightmare Eclipse, leads the Luna Empire on a brutal conquest against the Republic.

Celestia, Grand Master of the Unicorn Order and Equestria's sworn protector has led the Solar Knights against Moonlight and his dark forces, hoping to stop them. But one by one, they are either killed or have joined Moonlight's army of darkness and the powers of the dark side of magic.

Now in the skies above Hoovries, a small Republic battle fleet prepares themselves for the advancing fleet of the Luna Empire. With the help of a young unicorn knight, Twilight Shan Sparkle, gifted with great magical powers, may be the last hope in defeating Moonlight and his dark followers. But unknown to them, a trap is set and the darkness is waiting for them to take the bait.....

High above orbit of the planet Hoovris, a fleet of seven Republic warships were flying over the planet and passing by one of the four moons. On the bridge of the Solar Spire, the acting commander of the fleet stays quiet as she was looking out the bridge's main window. She couldn't explain it, but something was eating at the back of her mind that something bad was about to happen at any second and she needed to be ready for it.

The commander was no other than Applejack Onasi. She's one of the fleets best pilots and acting commander in Equestria space. She had battled the Imperials since the beginning of their brutal campaign against the Republic and had served as one of the Republic's best assets. She was an earthpony with the color orange as her coat and had green emerald eyes. She also had a blonde mane and tail with a red band tied at each end. Unlike any of the officers that wore gold and white uniforms in the fleet, she wore a brown felt hat over her head and wore a dark orange jacket with black boots.

Applejack turned away from the window and looked over to the controls to where her crewmen were. She spoke up and asked, "Have ya fellas seen anything on th' radar yet?"

"No ma'am, it's clear," one of the crewmen replied.

"Nothing from the fleet to report ma'm," another crewmen said.

"Well alright, keep your guards up colts. There's no telling when th' Imperials would attack," Applejack said returning her gaze back at the window.

Her gaze was then interrupted by one of the crewmen at the controls. "I don't get it. Why would the Imperials try to come through here? Can't they find other hyperspace routes to use?"

"In case you didn't do your homework, the Hoovris system has access to the other parts of Equestrian space. If the Imperials take control of it, they can strike key locations that are vital to the Republic," a crewmen explained.

"He's right. If Equestria is ta survive this war, we need to give everything we got ta hold those varmints back," Applejack said and continued, "So get ready. They could come upon us at any mo-"

"Commander!" one of the crewmen shouted interrupting Applejack. "We have a hyperdrive signal coming in. According to the computers, it's just one ship."

"Do we know what it is?" Applejack asked suddenly feeling cautious.

"Yes ma'am, it's a Republic ship and it's coming from......sector 23-B?"

"That can't be right. There's not a single Republic force near that sector," an officer said.

"What's th' status on th' ship?" Applejack asked.

"Its taken heavy damage ma'am. Damage to the haul is high and the engines are barely holding. I'm surprised that it's still holding together," The crewmen answered.

"Life signs?"

"Only a few and faint. If we send a rescue party now, we might be able to save them."

"Alright, Ah want th' entire fleet on yellow alert. Send one of our ship ta board it and find out what happened ta it," Applejack commanded.

"Yes, Commander."

One of the Republic cruisers made its way towards the damage ship. When it got close enough, the acting captain of the ship soon contacted the Solar Spire.

"Commander Applejack," the captain announced.

"Captain, is there something wrong?" Applejack asked puzzled at why the captain didn't board the damage ship yet.

"Yes ma'am, there is. We just picked up a transmissioning device on the ship that went active and it's sending out a signal."

"What kind of signal?" Applejack asked alarmed at the news.

"We don't know, but it's giving away the fleet's location."

"Why is th' ship-" Applejack's eyes widen at the sudden realization and quickly shouted, "IT'S A TRAP!"

From the dark regions of space, three Imperial warships came out of hyperspace and started firing on the Republic ship near the damage ship with their massive cannons. "WE'RE UNDER FIRE, REPEAT WE'RE UNDER FIR-" The transmission was cut off and both Republic ships were destroyed. Soon ten more Imperial warships came out of hyperspace and started making their advance towards the Republic fleet. Imperial starfighters quickly came out of the hangers of the warships and charged at the fleet in attack formations.



Quickly, Republic starfighters left the hangers of the ships and made their way towards the imperial fighters.

"All leaders report in."

"Red leader standing by."

"Yellow leader standing by."

"Blue leader standing by."

"Green leader standing by."

The fighters got into attack position and both sides opened fired at one another. The Republic fighters were beginning to be overrun by the Imperials and their numbers were quickly deteriorating. The Imperial warships started firing their cannons at the Republic fleet and the Republic ships soon started firing back as well. The battle was massive, fighters were fighting around the warships, while avoiding the cannons firing and the auto turrets and the warships focus their attention on one side of the other. Applejack's defensive strategy was keeping the Imperial warships at bay and the battle was in her favor; for now.

On the bridge of the Solar Spire, Applejack continued to monitor the battle in front of her and shouted out commands whenever possible. One of the doors to the bridge opened and came a light purple unicorn mare with a dark sapphire mane and tail with streaks of both violet and pink in it. Her eyes were a shade of violet and she wore a light tan and dark brown outfit that resembled her as a member of the Unicorn Order. She was escorted by two other unicorns that wore robes as well.

"Commander what is going on?" asked the purple unicorn.

Applejack turned her attention to the unicorn and answered, "Imperial forces had just came out of hyperspace and they took out one of our ships. They caught us by surprise, but we've been able ta keep them at bay."

"Glad to hear it. Do we know that this is Moonlight's fleet?" the unicorn asked.

"Not yet. There's no sign of his flagship anywhere in the battle and we can't identify any of the warships," Applejack explained. "They're jamming our transmissions from th' rest of th' Republic, so we can't call for reinforcements for now."

"Then we'll just have to hold them off, until we can get an advantage over them," the unicorn said. "But I am worried that Moonlight isn't here, which makes me wonder if he's planning something." The unicorn pondered as she was observing the battle.

"Ah wouldn't worry about it, Twilight. From what Ah can tell, he's a coward thet just barks orders at his troops," Applejack said revealing the unicorn as Twilight.

"Don't underestimate Moonlight," Twilight started to protest. "Remember, he was once a member of the order and was one of the Republic's most valued generals during the Diamond Dog Wars. His strategies were always brutal, but effective against his opponents and he would do anything for victory," she explained.

"When he was on our side yes, but now he's a traitor and all of them are nothing but cowards," Applejack replied.

"Well if that's what you think, but don't take any chances that might risk the fleet," Twilight said.

"Don't worry, Ah've led this fleet near the beginning of this war and Ah'll be damned if I let it-" Applejack was saying until she was interrupted.


"WHAT!?" Applejack shouted out at this shocking news. "Do we know what it is?"


A massive ship came upon the space battle from its hyperspace travel. The ship was long and bulk and it was different from the other Imperial ships. The head of the ship was near the back of it in a curve upward position and it's cannons were massive. Its body was round with the upper part of it that looked like a large horn. Truly it was a ship that was both impressive and feared in the war.

After it came out of hyperspace, it immediately headed for one of the Republic ships and rammed against it. The ship was torn apart and was destroyed in the process, while the Imperial dreadnought remained unscratched.

On the bridge of the Dark Horse, there was two unicorns staring out the windows of the ship. One of them was the infamous, Nightmare Moonlight as he was a tall and bulked stallion that wore a gold metal mask over his muzzle and wore a maroon armor with a black cape. His eyes was a lifeless grey color, while his coat was tan and his horn was a dark red colored and had the shape of a dragon's tooth. The other one was his apprentice, Sunset Shimmer a mare that had color of vivid crimson with yellow stripes of her mane and tail. Her coat was a light amber and her eyes were the color cyan. She wore a black robe with a silver metal breastplate on her chest with the symbol of her cutie mark on it. Walking behind them was a pegasus stallion that had light grey coat with pure white mane and tail, as well as light blue eyes. He wore a dark blue uniform with white stripes on the side and had a cap on.

The pegasus walked up to them and said, "My lord, we have identify which ship Twilight is on and we are awaiting your orders."

Moonlight turned his attention towards the pegasus. "Excellent work Admiral Soul. Launch the boarding party and disable the ship's engine. Destroy the rest of the fleet, leave no survivors."

"As you command, my lord," Soul said and bowed to his lord. He then turned around and walked away.

Sunset gave a disgruntled look towards her master and asked, "Are you sure this is wise, master? Twilight is a threat to us and must be stopped."

"I understand that hatred for Twilight is strong after she replaced you as Celestia's apprentice, Sunset." Moonlight began to say. "But I assure you that turning her against her beloved teacher would be the perfect act of revenge. Besides with Twilight's abilities at our command, we will be the most unstoppable force in the galaxy and nothing will stand in our way for total control," he explained.

"If that is what you want to do, my master," Sunset said. She looked back at the battle that was in front of them as she saw the Republic forces being disseminated by their fleet. She then turned back to her master and asked, "Should I join the boarding party?"

"No, I will need you to go down to the planet's surface and take control of the government. If Twilight uses the ships escape pods, we will need full control of the planet's resources to capture her quickly."

"As you command, master." Sunset bowed and walked away to get ready for her departure.

Soon small shuttles from the Dark Horse were coming out and were heading towards the Solar Spire. The Solar Spire's auto turrets soon fired at the incoming shuttles and were able to destroy some of them, but the Imperial fighters were destroying most of the turrets and clearing the way for the shuttles. The shuttles soon attached themselves on to the ship, while the fighters were focusing their attention on the ship's engines.

In the hallways of the Solar Spire, Republic troops soon got themselves ready and were heading towards where the Imperial shuttles had attached. They set up barricades and took cover near the entrances. The troopers soon watched silently and aimed their weapons at the door ready for the Imperials to attack. Soon sparks were coming from the door and in a few seconds the door blew up. Blaster fire soon followed after that and the Republic troopers started firing back at the Imperial soldiers that were coming through the doorway. As the battle continued, from out of nowhere Imperial pegasi were coming out of the ceilings and flanked the troopers. Most of the troopers were killed and a few were able to fall back further into the ship. The Imperials soon started to pursue them and begun invading the ship for others.

When most of the Imperials soldiers started clearing the area, three armored unicorns were coming out of the doorway. They wore silver plated armor with dark robes and had round helmets on their heads with a bright red triangle visors on them. The one that was leading the other two walked up to one of the Imperial troopers and commanded with a synthesized voice, "Soldier, take your forces and search the ship for a purple unicorn. If you find others, kill them."

"Yes sir," the soldier replied and gave a salute.

On another part of the Solar Spire, three medical ponies were making their way to the medical bay. One of them was a pegasus mare with a light yellow coat and long pink mane and tail. Her eyes were cyan and she wore a Republic uniform that was similar to the other medics with the color scheme of white and red with the symbol of a red cross on the flank. As they were galloping, one of the medics spoke up, "I can't believe the Imperials made it on to the ship. Shouldn't we evacuate?"

"They just got on the ship. I'm sure that we can hold them off. Besides, we have knights on the ship anyway. We're more then prepared to take them on," the other medic explained.

"A-Are you sure?" the pegasus asked nervously.

"Yes, now lets get to the medical bay and grab some supplies," the medic replied.

The trio made it at the door to the medical bay, but they heard blaster fire going off as well as screams and explosions going off. Two of the medic grabbed their blasters, while the pegasus just stood behind them timidly. When one of the medics opened the door, blaster fire soon headed their way and they quickly returned fire. But before long, the medics were quickly killed and the pegasus was left alone. She panicked and quickly turned to the opposite direction of the door and started galloping as fast as she could. Soon she heard hoofsteps right behind her and she was too scared to look back. She was galloping too fast and she soon tripped on her own hooves and fell on to the ground on her stomach. She was about to stand back up, until she looked up to see a blaster aimed at her face and her eyes widen at the sight of it. She was surrounded by five Imperial troopers having their weapons set on her. One of the troopers spoke up and asked, "What should we do with her? She doesn't look like she can put up much of a fight."

"We have our orders, we either find a purple unicorn or kill anypony that's on the ship."

The Imperial troopers' weapons clicked as they were ready to fire. The mare quickly closed her eyes, praying either that she be saved or that it would be quick and painless death. Finally she heard blaster fire, but it wasn't coming form the Imperials. She looked around to see one of the Imperial troopers fall to the ground dead, while the other Imperials were firing away from her towards another pony that was in the open dodging their blaster fire. The mysterious pony continued to fire back at the Imperials taking them down one by one, until he was able to get the last one. The pony in question soon walked towards the mare keeping his blaster out and stood over the pegasus.

The pony that saved the mare was a earthpony stallion with light brown coat and rich dark brown mane and tail. He wore a black jacket with a white shirt under it and had a pair of boots on as well as a strap holster. He didn't have any pants unlike the other troopers, thus his cutie mark was able to show and It was a dark grey colored binocular. He put away his blaster in his holster and he reached out with his hoof towards the mare. "Are you okay?" the stallion asked.

"Oh, um yes I'm okay," the mare said nervously and grabbed on to the stallions hoof.

The stallion pulled the mare up and said, "Good thing I came by here when I did." There was a pause in the converstion as he looked around for anymore Imperial troopers. He then looked back at her and said, "By the way, the name's Garret. I'm a scout for the Republic."

"M-My name is Fluttershy," she said quietly.

"Wait, what was that?"

"F-Fluttershy," she said louder, but was still quiet.

"Oh okay. Nice to meet you Fluttershy," Garret said.

"It's nice to meet you too, Garret."

"Listen, we better stick together. The Imperials have already taken half of the ship and I think we have a better chance of surviving if we head up to the bridge," Garret explained. "That's probably where the others are."

"A-are you sure that's a good idea going to the bridge?" Fluttershy asked as she started to tremble again. "It's more than likely that all the fighting be over there and I'm not much of a trooper."

"Don't worry about it. I got your back," Garret replied and pulled out his blaster. "We better get moving. It's not a good idea to stay in one place while the ship is filled with Imperials." he explained


They both started galloping towards the bridge.

On the bridge, Applejack was giving orders left to right trying to keep everything under control. "WHAT IS TH' STATUS ON TH' FLEET?" she shouted.




Applejack couldn't believe what was happening. Her entire fleet was getting overwhelmed, Imperial were on her ship killing her crew, and there was hardly anything that she could do. She just froze up with fear and confusion. It wasn't until a voice snapped her out of it.


Applejack quickly shook head and turned her attention towards Twilight who shouted her name.

"What is it, Twilight?" Applejack asked.

"Applejack, we have to abandon the ship," Twilight suggested. "There's nothing that we can do to save it."

"Can ya use your magic or something ta change th' tide of this battle?"

"I wish it was that simple, but with so much going on all at once I don't think I can concentrate. And it'll just leave me exhausted, leaving me defenseless against their forces," Twilight explained.

Applejack then just looked down at the ground with frustration seeing that her options are limited. With a heavy heart, she turned to her attention to the comm systems and broadcast a message throughout the ship.

Fluttershy and Garret were still on their way to the bridge, until they stopped to hear the speakers turned on.


Fluttershy and Garret then looked back at each other.

"Looks like we know where we're going now," Garret said.

"Is it safe to get there?" Fluttershy asked.

"Don't worry, it's nearby. We can get there without any-" Before Garret could finish, some unknown force pushed him against the wall and he fell to the ground. Fluttershy looked over to see what pushed him, but soon she felt the same force and was pushed against the wall as well. They both looked up to see a dark armored unicorn that was standing on two hooves and was holding one blade that was glowing red with energy.

He let out a laugh and said, "Seems like you ponies won't be getting away that easily. Lucky for you both I happen to be in a good mood, so I'll make your deaths quick and painless."

"I don't think so," Garret said, pulling out his blaster and firing a few shots.

But the unicorn deflected them and used his magic to pull the blaster away from Garret's hoof. The unicorn slashed the blaster in half and charged towards Garret and Fluttershy. Without thinking, Garret put himself as a shield for Fluttershy, hoping that he would get the worst of it. The dark unicorn lifted up his blade and it came down towards the two and they both had their eyes closed.


Garret had his eyes closed for a few seconds and when he realized he didn't felt anything, he opened them back up to see not only a red blade near his face, but a blue one as well. He looked over to see where the blue one came from and it belonged to another unicorn that was purple. She was a mare and was using her magic to levitate her blade in the air. She used her blade to push the the dark unicorn away and stood in front of Garret and Fluttershy in a defensive position.

The mare stared down at the dark unicorn and said, "Look how low you warriors can be. You should be ashamed of striking down a defenseless opponent."

The dark unicorn gave a menacing look under his helmet. "Please, only the weak perish and the strong rise," He replied. "The dark side is what gives me strength."

"It takes real strength to resist the dark side, only the weak embrace it," the mare countered.

"It's more powerful then you can possibly imagine."

"Maybe in life, but never in death."

"ENOUGH! I have orders to capture you, Twilight Sparkle and I will prove myself worthy to Nightmare Moonlight!"

The dark unicorn charged towards Twilight and clashed his blade with hers. Twilight used her blade to block every strike that he tried to throw at her. For a few seconds this went on, until Twilight was able to start going on the offensive and striking back at the dark unicorn. She used techniques to overwhelm her opponent and saw a chance to strike. When the dark unicorn tried to slash across Twilight's chest, she jumped up in the air and spun around a couple of times and landed behind him. She quickly grabbed her blade, stood up, and stabbed behind the back of unicorn in a backwards style. The dark unicorn let out his last breathe before Twilight pulled out her blade from his back and fell down to the ground dead.

Applejack and two other unicorns came down the same way Twilight came from. Applejack came up to her and asked, "Are y'all alright? What happened here?"

"Nothing I couldn't handle commander," Twilight said and turned off her blue blade and put it away. She looked over to Garret and walked up to him. "Here let me help you up," she said and offered her hoof.

Garret gave a smile and accepted Twilight's hoof. When he got up and he offered his hoof towards Fluttershy and lifted her up. He looked over to Twilight and said, "Thanks ma'm, we needed the help."

"It was my duty to help any that needs it," Twilight replied with a smile.

"Well, still thanks," Garret said and turned to Applejack giving a salute. "Commander."

"At ease trooper," Applejack said and turned towards the rest. "We still need ta get off this ship. Let's move before anymore Imperials come." She then turned towards the escape pods and was about to gallop to them.

Before anypony could move, two more dark armored unicorns came around the corner and ignited their blades. One of them was holding their blade like Twilight did with her magic and the other had two blades in his hooves. The two other unicorns that were with Applejack nodded at each other and jumped in front of the group. They ignited their blades as well. one of them had a green blade and had two hooves on it and the other one had a two-sided yellow blade. One of them spoke up and said, "The rest of you go! We'll hold them off!" They soon charged at the dark unicorns and they did the same. Their blades clashed with one another and the battle of blades had begun.

Twilight was tempted to help, but a hoof was put over her shoulder and saw that it was Applejack's. "Come on Twilight, we need ta get to th' pods before it's too late," Applejack said and started pulling Twilight away from the fight. They soon galloped past Garret and Fluttershy and they soon started following them.

The four ponies soon got to the escape pods and saw that there was still a few left. When they were about to get in the pods, blaster fire soon started passing by them and saw that Imperials soldiers were firing at them. Applejack pulled out two of her blasters and returned fire at them. She was able to take down a few of them, but there was too many and she didn't know how long she can hold them off. Garret took cover behind the controls to the pods and said to Fluttershy and Twilight, "You two get in a pod and I'll launch you two down to the planet."

"But-" Fluttershy tried to interject, but was stopped by Garret. "There's no time to argue, just go!"

"He's right, we have no time," Twilight said and pulled Fluttershy into the pod.

Garret punched in a few things in the controls and sent the pod out of it's bay. Applejack kept on firing back, until she saw the controls to the door. She aimed at it and blasted it, causing the door to close and stopping the imperials from coming in. Applejack soon turned towards Garret and said," Are we good ta go?"

"Yes ma'am, it's ready to go," Garret replied and jumped over the controls.

They both quickly entered the pod and launched it. The pod ejected out of the side of the Solar Spire. While the pod was still heading towards the planet below, Applejack looked out at the back window seeing the space battle behind them. She saw Republic fighters trying to get away from the Imperial fighters only to be destroyed by the warships' auto turrets and saw Republic cruisers being overwhelmed by the warships. To her it wasn't a battle, but it was a slaughter and she couldn't help but think that it was all her fault. It was her fleet and there was nothing that she could have done to save it. The pod soon entered into the atmosphere of the planet, Hoovries and started its descent towards the towering cities. The pod quickly passed the towers and soon entering the darker places under the city. The pod finally crashed on a hard surface and slide on the ground until it stopped to what seemed to look like a cross-way for speeders.

After a few minutes of the pod's stop, Applejack woke up in daze feeling lightheaded. She looked over to Garret to see he was out cold and then looked over to the the pods door. She soon tried to press on the door controls, but nothing happened, so she soon stood backwards at the door and used the back of her hooves to buck the door opened. The door came flying out and Applejack came out of the pod dragging Garret out with his shirt collar in her mouth. She let him down on the ground and looked around to see her surroundings.

Without realizing it, Applejack and the unconscious Garret were quickly surrounded by hoovering bikes with ponies holding blasters. Applejack pulled out her blaster and pretended that the lights from the bikes weren't blinding her. One of the riders jumped off his bike and stood in front of his lights. Applejack tried to see what the pony looked like and the pony soon said, "Don't worry, we're not here to hurt you. We're here to help."


Author's Note:

Well, here we go. A remake of the first chapter and I think this chapter is what this story needed to really start off the series. Wish I thought of this story in the first place.

Hope y'all enjoy this chapter.