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Star Wars: Ponies of the Old Republic - BlueSun52

Join Garret, Twilight, Applejack, and the rest of the gang on their galactic adventures as they fight against an evil empire in this ponified version of the 2003 game of the year, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic.

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Chapter 12: Blade of a Knight


A day had passed since Garret started his training as a Solar Knight and Lyra and him were walking around the enclave; currently heading for one of the training grounds. They soon entered a large area that was filled with dozens upon dozens of unicorns. As Garret was observing his surroundings while he was moving, he made a few observations. The area had many gardens all around it, birds and small animals were hopping around, statues of important-looking ponies were everywhere, and there was a large fountain in the center of it all.

They both stopped near a pile of rocks and Lyra spoke up, "All right Garret, now I'm going to teach you everything about magic and show you how to use it."

"Okay, what's the first step?" Garret asked.

"It's simple. Really, all you have to do is lift a rock," Lyra said and picked up a rock. "Now show me what you can do." Garret then took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and tried to concentrate on the rock. "Now, I should tell you that it will take time to lift an object for the first time. Sometimes it takes days or weeks just to-" Lyra immediately stopped talking and her jaw dropped as the rock slowly started to float up into the air. "Wha...how....can you-"

Garret tried to keep focused the best he could, but he soon started to loose concentration and let go of the rock. He was panting heavily because of the exertion he had while he was holding up the rock. "Boy, that was a little harder than the second time," he said.

"The second time? When did you do it the first time?" Lyra asked out of curiosity.

"I used my magic to lift up a tool box. But I lost control of it, it landed on top of a friend's head," Garret replied.

"I see. In all my years in the enclave, I have never seen or met anypony who was able to lift an object in mere seconds. Fillies have a hard time concentrating and older ponies that just become unicorns aren't able to use magic for months, maybe even years," Lyra explained.

"Then how is it that I can do it so fast?"

"I don't know, it's a rare thing to see somepony who can use small bits of magic right away. I bet you can learn how to use basic magic in just a few weeks. It will still take time of course, but I'm confident that we can do it."

"You really think I can learn how to use magic that quickly?"

"With hard work and determination, you can be a Solar Knight in no time," Lyra replied.

A few weeks had passed since Garret started his training. At first, Garret was having great difficulty using his magic. But he soon learned how to use it more easily and was able lift objects without feeling any pain or having headaches, but his magic was still weak and needed more time and practice to make it stronger. His friends would watch him every now and again, but the ones that came to watch him the most were Applejack, Fluttershy, Twilight, and even Rarity would come by to watch him (though each had a very different reason for doing so). Garret would ask Rarity about the suit she mentioned when he first arrived, but she said that she was saving it for a special occasion and told him to wait a while. After Lyra had taught him all the basics of using magic, she then went on to teach him the meaning of it.

"All right Garret, can you tell me what magic is and how it's connected to harmony?" Lyra asked Garret.

"I guess that it's a form of energy and keeping your emotions positive would make it work?" Garret answered slowly.

Lyra giggled. "That's what most ponies would say, but it’s more than that. Magic is one of the most mysterious things in the universe, yet it's something that we can use everyday. It's not just tied to harmony, but also to chaos as well and other kinds of forms that exist. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together. As to how it's connected to harmony, when we feel at peace, happy, and loving it makes us stronger both physically and mentally, as well as make our magic stronger,” she explained.

"Is it a living thing too?" Garret asked out of curiosity.

"Some ponies would not see it that way, but I believe it is. I believe it is a divine force that always guides us whenever we need it," she answered.

"Is there anything else I should know?" Garret asked.

"Yes, there is one more thing you need to do. You have to find out the code of harmony and learn its meaning. You would have to seek it out by asking others here in the enclave or going to the library to find it."

"Okay, I'll go seek it out," he replied.

"Good, come and find me after you're done and we'll begin on something else," she said.

Garret nodded and walked away to find the library.

Garret entered into the library and started looking around for anything that might have anything to do with the code of harmony. As he was looking around, he noticed Twilight re-shelving the books and putting them in alphabetic order. She was now wearing a suit that was both blue and cyan colored. Spike was holding up a scroll and was checking each book that Twilight was putting up.

"I'm glad you're back and everything Twilight, but do we have to re-shelf every book and datapads?" complained the young dragon.

"Oh Spike, stop complaining. It's not that bad and besides, somepony has to keep everything organized here," Twilight replied.

Spike let out a defeated sigh and continued checking off the list.

Garret smiled as he was glad to see friendly faces. He walked up behind Twilight and said, "Hey Twilight."

Twilight let out a yelping sound and lost focus on her magic. Books and datapads started dropping from the air and one of them hit Spike in the head, while Twilight and Garret were ducking down and covering their heads. After the books stopped falling down, Garret stood back up and asked, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm okay," Twilight replied as she was getting up with the help of Garret who was lending his hoof. "You shouldn't sneak up on a pony like that."

"Sorry, I wasn't trying to," he replied with an apologetic look.

"It's okay, you didn't mean it." Twilight then realized that Garret was still holding her hoof and quickly pulled away from his. She started to blush and quickly turned to the other direction without him seeing her face. She then started to use her magic to lift up the books again and asked, "So, what are you doing here Garret? Shouldn't you be training with Lyra right now?"

"Well I still am training. She needs me to find the code of harmony," Garret replied.

"Oh I see and you came to the library to find it?" she asked.

"Yes I did, but if you're not too busy, maybe you can help with it if you want to."

"Sure, I would be more than willing to help," Twilight replied with glee. "Spike you can go and take a break. I'll be helping Garret for a bit."

"Finally...Uh I mean okay," Spike quickly replied. As he was walking by Garret, he whispered to him, "Thanks, I owe you one." Spike then left the room.

Twilight used her magic to levitate some books off the shelf and place them on a nearby table. She then turned her attention to Garret and asked, "Do you know anything about the code yet?"

"No, this is the first that I even heard about it," Garret replied.

"Well then, I'm glad that you came to me about it. When I first heard what the code was, I did extensive studies of it and learned about its meaning," Twilight said.

"What do you mean by its meaning?"

"Each phrase of the code has a meaning behind it. They are used to remind us what it means to be a Solar Knight and why we are the protectors of the galaxy," Twilight explained and continued, "Now I will tell you the code."

"There may be betrayal, but there is loyalty.

There may be bitterness, but there is kindness.

There may be deception, but there is honesty.

There may be greed, but there is generosity.

There may be sadness, but there is laughter.

When all five elements are united, magic will burn bright.

And Harmony will bring peace throughout life."

Twilight finished reciting the code and then continued to say, " Now I will explain what each phrase means. The first phrase means that betrayal is something that is cursed upon all sentient species, but loyalty is a trait that is greatly valued and shows true characters in a pony. The next is that we may feel angry or bitter towards others, but our kindness is what truly unify us together and can keep peace among us. Deception is something to fear and can cause turn our backs against one another, but honesty is no doubt the best way to gain friends and trust. Greed is something hard to resist and is easy to succumb to, but generosity can be a powerful thing and it takes more strength to give than to take. Sadness is very common thing among all things and it can be hard to be happy all the time, but if you can laugh it off and be happy for the things you have then you can face anything. When you have mastered all five of the elements, your magic can become more powerful than you can possibly imagine and you would have the power to defend the ones you love and bring harmony upon the galaxy." She then took a moment to take a breath and asked, "Did you get all that?"

"Yes, I did Twilight. Thank you for telling me all that, I really appreciate it," Garret replied giving Twilight a smile.

"You are more then welcome, Garret. Do you need anything else?" Twilight asked.

"Not right now, but I'll come back to you if I need anything."

"I'm glad to be of help," Twilight said with a smile.

After Garret was done talking with Twilight, he went to find Lyra near the Grand Oak tree that was set in the middle of the enclave. Garret told her everything he learned from Twilight and explained to her what the code meant. She was impress that he was able to learn it so fast, but from the training they had done so far, he was a quick learner and had made significant progress with his magic abilities.

Lyra then said to Garret, "I'm glad that you were able to make it this far and I'm proud to say that I think your ready for the next step of your training."

"You're going to teach me about humans?" Garret asked raising an eyebrow.

Lyra blushed for a moment and replied, "Well, no. Members of the council thought it would be a waste of time to teach you all that, so they wanted me to skip that."

"I'm sorry to hear that," Garret said.

"It's alright, I can teach it to you another time if you want? Anyways, I'm going to be teaching you how to use a lightsaber," Lyra said.

"Cool, so what exactly are we going to do?" Garret asked excited to finally have his own lightsaber.

"I'm going to be teaching you sword combat first before we try using a lightsaber. We don't want to have any accidents to happen," Lyra explained.

"Wait, what kind of accidents?"

After hearing that, Lyra froze as she was remembering her first time with her lightsaber.

Lyra was a younger mare and was bouncing up and down with the excitement of getting her first lightsaber. She quickly turned it on and, the blade was blazing yellow. She awed at it with amazement.

"I can't believe after all these years, I finally get my very own lightsaber," Lyra said to herself gleefully.

She swung the blade slowly at first and quickly started swinging it back and forth from left to right. She was enjoying the sound of the blade that it was making. Her excitement however was shortly lived when she slashed across one of the nearby statues. She froze with fear and looked at the statue for a few seconds. At first the statue looked like it was still intact, but then from where the blade slashed it started falling slowly sideways and fell on the ground shattering the top half of it in pieces. Lyra quickly turned off her lightsaber and put her hoof on her mouth at what had happened and she slowly backed up, planning on making a run for it. But while she was backing up, she bumped into somepony and she turned to see an unimpressed Celestia with a serious look.

Lyra gulped, let out a weak chuckle and said, "Sorry."

After a moment of deep thought, Lyra shook her head quickly and looked at a confused Garret.

"Are you okay?" Garret asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah. I'm fine. What would make you ask that?" Lyra asked in a slight panic.

"Well, it's just that you just froze up for no reason," Garret pointed out.

"Eh, I was just.....deep in thought. Anyways, it's not important right now. We should get started on training you how to use a sword," Lyra said and trotted past Garret.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Garret asked trotting behind her.

"Yes, just don't talk about it."



As time went on, Garret learned more techniques at using various melee weapons. He sparred with Lyra as part of his training and she would switch her techniques during the sessions. But as the training went on, Lyra would have Twilight or even Applejack to spar with him as to keep him on his hooves, so he would be more then ready to face any opponent with a different fighting style and adapt against it. While they were still doing melee training, they would still keep up with Garret's magic abilities so he wouldn't lose touch with it. It had been a couple of months since he began his training and had made significant progress. All that was left for him now was to complete one more trial before he could become a full-fledged padawan; to claim his very own lightsaber.

In one of the enclave's hallways, Lyra was guiding Garret to one of the entrances that led to the outside of the academy. When they reached the entrance, Lyra spoke up and said, "I believe now you are ready to have your own lightsaber, but you have to do one more thing before you can get it."

"What would you want me to do?" Garret asked.

"You would have to go to a cave that many unicorns before you have gone to retrieve their own crystal for their lightsaber. It's a long way to get to it, but you shouldn't have any trouble getting there," Lyra explained.

"Alright, is there anything else I should know about?"

"Yes, there is. You will have to go there alone and you shall have to face a threat that has recently presented itself," Lyra further explained.

"Why do I have to go there alone?"

"There will be times that you will have to face your foes alone and it may be possible that your friends and allies won't be able to do anything to help. We normally would have done something about it ourselves, but the council thought that this was a good opportunity for you to see if you can handle it," Lyra explained. "I believe you have what it takes to face this threat and I am confident that you can do it."

"Thank you, Master Lyra. I won't fail you," Garret said taking a small bow at Lyra.

"I know," Lyra said. "Here." She reached down into her robe's pockets and brought out two items. One was a datapad, and the other looked to be parts of a lightsaber hilt. "The datapad will tell you where the cave is and this is all that you need to make a hilt. All it needs is your crystal to make it work when you put it together."

Before he was about to take his leave, Garret heard somepony yell his name out. He and Lyra turned to see Rarity, Twilight, and Spike with rest of the gang right behind them walking towards them, while Rarity was levitating a box with her magic. She walked pass Lyra, stood in front of Garret, and said, "Oh dear, good thing we were able to find you before you had gone."

"We wanted to tell ya we want to wish ya luck on y'all’s test and hope ya come back soon," Applejack said.

"I would've come along with you, but they said they wouldn't let us," Rainbow Dash added.

"I hope that you come back soon, Garret," Scootaloo said walking up and giving him a hug.

The stallion smiled at the little filly and hugged her back. "Don't worry, Scoots. I'll be back in no time."

"Just be careful and use all the skills that Lyra had taught you. They may be your only hope in stopping this threat," Twilight explained.

"I will," Garret said nodding.

"But before you go darling, there was something I wanted to give to you," Rarity said and handed the box over to Garret. "I believe that you are going to love it."

Garret used his magic to open the box up and lifted what was in it. It was the robe that Rarity had promised to make. The robe was dark brown with tan trimmings and it came with a tan waist sash, a white shirt to wear under it, and dark brown boots.

Garret looked back up at Rarity with a thankful smile and said, "Thank you, Rarity. I really appreciate what you've done for me."

"You are quite welcome, Garret," Rarity said blushing lightly. "Whatever it is that you have to face, let them know that you are a solar knight and that you are very talented in using your magic."

"Don't worry, I promise I'll do everything I can," Garret said.

Everypony said their goodbyes towards Garret and soon departed their separate ways. Garret then turned towards the outside door and it soon opened when he got near it. He looked out from the doorway to see a large courtyard filled with many ponies that were mostly unicorns and earthponies. He did see a few pegasi ponies, but they were mostly on the ground and blended with the other ponies. Garret soon started walking and was making his way towards where he needed to go. As soon as he was entering the crowd, the door behind him started to close until a flash of blur came through just as the door was closing.

It had been an hour since Garret left the enclave and he had been walking across the large fields of White Tail. He observed his surroundings seeing all that the planet had to offer. It was truly a peaceful place filled with many types of trees like the Blba tree which were very short and thorny. He saw very little wildlife, but he had seen a lot of giant flying mantas in the sky and believe they were called Brith from what Twilight told him about the planet.

Along the edges of some ridge, Garret saw a cave that was there. He looked over the datapad that Lyra gave him before she left him up to the task and carefully checked it. According to the datapad he was where he needed to be. When he took a few steps towards the cave he soon felt a shiver on the back of his neck. He didn't know how, but he felt something....dark and cold in the cave. It was clear to him that something dangerous was in fact in the cave and what Lyra told him was true. He slowly took a deep breath and entered the cave.

Unknown to Garret though there was a rustle in a nearby bush and a being poked its eyes out to show its azure iris.

The cave was indeed dark and it was hard for Garret to see anything even a few feet in front of him. The only thing that made the cave have any light was the light from the entrance that he went through and the moss on the walls that were glowing very dimly. Garret started to make his horn glow brightly with magic and he was able to see more clearly of his surroundings. He looked around a bit and started to trot around the caves many pathways. Not too far behind him was a pair of glowing green goggles that allowed the user to see in the dark.

Garret could feel something wasn't right. No, it wasn't the darkness that he keeps on feeling nor was it the strange noises that were going on around him. It was the feeling that he was being followed. He sensed it when he first started walking across the fields and it soon grow stronger as he was nearing the cave. Garret soon turned off the magic in his horn and it soon was completely dark. He stayed in the darkness and had his back against the wall and waited as he knew that somepony or something was nearby. Around a nearby corner, there was a faint blue light that he could see. He got himself ready to pounce on his pursuer as the light was growing brighter. When it was clear that who or whatever it was was just around the corner and Garret soon spring into action and jumped right on top the pursuer. The glow from the pursuer went off and it was completely dark. Garret wasn't sure but he believed that he had it pinned down and-


Garret furrowed his eyes when he heard that unusual request. He soon lit his horn with magic again to show that he was on top of-


It was Rarity who had her eyes shut for a moment, but opened them when she heard her name. She let out a sigh of relieve. "Oh Garret, you shouldn't surprise a lady like that."

"Oh, uh sorry about that," Garret said, blushing. "I didn't expect to see you here."

"Well I can't blame you for that," Rarity said. "This place does feel dangerous."

There was a moment of pause between the two until Rarity said, "Would you mind letting me get up, please?"

Garret blushed. "Sorry," was all he said as he was raising Rarity back on her hooves.

"It was quite alright, darling," Rarity said. "It would seem unavoidable."

"It would seem," Garret started to say. "But why are you here? You know that I was suppose to do this alone right?"

"Normally I wouldn't go against the council, but sending you against something you are unprepared for isn't right especially when you have to do it alone," Rarity explained.

"I know that it doesn't sound right, but-"

Garret was interrupted by a few pebbles that rolled from a couple of stalagmites. Garret and Rarity got in a defensive position. Rarity reached over to her lightsaber with her magic and levitated in the air: ready to activate it when needed. Garret took a few steps towards the stalagmites and looked over to see what they were....Only to be caught off guard by a large pink pony to jump on top of him.

The pink pony was on top of Garret and said, "Hi Garret, whatcha doing?"

"Pinkie? What are you doing here?" Garret asked confused at the sudden appearance.

"Well you see, I tried to put together a 'welcome back from your crystal hunting trip and congrats on becoming a solar padawan' party, but I wasn't sure what kind of cake you would like. Not to mention what kind of games, presents, snacks, and drinks to have. I tried to make so many guesses, but I didn't wanted to disappoint you when you got back and be sad about it. So I decided to ask you myself and make sure that you had the best party ever!" Pinkie explained. She had on night vision goggles on her forehead and soon removed it and place it in her fluffy, curly mane.

"Okaaaaaay, I suppose that you and Rarity were the only ones that followed me."

"Nope, Rainbow Dash is right behind that boulder there," Pinkie said pointing over to a nearby boulder.

"OH, COME ON!" Dash shouted and came out of hiding. "How did you know I was there?" she asked.

"Wait, you were really there? I was just making that up," Pinkie replied and gave out a shrug.

Dash eyes widened and smacked herself in the face. "Crud."

"Dash? Okay, why are you here?" Garret asked getting tired of asking that question.

Dash looked over to Garret. "Look, I know they said that we weren't suppose to come and help you, but I don't like to sit back while one of my pals goes out and gets into trouble. I'm loyal to anypony that helps me and I'm not letting you do this on your own," Dash explained.

Garret looked at the three mares that were with him. They were all willing to stand beside him, even when they weren't suppose to. Rarity didn't have much of a reason to come even when they only knew each other for a few weeks, but she was still willing to help. Dash, of course, would have a reason to help after he helped her escape from Bluebloods' prison cell and looked over Scootaloo for her even if it was just for a short time. Pinkie came to help because.....well, when he thought about it, she only came to ask about the party, but is more then likely to help out anyway. Garret looked them with a warm smile and was glad that he had good friends with him.

"Alright then everypony," Garret started to say. "Lets do this, together."

"Awesome! I've been wanting to kick some plot for a long time," Dash declared.

"I won't let you down, darling," Rarity said.

"WOOHOO! This calls for a party!" Pinkie said and throw some confetti in the air.

"I think we should hold off on the party idea until we get out of here," Garret said.

"Awwwww," was all Pinkie could say lowering her head and having her ears lowered.

The group then started to move and Pinkie quickly got out of her depression and started bouncing and smiled again. They stayed in a straight line with Garret taking the lead and lighting the way with his horn, Dash was right behind him keeping an eye on her surroundings, Pinkie was behind her bouncing saying "ooohh" and "aaahh", and Rarity watching the back while she had her horn lit as well. Up ahead of Garret, he saw light that wasn't too far away and started to dim down his horn's light.

They soon entered into a large area that was filled with crystals. The crystals were in different shapes, sizes, and colors like blue, green, yellow, and other kinds of colors. They even hung on the top of the cave while others were on the sides of the walls. There was a small stream of water that went through the room and went into a small pond on the right side of the area.

The group was in awe of the beauty of the crystals and the way the area looked.

"It's so beautiful," Rarity spoke up with amazement. "I've forgotten how it looked when I first came here to get my crystal."

"There's so many of them!" Pinkie shouted. "It'll take forever just to count all those......One, two, three-"

Dash rolled her eyes. "Pinkie, it's impossible to count all those crystals. You could be here for years and you probably wouldn't even come close to-"

"There are one million, three hundred twenty-five thousand, nine hundred fifty-seven crystals here in the cave," Pinkie answered.

Dash eyes widen and her jaw dropped. Rarity was just as equally surprised as Dash was and Garret just let a sigh, knowing that Pinkie would do something random.

"How did you even come up with that!?!" Dash shouted.

"I just counted, duh," Pinkie replied waving her hooves in the air. "Oh! Now there's one million, three hundred twenty-five thousand, nine hundred fifty-eight crystals."

Dash smack herself with her hoof and looked over to Garret. "You known her longer than me, is she always like this?"

Garret looked over to Pinkie seeing her trying to chew on some of the crystals trying to figure out if they were candy rocks or not. He then looked back at Dash and replied with a simple, "Yes."

"I thought so." Dash said. "So they told you to find your crystal here right?" she asked.

Garret nodded.

"So just go and pick one that you like and let's go," Dash said.

"Dash deary, you can't just pick some random crystal," Rarity spoke up. "A solar knight needs to find the right crystal that could bond with its user."


"Yes, when a solar knight picks the right crystal, the crystal in turn will bond with its user making it a more powerful lightsaber and the solar knight can use their magic on it easily without the crystal resisting the magic," Rarity explained.

"So crystals can resist magic?" Dash asked.

"Well more specifically, the crystals use in a lightsaber," Rarity clarified. "They seem to be the only kinds of crystals that could resist magic, but can also be altered by magic to make a stronger blade for the lightsaber. You can even adjust a lightsaber to just stun a pony and not kill them."

"Why that sounds awesome," Dash said. "Are there any rainbow colored crystals?"

Rarity gave out a giggle and said, "I wish, deary. At last, no such crystal exist and even if it did, it wouldn't be here in all places. Don't get me wrong this planet is beautiful and peaceful, but I doubt such a unique crystal would be here."

Dash let out a sigh. " I suppose you're right, Rarity. But it would be so awesome to have one right now.”

All of a sudden Garret's horn started lighting up with magic. His body was being dragged by some unknown force and he was struggling against it.

The three mares noticed all what was happening. Dash spoke up and asked, "Garret, what are you doing?"

"I don't know, something is pulling me," Garret replied.

"Garret, don't struggle against it," Rarity said. "I believe your horn is guiding you."

Garret listened to what Rarity said and followed her advice. He let his horn drag him across the area and it soon started to get brighter as it was getting close to whatever it was leading him towards.

Finally his horn stopped dragging him and he was facing a pile of crystals on a pillar. There were mostly blue and green crystals as well as a few yellow ones as well. But what caught Garret's sight was there was one small violet crystal that was shining brightly. He didn't know why but he felt some kind of connection between him and the crystal. He soon plucked the crystal from its place and pulled out the lightsaber pieces. He then remembered what Lyra had taught him to do, "When you find your crystal, use your magic to put the lightsaber together. It will always remind you that your magic is your ally and will always help you build the tools you need to preserve and protect the light. And remember these words as well,the crystal is not, by itself, the power source of the weapon. Like its user, the crystal is attuned to magic. Without that, the crystal is just a rock. And while a non-unicorn could probably ignite and wield a lightsaber, provided the crystal was properly attuned to magic, all that lightsaber would be for him is a shaft of superheated plasma. But for a Solar knight, the lightsaber becomes more: it is a manifestation of a Solar knight's connection to harmony."

Garret set the pieces on the ground and laid on the ground. He then closed his eyes and started to mediate as he was focusing his magic in his horn. The pieces and the crystal started to levitate into the air and were slowly being assembled together. Soon all the pieces were together with crystal formed in the center of the hilt. The hilt was a long grey cylinder with one black stripe that went vertically, as well as a round tip on the top and a small ring on the bottom.

Garret and the others looked at the blade with wonder and amazement.

"That looks so awesome!" Dash declared.

"Ooohhh! It's so bright and purpley" Pinkie said.

"Wow, it looks so remarkable. Very few knights ever uses a violet blade," Rarity said. "Oh! I think it matches my mane well too."

"Who dares enter my GREAT AND POWERFUL CAVE!"

Garret and the others looked up to see who said that.

Standing on a ledge nearby, a mare unicorn that had an azure coat with a silver colored mane, as well as having light violet eyes. She was wearing a red robe with black details and had a black medallion that looked like a black alicorn with a small crimson gem in the center.

"Oh, how interesting. It's about time the council sent somepony to face the GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE!" the mare shouted and stood on her hindquarters to strike a pose. All of sudden fireworks were going off behind her and were exploding all over the cave. While this was happening, the group looked at the mare with confused looks except for Pinkie who was watching the fireworks with amazement, saying "Ooohhs" and "Aaahhs."

After the disturbing scene, Garret walked up and said, "I am Garret, an initiate of the Unicorn Order. Why are you here, Miss Trixie?"

"Oh you should have already know why the GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE!" Another display of fireworks went off. "Would be here. After all, didn't the council send you to face the GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE!" Once again another display of fireworks went off.

"Okay, that's getting old now," Dash said.

"Who dares speaks towards the GREAT AND POWERFUL-"

"Why do you keep on shouting your name in third pony?" Dash asked furrowing her eyebrows.

"Because I, the Great and Powerful Trixie, am the most important pony in the universe and I will become its queen!" she explained.

Dash and Pinkie started to snicker a bit until they both let out bursts of laughter and they both fell on their backs. Trixie looked at them with annoyed look and was getting angrier by the minute. She started to grind her teeth at the constant laughter of both mares. "WHAT IS SO AMUSING ABOUT THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE!?! she shouted with rage.

After Dash stopped laughing and took a moment to breathe, she spoke and said, "Okay one, you're not the most important pony in the universe. That title will be mine of course." The others rolled their eyes except Pinkie who kept her wide smile. "Two, talking in third pony is so lame, I bet nopony listens to you." Trixie eyes started twitch a bit. "And three, how can you be the most important pony if none of us have ever heard of you before? I think you're aiming a little to high there."

Trixie looked at the mare with intense hate and rage, but she soon started to take a deep breath and said, "Well, at least I'm not some rainbow colored freak!"

Suddenly a quick flash of anger came up in Dash and she shouted, "OH YOU'RE GOING DOWN!!!" She took off from the ground and came flying towards Trixie at super speed.

Trixie gave out a smirk smile and her eyes and horn started to show off a red aura around them. She then fired a ray of red energy at Rainbow Dash. Dash saw coming at her and tried to avoid it, but she was too fast and couldn't get out of the way fast enough. The ray hit her and in mere seconds she was frozen a block of ice. She came down hard on the ground and couldn't move. The others gasped at what happened to their friend. Garret readied his saber and Rarity lifted her saber with her magic and activated it, revealing a cyan colored blade. Pinkie run over to Dash to see what she could do.

Pinkie placed both her hooves on the ice surrounding Dash and asked, "Dash, are you okay?"

Dash couldn't say anything, but gave an annoyed look at Pinkie.

"Umm okay, I'll take that as a no," Pinkie looked at the ice for a moment and tapped on it a couple of times to see the density of it. She then had an idea and declared, "Don't worry Dashie, Auntie Pinkie has an idea! All I have to do is lick the ice until I free you." Pinkie then placed her tongue on the ice and tried to lick it, but it at the moment of contact it was stuck on the ice and she couldn't do anything to move it. "Oh noths, I'mth stuckth."

If Dash could, she would be strangling Pinkie at that moment if it wasn't for the fact that she was frozen. Rarity place a hoof on her forehead and shook her head at Pinkie's horrible idea, while Garret just stood there, knowing in someway, that Pinkie was going to do something like that and it seemed unavoidable. Trixie looked at the pink mare with confusion.

Trixie looked away from the embarrassing scene and cleared her throat. "Well since those two are....um....out of the way, I, the Great and Powerful Trixie, will show you Trixie's skills and power as a true Nightmare Knight!" Trixie then stood on her hindquarters and pulled out two lightsabers hilts. She ignited them both and revealed two crimson colored blades.

Trixie jumped from the ledge was falling towards both Garret and Rarity with her sabers pointing at them. Garret and Rarity jumped back from Trixie as she tried to slam her lightsabers on them, but instead slammed them on the ground. Trixie soon got back on her hindquarters and held her blades backwards and charged towards them. She quickly started spinning around and tried to slash Rarity horizontally with her right blade, but her blade was soon stopped by Rarity's blade and Garret soon lift his blade in the air and it came coming down on Trixie. She soon used her other blade to block Garret's and she was in a deadlock between the two knights. Trixie soon gathered her strength to push the two back a bit and jumped in the air, deactivated her sabers, and crossed her arms and legs together. Before Garret and Rarity could do anything, Trixie released some form of magic repulse that sent the two flying away from her. Rarity was sliding across the ground when she landed and Garret was pushed up against a pillar and got scratched from the crystals.

Rarity quickly got back up and asked, "Garret, are you okay?"

Garret gave out a grunting sound and replied, "Yeah, I'm okay." Garret looked back at Trixie and asked, "How was she able to do that? What kind of magic is that?"

"It's a magic repulse," Rarity answered. "The user gathers aura within themselves and then they release it into a sudden outward burst of powerful magic. But I thought only high leveled unicorns could do that."

Trixie let out a laugh and said, "Trixie is more powerful than you can possibly imagine. You cannot hope to defeat the GREAT AND POWERFUL TRI-"

All of a sudden a ray of magic hit Trixie on the face and after the magic disappeared, she soon grew a long grey mustache. Garret looked behind him to see Rarity's horn still lit of her aura. She looked over to Garret and said, "What? Dash was right, it really was getting old."

Trixie gave out an annoyed look and her soon started to glow red. A pair of scissors appeared out of thin air and she used it to cut off her mustache off. She then looked back at Rarity and asked, "You think that's funny huh?"

"Well it would be unladylike to say this, but yes it is," Rarity replied, giving out a smirk.

"Oh yeah?" Trixie then fired her magic and it soon hit Rarity.

Rarity had her eyes closed when the magic hit her and after it was over she opened her eyes again. She didn't feel any pain or anything nor did she notice anything out of the ordinary. She looked back at Trixie and said, "I think you should work on your magic a bit, because it didn't do anything."

"Oh really?" Trixie said having a wicked smile on her.

Rarity then looked over to Garret who was giving out a freaked out look. Her pupils shrunk and asked, "What did she do? WHAT DID SHE DO?!?"

"Uuummmm nothing, nothing at all," Garret said giving a fake smile.

Rarity looked over to a nearby stream and quickly ran over to it. When she saw her reflection in the water, she was shocked and horrified by what she was seeing. Her once beautiful violet mane was now a mossy green colored, messy mane with twigs hanging in it. She raised her hooves up to the heavens and shouted, "NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO -Green is a horrible color-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" After she was done screaming she then started to daze and fainted on her back. From out of nowhere, she pulled out a red rose from her pocket and placed it on top of her chest as if she was dead in a coffin.

Trixie rolled her eyes and whispered, "Drama queen." After that, she turned her attention towards Garret. "It's just you and Trixie now, Trixie hopes that you would prove more of a challenge than your pathetic friends," she said.

Garret looked at Trixie with intense eyes and said, "My friends are the most noble and bravest ponies I have ever met. True, there weaknesses are.....questionable, but I will never abandon them and I'm proud to be their friend."

Trixie let out a laugh and said, "Friends? What good are friends if they stay in your way of true power? MUHAHAHAHA!"

"What is the point of power if you have nopony to care for in the end?" Garret asked.

"Having friends will only be a distraction and they will only cause you pain in the long run," Trixie replied.

"What do you mean?" Garret asked.

"As if Trixie will bother answering that question," Trixie said. "Enough talk, Trixie will finish this NOW!"

Trixie made a dash towards Garret using her magic to increase her speed. When she got close she spinned around and swung both her blades at him, but Garret jumped over her at the last second and swung his blade on top of her head, only to be blocked by her blades over her head. The battle soon intensified as Garret and Trixie cross blades with one another hoping to get an advantage. When Garret soon had his blade block Trixie's left blade, he quickly got his blade under it and swung out of her hoof sending it across the cave. Garret soon spinned in a full circle to swing his blade at Trixie. She saw this coming and quickly jumped back from the blade and slided on the ground when she landed. There was a pause between the two as they were catching their breath.

Garret looked at Trixie and said, "You fight well, I'll admit that."

"Of course Trixie does, I am the most skillful and powerful pony in the galaxy," Trixie declared.

"So what did you mean?" Garret asked out of the blue.


"What do you mean when you said that friends will only cost you pain?" Garret clarified.

Trixie looked at the brown unicorn with a puzzled look. Why was he so interested in Trixie? What was it that made him ask that question again? Was it because she was a mare and he found her attractive? Or was he doing this just to distract her from the battle and take advantage of her at her weakest. Trixie then asked, "Why do you care if friends cost Trixie pain?"

"Because I can't stand the idea that a friend would put you through so much pain to make you do this," Garret replied.

Trixie loosened her grip a bit on her lightsaber, but stood in a defensive position. "Trixie will tell about it. But if Trixie see you try anything, Trixie will end you."

Garret simply nodded and deactivated his saber.

Trixie kept her saber on, but she lowered it down by her side. "It all started when Trixie was first accepted on Korriban-"

Trixie was accepted into the Gifted Imperial Unicorns Academy. Only the best of the best unicorns would be accepted there and only the strongest would survive its challenges. You would be tested constantly and without warning. It was either you would pass and move on to the next level of training or be kicked out, if you were lucky that is. Not many would survive the trials at all.

Trixie was one of the best and passed many of the trials. Naturally many of the others were jealous of Trixie's abilities and would mock her every chance they got. Trixie didn't really care and there was one friend that Trixie would rely on, Midnight Craft. She was always kind to Trixie and would listen to Trixie whenever Trixie wanted to talk. Trixie would sometimes ask her for help and she would be more than willing to do so. Trixie thought she was the perfect friend.......until our final test came up.

The final test would normally be when a hoof full of unicorns passed enough of the tests and trials and they would all enter into the grand Nightmare Moon temple to retrieve their lightsabers and join the ranks of the nightmare knights. But a few times gifted unicorns, like Trixie, would be sent on special final tests that the Imperials would find most interesting. Our final test was to enter an abandon temple that was on the forest moon orbiting Krystala and we would retrieve a powerful amulet for Nightmare Moonlight.

We entered the temple as instructed, but we were not prepared for the traps that laid inside. There were old droids that weren't used in centuries that tried to blast us, primal beasts that were thought to be extinct, and an ancient order that somehow survived. After we were able to get past them, it was just Trixie and Craft that survived. All the others were killed on the way. We walked into a large room and in the middle of it laid a coffin that no doubt belonged to a long dead, but powerful sorcerer. We retrieved the amulet and from the corpse's remains two lightsabers that were still intact. We were about until a monster unlike anything I have ever seen came out of nowhere and attacked us. Trixie tried to fight it off, but it was too powerful to beat. Trixie asked Craft to help Trixie, but the coward was too afraid to fight the creature and ran off leaving Trixie to die. I saw a chance to escape from the beast and survived my trial, but I knew then that friendship can only take you so far. Later, Trixie learned that Nightmare Moonlight would have killed me if Trixie returned the amulet to him. He didn't want anypony to know of the powers he would possess with the amulet and kept it a secret. So Trixie kept the amulet to herself and came here, so eventually Trixie would be powerful enough to destroy the Solar Knights and would start her conquest on the galaxy and become its GREAT AND POWERFUL QUEEN!

"-And that is how Trixie came to be," she finished.

Dash was still frozen in the ice and couldn't change her shock expression, but she did feel some pity for her. Pinkie was letting out a rainfall of tears and Rarity cried a bit as she came back from her episode.

She looked over to Garret and said, "So do you see now? Friendship is nothing but a lie and will only lead to pain."

Garret only felt regret for Trixie for missing out on having friends and was sorry that Trixie had a rough life. "I'm sorry to hear that, Trixie. You certainly didn't deserve any of that," he said.

Trixie eyes started to glow red and anger was surging through her. "Trixie doesn't need your pity." Trixie soon raised her lightsaber at Garret in a threatening way.

Garret then reignited his blade and Rarity jumped back up and pulled out her lightsaber.

Trixie looked over to Rarity and said, "Trixie sees that you got over your monstrous hair."

For a moment Rarity was about to faint again, but pulled herself together and said, "My hair won't stay like this for too long, there's nothing a good bath, brush, and a lot of dye can't fix."

Trixie smiled at Rarity and Rarity was confused for a brief moment, until she heard a snipping sound behind her. She looked back and she saw a pair of scissors that cut off her tail. Her pupils shrunk with horror as she stared intently at her now stump tail. She once again raised her hooves up to the heavens and shouted, "NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NOT MY FABULOUS TAIL!!!" She then once again fainted on the ground with a rose on her chest.

Garret smacked himself in the face and turned his attention back on Trixie. "Trixie, I know your life was horrible and I'm truly sorry for it. Let me show a better way out of this. You don't have to stay in the dark forever," he said.

Trixie looked at Garret with hateful eyes, but it slowly turned into a regretful stare. "Trixie...Trixie is-" Then all of the sudden, Garret felt a disturbance in the magical force and sensed it coming from the amulet. The amulet glowed red with dark aura and Trixie's eyes soon showed red aura as well. Her eyes were once again filled with hate and said, "Like Trixie said, I will not accept your so called help!"

Garret then figured out that the amulet was making Trixie turn into a servant to the dark side and it was somehow changing her. His priority was clear now, he had to destroy the amulet.

Trixie charged towards Garret with her lightsaber and swung it at him. Garret blocked it with his blade and quickly grabbed onto her amulet. But when he tried to pull it off, it wouldn't budge and Trixie laughed at him for a moment. "Fool, only the wielder, which is Trixie of course, can pull it off. The amulet is forever bonded to the wielder until either it or the wielder are destroyed." She then used her magic to push Garret away from her and sent him flying across the air. Garret saw he was about to pass a pillar and grabbed onto it and soon spin back around towards Trixie and kicked her on the torso, sending her across the ground with a grunt. She quickly got back up onto all four hooves and fired a ray of dark red magic at Garret. He quickly dodged and was singed around the side as the ray past by him.

Rarity soon got back up from her fainting and looked around to see what was happening. She looked to see a flash of red heading straight towards her and her eyes widened. The ray hit her and blinded her for a moment. When it was over the flash was gone and Rarity frantically looked all over herself to see if anything was out of place. She was in complete shock when she saw that her entire coat was now a dark shade of green. Once again she raised her hooves into the heavens and shouted, "WWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?!?!" She then fell on the ground crying away her misfortune.

Garret hid behind a pillar as Trixie continued to shoot rays of magic at his general direction. Bit by bit, the pillar was being destroyed by Trixie's magic and the cave was shaking with rubble coming down from the ceiling. Garret shouted out and said, "Trixie, stop! If this battle goes on, we might bring down the entire cave on top of us!"

Trixie let out a maniacal laugh. "You might not survive the collapse, but I, the Great and Powerful Trixie, will survive it and when Trixie is ready, Trixie will take over the enclave and start my conquest on the entire galaxy!" she declared, continued her evil laugh.

But as Trixie was laughing, she was hit in the back of the head from a rock and fell down unconscious. The pony that through the rock was no other then Pinkie with her usual perky smile. "Heya guys, I got the bad mare." she said waving her arms at the other.

Garret came from behind the pillar and said, "Pinkie, thanks for the help. How did you get unstuck from the ice?"

"Well duh, it melted off. It's like warm in here, so it wouldn't stay frozen forever." Pinkie answered.

"Good point."

Garret looked over to Rarity and walked over to her. He laid down next to the crying mare and asked, "Are you okay?"

Rarity looked up to Garret with tears in her eyes and replied, "NO! My mane is ruined, my tail is cut off, and I have the worse colored coat, EVER! How can anypony love a pony like me NOW!?" she laid her head down on the ground and continued to cry.

Garret place his right hoof on Rarity's back and started rubbing on it. He then said to her, "I think you're still beautiful, Rarity."

Rarity raised her head with a surprised looked and asked, "Really? You still think so?

“I do,” Garret simply replied.

Rarity grabbed onto Garret and hug him tightly as tears were coming from her eyes.

"Aaawww, that’s so sweet," Pinkie said and she wiped away the small tears from her eyes. "Well if you need me to throw more rocks at some bad ponies, I'll be with Dash trying to free her." She reached up into her mane and pulled out a rusty saw and started bouncing over to the scared frozen Dash.

Over thirty minutes had passed and the group was looking over the unconscious Trixie. Dash was free from the block of ice thanks to Pinkie. 'Although, she could have done it without the saw,' Dash thought to herself.

Garret looked over to Rarity and asked, "Think there's anyway to get that amulet off?"

"I'm afraid not, deary," Rarity replied. "Items with binding magic are one of the most ‘trickiest’ things to deal with. It's either she takes it off, the amulet is destroyed, or that....we kill her," she explained, giving an audible gulp.

"WHAT? WE CAN'T DO THAT!" Pinkie shouted out. "We don't just kill ponies at random, it's either in self defense, we're facing off against a super villain, or we're in a video game and purpose of the game is to kill everypony or everybody to gain xp depending if you're playing as a human or something like that," Pinkie explained.

The others agreed with Pinkie on that, except the last part about video games, that just didn't make much sense. They couldn't kill Trixie because she was a slave to the dark side and was under the influence of the Alicorn Amulet.

Garret then thought of something and asked, "Can the amulet be destroyed, Rarity?"

Rarity looked over to him and answered, "Hmmm, I'm not quite sure but I bet only one pony can, Twilight." She then reached down in her pocket and pulled out a small round device. She press on a button and a ringing sound was being made. After a couple of ringings, a small holographic pony appeared on the device.

It was Twilight and she asked, "Yes Rarity, what is- OH MY GOSH, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!?"

Rarity gave out a shamed sheepish smile and replied, "Uhhh, that's not important right now."

Twilight looked at Rarity with shocked eyes. "D-Did you just say it wasn't important?" she asked.

Rarity was given out a frustrated look. "Twilight darling, please. I just had a rough day and I need to ask you something."

"Oh umm okay, what do you need?"

"Do you happen to know anything about an item called the Alicorn Amulet?"

Twilight placed a hoof on her chin and puzzled on Rarity's question. She then smiled and said, "Yes, I've heard of it before. It was made by a dark alicorn named, Dark Rubus. He existed over thousands of years before Celestia and Luna were even born and was the most feared pony at his era. Of course, like many tyrants before and after him, he was defeated by those who used their powers for good. But before he was defeated, he created the Alicorn Amulet to preserve his powers and possibly part of his soul as well as in order to somehow survive. According to legends, who ever would wear the amulet would be under the tyrant's influence and would no doubt become its servant."

"Is it possible to destroy the amulet?" Rarity asked.

"As far as I can tell, no. Not much is known about the amulet accept rumors and legends," Twilight replied. "Wait, why are you suddenly interested in it? And when did you find out about it?"

Rarity was hesitant on giving Twilight an answer and wasn't sure what to come up with. She then had an idea and replied, "I came across it while I was doing some research on some ideas for some of our robes and I thought-"

"You're with Garret right now aren't you?" Twilight asked bluntly.

"Eehhh, well um......Well I never! How can you say such things when we've have friends for-"

"Rarity, I tracked your signal and it's coming from the caves. I know you're with Garret."

Rarity gulped.

Twilight let out a sigh and said, "We'll talk about this when you get back, for now though I'm guessing you found the amulet?"

"Yes, but a pony named Trixie is wearing it and we can't remove it," Rarity explained. "We were hoping you would come up with an idea."

Twilight pondered about it for a moment. She gave out a shrug and said, "I don't know, there aren't many types of binding items in galaxy and we don't have any magical spells to get rid of them. The best I could think of is to somehow get her to remove it."

"But how?" Dash asked. "It's not like she's going to remove it anyway. Not unless she sees something more powerful than that amulet."

Garret's eyes widen with a sudden realization. "Dash, you're a genius!" he said.

"I am?"

"She is?" the others said in unison.

"I got an idea," Garret said with a sly smile.

Trixie was beginning to wake up from the sudden black out and was feeling a horrible pain in the back of her head. She let out a groan and said to herself, "What happened? Did the great and powerful Trixie win?" She looked around for a moment and she soon saw that Garret on top of a rock formation and was wearing a small green pendant around his neck. She stood back up on her legs and asked, "What are you doing now, knight? And what are you wearing?"

"Well while you were sleeping, I found this powerful pendant that puts your amulet to shame," Garret replied.

"HA! Like that thing is powerful. What proof do you have?"

"I'll show you. Pinkie, mind coming out of hiding for a moment?"

Pinkie jumped out from behind a pillar and was now in the open. Garret's horn then glowed and fired a ray at Pinkie. After the magic had hit her and the smoke from it was gone, Pinkie was now playing ten instruments at once. Trixie eyes soon widen at the display.

"Hey Dash," Garret called out. Dash came from another pillar nearby. "Have you ever wondered what would happen if there was two of you?" Garret then fired another ray at Dash this time and soon there were now two Dashs instead of one in the cave. Trixie mouth was wide open and was shock at this.

"Rarity dear, would you mind coming out for a second?" Garret asked. Rarity came from behind the boulder and was still messed up from the constant tricks and spells that Trixie did to her. He then fired one more ray of magic and in an instant, Rarity was once again her beautiful self again with her mane and tail intact and her her color were now back to where they were.

Trixie looked at them with constant fear and shock at them. "How....When.......Is that even-" She wasn't able to finish any of her sentences as she was still trying to comprehend it.

"See? Told you that it was powerful. Now I think the best thing for you to do is surrender and-HEY!" Garret was saying until Trixie use her magic to rip the pendant from his neck and brought it over to her.

Trixie spoke up and said, "Trixie doesn't know how you got this, but now with this pendant Trixie we'll become more powerful than you can possibly imagine!" She then removed her amulet from her neck and tossed it aside. "Now I shall destroy you with my most powerful magic! Now...DIE!" She shot a ray of magic at Garret, but it was deflected quickly when Rarity jumped in front of him and pulled up a magical bubble shield. Trixie was shocked by this and said, "H-How is that possible! You shouldn't be able to block that!"

"Maybe if you kept your amulet on, it wouldn't have. But since you traded yours for the fake pendant, your magic isn't as powerful as it was," Garret explained.

Trixie looked at the pendant to see that it was just a regular green rock strapped around a lace necklace. The rock fell off and cracked in two when it landed on the ground. She then looked over to see Rainbow Dash holding on to the amulet and putting it in a small box. She looked back at Garret and ask, "If that pendant is a fake, how where you able to do all that then?"

"Simple really," Garret started to explain. "Dash carries around a holo ball that can make an exact duplicate of herself and uses it for distractions or quick get aways." They looked over to see the other Dash vanish into thin air and in its place was a round hovering ball that flew over to the real Dash. "Rarity was able to use her magic to create a magical field to create an illusion around her to make it look as if she was never affected by your magic at all."

"I prefer to keep this look up until I can get back to my real fabulous self," Rarity said maintaining her illusion.

"Then what about the pink one?" Trixie asked furrowing her eyebrow.

"Oh, Pinkie can do all that on her own." Everypony looked over to Pinkie as she continued to to play all ten of her instruments.

"How is she-?"

"Please don't ask," Garret said, bluntly.

"Uh okay?" Trixie took a moment to pause as she was dragging her hoof on the ground and looked up to Garret with a weak smile. "Soooooo, what are you going to do with Trixie?"

Garret ponder about it and just as he was about to speak, Dash spoke up and said, "I say we teach you a lesson." Dash clopped her hooves together as Trixie gulped.

"I say we shave her bald after what she did to me," Rarity suggested.

"We could throw a party."

Everypony looked at Pinkie with a confused look on them.

"What?" Pinkie said as she shrugged.

"As I was about to say," Garret resumed. "I believe it's best for the council to decide what to do with Trixie. They'll know what is best."

"Y-You wouldn't try to do anything with Trixie?" Trixie asked surprised by Garret's suggestion.

"No I wouldn't, it's not a knight's way of to get revenge nor to do anything to an unarmed opponent," Garret explained.

"Aw come on!" Dash shouted. "She tried to kill us more times than one! Why should we go with your suggestion in the first place anyway?"

"Because Rainbow Dash, this was my trial and I was the one suppose to do it alone." Dash pupils shrunk a bit and gave out a gulp. "And I saved you from Blueblood and gave you back your ship, so you at least owe me this one time," Garret explained.

Dash started to sweat a bit and was feeling guilty for question Garret's position. She rubbed the back of her head and said, "So what are we waiting for? Let's take her to the council."

"Thank you, Dash. I appreciate it," Garret said.

"Yeah, yeah, you're lucky you can pull a card like that," Dash said and started to hover in the air with her wings.

"I'm sorry that I did that. I would have prefer if you just went along with it."

"Well, I'm sorry that I hashed out like that. You are my pal after all."

"Glad to hear it." Garret then turn his attention towards Trixie. "Trixie, would you please come with us?"

Trixie thought about it for a few seconds and replied, "Alright, Trixie will come along quietly." She willing followed Garret as he was leading the way.

The others were soon following Garret and were on there way back to the enclave. On the way out of the crystal caves, something caught Rainbow Dash's sight and she went over to check it out. She approached a strange light that was coming from a pile of crystals and she reached out to see what it was. When she picked it up, her pupils widened at the object that she was looking at. It was something so incredible that all she could say in a very low voice was, "So awesome." She quickly looked around her surroundings to see if anypony else was around. The others were already ahead of her and she quickly had the object in her jacket's pocket.

Pinkie poke her head around a corner and asked, "Hey Dashie, are you coming?"

Dash was startled a bit, but kept her cool and replied, "Yeah, I'm on my way."

Dash then flew off to catch up with the others.


Author's Note:

Well, this was the longest chapter I have ever written in my entire life! It was a pain for both for me and my editors.
Hope you all like it! And please leave a comment on what you think of it.