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Star Wars: Ponies of the Old Republic - BlueSun52

Join Garret, Twilight, Applejack, and the rest of the gang on their galactic adventures as they fight against an evil empire in this ponified version of the 2003 game of the year, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic.

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Chapter 10: The Golden Phoenix


It was late in the evening and Garret was at Blueblood's estate with Canderous. They both were meeting with Blueblood in a room that had a throne in the middle of it with Blueblood sitting in it.

"So Canderous," Blueblood said in a Cantersuant voice. "I was told that you were bringing somepony to me. That seems out of character, even for you." Blueblood was a white unicorn with blonde hair and teal eyes. He was wearing a white tux suit.

"Yeah, I agree. If I didn't know any better, I say you were getting soft," said the pony next to Blueblood. His name was Calo Ford and he's known to be one of the galaxy's best bounty hunters. He was a small, but buff, tan pony. He wore a white cap with goggles on his head and a blue jacket with brown pads over his shoulders and wore a pair of black boots as well.

"Watch it, Ford. You may be one of Blueblood's best, but you're not the top dog yet," Canderous threatened, staring down the bounty hunter.

"Please you two. I don't want any fights between here. I just had the maids clean this place and I don't want you both making a mess of my estate. Now Canderous please explain why you brought this.....pony with you," Blueblood said looking over to Garret.

"I thought you would be happy to know that I brought the winner of this year's swoop race," Canderous explained.

"Ah yes, now I recognize this chap here. I must say you showed absolute skills in the race and even during the battle that Gilda tried to put up," Blueblood said.

"The name’s Garret and it's an honor to meet you Mr. Blueblood," Garret said, holding out his hoof.

Blueblood was hesitant on shaking Garret's hoof and said, "I'm sorry, but I rather not shake your hooves right now. I just had mine cleaned."


"Now, I'm sure you have many questions, so let me show you around my estate and I'll explain everything to you as we move along," Blueblood said and turned to his servants and guards, "Please take care of our guest's things, while I entertain him."

Blueblood started leading Canderous, Calo, and Garret on the tour, while the servant and guards were looking over the luggage and crates that Canderous and Garret brought with them.

Inside one of the crates, all of the gang were cramped up and tried to stay quiet as possible. Unfortunately that wasn't going well.

"Oh we should definitely throw a ‘cramped up inside a box’ party," Pinkie said.

"Pinkie be, quiet! We're trying to sneak in," Scootaloo said.

"Ow! Something is poking me on the side," Applejack stated.

"Sorry, that was me," Twilight said.

"Well can ya do something ta stop that?" Applejack asked out of annoyance.

"Sorry that I was born with a HORN, Applejack. At least I'm not a minotaur that takes two thirds of the box," Twilight pointed out. Zaalbar was saying something in his native language and Twilight replied, "Oh, shut up!"

"Umm, Applejack can you um, move your hoof off of my back a bit, if that's okay?" Fluttershy asked hoping that Applejack could do that.

"Sorry about that, but I can barely move here," Applejack replied.

"Well at least this gives us time to get to know one another. Right T3? Pinkie asked.


"Eeep! Something touched me!" Fluttershy panicked. Zaalbar was apologizing for what he did and she replied, "Oh, it's okay, just let us know when you're moving around."

Twilight let out a groaning sound. "When is Garret going to get us out of here?" she asked.

Back with Garret and Canderous, Blueblood was done giving the tour and said to them, "Now that's over, I must insist that you stay here for a couple of days for some background checks. Feel free to use the services of my maids here and they will pamper you with all your needs," Blueblood said and walked out of the room.

Canderous turned to Garret and said, "Alright kid, let’s get to your friends and get off this rock."

"Right, but can we make a side quest real quick?" Garret asked.

"If it's taking full advantage of Blueblood's maids, then you must be more desperate then I thought," Canderous said.

"NO, NOT THAT!" Garret shouted. "Scootaloo said that her friend, Rainbow was around here and I was hoping to find her first."

"Look we don't have the time to look for somepony who was stupid enough to steal Blueblood's ship without getting caught," Canderous rejected the idea.

"Fine. You can get the others, while I look for Rainbow. Scootaloo went over the blueprints with me for hours, so I know my way around," Garret suggested.

"Okay whatever, but if you're not by the ship when we get it, we're leaving you behind," Canderous replied.

With a nod, Garret made his way to find Rainbow, while Canderous went to find the others.

Some time had passed and the others were still in the crate, listening to what Pinkie was saying.

"-And that's why they never let me near a bell again," Pinkie finished.

Twilight's eyes were twitching. "FOR THE LOVE OF CELESTIA! WHERE ARE GARRET AND CANDEROUS?!" she shouted.

Applejack couldn’t take it anymore and she shouted, "FORGET ABOUT THIS, AH'M GETTING OUTTA HERE!" She was trying to make her way to the side of wall and started pounding on it.

"Applejack, wait! What if the guards hear you?" Fluttershy said hoping to calm Applejack down.

"AH DON'T CARE! AH RATHER BE FIGHTING THEM THEN-WWAAAAAAAAA!" The wall was opened and Applejack fell to the ground. She looked up to see that it was Canderous that opened it. She shot back up on her hooves and shouted, "WHAT TOOK Y'ALL SO LONG!?"

"It's complicated. Now do you want to get out of there or would you prefer to stay here and get blown up with the rest of the planet?" Canderous suggested.

Applejack was annoyed by that, but she didn't really care now that she was free from the crate and Pinkie's constant talk about bells. She looked around to see where Garret was, but she was confused that he wasn't around. "Hey Canderous, where's Garret?"

"He went to find that Rainbow pony. Said something about finding her for that little filly," Canderous replied.

Scootaloo got out of the crate excitedly and said, "Yeah, I knew that he would go with my plan."

"Wait, what plan?" Applejack asked.

After a few minutes of looking around the estate and avoiding the passing guards, Garret was able to find the prison room. He went inside to see that it was a small room with one force cell and a bunch of shutdown interrogation droids. Inside the cell was a cyan colored pony with a mane of six different colors like that of a rainbow. Her cutie mark was showing and it was a white cloud with lightning coming out of it with three different shades of colors on it that were blue, yellow, and red. She then looked at Garret with her shining, magenta eyes and asked, "What does Blueblood want now? He already tortured me for days and that didn't work. Then he tried to spread rumors that I tried to steal his ship. All because I asked for a raise."

"That was it?" Garret asked raising an eyebrow.

"Well, I may have gotten angry when he gave an excuse that really insulted me and maybe I punched him in the face and ended up here," Rainbow Dash explained.

"Umm..right. I'm not with Blueblood. I came to rescue you," Garret said.

Rainbow Dash ears perked up and said, "Seriously? This isn't a joke right?"

"Nope, it isn't. Scootaloo said that you would be here," Garret explained.

"Scootaloo! Is she okay? She isn't here is she?"

"I'll explain everything on the way to the hangar. Where are the controls?"

Rainbow pointed over to the controls and Garret went over to it and turned off the cell. The energy field around her disappeared and she started stretching out her legs. "You have no idea what it's like to be in there," she said and continued, "So why are we heading for the hangar? Are you planning on taking the Golden Phoenix?" Garret nodded. "Good. I want payback with that ugly schutta for all that he did to me. So, who are you anyway?" she asked.

"My name is Garret."

"Glad to meet you, Garret. I owe you big time for this," Rainbow said. "Let me grab my gear real quick and I'll lead the way."


There was a nearby chest and Rainbow quickly opened it to reveal several items within. The chest had an outfit and a blaster in it. She put on the outfit that was comprised of a tan shirt with a blueish gray vest and strapped on a belt with a holster on it. She then grabbed four boots, two for hind legs and two for her front owns and placed a goggle on top of her head. She turned to Garret and gave him a sly smile.

"Ready to go?" Dash asked confidently.

"Ready when you are," Garret replied.

Rainbow then started leading the way and Garret followed her.

Dash and Garret finally made it to the hangar's entrance. Garret look around to see if anypony else was around. And from out of nowhere, Pinkie came in behind him and jumped on top of him. "Hey! We're here! Did you rescue Scoots' friend?"

"That would be a yes," Dash interjected. Scootaloo saw her and ran towards her. She jumped into the air into Dash's arms and hugged her tight. "Hey there kiddo. How's it going?"

"Oh Dash! I thought I’d never see you again," Scootaloo said holding onto Dash tightly.

"I thought I'd never see you too little squirt," Dash said with a smile and looked up to Zaalbar, "Hey there Big Z. Have you been taking care of her?" Zaalbar answered her and she replied, "I thought so."

"Look, can we just skip the touchy feeling garbage and skip to stealing and flying far, far away from here," Canderous said, interrupting Dash and Scootaloo's reunion.

Dash shot a glare at Canderous, but he was unaffected by her glance and didn't really care. Applejack spoke up and said, "What Ah think he mean is thet we don't really have th' time right now. We better take th' ship and get to safety."

Dash let go of Scootaloo and went to open the door to the hangar. "Sure thing. I wish we had gotten to see Blueblood's face when we...Ah oh."

After the door was opened, the gang saw Blueblood and Calo Ford standing with dozens of guards aiming their weapons at them. Blueblood gave out a smirk and said, "Well, well. Look what we have here. Canderous, I'm most disappointed at you. Then again, what can I expect from a diamond dog? And Rainbow Dash, what are you doing out of your cage? I thought by now you would have learned your lesson."

"I'll teach you a lesson, you son of a-" Dash was about to finish her unorthodox sentence, until Pinkie covered her mouth.

"HEY! I know this is a teen rated story, but we just can't cuss words like that in a Star Wars parody! That's just out of context," Pinkie explained while everypony looked at her with a confused look.

".....Anyways, I think this is as far as you go." Blueblood said and continued, "Calo! Please dispose of these pests."

"I'll take care of this. I've been looking forward on taking Canderous down myself," Calo replied.

"Me too, Calo. I'll see you in tartarus," Canderous said and readied his weapon.

The whole gang grabbed their weapons and prepared themselves for the fight of their life, until all of a sudden the build started shaking all around them. Explosives were being heard outside and shouts and screams were everywhere.

Garret shouted and said, "THEY STARTED THE BOMBARDMENT!"

"WHAT’S GOING ON?" Blueblood asked out of fear.

"Those blasted Imperials are destroying the planet now. We need to get out of here now!" Canderous replied.

"I don't know about you, but I'm going to take my ship and leave you pests before you do anymor-"

"BOSS, LOOK OUT!" one of the guards said.

An explosion came over Blueblood and the top of the roof came crashing down on him, crushing him.

Calo then looked over to the gang and said, "You know what? This isn't the time for this. You can take the ship and I'll get off this planet another way, but I'll be back and have your head, Hound."

"Back at you, Calo," Canderous said.

Calo and the guards quickly dispersed. Leaving the gang the ship that they wanted....

The Golden Phoenix.

The ship was large and had two engine exhausts in the back, a cockpit at the front of the ship, and two turret guns on the middle top and bottom of it. It had stripe colors of orange around it.

"Alright everypony, let’s take this bird for a ride!" Rainbow Dash said and flew into the ship.

Over the skies of Hoovris, Imperial war ships were firing their cannons at the planet and destroying the cities on it. As the bombardment continued, The Phoenix and its crew made its way past the blockade without being shot by the Imperial war ships.

Inside the cockpit of the Phoenix, Dash and Applejack were piloting while everypony else was watching.

"It's good to fly this thing again," Dash said, excited to fly her ship once again.

"It looks like we're clear from th' blockade," Applejack reported.

"Head for the planet White Tails. There's a unicorn enclave where we can be safe and find help," Twilight suggested.

"No problem. Just let me set the coordinates and....ah oh," Rainbow said. A small alarm was going off from the controls. "We got fighters incoming!" she shouted.

"Somepony get to th' gun turrets and hold off th' fighters, until we can get a clear jump to hyperspace!" Applejack said and turned back to the others.

"I'm on it," Garret said and rushed to the guns.

The Phoenix was going as fast as it could, but the Imperial fighters soon caught up to it and started firing on the ship. The fighters were small, but fast ships and had wings on each side.

Garret soon got on the turret and fired back at the fighters. While Garret was doing that, Pinkie had an idea and said, "Oh! I know a good song for this." She reached into her mane and pulled out a round disk. She then went over to T3 and inserted it into a disk drive in his chest. After a few seconds of buffering, it started playing this. "When you start playing this music, skip to 1:32, otherwise it wouldn't make any sense, " Pinkie said to you.

Garret continued firing the turret the best he could, but the fighters were moving fast and were hard to keep up with. The fighters continued their barrage of blaster fire on the Phoenix. In the cockpit, Applejack said, "Ah hope this piece of junk can hold together."

"Hey! This thing is not a piece of junk! And don't worry it'll hold together," Dash said. An explosion was heard in the back of the ship and the alarms were going off. Dash put her hooves together and said, "Oh please hold together."

"One of th' engines went offline! We can't make th' jump if it's off," Applejack said.

Dash flew out of her seat and said, "Don't worry I'll take care of that. Just fly the best you can and I'll be back."

"Good! I'm a better pilot than you anyway!"

"Why you-"

"Would just go and fix the engine!" Twilight shouted at Dash.

"Right! I'm on it," Dash said and flew her way to the engine room.

Back at the turret, Garret kept on firing at the fighters. One of them was coming in close for an attack, but Garret noticed it at the last minute and fired at it. The fighter was destroyed. Which made Garret quite happy, to get one of them that is. "I GOT ONE!".

Dash was flying by the turret hatch and said to Garret, "Great kid, don't get cocky!" She grinned and continued onto the engine room.

Dash got into the engine room and saw the damaged engine and quickly grabbed a toolkit. She opened up a compartment that led down into the ship's systems and started her search for what was wrong.

Garret continued firing the turret, while Applejack did her best to keep the fighters off of them.

"What do we do? What do we do? What do we do?" Fluttershy said, panicking at the situation.

"Everypony stay calm! We just have to pray that Dash can fix the engines and we can get away from the fighters," Twilight said whilst trying to keep everypony calm.

"Beep boop beep boo" T3 rolled his way out of the bridge and headed towards the engine room. When he entered into the engine room, he was looking around and saw the compartment that Dash opened. T3 looked down inside it and Dash popped her head out of the compartment.

"What do you want, tin can?" Dash said while she was covered in wires.

"Beep bee boo bee"

"Okay, I have no time to play twenty questions right now," Dash replied and went back into the compartment.

T3 looked around the room once more and inspected the damaged engine. When he looked more closely, he saw that a plug was not in the outlet. So T3 used his extend claw to pick it up and plugged it back in. Suddenly, the engines were back online and Applejack saw that they were ready to go into hyperdrive. She quickly punched in some coordinates and the ship jumped into hyperdrive. The sudden force cause T3 to be pushed back and started heading towards the compartment.

Dash poked her head up and said, "What's happening? Is the engin-" Before she could finish, her eyes widened and her pupils shrunk as T3 came tumbling down on top of her and crashed down into the compartment with her still in it. "OW!"

Everypony felt relieved that they were able to escape the Imperials and were on their way to someplace safe. Everypony was at a different part of the ship during the duration of the travel. Canderous was in the ship's garage and was mostly tinkering with the swoop bike that Blueblood had on the ship, Fluttershy was bandaging up Rainbow Dash after what had happened to her and T3 in the medical bay, T3 was mostly moving around the ship repairing anything that was damaged during the skirmish, Scootaloo went to one of the crew bunkers to be alone, Zaalbar was in the middle of the ship checking out the ship's holo terminal of the galaxy, Pinkie was just being Pinkie and was looking around the ship while bouncing, and Applejack, Twilight, and Garret were at the bridge talking about their plans of taking the ship towards White Tails.

"What makes ya think thet White Tails is a safe place to be? Moonlight just glassed an entire planet! White Tails is just a rural planet, how is it going ta survive an attack from his armada?" Applejack asked concern at the situation.

"Not to worry. Moonlight would think twice before he would attack there. It's filled with the wisest and most powerful unicorns in the galaxy, including Celestia herself," Twilight explained.

"Ah reckon thet you're right, but why do we have to come here? There are other safe places in the galaxy thet we could have gone to. And now thet that Ah think about it, isn’t Celestia supposed to be on Cantersuant?" Applejack pointed out.

"Celestia moved to the enclave to be closer to the frontlines in case she was needed. Also I have some business to take care of there and I didn't want to talk to her over the holonet. Also, have you forgotten that we have to deal with our new unicorn friend here?" Twilight said turning her attention to Garret.

"So what exactly are we supposed to do now?" Garret asked.

"When we get to the enclave I will give a full report of what happened to Celestia and she will more than likely want to meet you," Twilight replied.

"All right. How long do we have until we get there?" Garret asked.

"It may take a couple of hours, even for this piece of junk," Applejack replied.

"IT'S NOT A PIECE OF JUNK!" Rainbow Dash shouted all the way from the medical room. Everypony then laughed after hearing that.

After Twilight was done laughing, she then said, "If anypony needs me, I'll be at the port side bunkers meditating." Twilight then walked out of the bridge.

Applejack then turned her attention to Garret. "Did ya ever had th' chance to tell her about your dreams?"

"Yes, I did. It was around the time I first woke up that told her about it." Garret replied.

"What exactly did she tell ya?"

"She told me that we're somehow bonded through magic and I'm beginning to see her memories in my dreams."

"Really? Did she tell ya anything else about it?"

"Well, she doesn't know why we have a bond in the first place, but she thinks her master might know what it'll be." He explained.

Applejack scratched her chin and took a moment to ponder about it. "If ya ask me, there's something funny going on here." she said.

"What do you mean?" Garret asked.

"It's just-" Appejack started to say. "Don't ya think th' whole thing seems too big of a coincidence? Ah mean what were the chances of ya having these dreams in the first place? And how come you didn't become a unicorn sooner? Ah just have this feeling that Twilight isn't telling us everything that she knows" she explained.

Garret took a moment to respond. "Maybe it is strange, but she did say that magic can be unpredictable and she explained to me that it takes time for the magic to build up to where the horn will form." he explained.

"Well if ya say so, but Ah'm telling ya there's something going on and Ah don't like."

"I understand, but we need to at least try to trust her on this for now."

Applejack let out a sigh. "Fine, Ah'll go along with it. But Ah'm not doing it because we have to, Ah'm doing this because Ah trust you." she said.

"Glad to hear, Applejack."

"And since we're good friends now, you can call me AJ now if you want," Applejack said blushing a bit.

"Sure thing, AJ."

Applejack’s blush was redder and she quickly turned back to the controls to try to hide her blush. "Why don't you check out the ship for a bit? It'll be a while before we reach White Tails, even at this speed." she suggested.

"Okay, that sounds like a good idea."

Garret walked out of the bridge and started looking around the ship. The ship was huge in its insides and there were a lot of places to go. The ship has a garage in it, medical bay, cargo hold, two bunk rooms on both port and starboard sides, the cockpit, main hold, storage room, and a communications room.

Garret first went by the medical bay to see how Dash was doing. He walked into the room seeing Fluttershy struggling to help Dash get some rest, but she was arguing not to stay in bed and wanted to fly the ship. Garret laughed to himself and walked over to Rainbow Dash.

"How are you doing?" Garret asked Dash.

"Pretty lousy. She’s telling me that I have to stay in bed for a bit and my left wing is busted. I'm finally free and I can't fly my own ship or fly up into the sky anymore," Dash said, distress about what was been happening to her.

"You just need to rest for a while to clear your head and your wing should be good to go in a couple of days.....if that's okay," Fluttershy explained.

"But a couple of days is like forever! I can't just lay around and do nothing!" Dash complained.

"It's not that bad. Besides you've been in a cell for a long while anyway. I'm surprised that you still have this much energy," Garret said.

"That's because I'm the toughest pony there is. I bet I can take on Nightmare Moonlight himself, if he didn't have magic and his lazer sword, and maybe if he didn't have an entire army backing him up," Dash said.

"I'm sure you can, but right now just do as Fluttershy says and get better. You promise?"

Dash just mumbled to herself.

Twilight was walking by and she saw what was going on. She walked in and said, "Hello Everypony, what's going on?"

"Well apparently, I have to stay in bed for a couple of days. That's no fun at all," Dash replied.

"I'm sure that if you find something to do to pass the time, it won't be so bad," Twilight suggested.

"Oh yeah? Then what do you suggest I do then? Dash asked.

Twilight tapped her chin a couple of times while she was thinking and looked around the room a bit. She then saw a bookshelf and went over to see its contents. She saw one particular book that was interesting and levitated it off the shelf and placed it on Dash's lap. Dash took a look at it and the title said 'Daring Do and The Lost Moon of Hoth.' She looked back at Twilight with a furrowed look.

"A book?"

"It's an interesting book about a pegasus archaeologist who gets stranded on a mysterious moon that orbits Hoth and does everything she can to figure why it's there." Twilight explained.

"No thanks. I so don't read. I'm a world-class athlete. Reading's for eggheads like you. "Dash said, pointing a hoof at Twilight. Twilight just rolled her eyes at the comment. "Heh, no offense, but I am not reading. It's undeniably, unquestionably, uncool."

"You're kidding me, right?" Twilight asked.

"Sorry unicorn, but it's just not my style," Dash said laying her head on her pillow.

"It wouldn't hurt to try," Garret interjected.

"Whatever," Dash replied. "I'm going to grab some sleep now." She rolled up her covers and closed her eyes to sleep. Garret, Twilight, and Fluttershy then walked out of the room and closed the door behind them. Dash opened one of her eyes to check to see if she was the only one. She then got up and looked back over to see the Daring Do book still on the table. She lifted it up with her hoof and said, "There's no way this book is interesting." She opened the book on the first page and started reading.

As soon as the door behind them closed, Twilight turned her attention to Garret and Fluttershy. "Well this has been an....interesting day."

"Yeah, it has been," Garret commented.

"I wish that it could have been better," Fluttershy added.

Dread came over the group when Fluttershy said that.

"I wish there was another way, I really do mean that," Twilight said having her ears lowered.

"I can't imagine what's it like losing your homeworld. I'm sure that Scoots isn't taking this very well," Garret added.

"I'm sure that she'll be fine. She just needs time is all," Twilight said. "If you guys need me, I'll be in the port bunk room meditating." She then walked off and made her way.

There was silence between Garret and Fluttershy. They both started walking around the ship, until they entered into the garage and saw that Canderous was using tools to fix up the swoop bike.

Fluttershy was curious about something and spoke up. "Umm, Garret?"

"Yeah, Fluttershy?" Garret replied.

"What's it like being a unicorn? Have you done any magic yet?" Fluttershy asked.

"You know, I haven't tried it yet," Garret replied.

Garret looked around to see if there was anything that he could use and he saw a toolbox next to Canderous, who was working on the swoop bike. He then took a deep breath and started to concentrate on the box and the action of it levitating. Soon his horn started to show off a turquoise colored aura around it and the box was covered in it. It started lifting up into the air and Fluttershy was amazed at what Garret could do, but he was having a hard keeping it up in the air and had his eyes closed just to concentrate. Canderous reached over to where the box was, but was confused as to why it apparently wasn't there anymore. "What the? Where did it-" Garret soon lost his concentration and stopped using his magic. The aura around the box disappeared and fell on top of Canderous head. "OW!" Fluttershy and Garret panicked and ran out of the room. Canderous looked around to see who was responsible, but didn't see anypony. "What in the name of tartarus just happened?"

After a couple of seconds, Fluttershy and Garret stopped running and took a moment to catch their breath. After a moment of silence, they both started laughing. As they were laughing, from out of nowhere Pinkie’s head came in between them from the top. "Hey guys, what's so funny?"

Garret and Fluttershy were startled for a moment and were confused about how Pinkie was walking on top of the ceiling.

"Pinkie, how are you up there?" Garret asked.

"I put on some of my suction cups on my hooves and now I can walk anywhere on the ship," Pinkie replied smiling as she was upside down. "So, what was so funny?"

"Oh. Umm, nothing really. We were just laughing," Fluttershy answered feeling a little ashamed of laughing about Canderous getting hurt.

"Oh, okay. I do that sometimes too," Pinkie said and started laughing on cue. Fluttershy and Garret just looked at each other out of confusion.

"We should definitely throw a ‘We Got Away’ party!"

"I don't think that's a good idea right now Pinkie," Fluttershy said. "Some of us are tired from all that we had to do and I think not everypony is in the mood for it."

"Yeah, I have to agree with her here," Garret said. "Why are you still full of spirit anyway? Aren't you worried about Rukil and the villagers? And what about your family?" he asked concerned for Pinkie.

"I'm confident that Rukil and the others are fine and well. If they made it to the promised land, then they should be safe there. And my family left Hoovris on their annual vacation not too long ago, so they should be fine as well," Pinkie said keeping her smile.

"Well, that's a relief to hear," Garret said.

"I'm glad to hear that Pinkie Pie, I would have felt terrible if anything happened to my family," Fluttershy said, then went on to say, "I'm going to see if Canderous is okay. He may need something in case he has a headache." She then went off to find Canderous with a medkit.

"I'm going to go look around the ship some more, later Pinkie," Garret said and walked away.

Pinkie was just standing on the ceiling with her suction hooves and was wondering what to do now. But before she could think of anything, the suction hooves couldn't stick to the ceiling anymore and she fell down.

The Golden Phoenix finished making its way towards the planet, White Tails, and was entering its orbit. The ship made its way towards a large complex near a large forest. After it was given permission to land, the ship started descending over one of the complex's landing pads and safely landing on it. When it landed, the ship opened a ramp on the side of it and soon Twilight, Garret, Applejack, and the others were coming out of the ship. As the gang was coming out, the door in front of them opened revealing two solar knights covered in white robes and having masks on them and a tall pony.

The tall pony was a pure white alicorn mare with a light colored rainbow mane and tail and her eyes were a light magenta color. She was wearing a gold and white robe and on each hoof she was wearing gold shoes with a jewel in each one.

"Welcome, my little ponies, I am Grandmaster Celestia. It is good to see you again Twilight, my faithful student."


Author's Note:

Here is a descriptive drawing of Rainbow Dash in all of her smuggling awesomeness.