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Star Wars: Ponies of the Old Republic - BlueSun52

Join Garret, Twilight, Applejack, and the rest of the gang on their galactic adventures as they fight against an evil empire in this ponified version of the 2003 game of the year, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic.

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Chapter 14: Temple Mane-ia


The Golden Phoenix's ramp opened into the night-filled forests of Tythorn and Twilight, Garret and T3 came walking out of the ship with Applejack standing at the entrance of the ship behind them.

"Twilight, are ya sure that it's a good idea for y'all three to go in the temple by yourselves?" Applejack asked, concernedly.

Twilight turned to face Applejack. "Not to worry, Applejack. Garret and I can handle anything in the temple. I uploaded the schematics of the temple to T3 so he should know where all the traps are and I've memorized where the element of magic is. It shouldn't take us long," she explained.

"Well, Alright," Applejack said. "But contact us if y'all run into any trouble, alright?"

Twilight gave a simple nod and led Garret and T3 into the forest towards the ancient temple. Applejack kept on watching until the three disappeared into the trees and she gave out an anxious sigh. She then pressed on the controls to the ramp, which soon lifted up and closed.

Twilight, Garret, and T3 all walked cautiously through the forest as they were making their way towards the temple. Twilight was in the lead, T3 was in the middle of the group, and Garret was keeping watch in the rear of the group. There was fog everywhere and there were howling sounds of wolves in the distance. Twilight and Garret were able to keep their composure, but T3 was shaking with fear that he did not realize he had.

Twilight noticed T3's distress and went to comfort the little droid. She placed a hoof on top of the head of the little droid hoping to calm him down. "It's okay, T3. The temple is not too far from here and Garret and I can handle anything that's out here in these woods."

T3 stopped shaking and let out a beep sound confirming his trust in Twilight's words. The group continued their walk across the forest until they saw an old, rickety, wooden bridge that led straight towards the remains of the ancient temple.

The three walked across the bridge carefully as it didn't seem to have been used in ages. Twilight and Garret took soft steps at a time when they were crossing the bridge and T3 was rolling right behind them. As he did, T3 heard a snapping sound behind him. The droid looked behind him to see his wheels broke through the wood and were stuck. T3 tried to shift his weight onto his front legs to get himself unstuck. However, the next thing he knew, this caused the rickety old bridge to give out beneath him and he was now falling towards the darkened depths below him. He let out a shriek as he was falling towards his supposedly doomed fate. His fall was cut short as a turquoise colored aura surrounded him and he became suspended in the air.

"I got you, buddy," Garret said as he was holding T3 with his levitation spell. Garret placed T3 on the ground and breathed heavily as he was exhausted because of his usage of magic.

Twilight went over to Garret. "Are you okay?" she asked, concernedly.

"Yeah," Garret replied. "He was a lot heavier than I thought."

"You’ll get used to your abilities as you use more of your magic," Twilight explained.

The trio turned their attention towards the temple itself and saw up close what it looked like. The temple was covered in vines and moss all around it and having large holes in the walls. The pillars outside of the temple were either standing tall holding nothing up or laid in the ground becoming one with it. There were signs of battles that took place outside of the temple as smaller holes that showed blaster fire on the walls and slashes of lightsaber strikes showed as well.

Garret looked over to Twilight and she did the same. They both nodded and proceeded into the temple with T3 right behind them, unknown of the danger that laid inside.

"This was a dumb idea," Applejack proclaimed as she was following Rainbow Dash towards the temple with Trixie at her side.

Dash was hovering a few inches above the ground and turned back towards Applejack. "Oh, come on, you know you want to see the temple as much as I do," she said. A small sly smile crept along her face. "Unless of course, you're too scared."

Applejack narrowed her eyes at Dash. "Ah'm not scared!" she said. "We were supposed ta stay with the ship until Twilight and Garret got back from their mission. But you were too stubborn to stay in the ship and somepony had to watch over ya."

"Okay, I guess that's a good alibi to go by," Dash said. Applejack gave out an annoyed groan. "But what's she doing with us?"

"Trixie volunteered to follow the annoying pegasus to make sure she didn't do anything stupid," Trixie answered.


"And since Ah don't trust either of ya, Ah came along to make sure both of y'all don't do something stupid," Applejack explained.

"HEY!!!" both said in unison.

The three continued their walk into the forest until Dash stopped for a moment. She looked left and right as she looking around their surroundings. She planted her hooves on the ground and was tapping her chin with a hoof as she was thinking. She then faced the other two and said, "Not saying we're lost, but......... I don't know which way to go."

Applejack and Trixie slapped their hooves against their faces.

"That means we are lost, Dash!" Applejack pointed out.

"Nuh uh! I just don't know which way to go," Dash countered.

Applejack rolled her eyes. "So what do you think we should do then?" she asked.

Dash pondered on the idea for the moment. "I think we should gather up some twigs and then I'll let go of them from my hoof and see which direction that most of them would point towards. After that we'll-"

"Or ya can, Ah don't know, fly up to see where the temple is," Applejack said, bluntly.

A small blush appeared on Dash's face. "That was my second choice," she defended herself. She flew up in the air to see where the temple was. She saw that the temple wasn't too far from where they were and shouted down to them. "I see the temple!"

"Good! Now lead the way!" Applejack shouted back.

Dash gave out a salute and flew at speed, leaving behind a trail of a rainbow........and Applejack and Trixie.

Applejack smacked herself in the face again.

"Trixie thinks she's not that smart," Trixie said, bluntly.

"Now that's not nice ta say to another pony," Applejack lectured. "But yes, she is."

"Think she'll come back for us?"

"We'll wait a minute. If not, we'll go to the same direction she went."

"Um Rarity, don’t you think it's a bad idea to walk through these forest so late at night?" Fluttershy asked as Rarity and she were walking through the forest towards the temple. "I mean, Twilight said it would be dangerous to travel towards the temple and all. Though I'm sure that you have a good reason for bringing me out here."

"Simply the most important reason ever in my entire life," Rarity replied.

"Oh, well I'm happy to help," Fluttershy said smiling. "What is it?"

"I've heard rumors among the scholars of the academy that the ancient temple of the original Solar Knights is filled with the most gorgeous of ancient tapestries in all of galactic history!" Rarity explained gleefully. "It pains me to think of those magnificent creations rotting away in those old ruins, totally unappreciated."

Fluttershy stared at Rarity in total confusion over her idea. "Okay?"

"And that's where you come in, Fluttershy," Rarity said. "I acquired your help in borrowing these magnificent pieces of art back to the ship, so I can restore them to their former glory and hopefully start a new retro fashion line."

"That does sound.....important," Fluttershy said doubtfully.

"Well, yes *ahem* maybe it's not the most important thing in my life," Rarity corrected herself. "But I would be bringing back history into the Republic and retro classic will be all the rage! It's nothing to sneeze at." On cue, Rarity's nose was brushed up against a leaf on a nearby branch and sneezed after it irritated her muzzle a bit.

While they were walking, they heard noises coming from a nearby bush. Fluttershy and Rarity froze in place as the bush was rustling with something inside it. Rarity's horn glowed and used her magic to levitate her lightsaber by her side nervously.

"H-Hello?" Rarity said trying to figure out who or what was behind the bush. "T-Twilight? Garret? T3? A-Are you three there?"

Fluttershy hid behind Rarity and was petrified with fear. The bush started to shake up more and Rarity ignited her cyan colored lightsaber. Sweat was beginning to cover Rarity's face and Fluttershy continued to stay behind and hid her face with her mane. Then all of a sudden, a small, white rabbit jumped out of the bush and stared at the duo. Rarity let out a sigh of relief and Fluttershy's eyes went wide.

"Aww, aren't you a cute little bunny," Fluttershy said and nuzzled the little bunny with her muzzle. "I always wanted a little bunny. Can we keep him, Rarity?"

Rarity gave a smile to the yellow pegasus. "Of course, darling. You don't have to ask me if you want one. Just remember it takes a lot responsibility to take care of a little creature."

"Oh, don't worry I will," Fluttershy said. "Would you like to come with us?"

The little bunny gave a nod and Fluttershy picked up the little bunny and placed it on her back.

"I think I'll call you, Angel. Do you like that name?" Fluttershy asked.

The newly dubbed Angel nodded with approval.

"I'm glad it was just a bunny. I couldn't imagine what could have been behi-," Rarity was saying until she was interrupted by a giant centipede that came out of the same bush.

The centipede was large and long with black, exoskeleton. It had enormous pinchers around its mouth and had glowing, red, menacing eyes.

The trio looked at the centipede with terrified eyes as the creature let out a threatening sound.



Twilight, Garret, and T3 had entered the ancient ruins of the temple and started their exploration of it. At the beginning of their exploration, they saw a set of stairways with two cracked, stain windows over them with one of a depiction of the sun with blue skies and clouds and the other of the moon with stars surrounding it. The trio then started walking their way through the empty hallways and corridors. They passed by old training rooms with discarded training blades on the ground, statues that were no longer recognizable, and rooms where signs of battle had shown with slashes on the walls and robes covered in ashes and dust. Garret looked over to Twilight to see that she was looking a bit depressed of what she was seeing. It was clear that the signs of battle were from when the Solar Knights and the Lunar Knights both fought against one another during Nightmare Moon's rise.

Garret took a moment to pause. "Are you alright, Twilight?" he asked.

Twilight gave out a weary sigh and replied, "I'm fine, it's just that I always imagined what it would be like if Luna never became Nightmare Moon. I read stories that during Celestia and Luna's protection over the Republic, no evil force dared ever rise without knowing that they would have to face the full power of the alicorn sisters. Together they were invincible and brought true peace to the galaxy. I mean, Master Celestia has always done a wonderful job keeping the peace in the galaxy without her sister. But after those events though, evil had always kept on coming from nowhere and had declared war on the Republic for centuries. This civil war wouldn't have happened if Luna remained true to the light."

Garret gave Twilight a grieving look at what she said. He then placed his hoof on her shoulder and said, "These things happen for a reason, Twilight. Why? I don't know, but now is not the time to dwell on the past and focus on what is happening in the present," he said.

Twilight looked over to Garret and gave him a small smile and a nod. "Alright," she said. She looked down the hallway and inspected her surroundings. "I believe this is the way to the chamber."

Twilight continued to lead and Garret and T3 were close behind her.

Applejack, Dash, and Trixie all walked through the temple's entrance and marveled at its ancient glory.

"I've seen bars better looking than this!"

Some more than others.

"Stow that kinda talk, Dash," Applejack said. "This is where the entire Order started. So ya better show some respect."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Dash said giving a dismissal wave of her hoof.

Trixie looked around the main hall for a moment until a thought crept up into her mind and formed a devious smile on her face. "Trixie hopes that Garret and Twilight are okay," Trixie said getting Applejack and Dash's attention. "The unicorns back at the enclave say that this place is haunted by the dead solar ghosts!"

"G-G-Ghosts?" Dash said nervously.

Applejack raised one of her eyebrows. "Ghosts?"

"Yes. They say whoever comes here, the ghosts from the past would come after them and make them as one of their own~" Trixie said making wooing sounds and waving her hooves around in a scary fashion.

Applejack rolled her eyes and Dash's legs were shaking.

"Don't be ridiculous. There are no such things as ghost," Applejack explained.

Lightning then flashed outside of the windows of the glass stains of the moon and the sun and a large shadow of some creature lay across the room. The three huddled together in fright , another flash of lightning appeared and to the collective fright of everypony, the shadow disappeared.


"Who's a good little centipede, huh? Who's a good little girl?" Fluttershy said to the centipede as she continued petting the side of the bug’s head. Fluttershy was able to calm the centipede down after it tried to attack the trio earlier and find out that the creature was stuck underneath a log that came toppling down on it. Rarity was able to use her magic to get the log off of it and the bug licked the two mares as a sign of gratitude. It offered them a lift to the temple and now Fluttershy was saying goodbye to it. "Now you behave and stay safe, okay?" she advised with care in her voice.

The centipede gave a nod and crawled back into the forest among the bushes.

"Well, that was interesting," Rarity said. "I'll admit that I don't like bugs that much, but its skin was so smooth. I have to find a way to replicate that smoothness for the crew's armor. They must be so rusty and have so many bumps on them."

Fluttershy, Rarity, and Angel turned their attention towards the remains of the temple.

"My word, even after a thousand years the temple is still intact," Rarity said. Then out of nowhere, a boulder came tumbling down from the temple and landed right in front of them causing Rarity to let out a yelp and Fluttershy hiding behind her with Angel. "Well, mostly intact."

"A-A-Are you sure that this is a good idea?" Fluttershy asked, trembling with fear. "It looks kinda dangerous."

"Not to worry, deary. We just need to grab a few things and we're returning to the ship as quickly as possible," Rarity explained.

"Oh, okay. If you say so."

The trio went into the temple and started their search for anything Rarity wanted to use.

"No, too large," Rarity said, looking at the various pieces of art and tapestries on the walls. "No, too heavy. Too long. Eck, too green. Too obtuse. Too aerodynamic. Too.......is there even a word for this one?" She inspected everything she could find, but to no avail, she was unable to find anything that she thought would make her famou- I mean, that much closer to restoring ancient art. The trio entered into what looked like a throne room and Rarity's pupils were wide when she saw two different flags over the thrones. One of the flags had the symbol of the sun on it and the other had a symbol of the moon. "Oh my stars! It's the ancient symbols of the sisters!" Rarity exclaimed. "Those haven't been seen in centuries. Just think of how much any scholar would pay for it if they got their hooves on these magnificent creations!"

"I thought we were here to restore some of these things?" Fluttershy corrected.

"Oh ummm, yes that's exactly what we're here to do. I would restore these creations and give them to a well-respected scholars that would take good care of them and put them in museums for all to see," Rarity explained. "And also to gain a little fortune and fame as well," she said under her breath.


"Nothing, nothing."

Rarity walked up on top of the throne and started to grab the moon symbol with her magic, but struggled to bring it down. All of sudden they heard music playing in the background and their ears perked up.

"What in heaven's name? Is that music or- WWWAAAAAA!"

Fluttershy turned to see that Rarity was gone and let out a surprising gasp. "RARITY!"

Outside of the temple's courtyard, a secret door opened up and Rarity came flying out of it and landed on the ground roughly. She felt a bit dazed for a moment and noticed her mane was covered in twigs and leaves. "OH COME ON! WHY ME?" she shouted, once again upset with her mane getting ruined. She looked at her hooves to see that a piece of the flag was torn off when she was trying to grab it. Her eyes widen with terror and let out a bloody, screeching scream. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

In another part of the temple, Twilight, Garret, T3 were walking down the hallways until T3 started to make his usual beeping sounds.

"What is it, T3?" Garret asked the droid.

"Beep beep boo bee beep."

"You said you heard screams?"


"Can you scan for any lifeforms?"

"Boo beep boo bee."

"You're saying that something is interfering with your scanners?" Twilight asked.


"Hmmm, must be something in the temple that could be interfering with the signal. Can we still contact the ship?

Garret checked his comm link to see if it was still working, but all he got was static sounds coming from it. "No good, signal is being blocked."

"Then I guess we're on our own for now," Twilight said. "We just need to keep looking and find the-" Twilight stopped in her tracks and suddenly froze in place at the room she was seeing. Garret accidentally bumped into Twilight and T3 bumped into Garret.

"Twilight, what's wrong?" Garret asked concernedly. Twilight didn't respond and her eyes were twinkling with amazement and her mouth was drooling. Garret looked at her with a puzzled look and turned his attention at what she was looking at. He furrowed his eyebrows as he was look at a room filled with-

"BOOKS!" Twilight shouted, gleefully. She went in charging into the room and was looking at every book she could find. She saw many titles on every book she could see. Some she recognized, others she didn't, and even books that were in different languages of which she loved to read more. "This must be the temple's archives. I heard a thousand years ago, ponies still preferred to read from books rather than datapads because at the time they were still glitchy and could store small amount of data at a time. *Gasp* I wonder if they have any unpublished copies of Starswirl the Watchstallion's work here!" She levitated every book she could find and was reading small segments of pages in each book before moving on to the next one.

"Eh Twilight, I know you like to read through all this but we need to stay focus and find the main chamber," Garret said.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Just give me a few minutes," Twilight said without looking back at Garret.

Garret raised an eyebrow at Twilight and T3 rolled his optic.

"This is going to be a long night," Garret commented.


"Okay, whose idea was it to go down the creepy hallway with hooves on the wall?" Dash asked as the trio was going down the hallway with metal hooves holding up burnt out candle placements.

"Ah think it was Trixie’s," Applejack said with a scrunched up face.

"No it was not!" Trixie objected. "It was your idea come into this hallway to hide from that strange shadow!"

"Oh, shut up! Anyways, it's better here than out there." Applejack pointed out.

"That’s true," Trixie agreed.

"What do you guys think it was?" Dash asked nervously. "It couldn't have been a ghost or something, right?"

"Yeah, it couldn't have been a ghost. Trixie only made that up just for fun," Trixie admitted.

Applejack rolled her eyes at the two. "Of course it wasn't a ghost. Only a foal would believe in those." Applejack then turned her back on the two looked down the hallway to see if there was another way to go. She felt an arm over her back and gave out a sigh. "Look, Ah know you two are scared but come on, at least show dignity without trying to hold on to one another."

"Umm Applejack, we're over here." Applejack looked over to see that both Rainbow Dash and Trixie were at the opposite side of her and saw that neither of them were holding her. She gulped and looked over to see a white hoof on her back coming from the wall.





"WWWWAAAAAAAA! WHAT IN THE HEAVENS WAS THAT!?" Rarity shouted as she was trying to find a way back into the temple. She reached her hoof into the small hole thinking that some kind of device on the other side would open up a hidden passage on the other side. But unfortunately, she felt something alive and quickly backed away from the hole. "That's the last time I ever put my hoof into a hole!.......Okay, maybe there will be times for special occasions, but my point still stands!" Rarity turned her back on the wall and continued to find another way out into the temple. "Now that I think about it, why would I put my hoof into the hole in the first place? It's almost as if a writer is trying to get over his writer's block by making me put my hoof into the hole for comical tense.......Oh great, now I sound like Pinkie Pie."

Garret paced back and forth as he and T3 waited for Twilight to finish with her research. But it seemed like Twilight had the intention of reading every book in the entire library. Garret had to think of a way to get Twilight away from the books and continue their search for the main chamber. Garret tapped his chin a couple of times and an idea popped into his head.

"Twilight, we should continue looking for the chamber," Garret said.

"I know, I know, but just let me read a few more books," Twilight said not turning away from her books. "Why don't you go and look for the chamber yourself? I'll be in here if you need me for anything."

Garret let out a sigh. "Twilight, I didn't want to do this, but you leave me no choice."

"Huh? What are you talking about?"

"Twilight, Celestia trusted us with this mission-"

Twilight eyes widen and she quickly turned towards Garret. "Don't you dare say what I think you're about to say."

"And she's trusting you to complete it-"

"Garret! I mean it!"

"If she saw you like this, she would be-"

"Don't you dare!"


Twilight's eyes twitched at the very word she most hated in the entire galaxy. She raised her hooves towards the galactic heavens and shouted, "NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

"Why is there so much screaming going on around here?" the mysterious, cloaked figure said. The figure waited a few seconds before it gave out a shrug and started playing a pipe organ.

"Rarity? R-R-R-R-Rarity? Where are you?" Fluttershy whispered quietly as she was creeping along the halls in her strenuous search for Rarity. "Oh Angel, I really hope we find Rarity soon." She noticed that Angel wasn't giving her any response or anything and she looked back to see that he was gone as well. "Angel? Angel, where are you?" She started to panic a bit and began tearing up. "ANGEL!"

Twilight was leading Garret and T3 as she was mopping about having to leave the library without checking out anymore books that she wanted to read. 'Garret is right though, we have to stay focused and complete this mission. The entire Republic depends on us,' she thought to herself. Before long, the trio came upon a large door that stood several hooves tall and had two alicorns on each side with three orbs going around them.

Garret looked at the doors for a moment and soon realized something. "I remember these doors," he said. "They were in the vision I had."

"I believe you're right, Garret," Twilight agreed. "This is no doubt the chamber that Master Celestia spoke of."

Twilight's horn lit up with magic and she used it to open the door. The door opened slowly and dust was coming off of it as it moved. The trio went inside the room and Garret immediately recognized everything that was in his vision. Like in the vision, there were the two thrones at the very far end and in front of them was the large structure that had only one round orb on top of it.

"Yes, this is the chamber were the elements were being kept," Garret said. "And my visions were true. The other elements are gone."

"True, but Celestia did say that the sixth element would help us find them," Twilight explained. "We just need to find the sixth element."

"What is the sixth element?" Garret asked.

"Master Celestia told me about it before we left to come here," Twilight replied. "She said that it was the Element of Magic, the most powerful of all the elements. If she was right, which I have no doubt she is, then the element can show us where the others are and use them to stop Moonlight."

"What if it doesn't show us where they are?"

"Then if I have to guess, the element will show us how Eclipse and Moonlight found the Chaos Forge," Twilight answered.

"Alright, but where would the sixth element be?" Garret asked.

"That's a good question." Twilight examined the statue in front of them. To her, it was just a large round ball that was in the middle of where the other elements surrounded it. As she was thinking about it, why was there a large round statue there in the first place? Wouldn't it make more sense just to put the sixth element- "Of course," Twilight whispered.

"What was that?" Garret asked.

"I know where the element is," Twilight answered, having a huge smile on her.

"Really, where?" Garret quickly asked.

Twilight then pointed towards the statue. "There."

Garret looked over to where the statue was standing and he furrowed his brow in confusion.

Twilight let out a giggle. "Sorry, I should explain. The statue is the element."

"It is?" Garret said, doubtfully. "What made you think that it is the element?"

"Think about it. Why would you keep a piece of the element away from the others, when you know that all six element can be used against the forces of darkness? Why keep it away, when you can just hide it in plain sight?" Twilight explained.

"I see," Garret said. "But how would we use it? It too large to lift."

"I believe Lyra once told you that size doesn't matter to us unicorns. As long as we can feel the magic flowing through us, nothing too large or too small can stand in our way for peace." Twilight then lit up her horn and an aura of magic surround the large statue. As it did, the statue started to reacted to the magic around it and started getting smaller. When it shrunk down to the size of a hoof, Twilight levitated it over to her and took a closer look at it. As she was examining it, a small star carving appeared on it and it looked exactly like her cutie mark.

"Strange. When I was using my magic on it, a symbol of my cutie mark appeared on it," Twilight said.

"Maybe it's bonding with you," Garret suggested.

"Hmm, it's possible but we're not entirely sure yet," Twilight said. "Hopefully, we'll find out when we get back to the shi-"

Then all of a sudden, the orb brightly admitted a white glow around it and both Garret and Twilight's eyes glowed pure, white light. They both were seeing places and objects going through their minds and saw spire looking, three legged objects opening up, displaying maps and each one was surround by a different scenery. One was surrounded by a vast area of water, the other looked like it was in a cave covered by sand, the third was surrounded by ancient looking statues and had a dark presence to it, and the final one looked like it was surrounded by a lush forest with giant trees all around it. The orb stopped admitting the glowing light and dropped on to the ground while Twilight and Garret were catching their breath from the intense vision.

"What just happened?" Garret asked, after taking a moment to catch his breath.

"I don't know," Twilight replied. "I think the element just gave us a vision, but the places it showed us I couldn't recognize."

Garret took a moment to think to himself. "I think I know where they are," he said. Twilight looked over to him with a puzzled look. "I mean the planets, not where they actually are."

"You do? How?"

"I don't know, but it felt almost like that I was....there before," Garret replied, feeling confused.

"Do you know the name of the planets?" Twilight asked.

"Yeah, the first vision was the water world Marenaan, then Trotooine, Coltiban, and Kashyyyk."

"Interesting. We need to get back to the ship and contact Master Celestia at once," Twilight said. "She'll know what our next plan should-"


Garret and Twilight jumped up in the air as they heard a large smashing sound coming from a distance behind them.

"WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?!" Twilight shouted.

Garret looked around the room for a moment. "Hey umm, where's T3?"

-A few minutes ago-

T3 was listening in on Garret and Twilight's conversation about the element and if it was possible for him, he would be feeling bored; very bored. T3 had a lot more fun being around Pinkie than Twilight and Garret. He didn't have any problems being friends with them or being with them. It was just nothing but talk between the two and he felt a bit useless being around them, especially Twilight. To him, Twilight was indeed nice and was no doubt a great unicorn like some many ponies claim her to be. But the problem was that she was incredibly intelligent for a pony and always knew what to do under dire circumstances. She could easily do complicated math equations without any calculators and could do it within seconds. Plus, she had magic on her side and could easily fix any problems with it. T3 gave out a robotic sigh as the two continued their conversation.

In the corner of T3's optics he detected some movement behind him and when he looked, he saw a small shadow creeping up and disappearing. Not wanting to interrupt his master and friend's conversation, he quietly went out of the room and followed to where the shadow went.

T3 looked around the corner of the door and saw the shadow move along the walls. T3 at first slowly rolled over to where the shadow was, but the shadow seemed to somehow know T3 was coming and looked like it was running from him. T3 quickly went into high gear and chased down the shadowy figure. After chasing it through a few corridors, the shadowy figure stopped at a dead end and looked over to see a blinding light from the droid. T3 flashed his lights at it to reveal a small white rabbit in front of him. T3 furrowed his optic at the little bunny in confusion. The rabbit, not liking T3 flashing his lights at it, went over to him and kicked him in the leg, causing both to yelp in pain. Recovering from the bunny's attack, T3 opened up his compartments in his chest to show several different claws and razor blades on extended arms with his optic red in anger. The rabbit gulped and gave an apologetic smile. It quickly dashed past T3 and T3 quickly chased after it. As the bunny was running away from the mechanized horror, it noticed an old looking curtain nearby and jumped on top to get to safety. But the curtain gave way from its weight and fell on top of T3's head with the curtain dropping on both of them. While confused, T3 was moving around in panic and was going down a hallway hitting against the side of the walls on the way.

"Trixie wants to go back to ship!" Trixie said, tearfully.

"I'm with Trixie on this, not because I'm scared or anything like that," Rainbow Dash said, holding in her fear of the temple.

"Ah agree, not the part that you're scared-"


"-But this place is giving me the creeps and Ah'm getting the hay outta here," Applejack finished.

"WAIT! What about Garret and Twilight?" Rainbow Dash. "We can't just leave them here."

"Yes we can," Trixie quickly said.

"WHAT?! How could you say that? Garret gave you a second chance, remember?" Rainbow Dash said.

"Shoot! Trixie was hoping you wouldn't say that," Trixie whispered under her breath. "Fine! We'll take a good look around for them and get the buck outta here."

"All right, since that's settled then we'll-" Before Applejack could finish, a small cracking sound was made behind them causing the three to scream and gallop for their lives.

On another part of the temple, Fluttershy was slowly walking backwards as she was calling out for both Rarity and Angel in a low tone voice. "Rarity? Angel? Please let this be some kind of joke."

"What are you talking about, Fluttershy dear? What joke?"

Fluttershy turned around to see Rarity standing behind her while she was getting some small pieces of wood and leaves off of her mane. "RARITY!" Fluttershy shouted with glee and flew over to the fashionista knight; hugging her gently.

Rarity gave out a smile. "I'm glad to see you too Fluttershy," she said, rubbing the back Fluttershy's head. "Sorry that we got separated. But this temple is so stubborn about my restoration plans."

"I'm sure it has a good reason," Fluttershy said.

"It better," Rarity hissed at the walls.

"Rarity, do you know where Angel is? I tried looking for him but-" Before Fluttershy could finish, a ghost like figure came from around a corner was heading towards both Rarity and her. They both let out screams of terror and galloped for their lives.

Applejack, Trixie, and Rainbow Dash were galloping down in a hallway as fast as they could to get out of the temple with their eyes close out of pure terror. Fluttershy and Rarity continued to run from the ghostly figure in the same hallway as the trio. All of the ponies were running towards the other group as they each were running for different reason. They finally crashed into one another making a loud crash sound. The ghostly figure stopped and pulled off the curtains to reveal T3 and Angel looking down on the piled up ponies on the ground in confusion. T3 and Angel looked at one another and just shrugged.

Applejack was the first to get up and saw T3 and Angel standing in front of her.





"Rainbow Dash?"





Angel waved over to Fluttershy.




"Why did you say your own name?"

"Well, no one was saying it."

Dash rolled her eyes.

"What in the hay are y'all doing here?" Applejack asked.

"What are we doing here? What are you doing here?" Rarity asked.

"That's a very good question."

Everypony, T3 and Angel looked over to see both Twilight and Garret walking out of the room.

"*Le GASP* GARRET!" Rarity shouted, throwing herself at Garret causing the two of them to fall on the ground with her on top of him. "We were so worried about you! This temple is cursed and we need to get out of here!" she said, continuing her bone crushing hug.

"C-Can't...Breathe," Garret agonizingly said.

"What? That can't be tru-"

"But it is!" Rainbow Dash declared. "There was a dismembered hoof that grabbed me from the walls!"

"Wait a minute," Rarity said to herself.

"There was shadowy figure all over the place!" Trixie added.

"Oh dear, and we were chased by a ghost just a moment ago," Fluttershy added.

"I'm sure there is an explanation for all of-"

Then there was a loud music that sounded like a pipe organ was playing and everypony let out a yelping sound and surround themselves around Garret except Twilight as she cautiously looked around her surroundings.

"Losing...vision....lack...of.....air!" Garret quietly said as every mare was squeezing him tightly.

Twilight looked around the hallways to find out where the sound was coming from and looked over to T3. "Can you find out where the music is coming from?" she asked.

T3 gave a nod and used his built-in sonar to find out where it was coming from.

After a few moments of following T3, the group looked around a corner to see a large room filled with pillars and statues with a giant pipe organ in the center while a cloaked, dark looking figure was playing it.

"It's the ghost!" Trixie quietly said, shivering with fear.

"Or maybe not," Twilight stated and walked over to the figure. She let out a gulp as she was getting closer to the figure. With fear icing in the back of her spine, she used her magic to lift the cloak off of the figure when she was close enough and it was-

"PINKIE?!" eveypony shouted.


"Hey everypony, did you know that I could play the organ? I sure didn't," Pinkie said and started playing sports "Charge!" theme.

Rainbow Dash flew over to Pinkie quickly. "You're the ghost?"

"What ghost?"

"See! What I tell ya!" Twilight said.

"Well, then why are you here?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"At first I was doing what Twilight told us to do and stayed on the ship after she was gone for a few minutes. Then I saw you, Applejack, and Trixie and was wondering why you guys were leaving. I was tempted to follow you girls, but I remembered that Twilight told us not to leave the ship and thought you all just forgot that at first. But then I saw Rarity and Fluttershy leave the ship and decided to follow you guys to your party."

"What party?" Twilight asked.

"The 'Don't listen to Twilight's orders and go to the temple anyway' party, duh!" Pinkie explained.

"Then why were you wearing a cloak?"

"It was chilly."

"Chilly?! It was a eighty-nine degrees outside!"

"I don't know, it was pretty chilly to me," Pinkie said, playing a few more key notes on the organ.

All of a sudden, a spring sprung under T3 shooting the little droid into the air.




"-And that's the reason why we came here," Applejack said. Everypony was in a large bedchamber sitting around or exploring the room while they were explaining to both Twilight and Garret why they disobeyed Twilight's orders and came to the temple in the first place. "We're really sorry that we came here. If we didn't come along, none of this would have happened."

"It's okay, Applejack. You were doing the right thing by keeping an eye on those two," Twilight said.

"HEY!" Trixie and Rainbow Dash shouted.

"And I'm sorry as well," Rarity said. "I shouldn't have left the ship just to get some musky looking decorations and bring poor Fluttershy along as well."

"It's okay, Rarity," Fluttershy said, giving Rarity a gentle hug. "I wouldn't be much of a friend if I just let you go all alone and I did had the chance to have Angel to come along with us." Fluttershy then looked over to Angel standing on her back and gave him a smile.

"I guess we now have a new member of the team to come with us," Garret said. He looked over to Pinkie who was fixing T3. "Hey Pinkie, how's T3?"

"Good as new!" Pinkie exclaimed. She placed the last bandage on T3's chest and his optic started glowing blue again.

"Boop bee beep bee?"

"Oh nothing much, buddy. AJ was apologizing to Garret and Twilight about coming to the temple while they were looking for that what-sh-ma-call-it."

"Element of Harmony," Twilight corrected.

"Yeah that," Pinkie said.

Twilight then looked over to T3. "How were you able to fix him with just glue and bandages?" she asked Pinkie.

"What do you mean? You just saw me do it," Pinkie pointed out.

"I know but-...It's a very-...*sigh* Never mind," Twilight said wearily.

"Well, if we don't have anymore reason ta be here, Ah think it’s about time we got back to the ship," Applejack suggested.

"Agreed," Rarity said. "I've just had enough of this dreadful place anyway."

"If you don't mind Trixie asking, did you two find what we were looking for?" Trixie asked.

"Yes, but it's a bit more complicated than we thought, Twilight answered.

"What do you mean?" Applejack asked.

"We'll explain on the way," Garret said.

Everypony was now leaving the room with Twilight and Garret leading the way back to the Phoenix.

After several minutes of passing through the woods, the group saw the ship in sight and many of them were relieved to be back on it.

"Aw yeah! Glad to see my baby still were I left it," Rainbow Dash exclaimed.

"Indeed, it is marvelous to see it again," Rarity added.

"After this trip, there are two things Trixie hates now."

"What would that be?" Rarity asked

"Forests and temples," Trixie said bluntly.

Everypony let out a laugh after hearing that. When they got closer to the ship, the group saw Zaalbar and Canderous standing out of the ramp and each holding something in their paws or hand. In Zaalbar's hand he was holding up-

"Spike!?!" Twilight said confused by Spike being here.

"Hehe, hey Twilight," Spike said nervously having a sheepish smile.

"What are you doing here?" Twilight asked.

Canderous' face was covered in black ashes and his eyebrows looked like they were burnt off. In his paw he was holding up a small, white unicorn filly that had pale emerald irises and a light purple mane with pink streaks in it. She sheepishly smiled like Spike and waved at her-

"Sweetie Belle?!" Rarity said, shockingly.

"Oh, eh, hi sis," Sweetie Belle said, nervously.

"SIS?" Everypony, except Twilight, shouted in unison.

End of Chapter

Author's Note:

Thanks to my team, rhinotaz and That1Brony3 for the editing work and Higherbeach for his proofreading.