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Star Wars: Ponies of the Old Republic - BlueSun52

Join Garret, Twilight, Applejack, and the rest of the gang on their galactic adventures as they fight against an evil empire in this ponified version of the 2003 game of the year, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic.

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Chapter 7: Unexpected Plans


In the lower levels of the capital city of Hoovirs, hundreds of swoop racer fans were yelling and cheering for their new champion, Garret. He was being carried by the other swoop racers who were taking him to the stands, where Flim and Flam were ready to give a trophy to him.

Flim and Flam were twins who looked identical and wore the same outfit, except for Flam, who had a small red moustache. Their coat was a cream color and their hair was red with white stripes in it. They both wore barber style outfits.

When Garret was back down on the ground by the riders, he walked up to Flim and Flam.

"Congratulations rider! You are now the new champion of today’s swoop race. All prizes that each gang have put up for this year’s race now belong to this year’s champion rider and to the Hidden Beks!" Flim declared.

"And here is your trophy for winning the race," Flam said and handed the trophy over to Garret.

Garret held onto the trophy and raised it up in the air as everypony howled and cheering louder for him. Applejack and the gang were having trouble getting by the fans and riders all around the stand, but they were able to through and headed towards the stage. Garret saw the gang and went on to meet with them halfway. When Garret met up with the gang, Applejack looked at him with an angry face and slapped him across his face.


Garret's ears went down and he was petrified with fear. All he could do was make a weak smile and say, "Sorry that I scared you guys so bad. I promise that I wo-" Garret was interrupted when Applejack gave a strong hug around his neck. He blushed a bit and he could have sworn that his heart skipped a beat.

Applejack let go of Garret and she felt embarrassed, but she was delighted nevertheless. She then said to him, "Ya don't have to promise me not ta do something like thet again, but just don't do it too soon, okay?"

Garret gave Applejack a smile and replied, "Sure, no problem."

In another part of the tracks, Gilda and her Griffons began arming themselves. There were a few dozens of troops ready for battle; armed with Imperial equipment that they stole.

One of Gilda's Griffons stepped up and said, "We're all ready Gilda. What is the plan?"

"I hope we get a chance to kill Gavin and the Beks."

"Yeah dude, you and me both."

Gilda then said to her gang, "Well thanks to today's champion we have to delay that for now."

The Griffons were disappointed to hear that and some were fretting about it.

"But what we are going to do is take back our prize, sell that mare to the highest bidder, and kill the champion to show that we Griffons don't take too kindly to losing."

The Griffons then lifted their weapons up in the air and started chanting their devious leader's name, while she was smiling at what was to come next.

Garret and the gang were escorted to where all the prizes were and they entered a large storage area. The guards that escorted them left and everypony was looking around to see all what was there. There was armors, weapons, parts for swoop bikes, credits, and even a little astromech droid. Garret was curious about it and looked over it. The droid had a round head with a little round optic on it, it's body was slanted backwards with two rollers at the bottom, two front legs, and when he took a look inside of it, it had an extended arm that looked like it could be used as a tool.

Garret then turned it on and and the droid’s optics turned into a blue light. It stared making beeping sounds and started looking around it's surroundings. It then looked directly at Garret and started making more beeping noises.

Scootaloo walked over to Garret and asked, "What is this thing right here?"

"It's an astromech droid. They're usually on star ships to do repairs on it and sometimes if you upgrade them correctly you can use them in combat," Garret replied.

'Wow, that's cool," Scootaloo said looking at the droid.

"Breet-deet," The little droid said.

"Wait, is it talking to us?" Scootaloo asked.

"I think it is." Garret replied.

"Can you understand it?"

"Well, sort of. Sorry, I only understand most alien languages. Droids are a different case."

"Then how are we going to understand it?" Scootaloo asked while she was scratching her head.

Pinkie came in between the two from out of nowhere. "OH! OH! I can! I can!" she said waving her arm around in a fast pace and bouncing up and down.

Garret and Scootaloo both raised their eyebrows and said in unison, "You can?"

"Yep," Pinkie replied.

"How?" Scootaloo asked.

"I just can," Pinkie replied.

"So you just happened to know it?" Garret asked.


"How is that possible?"

"Well it's just how the writer of this story wanted to happen."

"Wait, What?"

"That's not important right now and aren't we suppose to find Twilight?"

"Uh...Oh right! That is why we came here in the first place anyway," Garret said and started looking around the storage again. He turned back to Pinkie for a second and wondered what she said earlier. He shook his head and decided not to look into it any further in to it.

"My name is Pinkie Pie. What's your name?" Pinkie asked the little droid.

"Beep boop bee," the droid responded.

"T3, that's a good name, do you like parties?" Pinkie asked.


"Alright, you and I are the best of best pals from now on," Pinkie said hugging T3.

"So T3, what can you do?" Scootaloo asked T3.

"Beep bee beep boop bee."

"He said that he can repair ships, hack into computers, and can guess the number you’re thinking of," Pinkie translated what T3 said.


"Oh sorry it wasn't he can guess what number you can think of, but he can work as a substitute for a nav computer," Pinkie corrected herself.

"Bee boop boop beep."

"But he doesn't like to fight so much. It scares him," Pinkie translated.

Scootaloo smiled and said to the little droid, "It's okay T3, we don't like fighting any more than you do."

It was obvious that the droid liked what Scootaloo said as he was making beeping his sounds. Everypony else continued their search around the storage, until Fluttershy called to the group, "Over here guys."

The rest of the group, including T3, went over to where Fluttershy was and they saw a large cage. In it was a sleeping purple mare unicorn. She didn't have any clothes on (but as ponies they really didn't have much reason to wear clothes, except when they needed it for protection, to disguise themselves, or just have to wear a robe for the unicorn order) and her cutie mark was a fandango pink colored, six pointed star with a white star under it and five, white little stars like it around it. It was none other than Twilight Shan.

Twilight then started waking up and looked over to the gang. Her eye sight wasn't so well because of the drugs that her captives used on her, but she just presumed her guests were the winners of the race. She let out a deep sigh and asked, "Let me guess, you won the big race and you came to claim your prize?"

Garret then replied, "Yes, you see we came to-"

"Well I got news for you,"Twilight said interrupting Garret. "I'm not just any Republic officer, I'm a member of the Unicorn Order and to top it off, I'm Grand Master Celestia's apprentice."

"Yes, I know and that's why-"

"Oh really? You think you know? Let me make it more clear to you," the mare interrupted Garret again and started walking towards him. "I am a unicorn that can ruin your whole day with just one thought, so you better pray that the drugs that the Griffons used to stop me from using my magic doesn't wear off soon," the mare then reach out from her cage, grabbed a very frighten Garret by his shirt collar with one of her hoof, and pulled him close to her. "Or otherwise this would be your most unlucky day ever!"

Garret was completely scared of the mare that he came to rescue in the first place. He gathered what courage he had left and said, "B-B-But.....we came to....rescue you."

".......What?" Twilight said and looked over to Applejack with a confused look.

"Sugarcube, ya remember me from th' Solar Spire right?" Applejack interjected.

"Wait.....Applejack? Is that you?" Twilight asked squinting her eyes at Applejack.

"Darn tootin it's me," Applejack replied.

"Wait if your here then that means..." Twilight looked back over to Garret and realized who he was. She blushed and let go of him. "Ahem...sorry about that I didn't recognized you with all the drugs that those Griffons gave me. Also, you have a very terrible outfit."

"It's alright, I understand......Wait? What is wrong with the outfit?" Garret asked raising an eyebrow.

Twilight shook her head for a moment. "Sorry, I have a friend that is highly obsessed with designs for outfits and I guess some of it rubbed off on me."


"I am glad to see that the pony that I requested is okay," Twilight said.

"I am? I didn't know that. Applejack, did you know anything about this?" Garret asked.

Applejack shrugged and replied, "No Ah'm just as confused as y'all are."

"That's understandable. Applejack didn't have clearance to have that kind of information anyway," Twilight clarified.

"Wait hold on a moment. What do ya mean Ah didn't clearance to know that? It was mah own fleet after all," Applejack said serious at what Twilight said.

"I'm sorry, but like I said you didn't have clearance. The only other ponies that had clearance was the council and Celestia herself. And they were the ones that gave me permission to recommend him to the fleet," Twilight said with a stern voice.

"What gives you the right to-" Applejack was saying, until Garret interrupted.

"I know that this something we should talk about, but I think we should get going before anything bad happens," Garret pointed out.

Applejack and Twilight looked back at each other and said in unison, "FINE!"

Garret looked and found the key to the cage and let Twilight out. When she got out, she looked around for a moment and started to ask, "Hey did anypony see my-" Twilight then stopped herself when she then saw Fluttershy. Anger quickly built up inside her and said, "YOU!"

Everypony was confused and looked over to Fluttershy. She was scared and made a small squeaking sound. Twilight went over to her and said, "What happened to you when the Griffons captured me?!"

Fluttershy tried to answer Twilight, but she barely made any words because she was terrified by the angry look that Twilight was giving her. Garret then stepped up for her and said to Twilight, "I can explain that for her. When you both crashed in the Undercity and you were unconscious, she went off to find help. But as you can guess, the Griffons got to you and when she came back, she didn't know where you were."

"I see. What was your name again?" Twilight asked Fluttershy.

"Fluttershy," she said quietly.

"I'm sorry what was that?" Twilight asked again having a hard time hearing Fluttershy’s name.

"Fluttershy," she replied in the same way.

Twilight then looked at Garret and asked, "Can you please tell me her name?"

"It's Fluttershy m'am," Garret answered.

"Okay. Fluttershy, I want to say thank you for going to get help. But you should not have left me alone in the escape pod while I was unconscious. We were in unknown territory and for all we know, the Imperials could have captured me."

"I'm really sorry. I didn't know what to do and everything around us was so scary, I had to find help somewhere," Fluttershy said while she was tearing up.

Twilight looked at the poor little pony. Twilight smiled and walked up to Fluttershy. She put a hoof on Fluttershy's shoulder and said, "I know it must have been hard for you, but sometimes we have to be brave if we are to have any chance against the Imperials. Can you promise me to be brave from now on?"

Fluttershy wiped away the tears that she had and replied, "I'll try my best."

Twilight nodded and turned around to see the other members of the group. "Umm, who are you guys exactly?" she asked wondering why there were a filly, a minotaur, a pink pony, and a droid.

"We'll explain everything to ya when we get to somewhere safe like Garret suggested," Applejack pointed out.

Twilight let out a sigh. "Alright I'll keep all the questions to myself, until we're safe."

Then Garret went on to say, "Well if everything goes well, we won't have any-."


Gunfire and explosions were being heard outside of the storage.

"Seriously? Why does this happen all the time?" Garret said frustrated by the lack of timing.

"Well there's nothing to do now, but ta get out of here faster than a rabbit being chased by a fox," Applejack said.

Fluttershy gasped and said, "There's a rabbit being chased by a fox!"

Applejack facehoofed herself and replied, "No Fluttershy, it's an expression."

"Oh what a relieve," Fluttershy said and was glad that what Applejack said wasn't true.

Outside of the storage room, the Griffons started attacking everypony they saw. Fans were screaming and trying to escape the arena, while the riders tried to get to their bikes to make their way out. Some of the other gang members started fighting back and were using their blasters, but they were out numbered and the Griffons had high tech weapons with them.

As the battle went on, the gang came out of the storage room and saw what was happening. They all went hiding behind some nearby crates and looked around to see if there was someway to escape the arena.

The Griffons had the arena locked down and had guards at every exit. It seemed that escape was impossible.

"Doesn't look like we're going to be out of here sooner than we thought," Applejack commented on the situation.

"Agreed. We're going to need some kind of plan to get out of here," Twilight added.

"Hmmm, we could-," Pinkie was about to suggest, until Zaalbar said what exactly she was thinking and pointed out how it wasn't going to work. "Fine! I suppose it would take too long to get all those balloons anyway."

Garret scratched his head at what both Pinkie and Zaalbar were talking about and suggested. "I bet if we contact Gadon, he can send us a transport to get us out of here."

"It's worth a try. In th' meantime, Ah guess we're going ta have ta join th' fray until he gets here," Applejack said.

The gang then prepared themselves for another fight with the Griffons. Zaalbar pulled out his bowcaster, Applejack pulled out two of her blasters, Scootaloo grabbed her blaster and decided to stay near Fluttershy since she was nervous to fight, Garret made the call to Gavin, pulled out a blaster, and handed Twilight a vibroblade, until she was able to use her magic again, and Pinkie pulled out her cannon from out of nowhere, while T3 revealed a small blaster that came from the top of his head.

Twilight noticed how Pinkie just grabbed a random cannon from out nowhere and started to ask, "How did you-"

"Now is not the time to ask that pointless question," Scootaloo said to Twilight. Twilight was confused, but decided to leave at that for now.

The gang then went and started firing their weapons at the Griffons. Few of the Griffons were caught off guard and were killed, but the others Griffons noticed and some of them started turning their attention to the gang. They unloaded what looked like an endless wave of blaster and some of the Griffons took to the sky to get an advantage over them. Zaalbar was focusing his fire on the Griffons in the sky and started taking them down one by one.

In the middle of battle, Applejack turned her attention to Garret and shouted, "Garret! Take this!" Applejack threw over to him a thermal grenade. "Make it count!"

Garret catched the grenade in the air and nodded. He and Applejack quickly flipped the switches on their grenades and threw them at the Griffons. By the time the Griffons noticed the grenades, they blew up, killing some of the Griffons. After the smoke cleared a bit, more Griffons with vibroblades flew straight towards the group. Zaalbar saw the Griffons and let out a threatening roar. He charged at them, started grabbing them by the throats, and threw them at each other before they had a chance to use their blades. Pinkie was using her cannon and T3 was using his blaster on the rest of the Griffons that were still on the ground, making sure that they wouldn't get a chance to blast Zaalbar.

All of a sudden from out of nowhere, a grenade landed right behind the gang and they were terrified at what was to come next. The group started running out of hiding from the crates and the grenade exploded and sent some of them flying through the air.

As Garret was trying to get up, he was having trouble keeping his eyes open and his ears were ringing from the explosion. There was fire all around him and the sounds of gunfire and explosions. He tried looking around that T3 was using an extend claw to drag Pinkie to safety, while Fluttershy was dragging Applejack to safety as well. He heard Scootaloo crying out for him saying, "Hang on! I'm coming to help!" But all of a sudden she was brutally pushed aside by a female griffon and was knocked out.

It was the Griffons’ leader, Gilda. She smiled at the weak pony and grabbed Garret by the throat. She started chocking him with claws, while he was struggling to get free. She drew out a small cylinder object and turned on the device that revealed itself as a lightsaber. She started laughing and said, "Good thing I took this from your prized mare and now I get to use it on you." She started lifting the blue blazing sword as she was about to strike down Garret with it. But as Gilda was about to, the cylinder part was suddenly surround by a purple aura and being pulled from her. The griffon had trouble holding on to it and the weapon was pulled away from her and headed towards Twilight. Twilight grabbed it with her hoof and made a striking stance with it. The purple mare had her magic back and no Griffon was safe.

A couple of Griffons started using their blasters on her, but she used her blade to deflect everyone of them and sent some of them back towards the foolish Griffons. They were struck down by their own blaster fire and Twilight turned her attention back to the female griffon.

Twilight looked at the griffon with stare that could make any enemy fall to their knees and beg for their lives. But Gilda wasn't going to make it easy for Twilight. Even though she had her magical abilities back. Gilda let go of Garret and grabbed a nearby vibroblade. She then started charging towards the pony and was yelling at the top of her lungs. All Twilight did was stay still and waited for opponent to get close. She closed her eyes and took a deep breathe, keeping mind sharp and using her magic to know when to strike. When Glida was about a couple of hooves from Twilight, she quickly opened her eyes and sped next to Glida within a few seconds.Twilight then quickly used her blade to slash across the side of Glida's body as she was going by. Twilight then stopped several hooves away from where she was and standing still, not looking back at the griffon. The griffon stood motionless for a moment, but she then collapseed onto the floor.

Twilight let out some air and turned off her lightsaber. She then ran over to Garret and Scootaloo. She saw how hurt Scootaloo was and used her magic to heal her. She then lifted Scootaloo onto her back and started using her magic to heal Garret. Zaalbar was running over to them after he was done with the remaining Griffons. He quickly grabbed Garret and held him with one of his arms. As Twilight and Zaalbar carried the two injured ponies, Garret was beginning to black out and everything went dark.

A couple of hours had passed and the Imperials had the ruined arena locked down. Bodies were everywhere and the Imperial were trying to identify all of them. As they were doing that, from one of the entrances came Darth Moonlight's apprentice, Sunset Shimmer. As she was walking, all the Imperial troops and detectives saluted to her out of fear and respect.

Accompany her where two Imperial guards by the names of, Snip and Snails. Both had the same type of armor as the rest of the Imperial army, but their armor was designed the same colors as Sunset's mane. Snails was a tall and skinny unicorn pony, while Snip was a small and pudgy unicorn pony.

"Hey Snails, think we get a chance to see any action?" Snips asked Snails.

"Eh I don't know. I really hope so," Snails replied.

"I hope we get a chance to capture Twilight ourselves."

"Yeah....Wait? How would we do that?"

"Well duh! We use our magic against her."

"But our magic isn't that good."

"Maybe yours isn't, but mine is."

"No way."

"Yes way"

"Nuh uh!"

"Yeah uh!"

The two continued bickering, while Sunset just ignored the two and thought to herself, "How in the wide wide space of Equestria, did I have two of the dumbest guards in all of the Imperial armada. For crying out loud, these two flunk the academy for potential Imperial unicorns and somehow they're under my command. I bet it's Soul's fault."

As they were walking, one of the Imperial officers approached Sunset and saluted to her. "Mistress Sunset, we have done a complete search of the arena."

"And?" Sunset asked, impatiently.

"A-And according to surviving witnesses, A purple unicorn was in fact here during the battle and was carrying a lightsaber with her. We have reason to believe that she was here."

"Is she nearby or has she been captured?"

"No, my mistress. She was accompanied by the winner of the swoop race, four ponies, one of them a pegasus, one little pegasus filly, a minotaur, and an astromech droid. There was a hoover transport that came during the battle picked them up. We don't know where the transport went and we have no way to verify it's I.D."

"Blast! Once again, Twilight has alluded my best soldiers and stays in hiding like a coward. I want everypony and everything to be detained and brought in for additional questioning. Do I make myself clear?"

"Y-Yes, my mistress, but there is one more thing I should mention."

"What is it?"

"We have found one female griffon, that fought against Twilight herself. She lost to her, of course, but she's alive and claims to know who owns the transport and picked her up. We tried to get the answers from her, but she won't speak until we give credits in return."

"I will speak to her myself. You and the rest of your ponies continue your search and report to me anything that might have something to do with Twilight."

"Yes, my mistress."

Sunset and her two lackeys, made their way towards the medical tents that the Imperials set up. Sunset entered the one with Gilda in it and saw the griffon bandaged up and barely breathing. Sunset walked over to her and said, "My officers tell me you know where Twilight might be. Is that true?"

Gilda tried to turn her head towards Sunset and replied, "Yeah, but you’re not getting anything from me, until I get my credits."

Sunset had a wicked smile on her. "Oh your going to tell me anyway." Her horn started showing an opal colored aura and it surround Gilda's neck, chocking her as she was struggling to breathe. "Because I have no time to deal with the likes of you or any of your kind."

As Gilda tried to get free from Sunset's magic, she was still able to speak and said, "Alright! Gah! Alright! The Hidden Beks have her. I can lead you towards their base and-"


Sunset cracked Gilda's neck with her magic and replied, "There's no need for that and your services are no longer needed." Sunset kept her smile and walked out of the tent, leaving the lifeless body behind. She approached the officer she talked to earlier and said to him, "Get your ponies for a gang hunt. I want every known Hidden Beks member captured and interrogated, until we find Twilight Shan."

"Yes, my mistress. I will get the troops ready to go as soon as possible."

Garret then started to open his eyes. He woke up to find himself in a room that looked like a medical room. ‘Well doesn't this feel familiar,’ he thought to himself remembering when he was out cold and woke up in the Beks base. He looked around the room and saw Twilight sitting on a chair, reading a book. She was using her magic to keep the book in mid-air and didn't notice that Garret was awake. He smiled and asked, "What are ya reading there?"

Twilight's ears perked up and looked over to Garret. She smiled and replied, "Oh it's nothing much. It's just an old, history book on Hoovris. Though I wished I had a better book than this, the records in it are all wrong and it makes Hoovris look more pleasant then it really is."

"Tell me about it." Garret said sarcastically.

Twilight giggled and said, "Yeah, Applejack and the others told me all the adventures you guys had to do just to rescue me." She then lowered her head down with a frown and said, "I'm sorry about the way I acted earlier. It wasn't like me to get angry so easily."

"It's alright. You've been through a lot just like us. You don't have to apologize to anypony," Garret said to Twilight with a smile.

Twilight smiled as well and said, "Thank you. You have no idea how guilty I felt about it." Twilight then changed the subject to something else. "Applejack told me about you’re having visions about me. I asked what they were, but she thought it was better if you were the one to explain it to me."

Garret took a moment to think up all the details about the visions he had. "Well the visions didn't start until we crashed on Hoovris....."

Sometime had passed and Garret was done explaining the visions he had been having. Twilight took a moment to herself and replied, "I don't know how, but....I think you've somehow bonded with me by using magic."

Garret was confused at what Twilight was saying. "Wait, what do you mean by magic? I'm not exactly a unicorn, you know, so how can I use magic?"

"It's true that unicorns can use magic, but magic exists in all life through out the universe. Who's to say that earthponies can’t use magic? And pegasi can use magic as well, but they can only move clouds and have a strong resistance towards magic." Twilight said and continued, "Plus, I wouldn't say that you’re not a unicorn."

"Wait? What do you mean by that?" Garret asked out of confusion.

Twilight reached over to grab one of Garret hooves as she place his hoof on top of his head. When he started feeling around, he immediately knew that something was different on his head. Twilight used her magic to levitate a mirror to Garret and positioned it to show what was on top of his head. Garret then asked, "How....When did this happened? Is this even possible?"

Twilight nodded her head down and replied, "Yes Garret......You're a unicorn now."

Everything froze into place and Pinkie walked up onto your screen. She cleared her throat for a moment and proclaimed, "Dun-Dun-DUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!"