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Star Wars: Ponies of the Old Republic - BlueSun52

Join Garret, Twilight, Applejack, and the rest of the gang on their galactic adventures as they fight against an evil empire in this ponified version of the 2003 game of the year, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic.

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Chapter 4: The Sewers(Rewrite)


After a traverse travel through the dark depths of the Undercity, Garret, Applejack, and Pinkie were following Scootaloo and Zaalbar towards the entrance of the sewer systems, where they would try to find the backdoor towards the Griffons' Base, the lost journal to the Promised Land, and possibly Fluttershy. Soon they stood in front of the entrance and were checking their equipment to prepare themselves for whatever laid in the sewers.

Pinkie stretched out her hooves and from out of nowhere grabbed a small cyan colored cannon which had a wheel on each side with a flower design on each one. Applejack furrowed her eyebrow. "Where in tarnation did ya get that!?" she asked, confusingly.

"Well, duh! I just grabbed it," Pinkie replied.

"No. Ah mean....Never mind," Applejack said, giving up on the subject.

Scootaloo walked in front of the others and faced them. "Can I get everypony’s attention?" she asked and the group looked down to her. "I should tell you guys that the sewers are a nasty place to be, so I'm going to tell you guys what we should do. The one thing we should do at all times is stick together. The sewers are like a maze down there and you can get easily lost if you're not careful. If we do get separated, it would be a good idea to stay where you are and me and Zaalbar will come to rescue you as fast as possible. And lastly, there are a lot of ponyghouls that live down there, including the infamous slavers, gamorpigs."

"Ummm, what exactly is a gamorpig?" Applejack asked.

"They're a bunch of fat pigs that go around the galaxy being either hands for hire or work in the slave business. They live in the sewers I think it is mostly because the smell reminds them of their home or something,"

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Pinkie shouted, waving her hoof wildly as she wanted to ask a question.

"Yeah, Pinkie?"

"Do they like parties?"

"No." Scootaloo said, hesitating with her answer


"Alright everypony, let's get going." Scootaloo then pressed a button on the elevator's controls and the door slid opened.

Everyone soon went into the elevator and the door closed behind them. Scootaloo then pressed the button that conveniently depicted an arrow pointing down and the elevator started its painfully slow descent towards the bowels of the sewers. It took no more than three seconds for a small melody to start playing.

"Wow! You really can't get away from that music can you?" Pinkie said out of the blue

"No, you can't. Ever since the imperials took over this music has been playing all over the planet," Scootaloo agreed in a slight deadpan.

"So Pinkie, did Rukil ever tell you where exactly the journal is?" Garret asked.

"Well, he told me that it would be near the old, abandoned village that the outcasts used to live in centuries ago," Pinkie replied.

"Is he sure that the journal is still there?" Garret asked. "What if the journal was taken or destroyed?"

"He told me that his ancestors placed it in a strongbox that was supposed to last for eons and can only be unlocked with a secret code phrase."

"So what is it?"

"It wouldn't be much of a secret code if I told you, silly!"

Garret stood silent for a moment at that remark."Right."

All of a sudden the elevator started making squeaking noises all around as sparks began coming off of the durasteel walls. The elevator suddenly stopped with a loud thump, the group now entrapped inside its confines.

"The elevator stopped!" Applejack announced. "What do we do now?"

"I'm not much of a mechanic, but I'll see if my computers skills have any effect on these controls," Garret said. He opened the elevator's control panel and saw that the wires were very old and covered in cobwebs. Some of the wires themselves were either disconnected, cut, or melted off from their placement. "This might take a while," he said.

"Don't worry about it, this happens all the time," Scootaloo said. She motioned Zaalbar to lift her up to the elevator's roof and she opened a small door panel. She climbed up to the top and looked around to see that something was jammed in the cogs and quickly removed it. She jumped back to join the others and pressed the “down” button again. Soon the elevator was moving once more, also bringing that same jazzy elevator tune as a result.

"Well by golly, how'd ya know that was the problem?" Applejack asked, surprised from the little filly's ingenuity.

"Sometimes something gets stuck in the cogs and other times the fusion box goes out," Scootaloo explained.

"You normally wouldn't know something like that on your own," Garret said. "Did Zaalbar teach you that?"

"No, not really. I mean, he does know how to do all this, but as you can see, he's not exactly small enough to fit through there," Scootaloo explained. "Actually the one who taught me was my big sister."

"Really, I didn't know you had a sister."

"Well, she's not really my sister, but I see her as one and she kinda sees me as one too. She taught me all these cool things; how to fix stuff, hack into terminals, how to properly win a pazaak game."

"I see, so where is she then?"

At that Scootaloo ears lowered and she adopted a depressed looked. "She's...she's a pilot for Blueblood. I haven't heard from her for days now and I'm afraid that she's in trouble." Tears were beginning to develop around her eyes as she was fighting back not to cry.

Pinkie went over to Scootaloo and gave her a hug. "Don't worry; I'm sure that she's okay right now. It could be because of the Imperial blockade that's surrounding Hoovris and she can't get past it," she said, hoping to make Scootaloo feel better.

"Yeah maybe you're right. I just hope Rainbow is okay," she said.

"Rainbow? Is that her name?" Garret asked.

"Yeah, that's her name. Rainbow Dash, the greatest pegasus pilot in all of Equestrian space. She tells me that she can outrun the best pilots in the Wonderbolts fleet on both piloting and flying," Scootaloo said.

"Sounds like she's a little overconfident in her abilities," Applejack added.

"Maybe a little," Scootaloo admitted with a sheepish smile as she rubbed the back of her head. "But I have no doubt that she really is the best pilot."

The elevator stopped again, but this time it reached its destination in the lower accessible levels of the planet. The door opened to reveal a long hallway that looked old with metal corrosion along with claw marks on the walls. There was an unpleasant and horrid stench in the air making it difficult to breathe for the group, except for Scootaloo and Zaalbar, as they were almost used to it by now.

"Woo Wee! That's an unpleasant smell. How can anypony live down here with something this fierce?" Applejack said, covering her muzzle to block off the smell.

"I don't know, but you've got to be desperate to live in a place like this," Garret added.

Pinkie was coughing all over the place and quickly put a hoof into her mane , bringing out a gas mask which she placed over her face. She took a few relieving breaths and reached once again back into her mane to pull out an air freshener, swiftly spraying it all over to get rid of the foul smell.

Scootaloo and Zaalbar chuckled quietly at the others’ misery at the stench.

The group went through a doorway and entered into a large, circular room with an enormous hole in the middle with railings on the side. Sewerage water was coming out of large pipes and was going down into the hole.

Garret looked down in the hole and was amazed how deep it went. "Wow! Where does all that sewerage goes?" he asked, curiously.

"Nopony really knows. It's been centuries since the sewer systems were built and there aren't any schematics left that can tell us how they were put together," Scootaloo replied.

A low growl and hoofsteps were heard shortly and, before anypony knew it, ponyghouls started crawling out of the pipes and through some of the door entrances. In instants they surrounded the group and were preparing to attack. Garret and Applejack pulled out their blasters and all the others were preparing themselves for battle. The ponyghouls charged in towards the group first, jaws open and claws ready to maul bone and flesh alike. Applejack and Garret had their backs pressed against each other, already firing their blasters at their attackers whilst Zaalbar was using his brute strength and size to overpower the ponyghouls, simply throwing and crushing them. Scootaloo, on the other hoof, was mostly avoiding and tripping the ponyghouls as she wasn't strong enough to take them on directly by herself and didn't have any blasters with her at that moment, though she still did stall their advance.

And some of the ponyghouls were charging at Pinkie of course, but she got her cannon and pointed at them. The ponies-turned-beasts stopped in their tracks and shared a glance between themselves, followed by the quick shaking of their heads towards her. Pinkie raised an eyebrow. "You don't want me to shoot?" They nodded their heads nervously. "Are you sure?" They nodded again. “Are you really, really sure?” Once again a nod, sweat already dripping from their foreheads. "Okay, I won't." They let out a sigh of relief until Applejack grabbed onto the cannon and fired it at them, thus blowing them away with a bunch of pies and confetti.

Applejack turned her attention towards Pinkie with a pissed off look. "WHAT IN TARNATION WERE YOU THINKING?!?" she shouted.

"What? They didn't want me to shot!" Pinkie countered.

Applejack smacked herself in the face and immediately blasted a ponyghoul that was trying to sneak up behind her.

As the battle was going, a ponyghoul sneaked its way around the conflict, positioning himself right behind Pinkie as he tried to swing a claw at her. Pinkie notice it at the last minute and jumped back. But unfortunately, she tripped on a stray pipe and fell over on the rusty rails near the hole o’ doom, and it broke on impact. She would have fallen, but she managed to grab on to the edge and was holding on for dear life. Garret noticed and went over to her. He quickly slid across the ground and grabbed Pinkie's hoof. "Hang on, Pinkie!" he shouted. Garret started to pull her up until the same ponyghoul that attacked Pinkie lunged towards him and had him pinned down. Garret was holding on to Pinkie with one hoof, while he was using his other hoof to keep the ponyghoul from biting him. The fight between the both continued until the ponyghoul put too much of its weight against Garret causing him to be pushed backwards and making him fall into the hole with Pinkie not being able to support his added weight along with her own.

Applejack quickly turned her glance towards what was going and was horrified at what she was seeing. "GARRET! PINKIE!"

Pinkie and Garret fell into the sewage water deep below relatively unharmed. The ponyghoul, on the other hoof, was not as lucky, having met its end at the tip of a jagged metal truss. The duo were underwater for a moment but soon emerged out of it to catch their breaths. All of a sudden though, they noticed they were being pulled into one of the pipelines and tried to swim away from it but were unable to get away from the force that was pulling them in. They were pulled in and were going at a fast pace down through the sewage systems. Garret was screaming as he was struggling with the current as Pinkie was also letting out a horrified scream while she was riding down..


….Scratch that, she let out a joyous scream as she was riding down the stream.

Eventually, they were pushed out of an exit of the pipelines and were falling into a small chamber that was filled with trash and large metal pieces. They fell in and as soon as they resurfaced they swam over to a nearby door and climbed up to a platform. Garret was breathing heavily from pure exhaustion after struggling to stay afloat during the crazy ride down in the sewers. Pinkie however, shook her body around to get the sewage out of her mane and tail and they were puffy once more. She bounced around still filled with life and energy.

"WOW, that was fun! Let's do that again," Pinkie said, giggling with joy as she had enjoyed her ride down in the sewer pipes.

"How is it that you have so much energy?" Garret asked, still regaining his breath.

"I don't know, I've always had this much energy. Especially when I had coffee that one time. Boy, everypony was mad at me after all the things I did while I was jumped up with all that caffeine," Pinkie replied, still giggling.

Garret gave out a sigh and got back on his hooves again. He checked to see that he had lost his blaster on the way down and saw that he still had one grenade left on him. The two walked over to the door and saw the controls to it on the side. Garret pressed on the controls but the door didn't open. He then flipped the control panel open and started to work it.

"You might want to sit down for this," Garret told Pinkie. "This could take a while."

"That's okay, I don't mind," Pinkie said. She sat down on her flank. "Hey, this a great time for us to get to know one another!"

"Yeah, this would be a good time for that," Garret said in agreement. "Is there anything you want to ask?"

"I have one," Pinkie replied. "Is Fluttershy your girlfriend?"

"OW!" Garret shouted as he was shocked by a wire that he was trying to put together but was surprised that Pinkie would asked that question. "My girlfriend?! No, we just met on the Solar Spire while the battle was taking place. She's a friend and I promised that I would protect her."

"Aawww, that so sweet," Pinkie said. "She's lucky to have a ‘friend’ like you."

"Thanks. I've been meaning to ask though, what is a pony like you doing down here? Were you born here or something?"

"Well, no. I was born in the top of Hoovris. I used to live with my family up there and I was good at making ponies smile all the time, but as time went by I found out that there were ponies down here that were miserable and hardly had any reason to party and smile. So I decided to come down here and make everypony here smile and give them the best parties ever!"

"Wow! Was your family worried about you doing that?"

"They were at first, but as you can see by my cutie mark that it is my job to bring happiness to everypony that I meet and my family wouldn't want to do something that was against my special talent. They gave me all the supplies that I needed and they wished me the best of luck!"

"I'm glad that your family accepted that. When did you meet Rukil?"

"Oh! He was one of the first ponies I became friends with when I first came here. He was always kind to me and I helped him through so much like, cooking his meals, helping him walk around, and even listening to all the stories he tells me and the little fillies. A couple of years ago he made me his apprentice and told me all about the Promise Land. He also told me that it would be a pony with a kind heart that would find it for us and I'm convinced that you are that pony." Pinkie gave Garret a big smile.

Garret returned it with his own gentle smile. "Alright, I think I'm close to opening this doo-"

All of a sudden they heard a low growling noise coming from within the chamber. Garret and Pinkie turned to see where it came from, but the room was filled with nothing but trash and waste and the chamber was too small for anything to possibly to be in the same room as them. Without them noticing, a small eye popped out of the water and looked around the area and spotted Garret and Pinkie. The eye dropped back into the water without the two noticing it.

"It's probably nothing," Garret said, doubtfully. He turned his back at the water. "Let's just get the door open and- GHA!" All of a sudden a tentacle came out of the water and slithered its way around Garret's neck. It then pulled him into the water and disappeared.

"GARRET!!!" Pinkie shouted and jumped into the water as well. She searched frantically for him in the water but couldn't find any traces of him. Her mane was now straight and her bright pink color was now duffled and a darker shade of pink.

From out of nowhere, Garret came struggling out of the water with the tentacle wrapped around his body. Pinkie quickly grabbed onto him and was trying to separate the tentacle from his torso. While trying, Pinkie was pushing away from him when the tentacle swung Garret around. Pinkie stumbled into the water and felt a bit dazed from the push. After that, she looked around to see if there was anything she could use against it and saw a rusty pipe. She grabbed it and quickly stuck it into the fleshy tentacle. There was a screeching sound that erupted in the chamber and the tentacle let out of Garret quickly and disappeared into the water.

Pinkie grabbed Garret's shirt collar with her mouth and pulled him on the platform. She noticed that he wasn't breathing and she was panicking. "OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH! WHAT DO I DO!? WHAT DO I DO!?!?!?" she shouted out loud in distress. Without even realizing it herself, she opened his mouth and started to do CPR on him. She was putting her mouth in his giving him air for one moment and was pumping his chest the next. She continued to repeat this until Garret was coughing up water out of his mouth. Pinkie felt a wave of relief that Garret was okay now. As he was still, laying on the ground regaining consciousness, Pinkie was processing what just happened. 'Did I just kiss him? Wait, does CPR count as a kiss? I mean, I know his live was on the line and everything, but that was probably his first kiss....and mine.' Garret spit out a few more mouthfuls of water out his mouth and his eyes were opening. 'I think I'll keep that to myself until I decide otherwise.'

Garret opened his eyes and looked up to Pinkie. "Ugh, Pinkie? What happened?"

"Garret! Some kind of tentacle monster was trying to drown you and I was trying to pry you off of it. When that failed, I grabbed the closest thing I could find and stabbed it. It then disappeared into the water," Pinkie explained.

"I see." Garret let out a groan and said, "Thanks, Pinkie. I really owe you one."

"It was no problem, Garret. I'm always willing to help," Pinkie said, her smile unwavering.

After a few moments, Garret got back to working on the controls and he soon opened the door and motioned Pinkie to follow him. Pinkie was bouncing up and down following him and paused for a moment to look back towards the chamber. 'Hmmm, I know he was unconscious and all, but he really was a good kisser. His mouth tasted so...sweet,' she thought. Pinkie had a bright smile on her face and continued to follow Garret while bouncing up and down.

Garret and Pinkie walked through a long hallway and soon saw an exit on the other side. They went through it to see an abandoned village in front of them. The streets were covered in junk piles and old pony skeletons that looked like they had been there for centuries. Pinkie was about to let out a celebratory shout about finding the village, until Garret covered Pinkie's mouth and dragged her to cover. Garret let go of Pinkie's mouth and whispered to her to be quiet. Pinkie looked over Garret's head from their hiding spot and saw a group of gamorpigs.

They were large and bulky looking pigs with green skin and had tusks around their snout. They carried around large axes and were wearing armor that looked like it was put together poorly.

Garret and Pinkie were watching the gamorpigs go into the village and decided to follow them in. They crept along the same path as the pigs and remained hidden from them as best they could.

After a bit of time, Garret and Pinkie saw where the pigs were going and saw a small fortress in the middle of the village. The fortress was mostly made out of scraps of metal. There were towers with gamorpigs in them watching over the fortress and the village.

"That must be their base," Garret guessed. "Think we should check it out?"

"The journal could be in there. Hopefully, it'll be worth the search," Pinkie replied.

"Alright, but I only have one grenade on me."

"Don't worry, we just have to be sneaky and we'll be fine," Pinkie said.

"Easier said than done," Garret commented.

"Come on, let's look for a way in," Pinkie said and started looking around the walls of the fortress.

They kept on looking around the walls, while they were trying not to be caught by the gamorpigs. Finally they found an opening in the walls and made their way in. Inside the fortress, there was a bunch of tents and some poorly shaped metal buildings.

Pinkie turned her attention towards Garret. "Alright, if I find the journal, I'll give you the signal," she said, putting emphasis on the word "signal."

"Okay, what is it?"

"You'll know it when it happens," Pinkie said and disappeared in a pony-shaped cloud of dust.

Garret then made his way around the camp. He checked every tent that he could get to and wasn't able to find the journal or anything useful. Garret continued his search and thought to himself, 'Stupid pigs, don't they have any blasters or anything useful? And what kind of signal does Pinkie have? *Sigh* I really hope we don't get caught or otherwise things will go.....bad?'

Garret stopped for a minute and saw a couple of cages nearby. Most of the cages were empty except for one that had a pony in it. There was a gamorpig guarding it, but he was asleep. Garret made his way over to the cage to see who it was. To his surprise and joy to see that it was Fluttershy. She was asleep and Garret was glad to see that she was alive. Garret wanted to say something, but he was afraid of waking up the guard. He looked around for a key for the lock on the cage and it is around the sleeping guard's belt. Garret slowly and carefully grabbed the key from the guard and pulled it out quickly. The guard shifted a bit in his sleep, as if waking up, making Garret stunned by fear, but the guard quickly fell back asleep as Garret let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. He opened the cage door and checked on Fluttershy.

She was still alive, but it seemed that she had been through a lot. There were scars on her body and parts of her suit were torn off. Her pink hair was a mess and was covered in mud.

"Fluttershy? Fluttershy, can you hear me?" Garret whispered to her.

Fluttershy began to wake up and when she did, she looked up to see Garret's turquoise eyes. She was speechless and was beginning to tear up. She quickly jumped towards the stallion and held on to him. "Oh Garret! I knew you would come, I just knew you would come," she said quietly, choking on her tears while she buried her face into the stallion's chest.

Garret held on to the little pegasus. "Don't worry, I'm here to get you out," he said. He then gently pulled Fluttershy on her hooves. "Come one, we better get out of here before any of these pigs notice us."

Fluttershy nodded and followed Garret as they were quietly moving around. As the two were making their escape, all of a sudden the speakers that were around the campsite turned on. "GARRET! I GOT THE JOURNAL!" Pinkie shouted into the microphone. "BY THE WAY, THIS IS THE SIGNAL!"

Garret smacked himself on the face. The gamorpigs saw Garret and Fluttershy and started to give chase. The duo quickly galloped away from the pigs and soon saw Pinkie with a datapad in her mouth, while she was bouncing away from more gamorpigs. They made their way through the hole that they found and escape from the fortress. Garret grabbed his only grenade, pulled the pin, and threw it by the hole. The grenade exploded blowing up the hole and taking a couple of the gamorpigs with it. The group stopped and relaxed for a moment until they saw more gamorpigs coming their way and began galloping again.

While Pinkie was still bouncing, she looked over Garret to see a cream colored pegasus she never seen before. She bounced over to her and started to talk but unable to because of the datapad that was in her mouth. "Mhmmhh Mmmmph mmm pphhhh."

"Umm, excuse me?" Fluttershy asked in confusion.

Pinkie placed the datapad in her mane and rephrased what she said. "I said hi, my name is Pinkie Pie. What's your name?"

Fluttershy whispered her name very quietly to a point that nopony has the capacity to hear while running away from an angry crowd of slavers while they carried their weapons and were made snorting sounds, but somehow in an conceivable way Pinkie was able to hear it without any problems.

"Oh! Garret, I found Fluttershy. How lucky that she was running in the same direction as us," Pinkie said.

"How did you even hear that?" Garret asked, surprised at how good Pinkie's hearing was.

"D-Do you two know each other?" Fluttershy asked, out of curiosity.

"Well it's a very long story, and right now isn't the time for that," Garret pointed out.

"Hey wait a minute! Can't she fly? She is a pegasus right?" Pinkie asked.

Fluttershy looked at Pinkie nervously and answered, "W-Well I can, but I'm too scared to fly right now. Besides I was never that good at flying anyway." She tried her best to get her wings to fly, but they wouldn't budge.

Pinkie put a hoof over her lips and asked Garret, "Hmmm did we have a plan B, Garret?"

Garret looked at Pinkie with an annoyed look. "No we didn't, but to be fair that was because I didn't know you were going to alert the entire camp just to tell me you had the journal," he commented.

"Well, what else was I suppose to do?" Pinkie asked.

"You could have used a bird whistle or something," Garret suggested.

"Huh, I never thought of that before. It does sound a lot better than my idea… Nah!" Pinkie said while she was giggling.

Garret let out a groan.

All of a sudden, the three were cut off by another group of pigs and they were soon surrounded by them. They cornered against the wall of a building and Garret took a defensive stance as Fluttershy ducked down behind him and was covering her eyes while Pinkie was standing on her hind legs and giving out a not so convincing fierce look. Then all of a sudden, blaster fire was coming from one of the nearby buildings. Coming from out of the shadows was Applejack and was firing her two blasters from a window with Scootaloo by her side watching her do her work.
Then a roar was heard, and Zaalbar came charging in. He started pounding on the helpless gamorpigs against the large minotaur. Some of the gamorpigs tried to get around him to attack from behind, but Applejack's sharp shooting skills kept them from doing it. Garret told Fluttershy to hide while he went to help Zaalbar fight off the gamorpigs. She jumped into a barrel to hide and saw the fight from where she was. Pinkie pulled a cannon from out of nowhere (again) and fired pies at them. The pigs were hit in their heads and were blinded by the pastry goodness. Garret was able to grab one of the axes from one of the fallen gamorpigs, but it was too heavy for him, so he started spinning around and around. Then he released it at them and it landed on one of them, knocking it out. The gamorpigs felt that they were going to lose the fight and quickly retreated back to their fortress. The gang then celebrated their victory.

Applejack and Scootaloo came running out of the building and Applejack quickly hugged the stallion as tightly as she could. She took a few steps backwards and said, "Well my golly, y'all are alright. Ah was worried sick that we wouldn't be able to found you."

"Don't worry we're fine. How did you find us?"

"Lucky for us, Scootaloo knew where th' sewerage went and we ran faster than a jackrabbit," Applejack explained.

"Glad that you found us when you did or otherwise we would've been goners," Garret said. He looked over to see Fluttershy come out of hiding from the barrel. Garret smiled and turned back towards Applejack. "Applejack, I like to introduce you to Fluttershy here," he said and stepped aside to show Fluttershy.

"Well Ah'll be, that was fast," Applejack said and looked over to Fluttershy. She then over to Fluttershy and said, "Howdy there, mah name is Applejack. It's nice ta meet ya."

"Oh, ummm, it's nice to meet you too, Applejack," Fluttershy said nervously.

Some time had passed since the group decided to camp out somewhere safe from the gamorpigs and ponyghouls. They were all in a room with only one doorway, so they didn't have to worry about anything coming to hurt them from any other side. Garret was explaining to the others what had happened and how they were able to save Fluttershy and found Pinkie's lost journal. After he was done, Fluttershy then went on to say how she came to be, "After we crashed under the city, Twilight was out cold and I went to see if there was any help to find, but when I came to the pod she was gone and some of our supplies too. I got what supplies the pod had left and went on my own to find Twilight or anypony that escaped the Solar Spire. Eventually I came upon the elevator to the sewers and went on it. By the time I entered the sewers I was ambushed and captured by those gamorpigs. I didn't really understand them, but something told me that they were going to sell me as a slave to some mean ponies." Fluttershy looked over to Garret. "Garret, I can't thank you enough for finding me in time."

"Don't worry about it Fluttershy, it's what friends do," Garret said.

"Ah'm glad too, this fella here wouldn't stop talking about ya. Ah swear, Ah was this close to bucking him in the back of the head, if he didn't stop," Applejack added. Fluttershy blushed at this.

"I was just worried about her. She was all alone out here,plus I made a promise to her that I would protect her and I always keep my promises," Garret replied.

Fluttershy gave a warm smile towards Garret after what he said.

"Well before anypony else would like to say anything, I think we should save it for tomorrow. It's late and I would like to get some sleep," Scootaloo said and went to sleep.

Everypony else agreed and started finding their place to sleep.

Sometime had passed and everypony was asleep, all except Fluttershy. She couldn't sleep after what had happened to her and was too afraid to sleep. She looked over to Garret to him still fully awake and was keeping a watch over the group. She lightly walked over to him and asked, "Um Garret?"

Garret looked over to Fluttershy who was getting nervous. Garret could tell that there was something wrong with her. "Is everything okay?" he asked, concernedly.

"Yeah, I'm fine. It's just.......I can't sleep," Fluttershy replied.

Garret couldn't blame her for that. After all that she went through the past few days, it would take a miracle for anypony to sleep peacefully. "Is there anything that I could do to help?" he asked.

Fluttershy walked over to Garret and laid next to him. "D-Do you mind if I sleep next to you? I-If that's okay" she asked blushing violently.

Garret gave her a warm smile and replied, "Sure, I'll still be awake by the time you wake up."

"How are you still able to stay awake?" Fluttershy asked.

"I've been in a coma for three days. I think I have plenty of sleep for a while anyway," Garret replied, chuckling a bit.

"Oh, okay. Well, goodnight Garret," Fluttershy said and laid her head down to sleep.

Garret then went back to watching over the camp while everypony else was asleep.

It was around morning when the group made their way towards the backdoor of the Griffons' base. The only thing standing between them and the base was a force field.

Garret examined the force field for a moment and looked over to Scootaloo and Zaalbar. "How do we get past this?"

"Simple," Scootaloo said, plainly. She reached into one of her vest pockets and brought out a slide card. She went over to the controls next to the door and slid the card across it. When she did that, the force field began to disappear and vanish into thin air.

Garret looked over to her with an impressed look on his face. "Nice, where did you get that?"

"Took it from a griffon that had a little too much at the cantina," Scootaloo replied.

"Huh, lucky we found y'all two when we did," Applejack said. "It's a good thing we found Fluttershy and the journal when we did, too. Otherwise this would've taken us days."

"Yep it was fun while it lasted," Pinkie said, smiling, but it soon faded a bit. "Anyways, I have to go back and return the journal to Rukil. He must be worried sick about me."

"I understand, Pinkie. It was nice knowing you and I'm glad that we had fun together," Garret said, smiling at the pink pony.

"No problem. Well, I guess this goodbye," Pinkie said, frowning.

The group gathered up and hugged Pinkie. She then felt a lot better and was happy to be among friends. She then waved goodbye to them and made her way back to the Undercity village. After Pinkie was out of sight, the group turned their attentions towards the entrance in the Griffons' Base.

With a cocky smile, Garret said, "Let's do this."


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