• Published 11th Sep 2013
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Second Princess of the Night - Senyu

With King Sombra gone, is Equestria truely safe from harm? Or will another foe as old as the Crystal Kingdom itself appear now that the dark unicorn's position of evil is vacant? What new danger will threaten the land and the Elements of Harmony?

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Act I - Chapter 7

I’m sorry, so terribly sorry,

But this thirst I cannot contain.

I see your tears, and hear your prayers,

Just please know, I feel the same.

*Knock Knock*

“Trail? Hello!?”

Twilight stood at the doorstep as she waited for him to respond, wondering if he could even hear her from wherever inside the house he was. “Trail! Are you there?” When there was still no reply, she brought her hoof to her chin. “Did he forget that he invited me over? Or maybe I got the time wrong. I could have sworn he said four-thirty. Or was it five-thirty?” Just as she was considering trying again at a different time, a sudden crash from inside the house nearly made her jump.


Worried that he may have finally injured himself due to his clumsiness, Twilight decided to risk intrusion over pointlessness and hesitantly opened the door. Pushing in enough to fit her head, she crane her neck and peered about the house.“Hellooooo… Trail?”

“Twilight! Is that you?” Trail’s muffled voice replied, indicating that he was on the second floor.

“Yes, it’s me! Is everything okay? Should I come back another time?”

The thud of hoof steps above her pounded about as he shouted down, “No! Actually, you had picked a perfect time to stop by! I’m in desperate need of help for something!”

But you were the one who invited me, she thought. However, during the time she had come to know him, she found it wasn’t unusual for the eccentric stallion to set up a time and place just to forget he had even made the arrangement in the first place. It was one of the few irritating traits she tolerated due to his other more positive behaviors.

“Please come upstairs as I finish packing!” Trail said.

“Packing?” After closing the door behind her, she curiously made her way up the stairs, her head peeking between the rails as she ascended. Judging from the sound of his rapid hoof steps, she figured he was in his study room. Wondering what could possibly be the reason for a sudden departure from Ponyville, she trotted down the hall and into the study.

While the room may have been somewhat messy at times for one reason or another, Twilight was shocked to find the entire place in disarray. Furniture were shifted from their usual spots from what she assumed was him running into them, books and papers were scattered about the floor, and even some of the carpets were partially upturned from his hooves catching beneath them.

Besides the mess however, her eye had caught the sight of a large and open brief case set atop of the chaise she had laid on during their sessions. It haphazardly held various trinkets, books, and wrinkled papers as if he had simply decided to stuff them in without any organization.

“What in Equestria are you doing?” Twilight asked as she entered. Without answer however, Trail suddenly appeared from the right and dashed past her to the book shelf on the other end of the study. He quickly began to mumble off titles his hoof past over, his face holding a look of panic and worry. She had never seen him like this before, and found herself speechless for some moments as she watched him move about in a flurry, picking up things here and there and either throwing them aside onto the floor, or into the open briefcase.

“Trail... what is going on!?” Twilight asked.

He did not pause his frantic searching in the slightest as he answered her. “Something has come up and needs my immediate attention!”

“What is it? Is it serious? Do you need any help?” Twilight asked as she moved towards the chaise, inspecting the various items within it.

"Can't say, very much so, and yes!” he answered in succession. As he glanced about in case he spotted something he might have forgotten, he returned to the briefcase and began shoving its contents down so he could close the lid.

“Twilight, I need you to watch my house while I’m gone. I… I don’t know when I’ll be back, but until I return, please come by every few days to check if everything is in order. Can you do that for me?” he asked between heavy breaths.

“I... y-yeah.... I can do that," Twilight stuttered at the suddenness of his request. "But you need to tell me what is going on. What’s so urgent that requires you to leave Ponyville? I mean, look at this place! What has you so worked up?” Twilight’s eyes widened as she pointed a hoof toward him. “What about your clients!?”

Trail’s eyes darted away as he answered, “They will just have to reschedule. I promise to make it up to them when I return.”

“Trail, you're worrying me. Please, tell me what is going on.”

“I… I can’t," he replied while looking away. "I deeply apologize for my inability to explain everything to you, but this isn’t something I can reveal. Not yet at least.” Twilight opened her mouth to question him further, but paused when he did finally look her in the eye. And they held a look of sorrow she had not seen in him before. “I promise soon that I will, after what I have to do is done.”

Unable to understand exactly what was happening, Twilight's fear and confusion of the situation only grew as she begged. "Please, whatever it is... it sounds important. I’m here to help you in anyway I can. Sure I can watch your house, but there must be something else I can do. You’re really starting to worry me...”

Trail visibly squirmed under her pleading face, but shook his head in unwavering resolution. With one last shove, he squeezed in the last of the contents and shut the briefcase. “I’m sorry Twilight, but I can’t go into the details. Not now.” Without looking directly at her, he passed her with a dead set expression.

“Trail…” Twilight spoke as she followed him out the room.

“A couple things about the house,” he began to explain. “Don’t worry about the dusting, I won’t be gone that long I think. There are a few items in the kitchen that need to be eaten soon or they will expire. Please keep most of the doors closed when not using a room. Don’t let anypony in while I’m gone.” Trail ran off the mental list he had prepared for her in his head while Twilight followed closely. He even continued spouting off things as he went down the stairs. “Don’t worry about the garden, as you know it’s already maintained by the previous landlord. But if you see him, please tell him to lay off the roses a bit next trimming. Also, I have a few potted Moon Drop flowers in the living room. I trust you are aware of their special needs?”

“Y-yes,” Twilight responded, trying to keep up with his quickening pace. Her mind was still reeling over the sudden development of everything that was happening.

As they reached the bottom of the stairs, Trail glanced briefly back at her and gave a smile in satisfaction she had caught everything. “Good. I already watered them last full moon. And the next one will come in a few days, so please make sure you tend to them during that night. It’s up to you if you want to sleep here or not, and you are more than welcome to scratch the rule of no guests if it's only your friends. I don’t mind if they come over. Just… don’t let Miss Pie throw any parties that are too wild. The spare key is under the front side hanging flowerbed. Additionally, while I’m gone, you of course have full access to the house, including my study. So please feel free to read any of the books.”

Twilight practically skidded to a halt as a gleam crossed her eyes. “Really!?” she asked with sudden excitement.

“Of course, just make sure you take good care of them.” Trail paused momentarily with a blank expression before chuckling and moving forward again. “Look at me, telling a librarian to take care of books!”

Twilight’s smile over the sudden privilege and prospect of reading quickly vanished as she swung back into the present. “W-wait! Is there anything else I need to know? Also, for the hundredth time, will you please just tell me what is going on!?”

“There’s no time, I need leave right now.” Trail gripped the briefcase in his teeth and continued out the front door. Twilight could only wordlessly follow, her mind running a mile per minute over why he could possibly be leaving, why he couldn't tell her, and trying to remember everything he had delegated to her control. She however, did stop as she stood in between the doorway, watching him walk up the front path with worry. Before he cleared the threshold of the yard fence, Trail stopped and set the briefcase down onto the cobble walk, and turned to look back at Twilight. “And Twilight, promise me that you will be careful while I’m gone.”

“Trail… I don’t understand,” she simply said.

“Just promise me,” he repeated

The look in his eye didn't hold the normal juvenile or academic look he usually had. Instead, he looked at her with a gravely serious expression that she wasn't even sure it was his, so contrast it was to his normal behavior that it almost seemed unnatural for the eccentric stallion to wear. She was so caught off guard by that look, she found any further arguments inside her head quelled beneath his gaze, and could only agree to his mysterious requests.

“Alright… I promise," she softly said. "But you have to promise when you get back, that you will explain everything to me. Okay?"

Trail's serious expression gave way to a much more reassuring smile. “I will, of that you can be sure of.” He bent down to pick the briefcase in his teeth again, and began to walk at a expedient pace down street. Not once looking back at his home, or at her for that matter.

Twilight stood in the doorway, her eyes following him every step of the way until he shortly disappeared behind a building after turning a corner. She continued to stare after the spot he had vanished at, still trying to grasp what had just happened and the unknown severity it implied. She could not imagine what would cause him to act so, and it must have been grave indeed to cause him to drop everything he had in Ponyville.

“What in Equestria are you doing?” she asked forlornly.


Trail had been gone for five days. Of which Twilight had so far visited his house five times to check how everything was doing, though she knew that such frequent checking was perhaps a bit unnecessary. In truth, it was partly in hopes of catching him home one evening from wherever he had gone; finally having to no longer need to worry about him and to receive an explanation of what it was he was doing. But not a letter arrived or a sign of his return. She didn’t even know how long he would away.

Twilight had gone to her friends for advice on the situation, even asking if they had noticed something different lately that may explain his behavior. None of them were particularly helpful, especially Applejack who already had a slight unfavorable opinion of him. She simply told her that he was probably off chasing some legend he found in his books and that he had a weak grasp on what’s real or not.

Receiving no help from outside opinions on the matter, Twilight was left to brood by herself on the reason for his actions. Her mind reached to far highly unlikely conclusions to simple family related explanations, neither of which satisfied her any more than his answers when she had asked him at the time. She was left in the dark with no answers or hints, something that gnawed deeply inside her.

It was on the fifth night that it was supposed to be a full moon, and she had made a promise to him that she would keep everything in order. Something she took to right away the moment he had left, putting everything he had left out of place during his scrambling that first evening into their proper place. Tonight, she had just finished putting away dishes from dinner at Golden Oak Library and was heading towards the door to fulfill her granted duties.

“Spike, I’m heading over to Trail’s, and I might stay for a while,” she announced.

“This late?” Spike asked looking out the window, the sun had already been gone from the sky for an hour. “Are you sure there isn’t a book here you want to read?”

“How do you know I’m going over to read?” Twilight asked. Her answered being returned as a raised eyebrow of skepticism from the little dragon. “Okay okay, so I’m going over to read,” she admitted. “But I’m also going over to water his Moon Drop flowers. I can’t help it if I get caught up in a little reading as well.

“Spike, he left me his entire library to peruse while he’s gone! Do you know how long I’ve been chomping at the bits for a chance like this? Normally he distracts me or comes up with a reason to avoid reading more than a book or two. And during the day I’m normally busy with one thing or another to even get a chance for a solid reading session.”

Spike raised his hands over his head and began to walk out of the room. “Alright I get it, you don’t have to explain anymore. But I’m going to bed once I’m done sweeping over here. And I expect you to not wake me up when you do come back home.”

“Like that would ever happen,” Twilight said rolling her eyes. “I’ll be back, goodnight!”

“Yeah yeah, goodnight,” he called over his shoulder.

With a relieved sigh, followed by a quick squeal for the upcoming few hours, Twilight trotted out the door and down the street.


Twilight reached the house she had been visiting every day, its dark form large and familiar as trotted up the stone path to the door. Humming a tune, she floated the spare key from underneath one of the hanging flower beds and levitated it into the lock. But instead of hearing a resounding click, the door swung partially open from the slight push.

Twilight raised an eyebrow, having sworn she had locked it yesterday after her usual check up. Cautiously she pushed it open the rest of the way with her hoof, and gave out a small gasp as she peered inside. Everywhere she looked, objects were strewn about the house in a mess. Furniture from rooms within sight were on their sides, and the floor was littered with small antiques and nick knacks.

Oh no, somepony has broken in! Oh my gosh oh my gosh! What if they took something? Of course they took something, look at this place! Who did this!? Twilight internally panicked and fumed at the same time.

Feeling her responsibility of taking care of the house fly out the window, she cautiously stepped into the house, her hoof steps creating an echo throughout the building. Her eyes panned over every object, taking note of what she could see and cross referencing with what she knew belonged in each room.

She had only entered a few rooms before the sound of the back door slamming shut snapped her head and ears up. The robber’s still here! What do I do? Should I go get help?

Running towards the back end of the house, she threw her hoofs onto the window sill and peered out into the night. Running through the garden and out into the field, she spotted the form of a pony racing away from the house. Her mind briefly considered the option to run for help on the matter, but the sight of the pony growing farther away ignited something within her. Oh no you don’t. You don’t rob the house I’M charged with watching and get away with it!

With a burst of light Twilight appeared in the back garden. Squinting her eyes towards the fleeing figure she filled her lungs and yelled, “STOP RIGHT THERE!”

The pony paused at the sound of her voice and turned around, regarding her for a heartbeat before resuming its charge towards the woods with renewed speed. Gritting her teeth Twilight disappeared in another flash of light and reappearing behind the pony as it broke through the tree line. The trees broke Twilights line of sight before she could grab him or her with her magic.

Grunting in frustration she tucked her wings and began the pursuit, determined to not let them get away with stealing Celestia-knows-what. Flaring her horn, she casted a simple spell to illuminate the path before her. The close knit of trees made the forest much darker than the streets and fields around Ponyville, only allowing her to see a short distance ahead even with her magic. Had a pony seen her from a distance, she would have appeared as a purple willow-wisp zipping through the forest, casting a soft glow on everything she passed.

Twilight held a steady pace, always keeping sight of the pony’s heels kicking in a mad dash, a dark cloak billowing behind that covered most of its form.. How the pony was able to find a clear path through the sudden trees that sprang from the darkness as they sprinted, Twilight was unsure. But somehow the pony managed, jumping over bushes and dashing past trees as if they knew the woods by hoof. Besides the pony’s ease of navigating the woods, she was growing confident that who she pursued was in fact a stallion. From the appearance of his build beneath the cloak and the sound of his heavy breaths, she was sure the robber was a ‘he’. Unfortunately for her, was proving to be very quick and agile despite his size; he would probably take first in the running of the leaves on how he ran.

Every time Twilight flared her horn brighter to cast a spell to hold the robber and freeze his moments, he immediately ducked behind a tree from the increase of light, breaking her line of sight. She would give a small ‘tch’ in annoyance before speeding up to try once more.

As many time as he did vanish for a moment within the forest growth, she always managed to be on his heels again. The increasingly hard pace gave her no time to wonder how she always managed catch up, only briefly thinking that it was mere luck or chance she always found him again. But what started out as seconds for the chase quickly became a minute, then a couple more. For Twilight, the pursuit seemed to stretch out much longer, her mind completely zoned in on keeping sight on the pony while dodging at the last second each shrub and tree that appeared before her from the darkness.

She briefly crossed over the fact that she was unable to track where and how far they were woods, their path having been haphazard and random, but she didn’t pay much heed to the concern while in the heat of the moment; however far they had come a quick teleport would bring her back.

The pony dashed behind another tree for the umpteenth time, causing Twilight to surge forward to clear the corner as quickly as possible and catch sight of him again like before. But as she rounded the corner, she immediately skidded to a halt. The pony that should had only been a few hoof steps behind from was suddenly gone.

Catching her breath, she began to swing her head frantically to and fro to spot some sign of where he had gone. With a few shifts of her narrow eyes to spot something in the gloom, she flared her horn brighter to reveal more of the area. He can’t have just disappeared! she thought in disbelief. There was nothing close enough to the tree for the pony to have hid behind during the brief amount of time it took Twilight to run past, which meant that he somehow found a hiding spot somewhere very close.

“Where are you!? Show yourself!” she demanded, her head still on a swivel as she began to pace in circles, staring at every nook and shadow for some sign of the pony. Eyeing trees and bushes, she scanned everything near her meticulously, her horn storing more magic in case she had need for a sudden spell.

Her gaze had passed over a shrub as big as her before snapping back to it. She had spotted a flicker of movement from underneath it; her brows furrowed as a small grin formed upon figuring out where he had hid.

Like a cat sneaking upon a mouse, she cautiously moved towards the bush, her horn continuing to store magic for a large area freezing spell; she was determined to not let him get away again. “I know you're there, come out and surrender or I’ll blast you away!” she threatened once she had enough magic, attempting to scare the pony out of hiding.

Twilight warily kept her distance, waiting for him to make the next move, or until she got tired of waiting and ripped the shrub out from the ground. As she considered the option, flares of movement came from underneath the brush, confirming something was indeed hiding within it. But it was shifting about in an odd way, and without sound. With her eyes squinted, she carefully bent down to look under the brush from her position, unable to discern exactly what was hiding beneath.

As she peered towards the bush, the movement suddenly ceased, causing her ears to prick forward in response. Frozen in apprehension for some kind of movement to follow, she became aware how quiet the forest suddenly seemed; her heartbeat echoing faintly in her ears with each pulse as her apprehensive grew. After a minute of silence, she started to open her mouth to call out again, but was cut off by the sudden rush of movement towards her, causing her to gasp instead.

Something thin and black had burst from beneath the shrub and latched onto her horn, gripping it tightly and pulling her closer with force that surprised her. “WHAT IN HARMONY-!?” Twilight shrieked while leaning back to resist its tugging. Her eyes shot up as she tried to make out whatever it was that had her in its grip. As impossible as it seemed, it appeared as if nothing but pure shadow was extending through the air and yanking her downward; its form blocking out chunks of light that was emanating from her horn, causing the woods around her to flicker between light and dark as she wrestled against it. Whatever it was that was pulling her, she had never seen or heard about it in any lecture or book. But she had neither the time or desire to figure out what it was at the moment, her instincts kicking in on urge to fight or flight.

“GET… OFF!” she screamed. She dug her hooves into the ground and began flapping her wings backwards in attempts to pull away. She managed to take a full step back before more shadows sprang from all around her, wrapping across various parts of her body and pulling with just as much strength. With her eyes darting about, she now had at least one or two were around each leg, and likewise for her wings; all of them pulling her apart in different directions and downward, forcing her down to the forest floor. She felt like Rainbow Dash when they had to lasso her down to restore her from Discord’s tampering. Even more similar, she felt as angry as Rainbow Dash had been during the ordeal, if not even more.

“NGH! THAT’S! E-ENOUGH!” she growled. Focusing on her horn, she gathered as much magic as she could to cast a spell that would hopefully disperse whatever was attacking her. After a few moments the light from her horn began to shine through the tendril of shadow that had wrapped around it, causing it to become thinner and see through from the amount of magic she was preparing to release. She was able to make out some of the trees again as the light spilled outward, but before she could let loose her magic, a voice cut through the noise of her struggles.

“Magic Gone.”

Immediately the energy that had been in her horn fizzled out, having whatever was left over drift away harmlessly. Even her spell that was illuminating the area around her before was no longer active, throwing everything into total darkness. Twilight’s eyes went wide in confusion as to what had happened. Looking back up to her horn even though she could not see it, she tried focusing on it once more, attempting to draw forth her magic to cast the spell again. When she found no charge building, a sense of fear began to build inside of her. She quickly tried to cast the same spell that had illuminated the darkness before when she first entered the woods, but it was met with the same result.

“No…” she whispered in realization that her magic was not heeding her call. Her mind unable to understand how such a thing could happen, she started throwing her body in every direction, kicking out and rocking against the shadows that held her; all the while still trying to draw forth an inkling of magic for any spell that might help. Her heart sunk when she finally began to realize that nothing was coming to her no matter how hard she tried, not an ounce magic was building in her horn despite her efforts.

Twilight’s heart began to race faster, panic and anxiety kicking in as she continued to desperately thrash about in defiance. The shadows tightened their grip and seemed even stronger now that her light spell had ceased, pulling her down in greater force than before. With a quick yank from the right, she buckled and fell to her knees. With another yank from the front, her head was forced down, causing her horn to dig into the ground and become covered in dirt.

Tears where forming around Twilight’s eyes as she continued to struggle to fight against whatever was overwhelming her; trying to bury the fear of knowing full well that she was powerless to stop them. It was futile without her magic; her body was just not strong enough to resist their strength. But even knowing that she was not going to win, she continued to frantically twist and pull back. Reason and logic were forgone for the pure desire of survival, to fight with every breath and not succumb to the growing sense of dismay and anguish.

With another forceful yank, the shadows pulled her hooves out from under her, letting her body hit the crash to the ground and soliciting an ‘OMPF!’ from the mare. The moment she had buckled and fell, each tendril pulled outward and held her fast. Her legs were now completely extended in each direction, unable to bend or find any footing to continuing fighting back.

Twilight let out ragged breaths from the exertion of fighting the shadows coupled with the fact she had chased the stallion through the woods, her momentary flight of panic subsiding for a minute from the struggle. Her heart was pounding, she had bruises on her legs from falling, and her muscles were beginning to become sore from resisting and the shadow’s grip.

Unable to continue fighting for the moment, she took the time to catch her breath while trying to figure out her next move. Her eyes drifted upwards the dim form of the tendril wrapped around her horn, thankful for the small fact that now that she pinned down, at least her horn was no longer in the dirt. With her eyes still adjusting to the night, she was barely able to make it out in the darkness, even more so from spots and blinking colors that filled her vision from her spend effort and energy. “Why… isn’t my magic working?” she thought aloud, trying to come to reason as how she got into the situation in the first place.

The crack of a broken branch sounded through the woods, freezing her in place as it echoed around her. Throughout the struggle, she had completely fazed over the fact she was previously chasing a pony. A pony that was apparently still very near. Is this his doing? she thought.

The sound of a thud hitting the earth from behind caused her entire body to stiffen. Sweet Celestia, he was above me in the trees!

With a small gulp, her ears pricked back and forth for any other sound. Eventually, she was able to make out soft hoof steps slowly circling her; she was barely able to make them out over the pounding of her heart in her ears. They flicked madly to follow the sounds the pony faintly made as he was moved from her behind and to her front. She tried to turn her head to catch sight of him but the shadows held her still, only being able to manage a short twitch in her effort. Her eyes kept to her left, the side she was hearing the noise of the pony walking, a growing feeling of apprehension overwhelming her. Her eyes by now were well adjusted to the darkness since her spell had ended, and she was even beginning to make out the shapes of the trees nearby by. Of course the inky black tendrils that held her still appeared to be made of pure darkness; a notion that was that still ridiculous in the back of her head.

Flinching slightly, the pony finally made his way into her vision. She opened her mouth to demand an explanation of him of who he was and what he was doing; though she knew she wasn’t in the best position to demand anything. But her voice caught in her throat and killed any words she had planned to say as she began to make out his details.

Still circling towards the front, was the pony that she had many glimpses throughout the night. But not once had she been able to see the face of the pony masked beneath the hood still thrown over his head, or the eyes that stared down at her in such a cold expression. His face was masked by a scarf wrapped around the nose and chin she duly noted, but those eyes… they stared at her in a brilliant and bright red. Her thought process paused for a moment as she took in those red eyes, not entirely sure she was correct on their color in disbelief. She gulped when she found her voice again, and asked hoarsely from exhaustion, “…Trail?”

The pony remained as he regarded her and her question, before speaking in a low unfamiliar voice that was harsh and un-empathetic, “No.”

Twilight’s heart began to pump faster again, the knowledge that he was indeed a strange pony with even stranger powers setting in her mind. “Let me go!” she yelled, struggling once again against the shadows. Despite the black tendrils holding her she thrashed around on the ground with all her might, rubbing dirt and grass into her coat in her wild movements.

“Freeze,” the stallion said flatly.

Twilight's entire body froze upon hearing the words, the will or ability to move any of her limbs suddenly gone, even her mouth. What in the name of Harmony is happening to me!? Why can’t I move? Twilight’s thoughts began to race around her head, the momentary anxiety from before settling back inside her chest in force at the inability to move an inch. Her eyes still had their movement and they darted around in sheer panic, her mind trying to will some part of her to move again. How is he doing this? What is going on!?

Burrowing deep inside her, she screamed internally for something to happen, something to save her; to keep fighting with all she had. That deep internal strength she called upon many times during the dangerous battles and adventures she had faced so many times before. She called on the strength she had felt whenever she summoned the Element of Magic within her.

In response her front hooves began to twitch slightly with movement, and her horn beginning dimly light up. Had she been watching the pony in front of her during her internal focus, she would have seen his eyes widen in surprise.

She can’t be… he thought. Narrowing his eyes he quickly moved towards her. I need to end this before she breaks loose. Reaching his hoof up he unwrapped the scarf covering his face, revealing a wide mouth with two glistening fangs that grew longer as he moved to her. Not giving the mare a moment’s chance more, he dipped her head to the side with a hoof, and sunk his teeth deep into her neck.


Twilight’s eyes shot open from the sudden sharp pain, and her focus on the building magic faltered. Her body shuddered as the shock of the pain began to set in, and her limbs began to feel cold. Small gasps escaped her lips as she tried to form a word, a scream, any sound at all in response to the pain in her neck, still unable to understand exactly what was happening. She wasn’t even sure if she was still breathing.


The only the things Twilight seemed capable of focusing on, was the sensation of the the warmth from her body being drawn away, the way her body refused to respond, the growing sound of her heart beating, and the dim awareness of the strange pony’s body close by. She didn’t know when it had happened, but her head was now cradled between his arms and nestled above his shoulder. She didn’t know if she had leaned into him, or if he had pulled her to him. Everything was just becoming so hard to focus on.


Her eyes lazily began to drift upwards as a bright light flooded the woods. Above them, the moon had suddenly broken clear of the heavy cloud cover. It was a full moon tonight, its white face looking down upon like a silent spectator. It being the only of light in the woods around them caused her to briefly wonder when her magic had ceased flowing in her horn.


She remained wide eye as stared up to the moon, unable to break her gaze from it. Her brows arched even higher on her forehead as she felt the odd pain in her neck grow as whatever was violating her deepened. Reflexively her quivering mouth opened further to produce a soundless scream. But she could not focus on what was happening much longer. And soon, her vision slowly became fuzzy at the edges, and her heartbeat became louder as its noise was the only thing she could still hear.


And slowly… its sound too, faded away along with her unconsciousness.




Author's Note:

What have we here? Finally some progression for Twilight towards being a vampony? Probably the number one reason why everyone is reading this story? Or will I still have a little bit to go before it fully kicks in...

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