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Second Princess of the Night - Senyu

With King Sombra gone, is Equestria truely safe from harm? Or will another foe as old as the Crystal Kingdom itself appear now that the dark unicorn's position of evil is vacant? What new danger will threaten the land and the Elements of Harmony?

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Act II - Chapter 24

Two weeks later…

“Are you sure you are ready?”

“Yes, I believe I can do it now.”

“It really is no problem to wait a few more days to prepare yourself,” Night Walker cautiously pressed while lying on the floor.

“No, I can’t put it off any longer than I have already done,” Ruby argued. “I have a good grasp on Soul Sight, and I feel confident that I can bend the alicorn magic to my will enough to complete the process. I can do this, Night Walker,” Ruby said adamantly, further showcased by the look in her eyes.

Night Walker regarded her carefully, briefly thinking over the amount of dedication to studying she displayed over the last few days since his return. When she felt prepared enough for the task, she promptly closed her book, and marched to his alcove, and uncaring interrupted a conversation he and Shade Flare had been sharing.

“We can’t put it off any longer,” Ruby continued in a near lecturing like tone. “I may not know much of what is happening in the outside world, but given the circumstances of that we are being pursued, we can’t remain here much longer. And that means we need to make able ponies into vamponies.”

Night Walker stared long and hard at her, while she returned it unwaveringly. When it was sufficiently clear that she would not break eye contact first, he closed his eyes in defeat. “Very well, we will begin the process.” But when Ruby’s expression changed into a relieved one he asked, “The question is, however, who will be the first one to test?”

Before either of them could recommend a candidate, Shade Flare polity coughed.

“I will.”

“Shade Flare,” Night Walker spoke in surprise. “You are the second in command. We cannot risk losing you should anything go wrong. You are in charge when Ruby and myself are not present. Besides, you have already gone through the transformation more than once. I fear what might happen if any more attempts are done before we have the process perfected.”

“I may have to agree with Night Walker on this one Shade Flare,” Ruby added before Shade Flare could respond. “From what he has told me, you reverted back into a bat pony because of the alicorn magic embedded into each of you. Though I haven’t looked into your soul, I can’t imagine it’s current state after having gone through it multiple times. It would be dangerous until we know more.”

“I know the risks,” Shade Flare responded coolly. “And I will not endanger another if I can take their place. And unlike the rest, I can tell you if somethings wrong because I have been through it. You must let me do this.”

“I will not risk losing you,” Night Walker said more sternly.

“You don’t decide my fate!” Shade Flare shouted. His outburst caused a look of surprise to both Night Walker and Ruby, as well as himself moments later at the realization of what he did. “I… I’m sorry… I just…”

Night Walker looked him up and down, his eyes a mixture of scrutiny and astonishment. “...Ruby,” he eventually said..


“Please look into Shade Flare’s soul, and give me your honest opinion of whether or not it would be safe enough to use him.”

“Night Walker, you aren’t actually considering-”

“I am.”

“But shouldn’t you have first-hoof knowledge of his soul already to know it won’t work?”

“I’m not the one removing the alicorn magic. If you believe you can do it without risking his very being, then I should be able to help with the rest.” Night Walker stood up and moved towards Shade Flare who in turn, shakily locked his knees and stood firm, an act that was easily seen through even if Night Walker could not hear his pounding heart. “Shade Flare has expressed his decision, and it is not the vampony way to stand before one who has decided their path.”

“But this could kill him!”

“Which is why I am asking you to peer into his soul.” Night Walker turned his head to Ruby. “A simple look won’t hurt.”

“No, I suppose not…”

“Thank you,” Shade Flare breathed in relief.

“Rest assured, Shade Flare,” Night Walker said while turning back to him, “this does not guarantee you will be picked. And if Ruby deems you are not suitable, you will stand by that decision until we can figure out how to overcome it. Do you understand?”

“I do,” Shade Flare replied, throwing his chest out for added effect.

“You may proceed, Ruby.”

With that, Night Walker moved away and returned to his sitting position.

Ruby glared at the both of them, before sighing in defeat. “Fine, I’ll take a look. But I won’t allow it if I even believe for a moment that it is far too unsafe.”

“I’ll take that risk,” Shade Flare replied immediately.

Ruby gave him a disapproving look before shaking her head and stepping towards him. “Stand still while I inspect you please.”

Shade Flare straightened his posture even more so.

Muttering under breath at the boneheadedness of males, Ruby closed her eyes, and calmed herself. Moments later, they reopened as a brilliant white light, and gazed deep into Shade Flare.

Two things were immediately clear to Ruby when she saw within him. One was the anxiety and desperation that flooded his soul that should would approve of him, and the other was how strange his soul was compared to the other bat ponies. If she had to place an analogy, it looked as if he had been torn apart and pieced back together multiple times, leaving noticeable holes where there shouldn’t any. His soul looked like a tattered cloth that was holding itself together by just barely.

Shade Flare… what have you done to yourself? Ruby thought forlornly. Her eyes gazed over the parts where the alicorn magic in all of its black and green colors stuck to the most damaged areas, embedding itself into him as it slowly repaired fragments of the damaged area. It must have ripped the vampirism right out of you… and it doesn’t even know how to heal you correctly… it’s just piecing together what it can.

Ruby’s mouth unconsciously opened in wonder and sadness at the state of his soul, feeling awful that she had known him this entire time and had no knowledge of the state of his being. In fact, she knew very little of him. He was always stoic, quick to respond, and dedicated to whatever task she had seen him perform. But now she had the chance to see the real him, and she saw more than she thought was there.

Inside Shade Flare was a deep helplessness that permeated much of his being. It held prominent spots for many of his emotions, including one which was something akin for the desire of vengeance or retribution; which one it was, Ruby did not know, for it bordered both of them. And though she was somewhat perplexed at the flicker of hesitation of her being so close to him, it was easily buried beneath the fierce determination to be approved. His emotional stability needed her to approve him, so he could become stronger.

Ruby nearly cut off the Soul Sight right there and then, feeling that the male ego knew no bounds. But remained at the promise she would give an honest opinion after exploring all of him.

Following the desire for strength, she could see his confidence was dimly lit, one of the sections that had holes within it. Having a guess, she suspected that he drew much emotional strength from being a vampony. But on closer inspection, it did not tie into nearby sections of pride, vanity, or even self preservation. Instead, it was tied to his empathy, and that section was without a doubt the most build piece of his soul.

“Shade Flare,” Ruby asked aloud. “Would you really risk yourself if it means you can help everypony?”

“Without hesitation,” he replied.

And Ruby found that it was true within him.

Her brows narrowed as felt her previous impressions of him fade away. You feel so helpless that you can’t help every other pony. So much that it has driven you to a pit that I can’t even imagine being stuck in… You were alone for a lot of your life… But when you became a vampony, everything changed, and you felt like you could finally do something…

Ruby had seen enough, and closed her eyes as she dismissed the ability. You really are willing to go to any length to achieve power again, just so you can do something useful… Ruby opened her eyes, and looked onto Shade Flare with a sorrowful look.

Shade Flare’s confidence then faltered, and he blinked nervously at what she might say to him, fearful that she wouldn’t allow him to continue.

“Well?” Night Walker said after sometime. “What do you think?”

Ruby continued to stare at Shade Flare, feeling the last of her walls come down in new respect, and new empathy for him. “I… believe it can be done.” Shade Flare nearly coughed in relief as he relaxed and smiled in disbelief, causing Ruby to smile herself. “And I would believe it would be wrong to deny him of something he so passionately believes in.”

Shade Flare blushed at her words, and internally hoped that she had not seen his fast fading unfavorable opinion of her. Ever since the incident with the fear, she had only been aweinpsiing and strong to him. Things he would he would have again in full soon enough.

“Now that that’s settled,” Night Walker said as he stood up again. “Let’s begin.”


The three of them had gathered in a larger alcove that lay deep below the main section, the place in which they would perform the transformation and allow him to rest. Nearby were bowls of soaked cloth to ease any suffering that may come, and flasks of blood for him as well as Ruby and Night Walker for what would be a long wait.

Around them and at the base of the walls, were various bat ponies; elders as well as the top marked fighters in training, the only ones who were allowed to watch the momentous occasion given the small space. They murmured amongst themselves in excited whispers and concerned voices. It was afterall, not everyday one saw the rebirth of their race.

Shade Flare stood in the center of the room, his faint form dimly lit by the blue light of the mushrooms that were not blocked by the observing ponies. He looked onward with a set stare, ready and confident to face whatever difficulties that may arise. Beside him, was Night Walker and Ruby, both of their eyes emitting a white glow that while noticeable, did not leave a reflection on Shade Flare’s body.

They were analyzing and coordinated together over Shade Flare’s soul in final preparation, discussing the problem areas that would need to be watched closely as the vampirism spread. The atmosphere was that of two doctors taking last notes before the start of a complicated surgery, something that nearly every pony in the room had witnessed before at the hoof of unicorn doctors back in Dusk Town. The difference this time however, was not to remove more vampirism or to cure a disease within one of their own, but to restore them to how they once were so long ago.

“Remember, the connections between the emotion centers and subconscious mind will fluctuate during,” Night Walker said to Ruby.

“I know,” she replied in reassurance. “And the majority of the alicorn magic lies within the third internal orb on the right, that’s what I need to focus on overcoming as it plays out.”

“You got it,” Night Walker said. The two of them closed their eyes, extinguishing their white glows to conserve their energy as much as possible for the inevitable constant checkups they would need to do during. Opening them again to reveal their usual crimson color, Night Walker moved in front of Shade Flare, staring hard into his amber eyes as he asked one more time, “Are you ready, Shade Flare?”

“I am,” he stoically answered as usual.

“Then… let’s begin,” Night Walker announced loudly, catching the full attention of each attended in the room. “Ruby, if you will,” he said as he stepped away.

Ruby took her place in front of him and apologetically smiled. “Sorry for the pain I am about to do.”

Shade Flare took a breath and replied with a small smirk of his own. “It’s alright. It’s just like a needle. I’m pretty used to those.”

Ruby was unaware of the ironic smile that threatened to break on Shade Flare’s face in the knowledge that she was now going to turn him into a vampony.

What goes around comes around, Night Walker thought amusedly.

Ruby took in a deep breath, and moved her head near his neck. Her mouth hovered inches from him, taking notice of the healed scars from previous bites. “Here I go,” she whispered, and then sank her fangs deep into him.

<“How does one go about turning another into a vampony?” Ruby asked.>

Shade Flare let out a small gasp as he flinched from the penetration of her fangs, gritting his teeth as he began to feel his heart pump in double time.

<“First,” Night Walker explained. “You must drain them as dry as possible, the neck is one of the more preferable options as the blood flows easily, the muscle does not get in the way like the thigh may, and victims cannot struggle easily. It is also a sensitive spot that normally freezes most ponies upon piercing.”>

Shade Flare’s eyes went wide at the sensation of his blood being pulled toward his neck, his heart becoming irregular from the forced suction. Without his control, his legs buckled beneath him and spasmed wildly; grunting all the while as he did his best to remain still as possible despite every instinct telling him to run. Ruby fell with him, never pulling away as she knelt down in a comfortable position and continued to drink from him.

<“How much blood do I need to drink?”>

Shade Flare’s vision began to darken as he tumbled fully onto the ground. But Ruby wrapped her hooves lovingly around his head, and cradled it towards her, all while stroking his mane soothingly. A ringing sensation began to fill his ears as the final beats of his heart throbbed loudly. He began to feel cold, and his head lightheaded. It was exactly as he experienced the few times Night Walker had turned him, but was slightly more comfortable he dimly realized. It was that thought that stuck with him as he prepared for the last moment of unconsciousness.

<"Enough for them to die.”>

His eyelids slowly closed, and his final breath left his body. Ruby pulled away after she was sure she could no longer feel his heart beating, eyeing him closely as she mentally prepared herself for the next step.

<“After… after they die… then what happens?”>

Ruby raised one of her forelegs to her mouth, and quickly nipped at her wrists..

<“Then you must have them feed on your blood.”>

Cradling Shade Flare’s head gently, she exposed wrist against his mouth.

<“How do I do that when they’re dead?”>

Ruby closed her eyes as she focused her concentration, feeling the sensation of her blood beginning to steadily ooze out.

<“By using vampony magic of course. Even though you have yet to learn it, this much you should be able to do.”>

Whispering beneath her breath, Ruby called forth the powers that flowed within her veins, and willed the blood from her wrist to make their way into Shade Flare’s body. In response, her blood quickly poured out of her cut and trickled their way down his throat.

The stream blood began to fluctuated as a few spilled droplets lifted themselves upwards, defying gravity itself as they gathered together. The crowd of bat ponies exchanged quick whispers of awe as they watched the blood move as if was alive. It drifted in the air before thinning out into multiple streams, then arced through the air around Shade Flare’s body, an encompassing embrace of life. Flowing about, it spun around him as it feed a steady stream down his throat, with one or two even pushing themselves into the bite marks on his neck.

The color of the red liquid moving through the air held each pony transfixed as the blue light from the mushrooms played off it surface, providing them a sight that could be called beautiful as it was strange.

<“Once you have giving them enough blood, the rest of the process will begin. All you have to do then, is simply wait.”>

The flowing blood came to an abrupt halt, the last few streams of it sinking their way into Shade Flare’s body as Ruby carefully set down his head and pulled herself away from him. She panted slightly at the use of the vampony powers and amount of blood she had given him, feeling as if she would need to drink again within a week even though she had fed heavily only a few days ago. Night Walker returned back to the center of the room as he moved to her side, both of their gazes fixed hopefully on his still form.

“How did I do?” Ruby asked worriedly.

“You did fine. Superb even,” Night Walker answered, eliciting a small smile from her. “Now comes the difficult part.” Looking down onto Shade Flare’s body, Night Walker narrowed his eyes. “Ridding the alicorn magic from him, all while seeing a smooth transformation.”

Ruby’s expression became serious once again as she nodded her head. “Right, let’s get to it.”

Both of them closed their eyes once more, and reopened them to reveal two sets of twinkling orbs. The two stood tall and commanding as they gazed downwards onto Shade Flare, seeing deep into his flickering soul as the red of vampirism slowly began to churn and spread within him.

To everypony else within the room, they would always remember the sight of that batpony lying dead at their hooves, slowly fighting death itself as new life coursed through his veins, and the two awe inspiring vamponies that towered over him; their eyes alight with a white glow that saw everything.


Night Walker and Ruby spent half the night working on Shade Flare. The tension was high in the room as each pony watched with bated breath. Ridding the alicorn magic embedded within him had been difficult, but Ruby was finally able to grasp ahold of it.

Each pony was taken aback when her eyes began to leak a purple mist, and her horn began to bubble with matching purple and emerald colors; the only pony who had not gasped at its sight was Night Walker, who instead, looked onto the familiar magic in memory of past encounters.

Ruby then directed the awful looking power into Shade Flare’s body, causing his form to twitch and jolt as the alicorn magic ran through him. The power she wielded felt powerful yet strange, a combination of might and disastrous temptation. She could feel the strain it took on herself, almost seeing the energy bounce back and forth inside her in resonance until it took on a twisted form of raw energy. But even with the difficulty wielding it took, she was in the end able to succeed in removing the alicorn magic within Shade Flare, disrupting its flow and sending the remnants of the spells energy into oblivion.

Afterwards, it was smooth sailing for the rest of the process with Night Walker stepping in to oversee the majority of the changes. When it was clear that it would run without any foreseeable complications, the two of them ceased their work and retired for the rest of the night, sitting next to Shade Flare’s body should anything arise. Most of the bat ponies took their leave after the exciting parts were done with, content they had seen enough and stated they looked forward to seeing Shade Flare awakening as a full-fledged vampony.

While the few remaining observers sat in idle conversation, Ruby and Night Walker spent the time discussing the finer details of how vampirism affected the soul, or any other questions related to modifying it that Ruby had. She was learning quickly that the possibilities one could do with a soul was practically endless, a near infinite possible combinations or changes one could do to each part of it, bringing about new changes and behaviors. And though while she felt some concern on tampering with such a delicate thing, her inquisitive side could not hold back the opportunity to draw a wealth of information from the well-practiced vampony lord.

The night dragged on in similar fashion, the two of them staying diligently near Shade Flare’s side with Night Walker only leaving for a few moments to fetch a flask of blood he held within his strange storage ability for them to refresh on since Ruby had already drank all of the original flaks they had set aside. Being reminded that he possessed such a trait, Ruby almost delved into a full discussion on vampony magic again on how he was able to do it, before a sudden yawn caught her by surprise. It was a little past sunrise now, and the nights work had left her tired. But it was as they were beginning to discuss on going to bed and who they would ask to watch over Shade Flare that his body began to stir.

“He’s waking up!” Ruby exclaimed, all feelings of tiredness vanishing quickly as their patient groaned in grogginess.

Shade Flare’s eyes were scrunched shut as he awoke, raising himself onto his knees as he turned his head side to side to shake off the strange tiredness.

“Shade Flare, how do you feel?” Night Walker asked eagerly, unable to hold himself back from the anticipated moment.

They and the remaining bat ponies held their breaths as Shade Flare slowly blinked open his eyes, and revealed a crimson orb.

“Success!” Ruby nearly shouted, feeling overjoyed along with relief that everything seem to have gone according to plan.

“Take your time, ease yourself,” Night Walker cautioned in concern, his eyes darting between Shade Flare’s two red eyes in relief as well.

Shade Flare blinked a few more times as he slowly pieced what was happening him together, shaking his head on more time in attempt to throw off the grogginess. Smacking his mouth at how oddly dry it was, he eventually spoke, “Did… did everything happen alright?”

“Yes, it appears so,” Night Walker replied.

The observers on the edges of the room drew closer to admire the new vampony, keeping a respectful distance for him to breathe while quietly congratulating him and expressing their joy that he was alright. Shade Flare managed a smile towards them, nodding his head and replying his thanks.

“So,” Night Walker said above the rest of them. “How does it feel?” His raised eyebrows along with a smirk, unable to hold back his mood.

Shade Flare opened his mouth to reply with a grin, but held short as it fell away and his brows furrowed. Tilting his head down, his eyes shifted about as he focused inwardly. Night Walker’s expectant smile slowly turned upside down.

Suddenly Shade Flare stood onto his hooves, wobbling slightly from the lack of balance.

“Careful,” Ruby said, raising her hoof up reactively should he fall. But Shade Flare ignored her warning as his eyes still turned about, the expression on his face becoming grim and confused. He opened his mouth to speak something, but paused again as if he wasn’t sure what to say. Taking a few breaths as each pony cautiously looked to him, he finally lifted his head and looked to the two of them.

“It… feels different…”

Night Walker and Ruby remained silent for a moment before the blinked their eyes and brought back their white glow, moving close to Shade Flare as they circled around him and looked at his soul from different angles.

“Night Walker… he’s like…” Ruby said in awe.

“Yes… like you… but not at the same time…” he finished with a stern voice. Indeed, Shade Flare’s soul held many similarities that Ruby’s had, an evenly laced red color on the various parts of his aspects. But the more noticeable difference was that the vampirism was spread about him in a completely different manner than he had ever seen.

In fact, it was like seeing an entirely new soul altogether.

Many traits that he held before from being a batpony were now solidified and stable, while others had changed so drastically that there were unfamiliar, but appeared strong and thriving. The new editions were complicated and intricately layered with vampirism, yet not at the same time. It was as if it was stuck in between a state of being a vampony and a batpony, somehow achieving a balance that defied reason.

“Night Walker, what is that?” Ruby asked when she too saw the unique structure. “What could have caused this?”

“I don’t know,” he answered with gritted teeth. But in truth, he had a very good idea. The Elements of Harmony… he thought darkly. Just what did those infernal contraptions do this time? And how!? He closed his mouth to prevent himself flashing his fangs in anger, putting his mind into overdrive to figure out how they had reached Shade Flare. He had never been exposed to them, let alone be remotely near them. The only possible connection that could exist was…

Twilight’s blood… he realized in shock.

Blinking out his soul sight, he looked towards Ruby who was still thoroughly inspecting Shade Flare, trying very hard to suppress a snarl that threatened to silence the entire room with his building rage. Her blood has been affected by the Elements!

He did not know how such a thing happened, or exactly what they had done to Shade Flare, but the idea that something so potent had wiggled its influence into his plans and could possibly jeopardized everything he had been working towards stoked a fire of bubbling anger within him.

“Prince Night Walker! Princess Ruby!”

Night Walker swung his head to the entrance of the room in time to see a bat pony running into the room and skidding to a halt before the gathered group, catching Ruby’s attention as well as she blinked out her soul sight to see the commotion.

“What is it!?” Night Walker growled louder than he intended.

“S-Sir!” the batpony said followed by an audible gulp, his eye's wide with fear. “Royal Guards have been spotted entering the forest just as dawn came. They are sweeping through the woods in a wide spread. It’s only a matter of time before they find the cave!”

Author's Note:

Decided to move things along and stir up some excitement. I know you all have been tired from the last X amount of chapters, but things will be moving forward now.

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