• Published 11th Sep 2013
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Second Princess of the Night - Senyu

With King Sombra gone, is Equestria truely safe from harm? Or will another foe as old as the Crystal Kingdom itself appear now that the dark unicorn's position of evil is vacant? What new danger will threaten the land and the Elements of Harmony?

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Act III - Chapter 38

When shadows creep and all's asleep,

The dream will have begun,

Of unknown frights and grisly sights,

All will fall beyond the sun.

You're far away from home today,

And yet there is more road,

But worry not, for the things that sought,

Will shelter you from cold...

And with it, you'll have grown.

The door creaked softly as Twilight cautiously opened it, then paused as the library’s light flooded her vision. In moments, though, she adjusted, and the full breadth of her home was revealed in a teary sight.

I’m back…

Twilight stood within the doorway, soaking in the wide room in both awe and hesitation. From the rows of familiar books, to the sturdy and accenting arches built into the wood with all their crests and grains, and the faint scent of paper and tea, all of it was as vivid as her heartwarming memories. It was the epitome of comfort for her, brought into further clarity by her newfound senses. The library was more her home than anywhere else, despite having spent all those years in Canterlot in both her family's house and Celestia’s gifted dorm. And yet, for all its familiarity and its place in her heart, her breath caught in her throat from the surreal sensation of having been gone from its evocative surroundings for what felt like a lifetime.

I’m... home…

Slowly, Twilight took a step forward, glancing about in relief and worry of her sorrowful return. Another step, and her ears perked cautiously while she gazed about wistfully. Everything was the same as she remembered it. That memory had been the driving force these last tiresome and painful days across fields and forest—both day and night when she could manage—all so she could return to her life before everything had changed. And at long last the sight of her home brought a genuine smile to her weary face. But for all its soothing comfort and reassurance that perhaps her nightmare was beginning to end, the fact that she was no longer the same, no longer entirely who she once was, made her legs tremble, and her will falter.

Having only taken a few steps, Twilight hesitantly stepped backward.

I… I shouldn’t have come here…

Biting her lip, and wincing at the poking fangs that even now still caught her by surprise, Twilight looked about the library despondently, and her body began to shake ever so slightly as her vision watered.

“Why did I come? I shouldn’t be in this town. Not like this… Not when I’m...” As if to coax more tears from her, the dull burning in her throat flared again, and she brought her hoof towards it. “I need to leave, or I’ll… I’ll…”

With a pained expression, Twilight turned for the door and gripped the handle with her hoof, but found herself unable to turn it. Widening her eyes at her unresponsive hoof, she shut them tight and pressed her head against the door.

Come on, Twilight. Open it! Open it and get out of here!

Wrapping both hooves around the handle, she wobbled it in desperation, and she found she hardly even had the strength to hold onto it firmly, her grip threatening to slip at any moment.

I can’t be here, not yet! I can’t come back until I’ve gotten rid of... this! Taking a deep breath, she held onto door tightly as if she would fall away without it, and a soft whimper escaped her lips. Until I’m cured... I’m just a danger to everypony... So open it! Just open the door and get away!

A tear fell onto the oak wood floor, and moments later Twilight’s slumped form followed it. Her ears flattened while her head remained pressed to the door as she feebly held onto the handle with one hoof. At last an audible sob escaped her, and she weakly pounded a hoof against the floor.

Why can’t I leave? Why can’t I handle this? Why… Why am I so weak!?

Her remaining arm fell to her side, and her vision blurred.

I can’t let them see me like this. Not after everything that’s happened… not after what I’ve done… The familiar voices she heard inside homes she had passed only minutes ago were replayed in her mind, and with them, the accompanying echoes of the ponies that fell beneath Ruby’s fangs. I need to make this right… I need to fix it. I need to fix it! I need to… I need…

Twilight shuddered as she gripped her chest, and she whimpered again as the burning in her throat steadily grew, uncooled by the few tears that had trailed down her coat. Its insistent irritation was becoming more demanding by the hour, beginning to draw her attention at every moment it could. But with its overwhelming urge came a flicker of strength within her, and she tensed her muscles.

Opening her eyes, Twilight flared her horn and magically grasped the handle. Come on, Twilight. Don’t collapse now. You’ve got to get out of here for everyone’s safety and figure this out. For yourself, for the girls… for-


Twilight gasped, and suddenly, the fire in both her throat and mind cooled. Her heartbeat echoed in her ears as a tense silence filled the air, and she found turning her head towards the voice was even more difficult than turning the handle. But as she heard the sound of a small and hesitant step on the floor behind her, her magic ceased, a numbing sensation filled her, and she found herself able to turn around.

In the doorway to another room stood Spike staring at her with wide eyes, and as she stared back everything inside her came tumbling down.

“Sp… Spike!” she choked and yelled at the same time as tears flowed freely.

In a single moment Spike dashed across the room and dove onto Twilight, where simultaneously the two of them gripped each other with a desperate and shaking embrace, and he shared her anguish.


As Twilight fell back against the door, she scooped him close to her, as close as she possibly could, just like how they had once done when they were both very young, when they were both afraid of the dark. It was those times of bonding and shared warmth that always helped drive away their old fears, and now, it was all they had to anchor themselves against much more frightening ones.

There was so much to say, so much to ask, but neither found the effort or will to do anything other than hold each other close while whispering the other's name, letting the world around them fall away as the one and only important thing played across their minds and hearts.

Twilight was home, and they were together again.


The morning light shined through the library windows, bringing a soft glow to the wooden home. As the sun rose higher, the shadows returned to their recesses beneath shelves and tables, and the darkened space by the door lessened by the minute. There, collapsed in a pile while still holding each other tightly, Twilight and Spike slept, having not moved from the spot since last night. They both wore a small smile on their face, one that shifted whenever the other fidgeted in their dreams until all was right again. It was the first smile Twilight had while sleeping since she ‘awoke’, and the first one in weeks for Spike. But like all dreams, it would end with a new day, and when the sunlight finally slid its way onto Twilight’s outstretched leg, its gentle burn brought everything back to reality.

Furrowing her brow at the sun’s touch, Twilight lazily opened her eyes. She sat still for some moments taking in the sight of the library, hazily recalling the various memories that churned their way forward to her attention. Some of her dreams had been about her inside her home, and she dimly held onto them as she continued to awake.

But unlike her dreams, the library did not vanish, and she let out a sigh in relief.

I really am back.

A weight shifted atop of her, and she turned her eyes down to Spike’s body nuzzled against her chest. Her heart fluttered at the sight of him, and tears formed at the edges of her eyes. Carefully, she raised a hoof and brought it to his cheek, to which he unconsciously pressed back against while mumbling beneath his breath. A long smile spread across Twilight’s face, and she couldn’t help but wrap her hooves around him and pull him closer.

Leaning her head to his, she whispered, “I’m so glad to have you back.”

“Mhmm… Me too…” Spike quietly replied.

Twilight gave a small gasp at his reply, and with a sniffle, tightened her arms around him.

“Mhmwha-?” Spike grumbled as his eyes opened. “Twilight?”

“Yes, I’m here, Spike,” she replied shakily.

Spike opened his mouth to respond, but choose to instead hug her back, holding on as if he would never let go again.

The two of them remained like this for some minutes, simply enjoying the presence of the other again in silence. But as the sun rose, the uncomfortable tingling of the sun grew on Twilight’s lower body, and she found herself tucking her legs towards her. Spike looked up and gave a questioning look, to which Twilight turned her eyes away. He opened his mouth to ask what's wrong, but the sleepiness in his head had finally vanished, and he looked behind himself to see her legs sheltered in the fading shadows.


“... It’s okay, Spike,” she whispered. Her eyes narrowed as she avoided looking at the sunbeam and all its reminders. “I’m getting used to it…”

“Does it hurt?”

Twilight nearly replied to a deeper meaning in the question, but instead lowered her ears. “It’s… uncomfortable...” she said in resentment.

Spike gave her a pained glance, then blinked it away into a serious expression before hopping off her and running towards the stairs. “H-Hey! Spike!” Twilight said in surprise, reaching a hoof towards him.

“Just a minute!”

Twilight stared longingly as he vanished to an upper room, then tucked her head down when he was gone for some moments, wrapping herself as close as she could to the door. After a short while, however, she lifted her head at the sound of Spike running back down, and saw him balancing a tower of sheets that threatened to teeter and fall.

“Spike, what are you doing?”

“Taking care of you,” he replied firmly as he discarded the pile in the middle of the floor. Immediately he grabbed the first sheet on top, and rushed to the nearest window.

“Spike, it’s okay really. You don’t have to-”

“Yes, I do!” he shouted without looking back. Jumping onto the window sill, he tossed the sheet over the wooden frame surrounding the window, and tucked in the hanging sides with such force that his claws made small indents into the wood.

Twilight was about to protest further, but paused at noticing a small dark dot appear on the blanket, and then lowered her ears when a few more appeared beside it, directly below Spike’s face.


After securing the blanket in place, Spike jumped off and ran for the next window across the room, grabbing another sheet along the way. One by one, each window was covered by colorful sheets, some with their fabric pierced into the wood, while others locked into place by knots or tape. All too soon, the glowing light that filled the library was replaced by a much dimmer and colorful setting.

Spike stood at the center of the library huffing, eyeing each window to ensure he had gotten them entirely. As he was about to redo one of the windows, the sudden touch of Twilight’s hoof wrapping around him made him jump, but he soon relaxed as he eased into her hug.

Catching his breath, he quietly laughed. “I forgot how quiet you were.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean too…” Twilight whispered back.

Spike merely patted her arm in reply, and happily let himself be held by her. “Is this better for you now?” he asked. When at first she did not respond, he strained his ears to hear, and barely caught her faint voice.

“... Yes…”

“Good,” he said matter of factly. “Although, we should look into getting some better curtains soon. I used up all the sheets, and I don’t think I want to sleep on the floor again.”

Twilight gave a sobering chuckle, pulling a hoof away from him to wipe her face, all while Spike smiled warmly beside her. Then, with a shuddered breath, followed by another wipe from her hooves, she stepped back from Spike. “Okay, we should get working.”

Turning around to face her, Spike asked, “What’s the plan?”

“The plan is to cure my vampirism,” Twilight stated. “We’ll do one last check on every book we have here, then head to Canterlot. And if we can’t find anything there, we’ll go to the Crystal Kingdom. Given its shared timeline, it should have something I can work with.”

“Right,” Spike replied before jogging to a stack quills and parchments on a nearby desk. “I’ll get your letter to Princess Celestia right away.”

“No!” Twilight immediately responded. Her outburst caused Spike to do a double-take, and she shamefully covered her mouth with a hoof.

Spike gave her a careful once over before giving her a worried expression. “Twilight, we need to tell her right away you’re back. We need to tell everyone you’re back. The girls and her have been worried sick. I’ve been worried sick.”

Twilight nibbled on her lip, then sat down while turning her head away. “But… I don’t want them to see me like this… I can’t let them see me… Especially when I’m…” The thought on the matter brought Twilight’s attention back to the low burn in her throat that—to her eternal thankfulness—had not arisen during her reunion with Spike. But she doubted there was anything that could subdue it for much longer, and she found, to her fear, her mind beginning to slip its focus on anything else.

Her focus was, however, brought back by the gentle touch of Spike’s claw on her shoulder, and she turned with pained eyes to see his reassuring face. “It’s going to be okay, Twilight. You need help, and that’s all any of us want to do. So please, let me help.”

Twilight bit her lip tighter, and winced when her fang poked her skin. Carefully, she touched the sore spot with her tongue, and nearly groaned in content from the taste. The notion, however, was banished in an instant, and she shamefully clamped her jaw tight while casting her gaze downward.

“... Okay…”

Spike gave her a thankful smile, followed by quick hug, then went back to the desk. “What do you want me to write?” he asked as he prepared the letter.

“I don’t know… You write something,” Twilight quietly replied.

He flashed her a brief glance, then dabbed the quill in ink.

Dear Princess Celestia,

Twilight’s back at the library. She needs help. Come quick.


Hastily wrapping the letter in the red seal, he breathed fire onto it, and he and Twilight watched it disappear in a tuft of magical smoke. Some moments of tense silence passed between them before Spike’s cheeks inflated, followed by the accompanying burp. At once he tore the seal of the arrived letter, and cleared his throat.

“Don’t move. Princess Celestia.”

Twilight shuddered at the words, and she hesitantly eyed the front door. But before she could dwell on the thought further, Spike was already by her side and rested a claw on her arm. The tension in Twilight’s muscles gave away, and a weary sigh escaped her as she hung her head. Nervously nibbling her lip, though more carefully than before, she turned to Spike. “Do you think she’ll still see me as who I was, or…”

“It doesn’t matter,” Spike replied, flashing her a reassuring smile. “I don’t care what happens, you’re still Twilight to me.”

Twilight gave a small sniffle, and pulled him closer towards her, intent on relishing in the moments of peace she had while it lasted.


A few hours passed with little talking between Twilight and Spike before a sudden light filled the library, bright enough to pass through the blankets like they hadn’t been there at all, and vanished as quickly as it appeared. Twilight’s ears twitched at the sound of metal landing outside of the tree, and the galloping of hooves heading towards the door.

Twilight gulped. She’s here.

Apprehension filled her despite Spike’s comforting touch, and she looked at the door in dread. Time seemed to slow for her as her heart rate raised to the pace of the approaching hooves, and a sickening feeling appeared in her gut. But as quickly at the anxiety appeared, it faded the moment the door was thrown open, and revealed Celestia standing in the doorway.

Everything became still as Twilight and Celestia’s eyes met, a flurry of emotions flashing across both of their faces. Twilight’s mouth fell open as she cowered slightly before her, willing herself to run towards her but being unable to. Her visual plight, however, was recognized instantly by Celestia, and she covered the distance between them in two leaping steps, and pulled Twilight deep into her embrace.



Twilight’s hesitation fell away, and she pressed herself as close as she could within Celestia’s arms, hardly aware of the wide wings wrapping around her, or the sounds of her own distraught crying. All that mattered was that Celestia was here, holding her in love instead of rejection, and to Twilight’s infinite relief, without pain. Having feared for days that she would never know the comforts of the sun again, the joyful fact that she could touch Celestia without feeling the same effects caused Twilight’s heart to perform leaps within her chest, and made her cry even harder.

All the while, Celestia silently shared Twilight’s pain and joy. Where normally her wings remained straight and firm through even the most dire of storms, they shook unevenly around Twilight, brushing against her in a soothing but shivering fashion. Celestia’s flowing mane shimmered from the droplets of tears that freely trailed down her face, uncaring at the streaks they left, or even the growing dampness on her chest as Twilight buried her face into her. But with the clumping of fur from both their tears, a weight was lifted from Celestia. Now that Twilight had returned to her, now that she could wrap her wings around her, and above all, quell the threatening pain of loss that had appeared so suddenly from its centuries of absence, Celestia’s world seemed whole again.

How long she held Twilight, she did not know. Yet, despite all her desires, Celestia dutifully, but regretfully, nuzzled Twilight’s cheek with her own, and gently pulled a short distance away so that she could look upon her.

To Celestia’s relief, Twilight looked upwards at her with a mess of a face, one that she had seen far too many times when Twilight was but a filly. The difference this time, however, and with the addition of the growing pit in her stomach, red eyes had taken on an all too unsettling definition, and Celestia looked sorrowfully into Twilight’s red and glistening irises.

“Twilight… My faithful student…” Celestia whispered in a motherly fashion.

Twilight caught her breath in the middle of a sob, desperately trying to calm herself as she stared hopefully back.

“I’m so sorry this has happened to you…”

“I… It’s okay…” Twilight weakly replied.

Lowering her wing so that she could gently wipe a tear from Twilight’s face with a feather, Celestia let out a faint sigh.

“No, it’s not.”

Silence passed between them as they stared at each other, and for a moment, it was all Twilight wanted. But the interruption of a hesitant cough caused her ears to twitch, and she turned her head to see Applejack and Rarity a short distance from her.

“Girls…” Twilight said.

“H-Hey there, T-Twalight,” Applejack said while sniffing. Rarity opened her mouth to say something as well, but decided otherwise as she instead gave Twilight a small smile. Both of their eyes were glistening with tears that were already trailing down their cheeks.

“Girls…” Twilight repeated as she pulled away from Celestia. The three of them flinched before pausing to stare at each other again, their eyes wide in uncertainty, wondering if they were actually seeing each other. Then, a smile broke out across Twilight’s face, and she leapt towards them. “GIRLS!”

At once Applejack and Rarity met with her, and the three of them fell into a sitting position in which they leaned heavily against each other while laughing and crying at the same time.

“I’m so sorry!” Twilight blurted as she wrapped them both with her arms.

“We’re sorry too! We should have never left you back in tha city!” Applejack replied.

“We should have never left you that night when you were stolen from us!” Rarity added.

“I’m sorry!” Twilight repeated. “It was all my fault for not coming to you sooner!”

“No, it’s not!” Rarity said, pressing her head towards Twilight without regard to her mane. “It was never your fault.”

“But… But ponies are-”

“Shhh,” Rarity interrupted, stroking Twilight’s mane as she held her tightly. “No more talking about that. That wasn’t you.”

“But I…” Twilight began, but found herself instead shaking in their embrace.

“I know, darling. I know…” Rarity cooed.

“Don’t be focusing on any of that now,” Applejack said, taking a moment to set aside her hat so that she could lean into Twilight further. “Only thing that matters now is that yer back, safe and sound.”

Slowly, Twilight shifted from holding them to becoming limp in their arms, alternating resting positions of her head from one to the other. Their welcomed voices whispered quiet promises to her, and their missed presence was being filled by reassuring brushes of their hooves on Twilight’s back or through her mane. Though their reunion held as much weight in Twilight’s heart as Celestia’s and Spike’s, she couldn’t help but laugh in joy every now and then, unable to contain a certain giddiness and comfort her friends brought her.

Everything was almost right again. Almost.

As things settled down Twilight carefully lifted herself up to wipe her eyes, her smile changed into one of uncertainty, then shock as she brought her hooves to her throat. Applejack and Rarity gave a questioning look, then shouted in surprise as Twilight scrambled away from them, Celestia, and Spike, and retreated to the other end of the room as far as she could get from them all.

“Twilight!” Spike exclaimed as he moved towards her.

“Don’t come closer!” Twilight shouted. Her face was aghast as she stared at them with wide eyes, her red irises becoming smaller as her pupils contracted. The drying stains of joyful tears dampened again as new fearful ones appeared, and she began to shake while recoiling from everyone. “Stay back! Please, stay away from me!”

Her heart beat grew louder and louder, filling her ears in an unnatural way as the rhythms of everyone elses heart became noticeable to her. How close she had been to their throats, their chests, and their arteries flashed in her mind. Their warm coat being right next to her mouth, their blood having only been inches away. Twilight licked her lips at the thought of it. She had only needed to take one bite to taste something so delicious that would have eased the burning in her throat. Then, memories of when Ruby drank blood back in Manehatten appeared at the forefront of her mind. It had tasted so good back then, so wonderful that it made her dizzy in bliss the first few times. And she could have it again.

Twilight took a step towards them, but quickly shut her eyes as she threw herself back against the wall. “No! I can’t!”

“Twilight!” Celestia shouted, but Twilight hardly heard her. She was too focused on keeping her wings between herself and her friends, all while huddling on the floor while pleading quietly beneath her breaths. “Please… just go away… Don’t let me… Don’t let me… Don't…”

Then, a sudden aroma filled Twilight’s nose, and she stiffened at its sweet scent.

In a zombie like fashion, Twilight lifted her head, and focused her gaze immediately on the source of the smell; a small cut oozing blood, directly on a foreleg.

Twilight subconsciously stood herself up, still hunched over as she tried to avert her body away. It was hard to look away from it, hard not to lick her lips and immediately sink her fangs into it. But the little bit left of her rationality held her in check, and she forced herself to look upwards. “Applejack… What are you doing?”

Applejack held a grim, but firm look. She even went as far as to stretch her bleeding arm towards Twilight, who in response shifted closer.

“Twilight,” Celestia said calmly, drawing Twilight’s attention with a shocked expression towards her. “I was afraid of this, or rather, hoped it would come to this instead of another way. You haven’t fed for sometime, and you need to recover your strength. You need to drink.”

Twilight stared in disbelief at the surety in Celestia’s words, and at the fact everyone else seem to watching expectantly for Twilight to act on them.

“But I-” Twilight began.

“We already talked about it, Sugarcube,” Applejack said. “We know you need blood, otherwise something bad will happen. Namely, you or another pony dying.” Applejack took a step forward, to which Twilight tried to move back, but found herself closing the gap with a step of her own.

Twilight looked down to the cut, then back to Applejack, and back to the cut again, and she exposed her fangs as her breathing became rapid. “What if I can’t stop?” Twilight pleaded, looking to each of their faces in turn for some sign that they shouldn’t do this.

“Until you are on a regular diet in which you can control yourself,” Rarity said, followed by a slight shiver, “Applejack and I will take turns.” Turning her head to Celestia, Rarity gave a nod, who in turn flared her horn and magically made a small cut on Rarity’s foreleg, the same spot Applejack’s was at.

Twilight’s eyes zeroed in on the freshly created wound and gulped as a small bead of red trailed across Rarity’s white coat.

“Twalight,” Applejack said loudly, refocusing her attention towards her. At first Applejack regarded Twilight’s desperate and begging manner with a deadset expression, but the silent plea in Twilight’s eyes made Applejack’s demeanor falter, and a fearful but brave expression appeared. “Please, let us help you.”

Twilight found herself walking towards Applejack’s outstretched leg, all while shaking her head along the way. “But I don’t… I don’t-”

“Shhhh, Sugarcube. We know.” Applejack lifted her other hoof and guided Twilight’s head towards the cut.

"Please, don't let me..." Twilight whispered, shaking in desperate attempts to push back agaisnt Applejack's hoof.

Applejack paused when Twilight was only inches away, unable to lead her the last bit of distance. The feeling of something tearing inside her made her grit her teeth, and her eyes watered at the action she would make Twilight perform.

Twilight remained fixated on the cut just within reach of her mouth, breathing heavily at its scent that filled her mind. But as influencing as it was, she remained firm in the tiny bit of will she had left, and it showed by the shudders that wracked her body as she tried to turn herself or look away.

Applejack's mouth fell as she looked onto Twilight, and a sobbed escaped her. She turned to Rarity, and saw that she had hidden her face behind her hair, unwilling to witness the heartbreaking sight. Then, turning to Celestia, she looked up with a silent plea. Celestia, however, only gave a solemn nod, a silent reminder of their preperation for this moment.

Letting her ears fall, Applejack gave once last shuddered breath, and stilled herself as she looked back to Twilight who still managed to keep herself the remaining few inches away. Applejack swallowed a lump in her throat, and gave a weary smile despite Twilight not being able to look up.

"You've been fighting hard, Sugarcube. But you shouldn't be alone anymore. We're here for you, Twalight. And now, it's time we finally helped you."

Applejack once again gently guided Twilight to the cut, forcing herself to continue on despite the rush of 'no's and 'sorry's beneath Twilight's breath.

The moment Applejack's blood touched Twilight's lips, Twilight closed her eyes tight as more tears trailed down her cheeks, and she resentfully clamped her jaw onto Applejack's arm. Applejack winced at the pain, but slowly sat herself down, all while leading Twilight down with her. Despite having her mouth full and gulping the blood down her throat, Twilight still kept mumbling desperately, unable to speak a clear word as tears mixed with blood. “It’s okay, we’re here…” Applejack cooed, stroaking Twilight's hair in a soothing fashion.

A silence fell over the room as everyone stood close by while Twilight sobbed as she fed. Eventually, and with a little coaxing, they transferred her from Applejack’s leg to Rarity’s, reassuring her with loving words that everything would be alright and that they were here for her. Twilight continued to cry onwards throughout the session, hating herself all the while for enjoying the taste of her friends’ blood, for having to depend on them in such an unsightly and unnatural way, and for having the cursed fate that drove her towards this.

When all was said and done, when Twilight’s hunger was sated and the burning in her throat soothed, the sun had already climbed to the highest point in the sky. Exhausted from all the events, Twilight had passed out in her final moments from feeding on Rarity, falling asleep directly in her lap, tears still falling even in her sleep. Rarity dabbed the droplets around Twilight's face while being healed by Celestia, and they all looked upon her with heartache as she slept.

Twilight was back, but she was no longer the same. And despite how much it pained them to see her so distraught over her fate, they knew she would never escape it. Twilight had changed, and they would be there to help her through. No matter what.

Author's Note:

There may have been quite a few repetitions in this chapter, but such is the way of traumatic events and depression. No matter how many times it brings you down, it somehow always manages to do it again and usually just as hard. While it may not be cured by friends, they certainly help in dealing with it.

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