• Published 11th Sep 2013
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Second Princess of the Night - Senyu

With King Sombra gone, is Equestria truely safe from harm? Or will another foe as old as the Crystal Kingdom itself appear now that the dark unicorn's position of evil is vacant? What new danger will threaten the land and the Elements of Harmony?

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Act II - Chapter 16

She fell away,

From the sunny day,

Far from light and warmth.

But find she did,

Those that hid,

Who called the princess forth...

“We’re here,” Night Walker announced while stepping aside and extending a hoof. They were at the mouth of a large cave, deep within a forest Night Walker had flown them towards for the last few hours. Even as Ruby looked at the cave with curious eyes, the sun was steadily rising, bringing dawn to the land. She had been transfixed at the growing light, having not seen something like it before but yet knowing full well what it was. Like everything she had seen so far, each object or sight was a new mystery that she somehow knew the name of. It was this fascination with everything she laid her eyes on that kept her quiet during their travel, her heart fluttering in excitement at slowly recognizing the world piece by piece.

But now, she was undecided, torn between two emotions that rose from standing before the dark cave. A part of her said to stay away and remain in the growing light where everything was safe and known, while another reassured her that the darkness was not something to be afraid of, even doubly so at being able to see easily into the shadowed crevice. Ruby remained motionless in hesitation until her ears flicked at the sound of Night Walker coughing poiliety.

“If you wish, I could go in first,” he offered. A timid nod in reply caused him to chuckle before moving in front of her. “Stay as close as you like, and follow me.” Reassuring her with a smile, he turned around and moved forward.

They entered the cave with Night Walker in the lead, both of their wings tucked to their sides and moving at a steady pace, their hoof steps echoing softly about the rocky interior. Ruby’s senses picked out each detail vividly, becoming lost in observation of every moment they spent walking. Her ears flicked this way and that at the sounds within the cave, listening intently to how many times their hoof steps repeated back to them. The scent of damp but moist air tickled her nose, nothing alike with the open air they had left behind. And her eyes observed each nook and cranny that appeared before them, never left bored at the repeating environment throughout the entire cave, instead inspecting every inch with new fascination.

They continued through the winding cave, a slight descent in their path that lead them steadily deeper. Their journey into the earth however, was put on hold as they soon became aware of voices echoing towards them. Ruby stopped at hearing them, understanding they were the voices of ponies yet unsure on how to proceed. Night Walker paused at noticing her stopping, turning his head back to her with a questioning glance. “Ruby? Are you alright?”

She did not answer as she continued listening to the voices, her heart beating quicker from her nervousness rising. “Are you worried about meeting the others?” Night Walker hazard a guess, receiving his answer in a slow nod from the mare. Flashing her his usual and comforting smile, he attempted to convince her. “I promise nopony will hurt you. In fact, they will be most joyed at your return.”

“My… return?” Ruby asked, haven been too caught up taking in everything to have asked any meaningful questions.

“That’s right. Just a little ways ahead, your subjects await you. They have unknowingly waited for over a thousand years for your return.”

“Why would they wait for me?” Ruby asked, her uncertainty of continuing forward growing even more. She could not imagine as to why anypony would be awaiting her, especially when she didn’t even know who she was; which was a thought that had not crossed her mind until now when it became relevant, ringing new questions for her to contemplate. With an audible gulp, Ruby nervously asked, “Who… who am I?”

“Why, you are Ruby Sparkle, Princess of the Vamponies,” Night Walker answered right away, throwing in a bow at the same time.

“Vamponies?” she asked, not immediately understanding the word unlike everything else.

“Yes, it is what I am. And what you are,” Night Walker said pointing a hoof to her. Ruby tilted her head in confusion before looking down to inspect herself. “Do you see your cutie mark?” he asked.

Arching her head to take a look at her rear she replied, “Yes.”

“See the red colored stars? Those signify that you are a vampony, a creature of life and death whose domain is the night and its shadows.”

“Life and death?” Ruby asked aloud. It was not because she did not understand the concepts, but because she felt squirmy thinking about them, yet excited and alive at the same time. The polar opposite emotions ebbing inside her were beginning to make things more difficult than they already were at the barrage of new information whenever she looked upon something.

“Though such topics are not suited for this moment, rather we should be focused on more comforting and happy ones should be taking place, such as our kin learning of your survival,” Night Walker said, gesturing down the cave with his head.

Ruby mulled over her apprehension a few moments more before slowly continuing forward again, Night Walker smiling approvingly as he resumed the lead. I guess I shouldn’t keep everypony waiting me from what Night Walker is saying. But... am I really that important to ponies I have never meet before?

Continuing on for some minutes, the two had reached the end of the path, a wide naturally forming arch way that looked to lead to a very large area where multiple voices came from; the pathway glowed with a soft blue light that emanated from the ahead open space. Ruby halted again at the sight of a pony waiting in front of the entrance. Unlike everything else she had seen, nothing came to mind upon seeing him. Not his name, or the type of pony he was for the matter.

Most strikingly, he had tufts of hair on his ears, making them appear larger and more elongated than they were, and his pupils were slits instead of ovals, nestled in the center of his amber eyes that watched them approach intently. The only reassuring look about the grey pony was his tucked leathery wings, the same kind Night Walker had. She briefly wondered why it was that she had feathered wings and not ones like theirs.

“Good morning, Shade Flare,” Night Walker greeted as he continued on.

“Welcome back Tr-…” Shade Flare at first responded before coughing suddenly. After clearing his throat and giving a quick glance to Ruby he finished, “Welcome back, Night Walker. I trust everything went well.”

“Indeed,” Night Walker replied with a smile before gesturing a hoof towards Ruby. “May I introduce, Princess Ruby Sparkle.”

Shade Flare bowed low to her upon hearing her name, eliciting a nervous shift of hooves from Ruby at the behavior. “Ruby, meet Shade Flare, my second in command.”

“Um… You don’t have to bow to me…” she said hesitantly, not entirely sure why she felt so uneasy about the action.

“Ruby,” Night Walker said. “I understand this may be uncomfortable for you, but you will have to learn to adjust. You are a princess, and princesses are treated as such.”

Ruby shifted her eyes to the side of the cave, unable to come up with a reason as to why she shouldn’t be treated like that, and also unwilling to speak against Night Walker. He had been the first pony she had come to known since waking up in the sky, and looked to him a source of protection in a strange yet familiar world. She felt as a filly would to an adult that knew much more than they did and sought their approval.

Seeing her unease, Night Walker moved close and cupped her chin gently, and flashed her a warm smile. “This may be confusing and difficult, but you must learn to accept such behaviors from your subjects. They do not do it because it is out of obligation, but because they look to you for guidance.” Ruby lifted her head as Night Walker spoke, listening intently. “A ruler must direct her followers, and protect them beneath her wing at the same time. Do not doubt your authority or claim at such a position, for they will love you for what comes naturally in your heart and mind. It is why you of all ponies, are fit to be a princess. And why you should not feel so undeserving.”

Ruby still did not look convinced, but she took the words to heart, reducing the squirminess at the idea of ponies bowing to her somewhat.

Night Walker removed his hoof as he continued back toward the archway, looking at her over his shoulder. “It will take time for you understand and come to terms with. But for now, let us introduce you to the rest.” With Night Walker once again in the lead, the three of them moved into the large cavern ahead, Shade Flare waiting graciously for Ruby to pass before falling behind.

Entering the expanse, the three of them took in the sight of a cavern. They stood atop a ledge some few ponies height tall, looking down in what looked to be a natural rocky stadium of ledges and flat spots. About these platforms and nooks large enough for a large wagon, they saw much of the space filled with ponies sharing Shade Flare’s features. Numbering in what Ruby guessed was nearly a hundred ponies, they sat about the cavern in various spots, many gathered in conversation around glowing crystal’s poking from the ground that gave off an ethereal blue light.

The age of the ponies ranged from tiny colts and fillies, to even a few more senior stallions and mares. It looked as if a small town lived within the cave, but the scarcity of supply crates and lack of other items suggested they had only been here for a short amount of time. Upon seeing saddlebags still strapped to some of them, she reasoned that they perhaps had only recently arrived like her.

Lichen and other fungi adorned much of the rock, more prominently near the crystal’s Ruby noticed. The lichen seemingly appeared to be comfortable as most of the ponies laid atop of it, their hooves tucked beneath them or completely laying down on their sides. Transfixed at the sight of the cavern and how many ponies were about, she sucked in a breath as the softly echoing conversations died suddenly, and all heads turned to them.

Each pair of amber eyes stared widely once they took in the three forms above them, causing Ruby to shrink at the attention. Night Walker on the other hoof, strode proudly to the edge and looked down upon them warmly.

“My brothers and sisters,” he called out. “It brings me much joy to see you all gathered here. Happy I am to have you by my side, to fight against the unjust isolation and slow but sure extinction of our species. Here you are now because you answered the call of your true heritage, to acknowledge the bloodline of your ancestors. The blood of the Vamponies.”

Each pony was now standing up on their hooves, craning their heads upwards as they listened intently.

“I know you have sacrificed much to get here, and how you risk the wrath of the Royal Sisters who kept you away from the world, away from the prying eyes of everypony least they fear your appearance, or remember who you once were. But know that from this day onward, that I, The Night Walker, shall return you to your former glory! Return you to the strength your ancestors once wielded when they stood by me so long ago.”

His crimson eyes twinkled as he paused momentarily to take in the look of how captivated they all were, feeling the surge of excitement that he and they had managed to make this far.

“But, there is another reason for joy tonight. For it is not just I who has returned from the past of a forgotten time to ensure the restoration of the vamponies.” Turning to Ruby, he extended a hoof in her direction, and gestured for her to join him by his side. Nervously, Ruby stepped closer to the edge, and peered down at the faces that were now entirely focused on her.

“I, your Prince, who was locked in a crystal coffin for more than a millennium, have brought back the Second Princess of the Night, who had been held captive by the Royal Sisters for as long as I was sealed. Princess Ruby Sparkle!”

The face of the ponies lit up at hearing just who the alicorn was atop the ledge, and joyful smiles spread like wildfire at the idea of not one, but two important figures from history had come to their aid. Soft murmuring was heard as they began whispering the word ‘princess’ amongst each other.

Ruby lowered her ears at what she thought was surely was their disapproval of them. But to her disbelief, their confused faces grew into smiles, and their eyes began to look energetic and alive.

“A princess…”

“We have a princess!”

“Can you believe it?”

“A real princess!”

Ruby unfolded her ears and leaned forward in curiosity as they became more excited and animated, some even beginning to stamp their hooves in joy. Then, a single pony’s voice called out clearly in the cave. “Ru-by!”

All heads turned to the back of the crowd, seeing the little filly who had cried out her name. The fillies eyes was wide with excitement as she stared upwards at her, shouting out her name again. “Ru-by! Ru-by!”

She repeated the name in the chanting like fashion, until shortly another pony echoed the name in tune with her, then another, and another. Swiftly their voices grew as each pony joined in the chorus, shouting her name and filling the cave with a roaring applause.


Ruby was stunned at the cheer of her name, slowly moving her eyes from each smiling face to smiling face that called out to her enthusiastically. A part of her recoiled at the chanting of her name, wanting to say it was some mistake and she really wasn’t the pony they shouted for. But she would be lying if a small part of her didn’t become overwhelmed by another feeling, one that she couldn’t easy describe with words, but left her chest fluttering as a sense of belonging filled her. It was a small but very heartfelt joy to say the least.

Night Walker eyed her carefully, taking notice of her subtle reactions to the crowd’s cheers. Seeing her locked in shock at the attention, he spoke loud enough for only her to hear.

“See Ruby?” Drawing her attention away from the faces—which she found hard to do as they looked so happy to see her, especially when their meet eyes with her—she looked to Night Walker questioningly. “They look to you with hope in a time of need, something they have not had in an age. They now depend on you.”

Ruby was speechless to the idea that other ponies could ever look to her for help as they did, especially since she knew so little of the world. But even when she turned back to them, she heard Night Walker continue. “If you ever feel uncomfortable in ruling because of your personal feelings, then simply look to them. Look upon their faces, and remember you command not for yourself, but for them. You rule, so they may be happy, just like they are now upon seeing their princess who has returned. It is because of you that they can be so hopeful of the future.”

She remained silent as the words sunk in, the echoing cheers of the ponies having yet to cease while she internally took in everything that had happened. I don’t know how I gotten into a situation like this, or why anypony could depend on me. But… Gazing across the crowd again, she saw the light in their amber eyes, a light that showed more than any words could begin to describe.

As Night Walker said, they looked to her with hope. But… I can’t turn away from this. Not from so many ponies who need me. Nodding to herself, a look of determination came onto her previously taken aback face. In response to the cheers, she took a step forward, bringing herself right onto the edge of the rock formation. Spreading her wings in a drowned out *thwump*, she gave a wide grin to them all. Her recognition of their voices and her regal pose she now held only drove them to call her name louder. “RU-BY! RU-BY! RU-BY! RU-BY!”

I may not know who I am, or how things ended up like this, Ruby thought. But I do know that I could never turn my back on ponies who need me, not when they are counting on me for so much. Of that, I am certain.

Passing over the faces of each pony once more as the idea of actually being a Princess of Vamponies began to sink into her mind, that it was truly who she was, she turned to Night Walker. She no longer held the look in her eyes he first saw her with, fearful and uncertain of everything. Instead, she now looked to be a completely different mare than the one who had only opened her eyes to see the world for the first time a few short hours ago. They were now ablaze; a light behind their crimson color that showed a burning sense of purpose. “Night Walker,” she said confidently. “I want to be caught up on everything I missed. I want to know what happened to me, and I want to help these ponies. I want to help our ponies.”

“Then it shall be,” Night Walker replied simply with his typical grin. “Welcome home, your highness.”


After the commotion eventually calmed down and Night Walker said a few last words regarding their situation —mostly how they would be spending some time here until more suitable accommodations could be made or if the situation changed and required them to move—he had lead Ruby into an alcove within the cavern that was to be her very own, one adorned with naturally growing blue crystals for light, and a whole floor covered in the soft lichen.

Walking about, there were many other alcoves, tucked away either in the back of the main area or in branching passageways. But so far hers was the biggest she had seen, able to fit ten ponies with room to spare. She had underestimated how comfortable the lichen was from above, understanding immediately as to why everypony was intent on remaining on it.

“You should get some rest,” Night Walker said to her as she inspected her living space. “You have been through a rough transition, and you need time to recuperate.”

Ruby turned her attention from a particularly squishy mushroom to him. “Walker…,” she said before catching herself. Guiltily she folded her ears and cleared her voice. “Is it okay if I call you that?”

“You may call me anything you like,” he said with a smile.

Rubbing her foreleg idly with her other hoof, she casted her eyes about the room. “What… happened to me? Why don’t I remember anything? I mean, if I’m a princess of vamponies, shouldn’t I know that myself?”

Forcing herself to not look away, she locked her gaze with his, the desire of wanting to know showing clearly in her questioning eyes. She felt even more lost and confused than she had when she awoke on his back, the idea of a whole life and persona that she wasn’t even aware of weighing heavily on her now that she knew she wasn’t just some pony.

Night Walker’s smile faltered as he spoke forlornly, “The entire story is too long for now.” Seeing her ears droop, he let out a sigh. “But to put it in short, you were captured shortly before I myself was sealed.”

“Captured? By who?”

“The Royal Sisters, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna,” he replied, eliciting a tilted head from Ruby at hearing the names. Night Walker paused to check if their names rang any bells, then continued when she only held a questioning look. “They are the rulers of Equestria,” he said simply, taking note at the look of realization at the name of the country but not its rulers.

Curious, she remembers the country but not its rulers. I’ll have to test the amulet further on others in the future to see if that is intended or coincidence.

“The princess captured you,” he continued, “and locked you away deep beneath the royal city. I am not entirely sure what they had done to you, but it is clear they made some modifications to you, perhaps even to go as far as experimentation. It is obvious your lack of memories is from their doing.”

“But... why would they do that to me?”

“Because…” Night Walker began, trying to choose the words carefully. “The princesses don’t approve of our… diet, to put it simply.”

“Our diet?”

“Well, we are vamponies,” he said, hoping she might catch the hint. When she did not he slowly explained, “And vamponies feed… on blood.”

“B-blood?” Ruby gasped, but the confirming nod from Night Walk ensured she had heard correctly. “Are you really telling me that we, as in all the vamponies here, drink blood?” she asked with a squeak.

“I understand that may seem alarming at first, but it is a part of who we are. Something that everypony else in here besides you and me have lost,” Night Walker replied as he looked behind him into the cavern.

“What do you mean?”

Turning back to her he explained, “We, are vamponies. They, are bat ponies as it were.” Receiving another tilted head in confusion he continued. “After you and I were sealed from the world, the remaining vamponies had nowhere else to go. I learned from today’s descendants that the Royal Sisters took them in, granting amnesty from their previous actions of feeding on blood. In return, they would allow what the Princesses could do to reverse the vampirism that had affected them. One indicator is the amber in their eyes, they do not share our red coloring.”

“My eyes are red?” Ruby asked.

Night Walker blinked, then out let a chuckle. “I forget you haven’t seen your reflection since you awoke. But yes, your eyes are red.”

Turning her head down in thought, Ruby ran over what he had told her, multiple questions forming in her mind at the same time. “Walker, if they aren’t vamponies anymore and no longer need blood, why would we want to return them to how they were?”

“Because, what the Royal Sisters have done to them isn’t working. It’s killing them,” he replied angrily, his mood suddenly transitioning to a much darker one.

Her head snapped up at the word, her brows creasing from worry. “Killing them?”

With a slow nod he replied, “That’s correct. You see, when I had first awoken from my imprisonment, deep within the Crystal Kingdom, I began to search for our kin immediately, and rally them under our rule once again.”

Ruby opened her mouth to express that the Crystal Kingdom did sound familiar to her, but remained quiet as she listened.

“But what I found was not our allies having lived throughout the ages, or even remnants within hiding. I found their descendants locked away in a town that does not exist on any map, and their very souls modified beyond measure.”

He turned his eyes towards her, and she nearly flinched at the cold stare that came from him.

“Whatever magic the Royal Sisters had conjured up to make them who they are today is slowly driving them to extinction. With each generation they grow weaker, more affected by the changes. It has gotten to the point that some of them are even sterile, no longer able to have children like the sisters promised they would be capable of having once undergone the modifications. They have been so tampered with that they don’t even have cutie marks anymore. Birth defects are becoming more common as well. Some are born blind, others malformed. And each generation has more stillborns than the last.”

At that last bit, Ruby brought a hoof to her mouth, and she turned her head in the direction of the bat ponies, while Night Walker’s dark mood only grew as he pressed on, his wings quivering as he extended them outward.

“They promised life to our ponies, but instead have given them centuries of suffering. They are sick, Ruby, and are becoming even sicker with each generation. Some of them never even make it to full grown ponies, they simply just die off randomly in early youth or adolescence. Eventually, the entire batpony race will die out, and it will be an undignified and regretful last whisper of our kind when the very last batpony departs this world. We will be nothing more than a memory, if the Princesses ever see it fit to reveal our existence to the world after shuffling us into forgotten lore.”

Ruby was unable to stand up while processing the information, her stomach and heart becoming far too bothered by the idea. Her back legs bent down as she sat, her eyes locked onto a nearby mushroom as she ran over the what he had said in her mind.

“This is why we need to help them Ruby,” Night Walker continued. “We must restore the vampiric bloodline within them, but to do so, to undo what the Royal Sisters have done. We must save them from their cruel fate that they have suffered with for over a thousand years, a fate we were unable to protect them from!”

Ruby’s heart twinge at this last words, her earlier feelings of wanting to help them becoming further kindled with an even more intense passion. It was her duty to guard over her ponies she mulled over, and she hadn’t been able to do that for a very long time. And to top off everything off, from the fact of losing her memories of them, or rather stolen she realized, a raging spark ignited inside her, gnawing at her from the inside out.

Her eyes gleamed as a sudden rush of anger flared inside of her, the very blood in her veins calling out for a hunt on the ponies responsible for everything that had happened to her and her subjects. If she had to put a word to it, vengeance came to her mind on how she felt. Unbridled, furious, and justified vengeance. And it came easy to her, much to her delight and dismay at the same time.

“But,” Night Walker suddenly said in a calmer tone, snapping Ruby from her haze. Resuming his familiar smile, he continued, “Tonight is not the night to dwell on such things. I will inform you of the details I know of later on. For now, you must rest.” Ending the matter, Night Walker turned away and began to walk out of the alcove. Before he left completely he paused to glance back at her. “Sleep well today, we will continue on in the night.”

“Oh, uhm… sleep well,” she replied, caught off guard from the change of moods. She waited for him to leave, even waiting a minute or two in case he came back, before slumping down onto the soft lichen below. She felt torn between exhaustion and the urge to do something, her chest still holding an ember at the burning anger she that had overwhelmed her just a bit ago. Taking in a deep breath, she flared her nostrils as she exhaled at not being able to decide what to do now. It had been a very long night that had so much that happened.

Though it had been only a short time ago, it already felt like an age since she had awoken ontop of Night Walker’s back, captivated at the sight of the night sky and land below, to finding out she was apparently a princess of a lost and battered race, to becoming absolutely furious at these so called ‘Royal Sisters’ for doing such horrible things to them. Thinking about them again threatened to bring about her ire once again. But before she could dwell on it any further, a soft noise of scuffling hooves made her ears flick.

Lifting her head she looked to alcove entrance, able to pick out the sound of tiny hooves stepping lightly near its edges. She was well aware that a pony was moving about in what sounded like uncertainty around the corner, and it brought her no surprise when eventually a tiny head poked around the corner.

A little batpony peered around the corner, and then promptly squeaked before pulling her head back, having not expected Ruby to be staring at the exact spot she had been hiding.

Okay, that was just too cute, Ruby thought happily, all feelings of her anger vanished on the spot. Smiling at the filly’s action she gently called out, “Is somepony here to see me? I could sure use some company.” She didn’t know why she talked like she did, she just had a feeling it was the right thing to say to entice the filly to come back.

Sure enough, her little head poked over. She had it so only one of her eyes was shown from the corner, but the sight of her tuft ear sticking out only made the sight even more adorable. “Hello there,” Ruby cooed. “Have you come to see me?” The filly’s head nodded once, her eye very large at the sight of a real princess in front of her. “Well, you’re welcome to come join me in here, what’s your name?”

“L-Lunar Pearl,” the filly answered as she stepped out from her hiding spot.

“Hello, Lunar Pearl, I’m Ruby Sparkle.”

Lunar Pearl shuffled in a few steps, taking in the mare for a few moments now that she was so close to her. Eventually she straightened her posture and looked surer of herself, raising an eyebrow as she asked, “If you’re a vampony, how come you’re wings are like that?”

Ruby Sparkle had opened her mouth to answer, but truthfully she didn’t know. The fact that she was the only one with feathered wings did not escape her, and she did not know what to say to Lunar Pearl. Thankfully, somepony else spoke before she could.

“Lunar Pearl! What are you doing!?”

Lunar Pearl flinched at the scolding tone as another and older batpony mare stood at the entrance of the alcove. “What are you thinking barging into the Princess’s room like that? Get out of there!” Turning her gaze towards Ruby she lowered her ears and took on an embarrassed look. “I’m terribly sorry for my little sister, she can be a little too confident for her own good sometimes.”

“But Lil’s, she said I could come in!” Lunar Pearl cried, quickly turning back to Ruby and asking in what could have been the biggest puppy dog eyes Ruby had seen. A brief thought passed over at the fact it was the only one she had seen since waking up, and its effects were completely effective against her.

“Please, Princess Ruby, can I stay?”

Only able to smile at how cute she was being, Ruby replied, “Of course you can, and you are welcomed to come in as well, Miss Lil’s, was it??”

Flustering at the invitation, the mare quickly replied, “Please, call me Lily Wing. Lil’s is what my sister calls me.”

“Well then, Lily Wing, it’s quite alright for you two to keep me company,” Ruby replied cheerfully as she gestured to the lichen in front of her.

“Yay!” Lunar Pearl cried as she bounced over to Ruby, her wings flapping lightly for a few inches of air in her hops. She ran to Ruby’s side and plopped herself down with legs tucked underneath, trying to imitate exactly how she laid. Then, Lunar Pearl looked up with large eyes. “Are you really a Princess?”

Ruby laughed lightly before replying, “I guess I am. You see, I don’t really remember me being a princess, or a vampony for the matter.”

“Really?” Lily Wing said with a raised eyebrow.

“I know it sounds silly, but the only memories I have is from a few hours ago before I entered this cave. I woke up on Night Walker’s back as he was flying. All of you know about me as much as I do.”

“But why is that? What happened to you?” Lily Wing asked in concern.

“Night Walker said it was the Royal Sister’s fault. From the sound of it, it looks like they are capable of it considering what has happen to you over the years,” Ruby said as voice became quieter, trying to tread carefully on what she assumed was a sensitive topic. “May I ask what has happened to you?”

Lily Wing sighed as she looked down. “Of course you can ask, you’re our princess like Night Walker said. But where do I even start… Do you mind if I sit down?”

“Please, feel free.”

Lily Wing tucked her legs beneath her and made herself comfortable a respectable distance from Ruby, giving a scolding glare at her sister now and then who held no concept of personal space.

As Lunar Pearl was fidgeting with excitement, Ruby blinked her eyes in recognition, and smiled. “I remember you now. You were the filly who first called my name.”

“Hmhmm!” Lunar Pearl hummed loudly. “You looked a little shy up there on the ledge, so I thought shouting your name as a welcome home would help.”

“That was very kind of you, and it did help,” Ruby said.

The two of them laughed with each other, and even more so as Ruby angled her wing to tickle Lunar Pearl with a feather. She is just too precious.

“Ru-by! Stop that tickles!” Lunar Pearl giggled in protest.

“That’s Princess Ruby, Lunar Pearl,” Lily Wing said hesitantly, unsure how loudly she should speak up with Ruby in the room.

“It’s quite alright, I don’t mind not being called princess,” Ruby commented.

“Oh… right, sorry.”

“Lily Wing…”

“Yes?” Lily Winy stammered loudly.

“Please relax, your nervousness is making me nervous. I’m not really one for formalities, at least, I don’t think I ever was.” Sharing one last smile with Lunar Pearl, Ruby turned her eyes back to Lily Wing. “Please continue.”

“O-okay,” Lily Wing said, before taking in a breath. “From what I know... we’ve been under the Princesses protection for what has been forever. Countless generations have been born and raised in the town they had set for us. Our history isn’t well documented, so a lot of it has been passed down by storytelling.” Lily Wing let out a half hearted laugh at her next statement. “I couldn’t believe it when I heard about Night Walker and him being our ancestor, that we were once a strong warrior race of vamponies that ruled the night. I know of a few stories saying how we were powerful knights when the sun was down, but I never imagined we were vamponies.”

“You mean you never knew?”

“Not at all.”

“What about all of you being sick?”

“That part is true,” Lily Wing said solemnly. “We are sick, and it’s a well-known fact it’s been getting worse. The princesses had told us that we were infected with something bad and that they were trying to get rid of it. I guess that we just eventually forgot it was about us being vamponies…”

“Did the princesses ever think to let somepony else look at you if they weren’t successful?”

“They did," Lily Wing said, her voice in a half interested tone on the matter. "There were a few unicorns now and then that came Dusk Town while I grew up. They spent their time studying us, collecting samples, and casting spells on us. Each time they always said that they were a hoof closer in finding a cure for us. But years later they still say the same thing, not once have they gotten anything that seems to really help.”

“If the princesses couldn’t find anypony, how come none of you didn’t leave to search on your own?” Ruby asked, her reasoning being if a pony wants something and it’s within their power, they should seek it out whatever it is. It only made sense to her that if you wanted something, you went for it.

But Lily Wing shook her head. “It’s forbidden for us to leave. There are always guards posted to make sure we don’t wander out. To be honest, this is the first time I have ever left the town,” Lily Wing said in a doleful smile.

“Not me, this is my second time!” Lunar Pearl replied proudly.

Lily Wing’s scowl quickly returned as glared at her. “And you got into a lot of trouble for doing that. Do you know what could have happened if you got caught?”

“No, but if I didn’t I would have never been able to tell you what Night Walker said to us and we wouldn’t be here,” she retorted, sticking her tongue out for good measure.

“You met Night Walker before tonight?” Ruby asked in interest.

Tempted to return her sister’s childish behavior had it not been for a princess occupying same space, Lily Wing turned back to Ruby. “Well, tonight is the first time I met him, but who else could have planned our escape? I don’t think anypony would have dared to leave if it was anypony else besides the Lord of the Vamponies. I had a hard time believing what he said was true let alone believing him and vamponies even existed. But everypony else that was there that night were able to confirm it was all true. After that, we spread the word around the town as discreetly as possible, only telling other ponies we believed would come with us and not turn us in to the princesses for planning to leave.”

“Not that I don’t appreciate you leaving for us,” Ruby said. “But may I ask why you chose to come?”

Lily Wing’s face turned into a forlorn smile as she glanced down to Lunar Pearl, still nestled close to Ruby’s side. “I did it for my sister.”

Lunar Pearl rolled her eyes but still blushed slightly on her cheeks from the statement, only making Lily Wing smile more so. Turning back to Ruby, she continued in a wistful voice, “I worry about her and what may happen. You see, our mother died shortly after giving birth to her. She had grown weaker over time and wasn’t strong enough to keep going after bringing Lunar Pearl into the world. Some years later, our father also became seriously ill, and passed a few months after that.”

“Oh my stars,” Ruby gasped before turning to look at Lunar Pearl beside her. But Lunar Pearl had turned her head the other way, refusing to show her face to her.

“I worry about what kind of illness she might gain as she grows up. She has a chance of growing old as a normal filly like I’ve managed, but these days... it’s becoming less promising for a batpony to make it that long.” Lily Wing took a moment to catch her breath, pained to even bring up the subject. After some seconds she continued, her voice became sharper, “Which is why I decided to take her along with the others to follow Night Walker. He promised he would fix us, make us well again, and at this point I’m willing to believe anything if it means my sister can live a happy life.”

The three of them remained silent in the alcove, Ruby and Lily Wing not sure what to say anymore, and Lunar Pearl still staring away at the wall. Ruby watched her with a growing sadness, trying to imagine the life she and so many other bat ponies have been living, all because she was not there to protect them. It ate away at her heart, so much that every bit of her maternal instincts flared at how much suffering and heartbreak her ponies had suffered, even if the intentions had been good.

Lunar Pearl gave out a gasp as saw soft feathers move in front of her vision, then felt them against her as they rested on her body. Looking back over, she watched Ruby shift herself closer until their bodies were touching, her wing extended over the filly’s body in a protective embrace.

Too taken aback from Ruby’s movements to realize she had a bit of wetness beneath her eyes she forgot to wipe away, Lunar Pearl stared up in awe as the smiling crimson eyes that looked down onto her.

“You have been so strong through all of this,” Ruby said gently. “And you have been put through so much. Even if I can’t remember being a vampony, I’m still proud to call you family. But all the suffering you have experienced ends today now that I’m back. From now on, I’ll taking care of you... all of you,” Ruby finished as she glanced briefly to Lily Wing.

Lily Wing watched in hopefulness as a smile spread across Lunar Pearls face, staring intently at the princess in a way she had never seen before. Her heart tugged sharply at her as she recognized that look, the very one she used to show when she was just a filly. The look she would give to her mother…

Lily Wing suppressed a tear that nearly broke out, her insides twisting at the sight of the two. She had tried her best to be there for Lunar Pearl as she grew up after their dad passed away, and it was not that she didn’t do a bad job. It was just that she would always be a sister to her. And while Lunar Pearl would always have some memory of their father, she never knew her mother. She could not blame her little sister in the slightest for giving the long fabled lost princess such a look; the princess has been nothing but welcoming and kind to them. I pray that you are able to help us Ruby Sparkle, you have to now. You can’t fail now that you have given her hope like this…

The three of them shared a comfortable silence for minutes, the two girls sharing a close hug that only brought a giggle to the filly when she was tickled by a feather now and then, and Lily Wing staring on happily at the sight of her sister smiling without having to force it for once. Eventually they heard the noise of other hoof steps outside the alcove, and turned to find more bat ponies gathering around the entrance.

“Eh, excuse me Princess,” one of the senior bat ponies asked wearily, his ear tufts extra fuzzy as well as his eyebrows, and streaks of white within his grey coat. “We were just wondering if you perhaps had a moment of your time to spare. As you imagine, the news of a having princess is a fairly big deal, and we’d like to welcome ya personally.”

Ruby beamed him and the others a wide smile. “Of course! Please, all of you come in. I can’t wait to meet all of you.”

Murmurs of approval and excitement spread through the small and growing crowd as they huddle around the alcove, all eager to see the Princess of the Vamponies, the Second Princess of the Night. Against Night Walker’s suggestion, she stayed up well into the late morning conversing with each pony, learning their names, their family members, and their troubles. Listening with a happy and heavy heart at the same time. Yet, Lunar Pearl, who happily remained by her side the entire time, helped remind her to stay strong for them, showing them confidence that she would be able to help them. Eventually, other fillies and colts wiggled their way to the front, and also got the chance to sit next to Ruby much to Lunar Pearl’s dismay. There was a small squabble between the children but it was quickly ceased by the bark of an elder for them to behave in front of their princess.

Ruby sat through the rotating crowd of bat ponies, each taking turns to fit in the alcove and to see her up close. All the while her worries of who she was slowly becoming a distant thought, for there was no question in her heart and mind now that she had spoken to the ponies that looked at her so. She was, and will be again, The Princess of the Vamponies.


“Well, that went better than expected. Wouldn’t you agree, Shade Flare?”

“Their reception of Princess Ruby was more… enthusiastic, than I thought it would be,” Shade Flare replied. Night Walker had met up with him after taking his leave from Ruby, the two of them along a passageway far off from anypony might hear them. “I had my doubts of how well she would take to the role, but it seems you once again predicted accurately.”

“When it comes to one’s behavior, all you need to know is the soul, and what buttons to push, “ Night Walker replied. “But I believe the fortune lies in the fact that nopony recognizes who she really is, courtesy of Princess Celestia never allowing you to leave that concentration camp.”

Shade Flare nodded in agreement, well aware that he would have bought the story too had Night Walker not included him since the beginning. An honor that he still had trouble accepting at times. Every preconceived notion he had of the Vampony Lord was dashed aside, not entirely sure if it was because of how eccentric he was, or how his isolated of an upbringing he had, unaware of how real ponies were supposed to act. Or both.

“How long do you expect until she will be ready?” Shade Flare asked, his amber eyes glinting at the prospect of returning to their previous shade of red once more.

Night Walker mulled over the question for a few moments before answering, “I want to make sure she is fully stabilized, that will require her to feed as well. That ordeal alone will be take some time for her to adjust, both mentally and emotionally. Though she does not know it, she is a new vampony, and with that comes some growing pains of adopting the behavior of one.” A smile crept up on Night Walker’s faced as he regarded his second. “Are you so eager to be a vampony once again? I figured you would scared of dying yet another time.”

“I’d be lying if I wasn’t.”

Night Walker let out a laugh as he moved past him into his own quarters. “Do not worry, soon enough she will be able to remove the alicorn magic. It will be then that you will become a vampony once more, and it will be permanent this time.”

Author's Note:

Ugh, every time I release a chapter I lose sleep from staying up to late fixing noticed details or fleshing the last bits out. Sorry for how long it took to get this out, chapters might be seeing longer times between releases as I really need to start working out and work on my programming, but I will be actively continuing the story as much as possible. Also, anybody catch Walker calling her highness in italics like in the early chapters?

Man that Lunar Pearl, she is a cutie ain't she? If you haven't already go google batpony filles. Go on, they are are adorable. And she seems to have a knack about asking ponies about their wings. Perhaps in the far off future, their might be a chapter with her meeting the CMC, what would you all think of that?

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