• Published 11th Sep 2013
  • 15,889 Views, 1,377 Comments

Second Princess of the Night - Senyu

With King Sombra gone, is Equestria truely safe from harm? Or will another foe as old as the Crystal Kingdom itself appear now that the dark unicorn's position of evil is vacant? What new danger will threaten the land and the Elements of Harmony?

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Side Stories

Below are the side stories primarily related to the Second Princess of the Night act of this four act series. I will update this chapter as new stories are submitted, and mention them in the author notes of the latest chapters. In addition, I will mark here and in respective chapters if a story is meant to be read at a certain point within the timeline as indicated by 'Recommended Chapter'.

None of these are integral to the main story line that Second Princess follows, but are meant to be extra bits of information and perspectives, adding in more detail to a world that I wish to expand and grow. I hope you give them a read and enjoy them.

Story Title: Last Road
Author: Senyu
Recommended Chapter To Have Read: Chapter 23
Short Description: Sun Petal's story is but a spark amongst others, but her impact will forever affect the new Princess of the Night, and the unyielding Hunter.

Story Title: Hunter, Slayer, Corpse
Author: Senyu
Recommended Chapter To Have Read: Chapter 25
Short Description: An old evil returns, a princess goes missing, and ancient family secrets reveal themselves. It is often portrayed that a child who is thrusted into a strange world are capable of becoming champions of good. Unfortunately, those are merely fairy tales.

Story Title: Tales of Skyline Tower
Author: Senyu
Recommended Chapter To Have Read: Chapter 28
Short Description: A series of short stories set during the duration of the bat ponies stay in Skyline Tower.

Note: If you wish to make a side story related to this 'verse, please let me know. After a brief discussion of what you have in mind, I will add it here in the list if I approve and feel that it does not conflict with the main story.

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Comments ( 37 )

7527492 :twilightsheepish: Sorry for the late reply. College be busier than I expected. As for being a pre-reader, I'm totally open to giving it a shot. Right now I just have an awesome editor, but another pair of eyes to look over and give opinions before chapters are posted would be great.

7556116 Looking back after I finally finished the story, I find topics and moments I wanted to touch on more. Exploring the exact mechanics of vampirism is one of those, but I will admit I due take some liberties in downplaying certain aspects of traditional vampirism. I'll try not to spoil much, but the main vampire does suffer damage from the sun, but through magical methods he can muddle through it, often using the method for brief moments to give the appearence that he has no negative effects from sunlight to prevent ponies from becoming suscipicous of him. As for the vampirism later on, changes happen, and it begins to branch into a new thing. But that doesn't mean traditional vampirism doesn't make an appearance later in the series...

I can't promise you'll find the vampirism in this story to your liking, but hopefully other aspects of the story make it enjoyable enough to read. If not, thanks for giving the story a chance :twilightsmile:

7557199 The Elements of Harmony had an effect, just not the one everyone expected as they learn later on.

7557302 That much is obvious, but thus far they've never failed to activate in an immediately meaningful way when they can be activated at all, as far as canon goes.

7558153 That's true, and do admit it is immersion breaking from canon events, especially since I didn't showcase that the Elements of Harmony in this verse are a bit different than canon. Bad writing on my part, and I'd like to correct that-among other mistakes in the story-when I eventually go over it again for polishing. Though, to be honest, I wasn't a big fan of the dues ex machina the Elements were.

7558236 :twilightsheepish: I'm still some ways away from making a novel, but I'm glad you feel so. Makes me happy people are enjoying the story despite some glaring flaws. Someday I will be working on my own book series as a hobby, for now, I'll keep practicing with pony words. As someone on this site once said,

If you can write a compelling, gripping, skillfully composed story about ponies, then you can pretty much write a story about ANYTHING.

Hmm. Kept expecting a strike three to pop up but nope. You finished strongly and while that was a nice emotional jab there at the end, I don't regret reading any of it. Nor would I wish his survival.

So, guess that means I won't want Twilight dead until later stories! Heh.


But anyways, makes sense. you've created a vast universe and intertwined story already all by yourself, I wouldn't be upset if you continued the same way you have already. For me, my idea just made sense to me with how I perceived the universe as it stands now, but it in no way has to follow my ideas even remotely. Keep doing what you are doing and I can read happily and immersed. It's what got me hooked in the first place! :)

7564102 :eeyup: MFW people comment on Pinkie Pie's soul and then leave it at that. I wonder how people will like Book 3?

What a great turn around. Those first 20ish chapters really grated on me. It is probably my general dislike for the liar revealed plot and how it can drag things out. But the pay off when Twilight finally gets her memories back and working through things with Ruby really made the back half of the story a joy to read. Keep up the good work and shall definitely be looking forward to the rest of the quartet (now just need a cool name like the Shepherds Quartet or something)

this story is as epic as The Lord of The Rings, as magical as Percy Jackson, and written as good as Harry Potter:pinkiehappy:

I just had to write a poem about this story:
On the blackest night of the darkest day,
A beast of evil sends a tribe astray,
As the world plunges into war and hate,
In the hooves of a princess, lies the world's fate

When all light dies,
The Night Walker flies,
When all hope lies,
The Night Walker thrives

A beast of evil
A beast of the night,
A creature of fear
A creature of fright

7601914 I love it when people write poems :raritystarry:

7610040 Despite this, the chapter was written (at the point of my reading it) such that she DID tell the guards about it, and that information DID go to TIa and Luna... until later chapters when it acts like this never happened.


*shrugs* It was a thought. The mirror pool creates body doubles of whomever uses it. Twilight and Ruby could study the pool to tweak it to fit their needs. I would also point out there's at least one Pinkie Clone still around out there that seems to have managed to function just fine all these years.

7627415 :twilightsheepish: Sorry for the late reply. School's been hectic. But first, let me just thank you for all the wonderful and in-depth comments :raritystarry: I really appreciate them since they give great feedback on what readers are thinking each chapter and it shows that people are enjoying the story. Onto addressing points now.

If the door is open, perhaps that means that either of them can control their joint body now?

:ajsmug: I'm sure a lot of people are wondering how this is going to work now, and while I have some scenes in mind in the sequels that shows what they can do, I'm still figuring out the limit of their powers. I have no intention on giving them separate bodies unless something comes up and makes me change my mind. The mirror pool is one avenue that could be explored, but right now Twilight and Ruby are fine with sharing a body. They've grown rather comfortable being in each others heads.Taking control of the body, however, is a very real possibility and as of now I'm kind of saving it for a dramatic moment. Twilight and Ruby have a lot on their plate that demands their attention, and while body swapping is definitely great, sometimes other stuff gets in the way of their research and will delay it. With that said, I'm exploring another option for them, one that exceeds the limits of just simply body swapping, although it is a risky move and can only be maintained for a short duration. I'll just let people speculate until I finally show that.

And Night Walker ends his journey by continuing to be one of the most interesting and enjoyable antagonists I've ever had the pleasure to read.

:pinkiehappy: This makes me really, really happy. Reading people's opinions of Night Walker have been great as for the most part they find him interesting and enjoy him. He's a character I still want to explore, as well as expand upon whenever I get around to re-polishing this story. There is plenty to show about him if I ever make a story centered around Twilight reading his autobiography.

I'm curious to see what kind of characters the Beast and the Dead shall be. How do they know the Dead is locked away? Why do they find it more likely the Beast has returned before the Dead?

I'm going to reveal soonish in Dragonfeather (:raritydespair: whenever I can manage time to write it), but essentially each Shepherd vanished in a specific order, and have been returning in the opposite order. Sombra was first to appear, then Night Walker, and as per the sequel, the Beast shows up next. While Celestia and Luna aren't quite certain that is the case, it's what they observed, and I'll expand a little bit as to why they believe the Dead remains locked soon in Dragonfeather.

:raritywink: Hope that answers some questions, and I'll shortly respond to your questions in Dragonfeather.

7674978 :twilightsheepish: Sorry for the late reply. Yeah, this story does suffer from this trope, and it's something I'm trying to avoid in the future.

:applejackunsure: Whenever I get around to repolishing this story I might change some of the events to clear these kinds of issues up, but at the time it sounded resonable in my head. Definitely learned a lot since then. Thanks for bringing it to my attention and I'm glad you enjoyed the story overall :twilightsmile:

I'm curious when you're gonna get to fixing the word "Thrall" and making it "Fledgeling"

7776455 I was planning on doing it whenever the story gets another polish pass, but you know, it is a small enough detail that I could just go ahead and replace all instances of it this week. Thanks for reminding me.

This doesn't look promising, if the description is any judge...

-adds to read later-

7855746 Sorry that the description doesn't sound appealing to you, but thanks for giving it a chance and adding it to your reading list. I hope that when you do give the story a read that you do find it enjoyable. If not, no worries and thanks for giving it a try :twilightsmile:

8124645 I did not know that. Thanks for informing me :twilightsmile:

8186038 This story began before the Flutterbat episodes, so it wasn't planned to happen. And as for Twilight being a target for evil, yeah, it does happen a lot and I can understand your annoyance at the trope, but hopefully this story won't annoy you too much in that regard due to the reasoning of why Twilight is targeted. Thanks for commenting and I hope you enjoy the story :twilightsmile:

I wish I could read this story, but there are reasons I can't enjoy it.
I love twilight going evil fictions. I even love her losing her memory to stuff like being in tatarus for several years. I don't like when twilight is just a pawn in a large game, a game she has no hope of winning against. I can't even read past chapter eight or so of this story because twilight is just taken for a fool and used. It just doesn't agree with me. It is a well written story, but not my thing.
I just wish there were more vampire twilight stories I liked. I just can't read a story where her memories are stripped away. That's no longer twilight, its just a pawn wearing her fur.

I understand your reasoning and thank you for giving my story a chance. I can't promise that you would like the rest of the story if you gave it another chance, but in the event anything I'm about to say might catch your interest, please allow me to explain a few details within the story. If not, again, thanks for your time and I hope you can find the vampony Twilight stories that appeal to you,

This story is one of four, and while Twilight used in a pawn-like fashion in the beginning of this story she will be her own character with unique strengths and experiences gained from this adventure. Twilight does remain in the dark about her situation until the middle of the story, of which <BIGGEST SPOILER> she gets her memories back, but I use the time before that to develop a new character that will be following in the subsequent stories. There are no plans for Twilight becoming evil in this series, so I'm sorry that that I can't appeal to you in that regard, but that does not mean she won't take actions that are unpleasant for her opponents.

Well. Seeing as this story was finished I hadn't expected a reply from you. I thank you for your time, and twilight being evil doesn't have to be an end goal.
knowing she gets her memory back actually improves my opinion. and that it happens half way through gives me actual hope.I shall see if I can finish your story in the next two days. (i'm currently working on both 'the codes apprentice' and 'fear me, I am twiwraith'

I LOVE the story! Yeah, I imagined it looking WAY off everypony else's, something like when Sunset looks into Pinkie's thoughts in the 4th EQG movie. Just a major "WTF am I looking at?!?!?!?!?!" moment. Thanks for the reply! Im already into the sequel, and loving it too, cant wait to read more of this awesome world youve built!


It’s pretty good.

as the chapters progress i find myself more and more enthraled with night walker
odd as it is i honestly find him sympathetic, hes not evil in the purest sense of the word, i wouldnt even call him bad just dark
and regardless of which persona he uses he is careing, understanding even i find myself half hopeing that this story can find a happy middle ground.

I basically stopped reading this after chapter 27... feels too contrived and forced.

Well thank you for giving the story a chance. I hope you find more to your liking :twilightsmile:

If the main OCs in this story had voice actors, what would they sound like?

Good question :twilightsmile: To be honest, I'm not so sure.

I tend to agree...they could have at least addressed it at some point, theres a few fanfics that lampshade this by having the chapters that take place parallel tot hat episode do something like have flutershy visiting twilight having noticed the fang and finding outs harmless and flutters might just have a little extra need for fruit but beyond that nothing worth worrying about, or one or two just play it off as 'oh she was actualy a thestrali the whole time and twilights spell just caused her to drop the illusion temporarily.

Just finished reading. Great story, absolutely loved how you were constantly upsetting the status quo. Early on I was thinking okay so they are gonna hang out in ponyville for a bit then Twilight will figure out what's going on then... wait did she just get kidnapped? What do you mean she lost her memories?!? Then my expectations were that her getting her friends back and facing Celestia would be the climax at the end of the story then bam! Runs into AppleJack and Rarity on her first night alone. Two thirds of the way in and everything had already been upended twice.. Great job keeping me on my toes, made for a great read.

Looking forward to reading the sequel!


Trail was a great character. Especially in the first act. I loved how his actions and motives felt villainous but at the same time that simple explanation didn't quite add up as there was plenty of foreshadowing that it wasn't quite that straightforward. Top notch villain.

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