• Published 11th Sep 2013
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Second Princess of the Night - Senyu

With King Sombra gone, is Equestria truely safe from harm? Or will another foe as old as the Crystal Kingdom itself appear now that the dark unicorn's position of evil is vacant? What new danger will threaten the land and the Elements of Harmony?

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Act I - Chapter 15

The evening prior

The lights of Ponyville twinkled in the approaching night, casting long shadows that fancifully decorated the streets from window designs. Families began to tuck into bed, birds roosted peacefully in their nests, and a quiet stillness settled over the town. Even the pony who strolled in content through the town at the late hour hardly made noise, enjoying the summer night breeze that gently swept across the trees.

Smiling at the relaxing atmosphere, Trail proceeded down the street, humming an old tune that was hardly louder than a whisper.

Settled down to sleep,

Pull your blankets tight,

Rest easy young one, and have no fright.

Today is gone, and the night creeps by,

But in the morn’, you will find…

A new hill to climb, and a river to cross,

New adventures to find, awaiting your mark.

You will march through the woods, and tumble through thorns,

And tomorrow you’ll find, a world you’ll have not known before.

Inhaling deeply, he let out a happy sigh.

How I did miss these summer nights. And what a town to enjoy it in.

Turning his head, he casually looked in to a passing open window, spying a couple resting atop the couch.

This really is a pleasant town, much like the ones I used to know without all the interfering politics and danger. Much better than some of these towering cities they have now.

Letting his mind wander to places long gone, Trail glanced at his saddlebag, smiling at the piece of history that sat carefully inside.

Out of all the artifacts I have had the pleasure of using, I think this one will quickly take my favorite place. How nice of the Sister’s to keep it locked away in a forgotten vault, and with the most scarce guard detail I have ever seen. Times really have changed if relics like this are so casually protected.

His smile became wider as gave a skip to rustle the bags contents.

I simply cannot wait to use it.

Another breeze came, and Trail let out a happy sigh.

It’s a shame this will be my last night in this town. Such a nice charm, and such sweet blood from its residents. Perhaps I’ll make a summer home here if all goes well.

Humming the rest of the way through the town, Trail gave an eager smile when the library came into view. He licked his fangs in anticipation of the nights event, and strode purposefully forward. However, as he reached the door and lifted his hoof to knock, he twitched his ears at the sound of commotion within the library.

Flicking his tail in irritation, he leaned forward to make out the voices of Twilight and her friends, apparently having just seated themselves for dinner by the sound of the conversation.

Of course, he thought in annoyance. But with a patient sigh, he moved to the side of the library, carefully placing himself between the bark and pony-high bushes and flower beds that adorned the tree.I suppose a last meal is acceptable. After all, one should eat well before their death. Settling himself in a position that allowed him plenty of room duck down, he glanced about the street, and cautiously peeked through the library’s window.

Looking in, he was able to see each of the girls along with Spike seated about a large dining table, Twilight having just brought out food and taking her spot at the end. Straining his ears, he could hear their conversations, but pushed their dialogue to the back of his mind for a far more serious observation.

Time to see how you are coming along, my dear.

Sitting himself down, he closed his eyes momentarily, and reopened them until they were only thin slits, a dim glow of white escaping from them. Turning his head, he peered through wood and space, pushing his limits to see the flickering souls of ponies within. One by one they appeared into view, translucent orbs that shifted from their movements at the table, each of them unique.

Spotting the one that he was all too familiar with, he turned to Twilight first, he noted the details he could from his distance, and gave a content smile at red coloration spreading within her.

It appears to be progressing along nicely. It’s intertwining with her emotions quite well from the looks of it, the predatory side appears to be a little underdeveloped, and her anxiety looks to have only flared severely a few times. All in all, a smooth transformation.

He placed a hoof on the edge of his bag, feeling the bulge of the amulet within.

She looks stable enough to move forward with the transition. It shall be a very long night.

However the amount of work he would perform tonight, he could only look forward to the delicate and tedious maintenance he would perform on her, a challenge that he eagerly sought that would become much more difficult given the amulet’s effects.

While idly thinking the possible hurdles that would require his attention the most during the process, a curious inclination crossed his mind. I never did have much of a chance to fully explore the rest of the girls. Given that it might be sometime since I see any of them again, now sounds like a wonderful chance to peek.

Shifting his eyes to the other orbs, he gave each of them a brief glance, noting the sense of unease that permeated them unlike Twilight, and academically gazed deeper upon them.

My, my... you all really do bear your elements. Mark my theory of Soul Resonance being the source of power for the Elements as confirmed, Trail mused. How Celestia and Luna managed to find such items, I haven’t the slightest, but I wonder if they even know the very magic they had forbidden is the working mechanics of their greatest weapon? Taking a few moments to appreciate the slight irony, he focused on assessing the finer details.

Well, your diva certainly shows inside, as well as out, Miss Rarity. Your ego attaches to many parts of your being, but hardly to the negative emotions that are usually the source of such a thing. Your giving nature certainly holds a large position, with many connections to other parts of your thoughts and feelings. I’d say you would be even more generous if you were able to remove some those overriding concerns that plague you so on often petty things. Before he turned he turned away from her however, a small detail caught his eye, and he refocused on the spot. Well, well… I hadn’t expected to see their bloodline this far from their tightly guarded circles. How the self imposed righteous have fallen. Though, what to do about it…

Trail brought a hoof to his chin in pondering, moving his eyes back and forth between Rarity and Twilight. After some moments, he smiled. Let’s leave your budding nature alone, Rarity. I’m more than interesting to see how things play out between you and Twilight down the road, should the encounter ever come.

With the mattered settled, he turned to Applejack. Hardly has any negatives in her, rather an overabundance and growth of positive I’d say. But she seems to suffer her own concerns as well, mainly self doubt. Your theme for honestly must get in the way a lot with your indecision whether to speak aloud the often hard but truthful words to others. You are also quite confident in your own choices when it comes to something you feel right in. I’m sure that must have caused a few situations to arise when anything fell inside your area of expertise. But like with Rarity, you appear apprehensive about something… a topic that you perhaps do not wish to bring up?

Reaffirming the general mood among them all, he gave a smirk.

If I had to wager, I would bet thirty bits that you are all here to talk to Twilight about her condition. That would explain why she is so carefree right now while hesitation, worry, and self-doubt flares within you all brightly, despite those smiles you are all wearing.

Still half listening should anything important be said during their conversation, Trail inspected the rest of the girls. Fluttershy, what would they think of you if they knew the very strong, but still budding courage buried deep down inside of yourself? You really are so concerned with others that it prevents you from focusing on yourself even in the most minor of things. At least it is very intertwined with your happiness, or else I would suggest you to become my client.

Rainbow Dash, the only surprise you hold is that forced down feminism behind all of the bravado you bring forth. Not false, but perhaps a little more built over your softer side than it should be. You’re not quite ashamed of not being the tough pony you appear to be, but it still holds a sore spot for you. Looking closer, Trail inspected the connections it held within the rest of her. A memory perhaps? Something from your filly hood? Maybe someday you can tell me the story if you aren’t threatening to smash my face inward, he chuckled lightly. Then, his lips parted into a smile at the prospect of finally being able to see the most curious and exciting pony of the bunch.

Now, Pinkie Pie, let’s see what makes you tick. Turning his head towards the other end of the table, he rested his gaze onto her. As he observed her soul coming into focus, the grin on his face steadily gave way into a hanging open mouth, his eyebrows contorting at the sight before him. What… in the name of Tartarus… is that?

Before him was unlike a soul he had ever seen before. It had some of the typical structure and traits of a pony, however rest of it form made zero sense as to what exactly he was seeing. A soul was a complex and intricate thing, but the one resting inside her was built in a way his mind was having difficulty even fathoming. Where a connection that would normally tie a certain feeling with another trait, it just seemingly ended, only appearing elsewhere not even remotely close to where it should be. Parts that were unidentifiable warped in towards themselves, and impossibly out again in elongated shapes.

The strange structures that speckled her soul clung or mixed into random parts did not in the slightest obey or conform in the manner Trail knew souls to work. Unable to even identify the various parts of her soul, he regarded her with a new found awe, respect, and fear as she munched happily away at her salad. That pony… disturbs me, he thought in concern, a statement that even in his mind, was one he would have never believe to have uttered.

Shaking his head, he pulled away from the maddening orb, finding his eyes straining at attempting to follow its impossible layout. What little he did gleam from it in the parts he could understand, were things he was already aware of from the easy going nature of the pony. It’s not important right now, nor do I have the unimaginable time it would take to begin even understanding whatever that was. Forcing the thought away, Trails ear pricked up as he caught the tail end of a sentence.

“-came over to talk to me about being a vampony…” Twilight’s voice spoke.

Closing his eyes and returning to normal vision, Trail peered through the window once more, intent on hearing shift in conversation, watching silently as the ponies spoke regarding Twilight and her vampirism. Eventually Twilight broke off and went into the kitchen while the rest conversed amongst themselves, to quietly for Trail to pick up on what they were saying. It wasn’t until Rainbow Dash loudly suggested they use the Elements of Harmony that Twilight shouted and ran back into the room, and straight towards the window Trail was at. He ducked himself down and tensed his muscles, ready to flee should she have spotted him. It would be easier to explain a fleeing shadow as somepony else than explain why the therapist was currently squatting in her hedge of petunias.

Moments later he heard the shuffling of her hooves away from the window, sarcastically responding to Rainbow Dash about vampony hearing before what he assumed was her handing the elements out. Assured he had remained unseen, Trail cautiously lifted his head and peered through the window once again, taking notice of the items he had always briefly seen locked away now equipped to their bearers. Trail watched curiously as they gathered into a circle, eyes closed in what he assumed was in activation of their Elements. Slowly but surely, the atmosphere began to tingle with magic, even reaching to him through the other side of the tree. Watching with fascination, he saw their bodies became charged with energy as they were lifted off the ground, encompassed in a soft but bright light. Seeing the powerful magic be put to use as arcing rainbows streamed from their necklaces and to each other, a chilling thought gripped him.

What if they work…?

Cursing himself for under estimating the powerful energy the Element’s wielded; Trail began to consider the option of charging in himself and putting a stop to the act, weighing the risk of risking a smooth transition for a potential disastrous and failed one. But the Elements decided for him before he could act as a blinding light filled the tree house and shot out through each window, causing him to retreat into the hedges with an audible curse. It wasn’t sunlight, but that didn’t mean was protecting from its blinding light. But as soon as the magic had begun, it ceased.

Trail spent the next few moments blinking away stars from his vision before shaking his head side to side. Having his vision cleared again, he became aware of the sound of crying coming through the window. Cautiously he lifted himself up again and observed the room, almost letting out a suppressed laugh at seeing the girls huddle together in what was obviously a failed attempt. Equestria’s greatest weapon my flank. I don’t know how they managed to defeat Princess Luna when she was taken by the nightmare, but these Elements would have been laughable during my time. To think I was actually worried about their use against me. If they can't handle even the vampirism in a thrall then what would they expect turning it onto me? Trail continued to smile at the prospect everything would go according to plan, confident that all that was left now was a little bit of waiting. But as he watched their huddle mass, his previous thought echoed in his mind. They defeated Princess Luna…

Berating himself for almost underestimating the Elements again, he closed his eyes to switch to Soul Sight, worried at the possible unseen problems they might have caused. It would be foalish of me to assume I am immune to its effects. A grave slip up on my part considering how many others thought the same against other weapons. The peaceful time I have spent here must be making me soft. But still... that kind of magic doesn’t leave without a trace, I just hope it isn’t beyond my ability to correct. With partially open lids that glowed faintly again, he peered past the souls around Twilight, forcing himself to avoid looking upon the strange one, he inspected the alicorn.

After a minute of close observation, he concluded that they had impacted her, but nothing that was too worrisome. It’s hard to see past the despair currently flooding her, but the vampirism remains intact. It’s possible that some of the triggers have been removed due to the lack of connections I had set in place, but they would have ran their use eventually anyways. He had hoped his control over her magic would have at least remained, but sighting no bridge connecting her magical well to the specific placed in the mental section indicated it was gone. Looks like I only got one shot at this. It would be troublesome if I have to perform tonight’s process with force.

When the group embrace looked to be not ending anytime soon, Trail decided to wait it out and sunk back into the bushes. Ensuring that he was seated within the bushes comfortably and out of sight from anypony that might have walked by, he propped his back against the tree and listened to the crying that still took place inside. Confident that all he had to do was wait them out until Twilight was alone, a problematic thought appeared in his head. I hope they don’t spend the night…


“Please, Spike, I don’t want to risk you. You can be there for me the moment it’s done okay? But during, just please stay in the kitchen. I couldn’t live with myself if you somehow became infected.” Twilight looked pleadingly towards Spike, unwilling to compromise his safety.

He opened his mouth as if to argue further, but sighed in defeat. “Fine…” he said. “I’ll be in the kitchen. Let me know as soon as you’re done okay?” he asked while pointing a claw.

“Okay, and thank you,” Twilight replied with a smile.

Returning it, he replied, “Good luck, Twilight.” As headed toward the kitchen, Spike turned to Trail and in a worrying tone. “You will take care of her right?”

Trail gave him a wide grin. “I promise Spike. Twilight will be safe under my care.” With that, he kept his eye on Spike until he left the room completely before turning his attention back to Twilight. “Are you ready?” A resolute nod gave him his answer. “Then let’s begin.”

So far everything had managed to work. Trail had convinced Twilight to use the amulet tonight, and he was able to keep Spike out of the room during a no doubt worrying spectacle he would rather have him avoid, least he run out to her and ruin the process. He had silently fumed at the earlier mention it was only because Spike had dunked his head into the floorboards that they were able to spot the book he intended them to find, half tempted to scold Shade Flare later for having it so far away. But in the end, it somehow turned out favorable as any other position might have been too suspicious.

“Okay,” Trail began. Circling around Twilight, he gave her the instructions. “First, you will send your magic into the amulet. Will it to life and purify you, let its magic respond to your calls and work. As I mentioned, initially it will be unnerving and unnatural, but so it must be to remove the vampirism. Accept it into yourself, and it will take care of the rest.”

“Got it,” Twilight replied. Taking a couple deep breaths in preparation, her horn began to glow. “Okay, here I go.”

Trail watched intently on the alicorn, his muscles beginning to tense in apprehension of the moment and wishing all went according to plan. He moved himself out of sight, and behind Twilight; knowing full well that once it begun, she would be unable to move, unable to turn around and see what would obviously be a happy mood at her soon to be desperate and silent plight to turn it off.

Twilight on the other hoof, was purely focused on the activating the amulet, squeezing her eyes shut as she poured her magic into the diamond. Soon, she felt its own magical energy responding to hers, bringing a hopeful smile to her face. “I think it’s working!” Twilight said, not noticing Trail failed to reply. She watched as the diamond began to glow dimly, feeling the tingling of its magic emanated from it, and into her. Twilight let out small 'eep' as its magic struck deep within her. Unnerving was right! she thought to herself. She could literally feel the magic pouring into her body, stopping short of her center by her own natural resistance to such an invasive feeling. It felt alien, dangerous, and wrong to let something pierce so deep within her. It was similar to the sensation she had experienced when she became an alicorn, but that was much more pleasant than this.

Taking in further, deep breaths to calm her nerves down, Twilight slowly gave way to the magic, and let it inside of her. The moment she did, it rushed it with more force than she had anticipated. Gasping aloud, she fell to her knees as it poured deep within her. It squirmed within her very fiber, touching places physically, mentally, and magically she had never known could feel. No… no no no no no, this isn’t right! This is wrong! So very very wrong!

I need to stop this, Trail got the wrong amulet or something because this… this isn’t right! Twilight opened her mouth to call out for his name, but found she could utter a sound. M-my voice! Why can’t I talk!?

In addition of losing her voice, she found she was beginning to lose control of her body, her limbs becoming unresponsive as she slunk onto the floor with a small thud. Becoming more panicked with each passing moment, Twilight silently pleaded for Trail.

HELP! STOP THE AMULET! IT ISN’T WORKING! Scratching her hooves pathetically against the floorboards, Twilight visible shook as she felt something ripped from her body. WHAT IN CELESTIA WAS THAT!? WHY ISN’T HE HELPING ME? WHERE IS… Twilight screamed in her head, but became silent at the startling realization. She could not remember the stallion’s name.

Wha…what’s going on? Why can’t I remember his name? Another wave of magic shook her as she felt another piece of her being torn away. I… I can’t remember what he even looks like anymore. OH CELESTIA! WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME!?

Tears began to fall from Twilight’s face, her eyes unable to move as they glazed over and looked outwards as if they were staring at some distant object. The realization of what was happening beginning to set in as she pieces of her begin to steady rip away. My… my memories… this thing, is taking my memories away…


Twilight didn’t know how or when, but her vision of being on her side in her living, lying motionless on the floorboards, was replaced with her standing outside. Finding herself a short distance from the treehouse, she looked about what was in the middle of the day in Ponyville. All about her were all of its residents, somehow fitting within the open area around her. Everypony she had ever known was there, the cakes, ponies she knew in Canterlot, her parents, all of them were there. The closest ones however, was Princess Celestia, Spike, and her friends. All of them, even ones she knew who had been mean to her, were smiling.

“What’s going on? Why am I here?” Twilight asked aloud. But nopony responded to her, they only stared at her with silence as they wore comforting and heartwarming smiles.

They were giving warm and comforting smiles that Twilight wondered if any of it was actually real due to the bizarreness of everything. There were so many ponies that they stretched out into the street of Ponyville that was the main road out of town. But as her eyes followed the stretch of road, something that did not belong caught her attention. Sitting on the outskirts, was an impossibly tall object that drew Twilight’s eyes upward. It was a menacing wall that was pure black, and it somehow stretched from horizon to horizon along the sides “What is that?” she asked nervously, taking note that it even towered above the few clouds in the sky. But nopony responded to her question, they simply remained locked onto her. Then, the wall visibly flared, flurries of darkness sparking off its surfacing. Twilight shrunk somewhat at the sight of the massive thing shifting, before it slowly began to move towards her.

Fearfully, she watched it approach the farthest house in the distance, convinced it would be flatten by the thing. However to her surprise, the house was merely swallowed by the darkness, sucking it in as it moved through it. She watched as the edges of the thatched roof become covered up as the wall progressed, unable to see anything it brought into its dark depths. “What in the hay is going on!? It just ate that…” she stopped in mid-sentence. Wait… what’s happening? I can’t remember what it just swallowed. She knew something had just been taken, but she couldn’t recall what. Watching intently, she saw objects she could identify with ease, vanish from her mind as they too became enveloped in the darkness. It was as if everything it passed over ceased to exist to her, yet she knew there something was supposed to be there. Steadily it drew closer as it continued to devour the world she knew, Twilight now fully aware of what was happening with a heart stopping chill.

"No...no this can't.. this can’t be happening! THIS CAN’T BE!" she shouted in panic.

Watching in growing horror at what was to be swallowed next; she let out a cry as she saw it approached the furthest of ponies away. “Get out of there! Run!” she screamed to them, but they did not move. A tear fell down her face as she watched it consume the first few ponies, painfully realizing their names and her memories vanishing at the same time. Now in shock, she looked to ponies she could recall easily, suddenly become impossible to remember as they were eaten one by one. Worst of all, she knew they were ponies she was supposed to remember. Her mind was perfectly aware of the gaping holes that were beginning to spread across her memories. Large, empty, blank spots that should have contained something she could no longer recall. And she couldn’t remember anything that had been there for the life of her.

“NO! This can’t be happening!” she yelled. “I can’t forget everything! I Have to think, have to think, have to remember!” she screamed at the top of her lungs, terrified at the approaching wall continued to slowly envelop ponies and buildings alike. She couldn’t even remember anymore what lay beyond the town, now not entirely sure there was anything outside of it. She could only remember everything she could still see that hadn’t been eaten yet.

Stamping her hoof onto the ground, she wailed again, “No, I can't let this happen! I can't forget everything I've done here in Ponyville! A-all the adventures… all the things I've learned about the magic of friendship… all the things I've done!” Sniffling, she threw her head into the air as she screamed once more. “I CAN’T FORGET ABOUT THAT!”

But despite her protests, the black wall grew closer. The shops she knew, the parks she'd read in, the places she ate at, all vanishing as it swept through the town. It continued devouring things all while Twilight shouted for it to stop, tears flowing freely down her face in despair.

But with a large earth shattering shake, the wall jumped the remaining distance between her and it, consuming hundreds of feet of memories, before stopping just shy of ten feet. Twilight’s eyes were wide as her mind and body went into shock, unable to comprehend how such a large part of her mind suddenly cease to exist. Her breaths became erratic at the jarring sensation of knowing so much, only to now know so little. The only thing that had yet to be touched was herself, and her friends.

They stood before her, watching her with the same comforting smiles as the darkness pulsed all about them. Twilight never noticed when it had circled around her, cutting off whatever had been behind her. She wasn’t sure what it was, but she could have sworn there was something there moments ago. Some distant emotion signaling that a comforting place had been there, a place she felt safe at. But it was gone, and her head slowly turned to the next victims she could still remember every little detail about.

“No…” she whispered. “This is the one thing I have to remember. I can't forget them. I can’t forget my friends! Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Spike, Princess Celestia....

The only things the alicorn could still recall, was the tiny little world she now sat in. Even the memories with her friends where in strange places she felt she had seen before, but could not put a hoof on why. They were strange places, with other strange ponies, but she could at least still remember her friends and mentor. Unable to give them up, Twilight began reciting their names in a mantra like fashion, her eyes passing over each of their faces as she called their names over and over again, forcing herself to remember them. She spoke their names faster as she looped around, trying to keep everything she could remember about them fresh in her mind, unwilling to let them be taken away from her. I have to remember them, I can’t let them go! Not after everything we’ve been through!

“Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Flu-...what was her name again?” Twilight asked, before she gasped in understanding of why she couldn’t remember the yellow pegasus’s name.

“Oh no… NO NO NO NO! I CAN’T FORGET!” she screamed, on the verge of hyperventilating from the sheer panic and terror gripping at her. “Uh..uh... Pinkie Pie, Rainbow....flash? No that's not it! Lemonjack? No! That's not it either!”

Desperately, she kept yelling the few names she could remember of the ponies in front of her; still trying to recall the ones she could not remember the names of but yet still knew their faces. She could still remember who they were and what she had done with them, but eventually, even after her repeating over and over again, she wasn’t able to remember the name of a single one. They were all now familiar faces with no names to her.

Then, she could feel her memories with them, all the things she did by their side, slowly escape her. Being stretched away as if overpowering and unseen force peeled them from her mind. “NO! DON’T TAKE THEM! LEAVE THEM ALONE!” she screamed once more, falling to her knees as she gasped for air in between her wailing cries for them to stay. All their adventures, like pictures in an album, were eaten by black fire, fading from her mind forever. Remembering parties where they all laughed with each other, slowly become an happy occasion with strangers, then cease altogether. Sunsets shared, became moments where there just happened to be other ponies nearby, then forgotten entirely. She watched as each memory of her smiling face sharing moments with her friends, turn to a confused look as to who each pony was at that moment, then in wonder if it had even happened at all.

Each moment she had spent with them faded before her eyes, and each moment threaten their disappearance from her forever. No, I can’t let them leave! she thought in renewed affirmation. I am not going to let them be taken away from me! Shaking her head, she stood straight and looked at them once more again, trying to force them to stay, making sure they wouldn't become swallowed up themselves. Ready to tackle the black wall again and force them to stay, Twilight looked to each of them, but gasped from what she saw.

Their faces were gone.

They were just simply blank. No eyes, no muzzles, just a blank face with a familiar body. Why can’t I see their faces! Why can’t I see them?! They were there, they were just there! ...I-...I can’t remember what they look like!

Collapsing onto the ground, Twilight became too overwhelmed at what was happening to stand up anymore. It was only her sobbing form, the blank face ponies, and the wall of darkness around her that made up her world. I don't want to forget, I don't want to lose them. I can't lose them! I don't want to forget my friends! I want to remember! Letting loose painful, sorrow filled screams, she cried on the ground.

I....don't want to forget… They taught me so much that… I wouldn't be here or be the pony I am today without them. They're so close to my heart, I just… I can’t forget them!

Her body wracked uncontrollably from her tears for the ponies she didn't even know the names or faces of around her. They were important, she couldn't exactly remember why, but somehow she knew they were. It took minutes for Twilight to calm herself down, before she looked back up again. Furrowing her brows, she tried to make sense of why there was a group of ponies and a dragon around her. Who... who are they? Why does my chest hurt from seeing them? Why do I feel like I can't live without them? Why are they so special to me..... why.....

Then the ponies themselves began to fade into the darkness. She could hear their voices calling out her name. “Twilight...Twilight...” they echoed together in hauntingly familiar voices.

“NOOOOO, I'M HERE!” Twilight shouted, desperately reaching a hoof out towards them. “I'm right here! Don't Go! Don't leave me alone in this place!”

“Twilight…” they kept calling, their voices growing distant as the surrounding blackness slowly began to pass over them.

“I… I don't know who Twilight is! I don't know who that is! But please... don't leave me alone!”

They called for Twilight one last time as their featureless faces were slowly pulled back into the blackness around her, their bright and reassuring colors the only contrast to her environment.

Then they were all gone, leaving her the only one left in this tiny world of hers, and the darkness that surrounded her. But even that wasn’t enough. Shifting again, it inched towards her. The mare cringed away from it, feeling more scared, horrible, and sick to her stomach then she knew what to do with. Tears still flooded her face as she looked at her hoofs confusion.

Why am I so sad? Why am I crying? Who... who am I?.... What’s.... happening.....

Then, the blackness overtook her. And there was nothing left of her world.


Trail flinched when Twilight let loose a scream, eying her carefully for any signs that might give away her condition. She had lost consciousness over half a minute ago, her body twitching as she faced off some nightmare. Seeing a tiny sparkle shine from the diamond after her scream gave the sign he had been hoping for, Twilight’s memories had been sealed. The time to enjoy the accomplishment was short lived however, as Spike shouted from the kitchen, throwing the door open and running to the mare’s side.


Trail’s smile fell at the sight of him, giving a sigh at what he would have to do next. With an extended foreleg, shadows whipped around his hoof, leaving a small pouch atop his hoof as they faded away. Taking it, he dumped out a golden powder onto his hoof and moved towards Spike.

“What happened!? Is she alright? Did the amulet work?” Spike asked while trying to wake her up.

“She is alright. The amulet performed its purpose,” Trail replied, closing the distance between him and Spike quickly and quietly. “Unfortunately, Spike, this is where I must take Twilight and part ways with you, and all of Ponyville for good.”

Spike looked up to Trail, confusion in his eyes as he asked, ““What are you saying?” What do you-”

“What I’m saying is, goodbye,” Trail interjected, before blowing the powder into his face.

Spike yelled as he frantically attempted to wipe off the substance, but fell quickly to its power. “What are yooouuuu… dooo… dooooinnngggg…” he said before collapsing on the floor.

Trail chuckled at his now sleeping form. “It is a good thing you have me to deal with, Spike. A pony with less experience in dealing with dragons might have resorted to killing you, which would have be a shame really. You never know how useful a dragon will become a hundred years or so down the road. You may be of use yet. But for now, sleep pleasantly.”

Trail turned away and focused on a more important matter. Moving beside Twilight’s still form, he carefully slipped the necklace off her neck and peered into the diamond. Gazing into its depths, he was able to see images fade in and out, the memories of Twilight’s whole life trapped within its crystalline prison. “Well, it seems all is in order,” he said happily.

Wrapping the amulet within appearing shadows, he whisked it away from his hoof and turned his attention back to Twilight. Now for the tedious process of a smooth transformation. There are many traits you possess I wish to keep intact, and I can’t risk the vampirism damaging your sense of reason and logic, nor your kind heart. Save of course, when you must bare your fangs, Trail grinned, imaging her hunched into a predatory pose with a gleam in her eye, fully capable of killing any that would stand in her way. Now that is a sight I wish to see someday.

“Oh, before I forget,” Trail said aloud. Before he began his search, he turned off all the lights of the house, intending to not draw attention during the precious hours of night left, hours we would be spending on ensuring Twilight’s soul remained intact as he desired during the transformation. After flicking the last light, he turned to the various book shelves, scanning the various titles in the dark quite easily for a specific book. After a few minutes searching he found the one he was looking for atop a high shelf.

Bringing it down to his hoof, he idly admired the cover of the Corpus Nocte Morsu.

“Despite how many times I use you, I never tire of the endless tricks you can perform,” he said in reminisces. Muttering a phrase, the book shook as its magic activated. After it settled, he flipped through its pages, nodding in satisfaction at the blank and empty pages that filled it from cover to cover. Not a word was within it, nor were there any hints that there had been. Slapping it shut, he brought it over to his saddlebag. “I dare say, if I had never found you, my wrists would be sore from all the writing I would have to do manually; much easier to let a book write itself as you speak aloud then write yourself, especially one that can be re-written.”

Tucking it away into the saddlebag and ensuring everything was in order, Trail turned his eye towards the alicorn, a pair of fangs extending in anticipating over the next few hours. “Well now, Princess, shall we get started on making you a full vampony?”



It was the first thing the alicorn mare was aware of. Rushing wind. She felt the airflow around her body, ruffling her feathers and causing her mane to blow in its breeze. As her mind began to take in the sensation, she became aware of a warm body beneath her. It took her a few moments, but she eventually realized that whatever was beneath her was also carrying her body, her forearms and legs dangling to the sides in the breeze. Scrunching her face at the sensations that brought her out of the darkness she was in, she groaned while opening her eyes.

“Your highness? Are you awake back there?” a voice said in front of her. Opening her eyes slowly, she took in the sight of a stallion head halfway turned around and looking back at her. “You are! How are you feeling?” he asked. She simply stared at him in her groggy state, not quite sure how to respond to him. His coat was black, and his silver mane tasseled before her face from the breeze.


She remembered the first thing that woke her, was the wind. Lifting her head, she looked about where she was, and widen her eyes at the sight before her. Everything was dark like where she remembered being, but it wasn’t empty. Thinking about it, it actually wasn’t that dark out. She could see clearly even though she was aware of the shadows. And what a sight it was she saw.

She was high in the sky, resting on the back of the stallion, his leathery wings gliding them across the night sky. The moon was high above, casting a glow onto the land below. Everywhere she looked, she was met with beautiful green landscape. Hills that rose up in small bumps on the ground, dense trees that swayed gently in the breeze like grass, and rivers that reflected speckled moonlight, glittering at times like the stars above. She had no memory of one, but she somehow knew that she was witnessing what was without a doubt, a beautiful night. Her gaze turned upward at the sight of fluffy clouds drifting past them, their undersides dark while their top glowed as if they were made of silver. The mare stared opened-mouth at the spectacles before her, only becoming aware in the middle of their descent that the stallion was on a course to land on the ground.

He glided slowly, ensuring a smooth descent before flapping forcefully at the last feet, trying to land as smoothly as possible. “If your highness so wishes, you may step on the ground now,” he said gently. She simply looked at him blankly, before turning her head to the grass below them. She had never seen grass, but she knew what it was, much like everything else she had seen. Watching the ground as if it was some strange creature, she timidly extending a hoof towards it, unsure if something bad would happen. When she first touched it, she flinched back a bit, not entirely sure she liked the feeling of the ground. But with a reassuring smile from the stallion when she looked to him for help, she cautiously tried again, this time keeping her hoof in contact when she set it all the way down. “See? Ground isn’t so bad,” the stallion said. He waited patiently for her to remove herself from atop his back, her eyes locked onto the green stuff before her in caution and wonder.

After she stood by herself, she shifted her hooves at the new sensation of ground. This… feels different. I think I like the air better, she thought to herself.

“Your highness,” the stallion asked, waiting until she drew her attention from their surroundings and onto him. He wore a look of concern as he eyed her up and down. “Do you… remember anything?” The mare stared at him for a few moments, before shaking her head side to side. “Do you know my name?” he asked. She shook her head side to side once again. She was afraid it was wrong of her to not know, but the stallion simply smiled as he bowed low. “My true name, my dear, is Night Walker.”

“Night… Walker?” she repeated, speaking for the first time. She had no memory of speaking, yet she knew what to say to express her thoughts.

“Yes, that’s right. I am a stallion who enjoys the night, and loves walking within its enchanting beauty even more so,” he said while gesturing to the scenery around him.

“Night Walker!” she said, smiling at finally knowing what to call him. Night Walker simply smiled at her calling his name, bowing once more towards her.

“It is my name and my title, for even though many travel the land at night, The Night Walker, I am the only one.” The mare smiled at him and his odd way of speaking. For a reason she could not place a hoof on, she felt comfortable around him. It was like she knew him, and yet did not at the same time, only the odd emotion that she felt when looking upon his face. “But now I must ask you in turn, do you know your name?”

The mare was about to shake her head again, before her face turned into a thoughtful look and turned to the ground. A name… everypony has a name. Names are so a pony knows who another pony is. What is my name?

Night Walker waited a minute before asking again, “Do you not know?”

Her eyebrows furrowed as she rattled her mind. Eventually she opened her mouth and spoke slowly as she sounded out the words, “My name…” Night Walker looked towards her expectantly as she stared hard at the ground. “… Sparkle…” she whispered.

Had she been watching, she would have noticed his body stiffen suddenly at the word. “My name is… Sparkle…” she repeated slowly, but with growing confidence.

“No wait… that’s not all of it. I… I can’t remember what goes in front of it. I only remember Sparkle,” she said, turning to him with a look of worry. He remained motionless as he regarded the mare, his eyes searching her as if he expected her to say more.

“Is that wrong?” she asked in concern.

Seeing her face take on such a troubled look, he simply smiled as he returned to his reassuring mood she had first seen in him. “No, Sparkle is part of your name. Would you like to know what goes before it?” The mare grew a small smile as she nodded hopefully. “Your name, my dear, is Ruby.”

“Ruuuby,” she said, sounding out the word.

Night Walker smiled as she repeated it, a sense of relief filling him. “That’s right, your highness. Your name… is Ruby Sparkle.

Author's Note:

Whew! 79,473 words later and Twilight is finally a vampony! I did not imagine it would take so long to get to this point but the muse is an interesting thing, adding wherever she see fits. I imagine most of you were thinking,

But here we are. This now complete the first act of 2nd Princess of the Night. There may be a short break but I do not think it will be long. It will just depend on how life goes. Thank you all for reading and enjoying the story, as well as dealing with the no doubt mistakes I have made through out it, grammatical, pacing, and otherwise. I hope I continue to improve as a writer to bring higher quality content for you all.

A few fun facts about this chapter, the scene where Twilight loses her memory was butchered from my first ever fic 'Forget Me Do's'. It was my first attempt at MLP fan fic writing inspired by the song, Daddy Discord, as well as the animated version found here. A great song and animation that I hope you all check out.

Second, this chapter includes what I fear as a fate that can be as bad as death in some perspectives. Memory loss. The idea of being aware parts of you are vanishing, but unable to recall as it slowly grows is down right Cthulu-is-at-my-front-door- terrifying for me. One of the songs that brought me to such a conclusion, as well as remain on repeat during this chapter, is the vocaloid song 'The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku DEAD END' I warn you, it is in Japanese but has subtitles. The song is very fast paced and you may need to pause at some points to read the lyrics, and some of you may not like the type of music like some people I know, but I found it showcases the idea of memory loss well at some parts. The scene where she saw all her friends at first, then the next second where their faces are completely blacked out was some of the inspiration for Twilight's scene.

Look at me rambling on like this chapter deserves so much praise and attention. I'm sure there are many mistakes within it my eye did not catch and certain pacing issues that can be addressed. But that is why I love this community, full of wonderful people who will help catch things and help a story become better. I hope you all have been enjoying the story so far, and are ready for a long segment from Night Walker and Ruby Sparkle's point of view. It will be a bit before we touch the rest of the mane 6.

I did say his name was simple did I not?

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