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Classic Rock fan, favourite MLP:FiM character is Applejack. Hope to write some stories soon, I have high intelligence but my scumbag genetics give me low work ethic.


Sam Rogers, a 27 year old man is somehow brought into Equestria with his house and a guitar. He has to face personal problems and problems of Equestria, but is this event for the good or the bad of Sam?

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I was a little skeptical at first because you kept repeating Sam's name every sentence, which was a bit annoying, but as the mane 6 showed up and there was conversations and a bit of plot his name wasn't mentioned as much and I took a liking to the piece. For future reference though, it's not against the rules to use "he" once we establish who we are talking about. Unless of course, and I didn't mean to be rude if this is the case, you went for that style for a purpose the piece is supposed to have. Either way,a short, quick read with not much plot, but enough to make me want to read the second chapter. That's all you really need in a story, to hook a reader, and keep them hooked. And sir/madam you have hooked me. :twilightsmile:

265543 Thanks for the feedback. It's appreciated. :derpytongue2:

I can see, you took my advice on using "he" alot more than his name. It turned out well. The plot may be going by a little slow, but the chapters are pretty small, so that's understandable. now the waiting game needs to be played. :moustache:

Agreed with Slevac. you seem to rush this a bit and i noticed Sam should be a little more freaked out, being that he is in his old house, with new stuff, in the middle of he doesn't know where, where there are talking ponies, and he doesn't seem to even notice these things.:raritywink:

283215 I noticed that too, it's the weekend, I have all night and day to write. I'll reveal something right now about the next chapter though; subconscious.

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