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hello darkness my old friend · 7:58am Jul 2nd, 2017

I've been writing for the last


13 hours.

For a contest whose deadline has since passed.

And I'm still not finished.

11,076 words in one sitting

(well, two, if you count the time I spent shoving pizza in my food hole after writing the first 2k or so)

I must rest now.

But I swear to you, I will have it posted by the end of tomorrow.


A question of curiosity about a food-related habit · 2:33pm Oct 17th, 2019

I is curious if it was only me that does this - whenever you go to whichever supermarket you prefer and you head to the bakery, you look for your favourite bread. For me, it's a three-cheese and jalapeño bloomer or a three-cheese bloomer, one of the two, and for said bloomer, I'd go down to the sauce section and I'd pick out a type of my favourite BBQ sauce and some other sauce to try with it, usually sweet chilli.

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New Story - The Time We Have Left · 2:22am Jul 5th, 2019

The Time We Have Left

Unable to handle her anxiety without the memory stone, Wallflower Blush tries to end her life. The attempt leaves her too injured to recover, and with just hours left to live, she expects to die all alone—until Sunset Shimmer appears, asking, “Why?”

You like sad stories? Cool.

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Toxic is toxic · 6:42am February 25th


New Comedy Story My Dudes · 7:35am Sep 18th, 2018

The Mane 6 get roasted at the doctor's office for being unhealthy af. If you don't want to read that, it makes you a communist.
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The Reason As To Why I'm So Moody - My Explanation and Pointing Out Some Serious Inconsideration. (No, Seriously, I Haven't Slept For Ages...) · 1:44am Jan 21st, 2018

Hey, Dan, why are you so moody all the time?

Well, why do you think, buttplug?

Seriously, people, if there's anything that I borderline hate, it's being woken up by something or someone when I'm tired and stressed and want nothing else but to simply sleep and relax myself.

People will always say something to me along the lines of ''what's wrong with you?'' or something like that. Well, let's see:

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Review #113 - Twilight Sparkles Unhealthy Addiction to Books, Daring-Do and the Leaf in the Wind, Starlight Repeatedly Teleports Into Custard, It's Only a Paper Moon · 1:25am Jul 27th, 2017

As usual, my SA reviews will just be a link... I know, I know, this is annoying. But I don't want to copy-paste all that. Yes, I am too lazy to click a few buttons.

---> Link <---

See ya next time!

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