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The Reason As To Why I'm So Moody - My Explanation and Pointing Out Some Serious Inconsideration. (No, Seriously, I Haven't Slept For Ages...) · 1:44am Jan 21st, 2018

Hey, Dan, why are you so moody all the time?

Well, why do you think, buttplug?

Seriously, people, if there's anything that I borderline hate, it's being woken up by something or someone when I'm tired and stressed and want nothing else but to simply sleep and relax myself.

People will always say something to me along the lines of ''what's wrong with you?'' or something like that. Well, let's see:

  • I have a lot of work to do and also catch up on for college otherwise I'd be booted out and have nothing to do.
  • I have to get up early to go shopping for stuff that I desperately need to live with, and I'm certainly always grumpy in the morning, like most people.
  • Even when I'm sleeping, you come into my room, wake me up and then ask me if I want pizza shop.
  • You arrive unannounced to my house and start banging around and shout-talking and wake me up.
  • You smoke directly outside of my window and practically gas me out because of it, almost killing me in the process from asphyxiation.
  • I've already gotten a bad sleeping pattern because of constant disturbances from loud noises and the occasional nightmare or two that is utterly terrifying on a unique level.
  • I'm pretty sure that I might possibly have something that gives me constant migraines, so when you don't let me sleep properly, it gets worse and worse to the point where I'll snap on you.
  • I have to deal with constant fatigue for some unknown reason that honestly drives me insane.

So, next time you wake me up because of your inconsideration, especially when you know exactly what I have to work with for college in general, don't be surprised if I ram my boot up your arse and send you to the moon to visit Luna.

It only annoys me further that you wonder why I'm so mad in the first place when it's painfully obvious why I'm so moody. I'm serious when I ask this - Does common decency and common sense even exist anymore, or has it gone the way of extinction, like most of the stuff we have all grown to love?

Oh, and that's happened tonight, too. I've been woken up by the same family members every single damn Saturday night of every week for over four weeks in a row and I've been kept up until anywhere between 1:00 AM and 2:30 AM.

So, as you can tell, when people can't see exactly why I'm so annoyed at them, it's irritating because they can't see what it's like being me and I've not even had a decent night's sleep for ages because of them. Consideration is so top notch to the point it deserves a blue ribbon. Oh! Actually, let's make that a golden ribbon, certified by the National Society of My Boot Up Your Anal Canal! (NSMBUYA)

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