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This group is open for everyone who wants help with their writing or wants to promote their stories in the group folders.

- You can post brainstorming threads.

- You can promote your stories in the forum.

- You can post stories in the appropriate folders.

- You can discuss fan theories.

- You can discuss episodes and movies.

- You can also post and promote non-pony things and off topic things, too.

- You can pretty much talk about anything you want in the forums, just as long as you keep the topics family friendly.



If any contests are being hosted in this group, they will be placed in the group forum area. Be sure to look out for them.

The Rules

1. Keep the topics appropriate for all ages.

2. Try not to spam post.

3. Other than that, post whatever you want.

4. Be nice to people.

5. Try to treat people as you would like to be treated.

6. Do not post NSFW content in the group folders or forums. Site admins have the right to remove this content and ban a member if we find it.

7. Do not post NSFW pictures anywhere in the group. Site admins have the right to remove this content and ban a member if we find it.

8. Do not post role playing games in any form in any of the threads, comment areas, or on the site in general. This is a site-wide rule. Site admins have the right to remove this content and ban a member if we find it.

9. Post all political, religious, and news topics in the pinned thread set aside for this purpose here. Do not post political stuff in the main group or it will be deleted by the group admins.

10. Due to Fim Fiction's policies, we ask that you please do not post personal fundraisers in this group or others. I personally don't have a problem with it but it is against the site rules and we have to respect Fim Fiction's perspectives on the matter. It is okay however to post links to Patreon accounts and other donations that have to do with earning money for creative projects. If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask.

11. Please take heated arguments to PMs and do not attack other group members in threads.

12. You are by no means entitled to break the rules for any reason other than inexperience.

13. A violation of any of these very simple rules will result in three warnings. If you continue to break the rules after you have been warned three times, then you will be banned. I feel that this is a fair course of action. But if you feel that you have been banned unfairly, always feel free to message me and we will try to work things out with all of the parties involved.

14. If you are promoting a mature story in the forum, you cannot put a link to the actual story, but you can put a link to your profile telling members to 'read all of your stories on your page' or something. That is the loophole to the site rule. Oh yeah, and story lists are okay. Just no DIRECT linking to the story.

15. Keep similar discussion topics in the same threads to avoid spamming or bandwagon posts which are both against the site rules.

Unspoken Rule: Any Group Drama Will Not Be Tolerated

Yeah, this pretty much goes without saying. We really haven't had to deal with anything like this as of yet.

But if I see any members ganging up on or attacking any other member for any reason (I don't care who started it, I will focus on who finished it), they will be banned from the group.

This all comes down to a rather unpleasant experience I had when I first entered the fandom and a bunch of people ganged up on me in a chat room for basically no reason. The site admin banned me from the site, but later apologized to me and asked me to come back. But by then, I really didn't want to come back to the site, so I left it for good.

Anyway, in light of my personal experience, I will not tolerate this behavior from members of this group. I won't even issue a warning. This is how strongly I feel about this. Treating people with disrespect is the same as cyber bullying, and it isn't cool.

What is group drama you might ask?

Here is a list of common group drama starters.

1. Harassing a member for no other reason than to be mean.

2. Trying to get the admins to block a member for being new and not understanding the rules. Everyone makes mistakes. A warning will be issued before any real action will take place.

3. Ganging up on a member because they aren't 'cool' or 'in' and making them feel less because of it. You will be banned for this behavior and also anyone who participates in making a member feel bad.

4. Making fun of someone's level of writing. It is okay if you offer a critique, which is an intelligent analysis of how the writer can change their story so it will read better. While you can say that you didn't like a story (everyone is entitled to their opinion), or even that the quality is lacking in some areas, consider using more creative and helpful critique terminology. How will a writer know how to change a story if you just flat out say, "Meh, I don't agree with the shipping". Well, WHY don't you agree with it? Elaborate on your thoughts.

HOWEVER, you may not:

a. Attack the author for religious, racial, or sexual ideals.
b. Say such things without giving valid reasons.
c. Intentionally troll people.

This is uncalled for and you will be banned if I find any comments like this on people's submitted work.

This is common sense people. Let's just keep the boards drama free so I don't have to throw down the wrath of the Gods and send offenders to the deepest darkest pits of Tartarus. Or feed them to my pet dragon Pringles. The one who lives in my closet because all closets lead to alternate dimensions. What? I thought everyone knew what.

Anyway, you get the point.

Peace out.

Policy On The Use Of Strong Language

I personally don't care if you swear, use strong language, etc. in moderation.

However, please try not to swear just for the sake of trying to be a sailor, to put another group member down, or abuse this privilege in any way.

If people start wearing out the welcome of this guideline, I will make a rule banning swearing all together. So let's be modest about how we use it and have respect for other members. This is all I ask.

Linking To Mature Rated Stories [Updated]

Because I've seen this problem both here and on Shameless Self-Promotion, I have to say it: No linking to mature stories on the group forum. It's against site rules, group rules, and it's generally kind of repetitive. I'll issue a warning the first time. If you do it a second time, a day long ban. Third time, week long, and I'll straight up have to permaban you if do four times.

Oh yeah, and story lists are okay. Just no DIRECT linking to the story.

- The Cynical Brony

If you are promoting a mature story in the form, you cannot put a link to the actual story, but you can put a link to your profile telling members to 'read all of your stories on your page' or something. That is the loophole to the site rule.

- LyraAlluse

Further Reading

If you want to know more about this subject, please review the posts on this thread here. Many of the site admins have contributed and answered any questions you might have about this subject.

- gamexpert1990

On Posting Contests and Group Activities/ Games

I think this needs to be addressed because of different things which have arisen in the group. You can promote contests here. They can be any kind of contest, just as long as they offer a fair reward/ prize for the people entering the contest(s).

Please do not leave rude comments on someone's post. If you think the contest needs help, give the poster CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. Tell them how they can make their contest better. Don't shoot down their ideas or make them feel like less of a person just because they don't have experience running a contest.

Also, it is perfectly fine to post group games and activities. Like if someone wants to post a group word game or something. Please do not put people down for posting this content either. It is perfectly allowed. You can promote and talk about anything you want here.

Please keep in mind that I am not mad at any particular person or anything. I am more angry at the way certain threads with these topics have turned out, which just made me shake my head and ask, 'why'?

Anyway, please keep this in mind when you post things and comment on other people's posts. That is about it.

Off-Site Groups

I also have a bunch of off-site groups on that I made for people to promote their stuff in. Feel free to join the groups and post as much as you want.

The Nightmare Factory Headquarters:

Post Your heART:

Magic Metal Island RP:

Best Random Stuff On The Web:

Advertise Your Online Products and Stores:

Promote Your Websites:

Off-Site Forums

I also have two forums where you can post whatever you want/ promote whatever you want.

Post Your heART:

Magic Metal Island RP:

Off-Site Subreddit

I also have a subreddit where you can post whatever you want/ promote whatever you want just as long as it has a creepy/ horror theme.

The Nightmare Factory:

MLP Subreddit

You can promote your MLP fan fictions in this great mlp subreddit.

My Little Fan Fic:

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