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Brightsmile, the sweetest little mare who has become ponyville's newest dentist. But the day after she first arrives to the town she gains a taste for blood, even though she has a major fear of it, and it soon turns into a need for pony flesh... But being as weakhearted as she is. A voice from her mind that promises to do the deed for her and Bright will not remember what happened when it is in control. She believes this voice is her savior...But can it be her downfall?

Chapter 5 has been proof-read and edited by Ecstatic. Everypony give him a massive thanks!
Also the credit goes to Crimson Dash for help in the making of chapters 3 and 4 and the cover art as well!

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One of Equestria's greatest traits is tolerance. Every pony, whether Unicorn, Pegasus, or Earth, is accepted for who they are, and have their own parts to play in keeping Equestria running.

But what if an Earth pony decided he didn't want to play his assigned part? What if he wanted to rise above everyone else and become an Alicorn? Such a thing is possible... but the path to fulfilling one's dreams is never simple. Risks must be taken. Sacrifices must be made. And the question is always asked: How far would you go to get what you wanted? And would you be willing to pay a terrible price to get it?

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