The Crimson Smile.

by Cookietheif

The Begining of her Work

(I ran through the story twice to get rid of as many mistakes as i could find. Sorry for any mistakes that you might notice. Thanks for reading!)

This is a story of a happy little pony, which went to a happy little town, and made it into a happy little hell…

Brightsmile’s coat shined in the light coming from the windows of the train. Her sparkling light blue eyes gazed around the station; the only thing whiter than her fur was her teeth in fact, And her cutie mark was, you guessed it, a huge, happy smile. She was a kind unicorn; the worst she has ever done was some pranks in her childhood.
Now she takes her first steps into Ponyville as a dentist. She looked around with an ever growing sense of nervousness and nearly had a heart attack when out of nowhere everypony’s favorite party pony, Pinkie Pie, popped up beside her.
“Hi there!” the fun pink pony exclaimed. After a moment Brightsmile’s heart finally slowed down and she looked at Pinkie Pie.
“Hello,” she said with her usual cheerfulness, “can you help me with something? I need to-” Brightsmile was about to finish her sentence… But Pinkie Pie interrupted.
“Of course I can help! My name is Pinkie Pie. What’s your name?” Brightsmile tilted her head a little, staring at the overly excited mare. “My name is Brightsmile. Dr. Brightsmile. I came because I heard there is a new dentist position opened here.”

...Pinkie’s happy mood stopped as she stared at Brightsmile with wide eyes… There was a moment of silence until Pinkie suddenly shouted, “you’ll never take me alive!!!” Before diving into a randomly placed barrel.
Brightsmile, now confused about what just happened, was about to go to Pinkie Pie’s hiding spot but a voice caught her attention.
“There you are! Sorry I’m late!” An elderly pony was running, or at least what was running to him, towards Bright. “Dr. White! I was starting to wonder where you were.”
Dr. White used to be the dentist of Ponyville. But now he is retiring, which is also why Brightsmile came here. Bright went to the old colt, mainly so he didn’t have to run much farther, “Sorry I’m so late, the train had a small delay.”
She flinched as the memory of the crazed blue mare refused to get off the train; turning anypony’s fur into odd colors as they went near. Bright shrugged the memory away as White began speaking. “It’s alright, I had an appointment anyways. Have you seen Pinkie Pie? She is a…”
“Overly excited pink pony that hates dentists?” Brightsmile interrupted. “Yeah. You can say I have.” Dr. White chuckled and nodded. “And she’ll be your first patient tomorrow. Come! I’ll take you on a tour of Ponyville then your new office.” And as they walk away; the barrel that hid the freaked out mare rolled in the opposite direction...

The day was ending when the worn out Brightsmile finally got to her new home. She explored a bit, and brushed her teeth of course, before she retired to her bedroom. “I might as well get some rest and get ready for tomorrow. It’ll be a long one.”
Before she could lie down there was a knock at the door. The surprised mare wondered who it could be. She quickly walked to the door and opened it “hello?” She was shocked to see Twilight Sparkle at the door, she has heard so much about Twilight and all of the things she has done for equestria!
“Hello! My name is Twilight sparkle. I just wanted to come by and welcome you to Ponyville, and to apologize about Pinkie Pie.” Twilight said cheerfully. Brightsmile took a second to get out of her shock to reply.
“Oh, why thank you! I’m honored to meet you. I’m Brightsmile.” She said with a happy smile. She stepped aside and gestured inside. “Would you like to come in?”
Twilight nodded and went inside “Was I interrupting anything?” She asked. Brightsmile held back a yawn and tried to reply quickly before another yawn came… “N-not at all!” Twilight looked at Bright with a questioning glance, but didn’t seem to notice. “I also came by to give you a quick heads up about Pinkie Pie.”
Bright went into the living room and gestured at a chair for Twilight to sit down before she answered “a heads up?” Twilight gave a small nod “She isn’t a big fan of going to the dentist, but I made an appointment for her to have a checkup. She hasn’t had one for over a year!”
Brightsmile’s eyes widened a bit, she couldn’t believe the news she just heard. “Oh my… that’s quite a while. How will we get her to the office? I doubt she’ll willingly go in.” She said, going into deep thought, how will they? She looked at twilight; she didn’t seem very sure as well. Suddenly an idea popped up.
“know any way to lure her in? I know it doesn’t sound very pleasant but she really needs a checkup…” Twilight seemed a little impressed. “I think I have an idea.” She said; coming closer to Brightsmile to come up with a plan.
After a while of planning Twilight left and Brightsmile went back to the bedroom and finally got into bed to get some sleep. But what little did she know… Tomorrow will mark as the beginning of her dark and devastating future…

It was now morning, and there was madness in Sugar Cube Corner. Pinkie Pie locked herself in her room, letting nopony inside. “Pinkie Pie, come on out! You can’t just stay in there forever!” Said an impatient Twilight Sparkle, “I can and I will!” Pinkie replied as she started boarding up the entire room.
Twilight sighed; hoping what she said next will help get her out of there. “But who else will make a party for Brightsmile?” Pinkie’s ears perked up. “Party? Oh shoot I forgot to throw her a party!” Twilight felt relieved that pinkie’s mood changed.
“That’s right! Come on we got to hurry and set it up. I was thinking we throw the party at the dentist’s office.” She said, any doubt slowly going away. Pinkie opened the door after taking all of the boards off the door; bouncing about with her usual excitement. “Oki doki loki! Let’s go go go!”
Without any hesitation she got her party gear, which means her party cannon as well, and ran off; leaving Twilight to chase her to the office. It was seemingly empty when they got there, and pinkie quickly went to work. But when Brightsmile came in the decorating stopped.
Bright looked around in amazement as her front office was almost completely changed into a party room! “Wow…” Was all she could say, but Pinkie wasn’t all too thrilled…
“Aww! It was supposed to be a surprise party! We didn’t even get the guests here!” She said with a small pout at the end. Brightsmile couldn’t help but to let out a small laugh. “Well you did great work anyways. But sadly I got to do my work now.”
She closed the door behind her and locked it. Pinkie’s head tilted a bit. What did she mean? “Huh?” Was all she said. There was a small silence after she asked that; but then Twilight broke it. “Sorry Pinkie. But the party will have to wait after the checkup. You should know how important seeing a dentist is. Your teeth could be rotten on the inside and you wouldn’t even know it! It’s for your own good.”
Pinkie by now went back into panic mode and tried to jump out a window. But luckily twilight sealed them with a spell. “It’s only a checkup, Pinkie” she said as she went to Pinkie, who face planted into the window, and rested a hoof on her shoulder “And after, we can throw the biggest welcoming party ever.” Twilight gave her an assuring smile.
Pinkie looked at Twilight and nodded “Pinkie promise?” she asked. Twilight cheerfully gave Pinkie Pie the Pinkie promise and looked at Brightsmile, Who was walking to them.
“Great. This way.” Bright said cheerfully as she walked into a room with a chair and all of her equipment inside. None of them would have thought that this checkup would end up opening a world of horror…

Pinkie Pie sat down at the chair, growing more nervous when it tilted back. Brightsmile on the other hand was calm and had a smile on her face. She levitated some of the tools up and made sure that she was prepared for the worst. “Ok Pinkie, open wide please.” She said warmly. Pinkie obeyed and opened her mouth. To Bright’s surprise, Pinkie Pie had very great teeth despite the fact that she eats almost nothing but sweets.
“They look very healthy so far.” Brightsmile said while she started looking closer at the teeth. Relief washed over Pinkie to hear that, but then her heart skipped a beat when she heard Brightsmile make a small gasp.
“Uh oh… I see a cavity. In the back of your top front tooth here” Bright said while shaking her head a bit. She tapped at the tooth with one of her tools. “I’ll need to drill it out and then fill the tooth.”
Pinkie didn’t like the sound of that, she bolted up. “No!” She exclaimed. Oh how much she regretted that action, she accidentally hit a tray where most of Brightsmile’s tools were on. They scattered everywhere, although most feel plainly on the ground.
One of them hit twilight...
The tool that was flung into her was a sharp pick like thing used to scrape off stuff on the teeth. The tool make a long cut on twilight’s cheek, and a small amount of blood flew towards Brightsmile…
Brightsmile always had a fear of blood. Even the smallest drop of it would make her freeze up as if she was a statue. She stood there with her mouth open wide in shock, and with that most of the blood went onto her tongue…
“Ow!” Exclaimed Twilight, quickly she put her hoof on the cut, cringing at the stinging sensation. Pinkie Pie gasped “Twilight! Are you ok?!”
Pinkie jump off of the chair and went to her friend. “I am so so so sorry! I-I didn’t mean to hurt you!” Twilight nodded and slowly put her hoof down. Luckily the cut wasn’t bleeding very much. “It’s ok Pinkie,”
She looked at Brightsmile with a worried glance. “Are you alright, Brightsmile?” She asked. Brightsmile didn’t answer… They don’t know it… But now their sweet, gentle, friendly dentist is now falling into the path of horror… Guilt… And madness…

Brightsmile was shaking uncontrollably and too frightened to speak. But in Brightsmile’s mind something else hidden in the fear… Yes, the blood frightened her. But the taste of it…
To her it was better than the finest dish ever made in equestria!
She had no clue why, or how, that the thing she was most afraid of tasted so good. Then the thought she could not believe would come up popped into her mind… “I wouldn’t mind having a little more…”
She almost gasped, if she wasn’t frozen stiff from the fright, from the thought of it. Drinking more blood?! That’s insane! But… It tasted so good. What’s the harm in having a little more?
Her train of thought soon crashed when Twilight nudged her. “Brightsmile!” She shouted. Bright shook her head and looked around her. She had forgotten what just happened and was just taking notice that Pinkie wasn’t on the table, and that Twilight had a very worried look on her face.
“I-I’m ok...” She said, even though she didn’t believe that herself. She quickly got a cloth and soaked it in water, quickly wiping the blood off of her and then handing it to twilight. “W-wait here while I get a Band-Aid.” Brightsmile quickly left the room and got a first aid kit. She got a Band-Aid and a small wipe that is soaked in alcohol and came back to Twilight, But then her fear of blood snapped back when she noticed a small drop of it just fell on the floor.
Twilight took notice when Brightsmile was a statue once more. “You… Have a fear on blood don’t you?” Twilight asked as she wiped the blood off the floor and took the wipe and bandage. She wiped the blood of her cheek and put the Band-Aid on.
Now Bright was able to let out a deep breath. “Yes…” she finally said. Pinkie was just standing there the entire time, guilt taking over her. Brightsmile rested a hoof on the pink pony’s shoulder. You didn’t mean to. I know you don’t want me to drill that tooth but it has to be done.” She said, hoping Pinkie will agree. Pinkie Pie gave a little nod and agreed. Twilight smiled as she remembered something.
“You know… there is still a party to throw.” She said and looked at Pinkie pie, who cheered right up.
“You're right!” The party pony exclaimed with a small hop, “Let’s get this party started!” Pinkie speed out of the room and got the party cannon to resume decorating, leaving Brightsmile and Twilight back in the room laughing.
But what Twilight and even Brightsmile didn’t know. Is that the small amount of blood lost today, shall turn into gallons…

The 3 mares had a great time for the rest of the day; the entire building was filled with ponies having fun in the party. Brightsmile met almost the entire town in just one night and made a couple of friends in the process. But now the day was ending and the guests were leaving.
“That was the best party I ever had; I can’t thank you both enough!” Said the extra cheery Brightsmile. “Anything for a new friend!” Pinkie said while still bouncing about. The fact that she had this much energy surprised Bright. But Twilight wasn’t so surprised.
“You’re welcome, Bright.” Twilight said with a yawn. “I best get going. It’s already a little late.” Brightsmile nodded. The white mare was trying to clean up the mess that some of the ponies left behind,
“Goodnight Twilight. And I’ll be seeing you tomorrow Pinkie.” Bright was slightly upset that she lost track of time, and that somepony spilt punch on the front desk, so she had to reschedule the appointment for tomorrow.
Twilight stopped at the door and looked back at the busy dentist doing a janitor’s job. “Um…Would you like some help?” The lavender mare asked; throwing a few plastic cups away.
“I got it; but thanks for asking.” Brightsmile said kindly. Part of her wanted to just be alone so she can confront the thoughts that were creeping back into her mind.
“Well ok. Good luck tomorrow!” Said Twilight as she started leaving. She couldn’t shake the feeling that something was bothering Bright, but decided its but to ask her about it later.
Brightsmile sat down in a corner and sighed. Why does the taste of blood still linger even though she desperately tried to drown it with punch? She temporarily forgot all about it during the party. But as soon as the guests began to leave it slowly came back!
“I can’t just sit around thinking about it… It’s just wrong.” she got up and resumed cleaning. She managed to shake the thoughts away when she finished. All she wanted to do now was get home, get a real meal to eat, and rest. And that’s what she did. Well… Except the rest part.
It was around midnight and our bright white pony was tossing and turning in her covers. The thoughts were back, and bombarding her mind full force. She was scared now, not because of the wanting of more blood. Just the images of her drinking the stuff! All of the blood…
That is what she was scared of. Even if she had the chance to get the blood. The sight of blood alone filled her heart with fear. But then one thing filled her heart with more fear… But also excitement… Brightsmile offered putting Pinkie Pie asleep before she would get to work on the cavity and she took it! With Pinkie asleep she can have as much of the so scary, yet so good, liquid as she wants.
With that thought sleep finally washed over the poor, blood thirsty mare…

The day has finally come. After a quick breakfast and taking care of her shining teeth she went to the dentist’s office to open up. To her surprise… Pinkie was already inside!
“How did you get in here?!” The bright white mare said in shock. She had the entire place locked up! No way could she have gotten in!
“There was a window open!” Was the pink pony’s reply. She pointed at a clearly open window and was clearly forgotten.
Brightsmile stood there, staring at Pinkie Pie. How did she not notice that the window was wide open? And how did Pinkie notice it? This mare becomes stranger the more Bright knows about her!
But by now it was Pinkie Pie that broke the silence. “Well let’s start with putting me to sleep!” She bounced off with a strange pep that left Brightsmile slightly confused. She followed Pinkie and got the tools ready, now she was putting the hyper mare to sleep with an ever growing excitement…
Pinkie will be out long enough for her to drink as much as her heart desires! And… Drill the cavity of course. But first the blood will be taken. She knew that shouldn’t drink over half of the mare’s blood in her body, it would horrible if she killed the innocent pony.
She started by making a small cut on her leg, just where nopony will notice unless they were actually looking for it. She shivered in fear as small amount of blood came out of it. But almost instantly blood lust drove her forward… Slowly the sweet, kind, and pretty mare started drinking the vile red liquid. Enjoying the taste of it and savored it as long as she can. Then she put her lips around the small wound and sucked out more of the liquid of life. As she did, a brand new thought went up in her mind…
What about the flesh? If the blood could taste this good; why not the bloody flesh as well? Almost as if it was an evil instinct she softly bit down on the flesh of the sleeping mare but quickly knew better…
EAT the mare?! There would be no way she could get away with that! She would get caught and maybe even executed!
…Brightsmile backed away from the table. Horror filled her, not from the thought of being executed… But from the fact that she didn’t even think of eating a pony as a bad thing! She knew these thoughts were evil… But they felt so right at the same time! There was no way she could argue with the thoughts with the taste of the lovely blood still lingering on her tongue...
What can she do? As she pondered on it more vile thoughts began forming, but she shook them away before they could finish. This was not the time for her to think about it… She had a cavity to get rid of and a tooth to fill! Bright’s care about healthy, happy teeth drove the rest of the evil thoughts away. And she began working, taking a sip of the life liquid every now and then. Who can blame her?
The delicious blood was the mare’s new drug…

Once the dental work was done our dear, diluted dentist woke up the party pony up, keeping a smile on her face. “Had a nice nap?” Asked Brightsmile, acting like the dreaded thoughts and plans never happened...
Pinkie rubbed her knee before answering. “Yep! Although my knee was pinching like crazy.”
Brightsmile blinked, having no clue why, the cut was nowhere near the knee. “Strange… Do you know why it would hurt?” She asked, having no clue that the answer will give her a heart a long race…
“It must have been my Pinkie sense! My knee pinches when something scary is going to happen!” Pinkie pie responded while in deep thought. Brightsmile tilted her head. Pinkie sense? This pony always gets stranger to her by the second!
Something scary about to happen…
Brightsmile’s heart got the hint and began to race faster than it has ever done. It must have started pinching when Bright started drinking Pinkie Pie’s blood! Maybe when the cannibalistic thoughts became… Cannibal… Once again she started thinking of what the taste of flesh would be like… If blood tasted so good... What would a pony’s own flesh taste with it?
“Ow!” Pinkie yelped as she rubbed her knee once more. Brightsmile, whose thoughts were crushed by the outburst, jumped up and her heart decided take a tiny break. “You ok?” The frightened dentist asked. She helped her patient off the chair and walked her out to the front office.
“I’m ok, but something really scary must be coming! My knee just won’t stop!” Pinkie answered. The pink mare was stumped. What could be so scary that her special senses go crazy about? Little did Pinkie know… That it was all from the pretty, young dentist besides her.
“Well we won’t know until it comes. Your teeth are all clear now, I suggest laying off the sweets and many solid foods for a while. Your fillings need time to fully harden.” Said the cheery mare as she got a new tooth brush and dentist approved toothpaste, “here you go. For being great this appointment.”
Pinkie Pie gladly took then and started bouncing off cheerfully. “Thanks! See you later!” The party mare called back as she left. The rest of the day flew by after that. Brightsmile scheduled a few appointments for the next few days and did another drilling today, but this time she stopped herself from drinking the addictive blood.
By the end of the day our tired dentist locked everything up, and made perfectly sure that all of the windows were closed, and began going home. She breathed in the fresh, nice fall air. Such a nice night for rest…
To be ruined with her vile thoughts of flesh…

“Stop!” Begged the poor, mad mare… Her bed was bare from her tossing, turning, and kicking all of the sheets and pillows away. “Go away you vile creatures from within!”
The creature was her very mind, Demanding blood… And flesh… It was screaming for it. No matter how many lives will be taken for it to be satisfied.
“I won’t kill… I would never hurt a pony for their own flesh!” She was trapped in her very mind. No light, or escape, in the dark abyss of her thoughts… Until the answer come to her…
“I will do the deed for you… So you can suffer no more…”
Bright’s own blood ran cold… Where did that voice come from? She was all alone in her room. So how come she heard it as if the pony was right beside her? “W-who are you…?” The frightened mare dared to ask, the unstable pony knew what the answer must be… But she had to ask.
“You know who I am… I am your savior... I am your friend.” The voice answered, the sad, insane mare’s mind was truly corrupted… From the sweet yet at the same time bitter blood… “But unlike the ‘innocent’ you… I can silence the other voices. Set me free and I can satisfy those voices…”
The voice offered what Brightsmile wished for. A way to please the vile thoughts and she won’t really be the one who did it! Bright, in the midst of madness… Saw her angel. How can she pass it up? But under the halo… Are the voice’s horns…
“I’ll do anything to get rid of these thoughts! Please, make them go away…” Brightsmile begged. Suddenly her eyes widened as an unbearable pain exploded in her head... The pain made her body squirm. She was kicking around even more.
“AAAHHHH!!!” The poor mare feel off the bed and then silence came just as quickly as the pain came… Brightsmile’s body was motionless for a minute. Her breath was shallow, her heart was slow, and the entire world around her stood still… But, as if the moonlight had the power to raise the dead, Bright slowly came back up.
Swaying from side to side she made her way to the door, each step was becoming steadier though. “Finally… I have control…” The creature that was in Brightsmile is free, and it has a plan for Ponyville… One that will change it forever.
Dark aura, instead her Brightsmile’s wondrous white aura, flowed out her horn and covered her body. Then in a vile flash, the mare that sold herself to a demon was gone…

The shadows were hiding something… A demon that possessed a once gentle mare lurked in them. Slowly this creature moved in only the darkness, shunning herself from any light that wasn’t the moon’s. Soon she was at her destination, the home of a mare almost as white as Brightsmile.
The creature’s horn darkened with her dreaded aura and unlocked the door so she may enter Rarity’s home. But with a slightly different goal than the one she promised Bright. First the demon must create an identity for herself. One that will protect her host from being exposed, and that will make the blood of her victim’s blood run cold before she drains them of it…
“Hmm… I don’t think dinner will mind me borrowing some fabric. She won’t need it once the sun begins to rise.” The demon mused with a grin, getting to work. Taking as much black and red fabric as she could, making sure that she didn’t wake the sleeping mare upstairs.
Soon it was done… Her new outfit that was the demon’s true form… She was now as black as night, for the darkness was her only friend, crimson red on her hooves, muzzle, and horn to mimic the lovely liquid that she must have...
The entire head was cover thanks to a mask she also made. The mask had a see-through red cloth and a frayed edge near the mouth that lets her gorge down on her victims... Now that she had her true nature revealed… It was dinner time.
The demon of the night walked through the innocent house, taking an innocent knife, and found her innocent meal… Rarity was peacefully sleeping in her bed, not knowing that her time in life was up… The demon approached the bed, the knife being levitated by the vile aura, excitement raced the black organ the demon called a heart.
“Aww… Sleep well mare… Because you shall never wake from it…” The knife’s cool steel softly pressed up to Rarity’s throat… The creature grinned, revealing the bright teeth that were of her host’s, and… The demon didn’t slice… Her attention was focused at a new sound. What could it be?
A light downstairs came on… Somepony else was inside! The demon went downstairs silently. Knife ready, and as sharp as can be. She peeked out from a corner and saw who it was. A foal that was as white as Rarity… Sweetie belle, Rarity’s sister! She was getting a glass of water, trying to be quiet. But not quiet enough…
The monster saw this as a sick favor for Rarity. The demon took her fabric, so she’ll let Rarity live… And her sister will be taken instead. Silently, like a spirit gliding above the ground, the demon got behind the little foal. Her dark aura turned off the lights and at the same time, made a clean cut in the poor little victim’s neck with the knife.
The demon then took instant action, clamping the foal’s neck before she could make a scream, and drank the precious liquid of life. Sweetie belle struggled, thrashing her head about and kicking at the monster that was sucking on her wound.
“Get off of me! Help!!!” Was what she wished she could scream, but the hooves pressing her mouth shut would not budge at all. Each second Sweetie belle felt weaker… Her blood was leaving her fast, and going into her killer… Suddenly a new pain went through her body.
The creature BIT a chunk of flesh out of the half dead foal!
The fleshed clung tightly to the neck of her though. A pony’s teeth aren’t made to devour flesh so there a larger chunk of flesh was ripped out than intended. Sweetie belle let out the best muffled scream as she can, but it was all in vain… Her older sister was a heavy sleeper, only a marching band could wake her up in the middle of the night!
More blood came out of the much larger wound, and the foal could not take it… The amount of blood lost was far too great… Sweetie belle couldn’t hold herself up any longer and she fell limp. Her eyes glazed over and her final breath left her…
The demon stood there, staring at the body in victory. The flesh took a while to chew enough to shallow down, but the flavor made it worth everything. The creature looked at the crimson blood all over the corpse, the floor, and of the evil mare’s smile… Crimson smile… A perfect name for the demon that will devour any living thing.
The dark side of a poor, insane, bright white dentist…