The Crimson Smile.

by Cookietheif

Zecora's House of Torture

"The way I see it… True peace can only be fulfilled once everyone can learn to ignore true human nature, death breathing down our necks, and the voices in our minds that haunt us…"


So much blood in a matter of days… 3 bloody murders, one of which Nopony even knows about yet. Pinkie’s body was not yet found, even though it was simply on Bright’s floor…

But that’s enough reminiscing about these fun past chapters, it’s time to go to Zecora’s house of torture.

Zecora was sleeping while her executioner was slowly nearing… The lovely blade of a knife was pressed lightly against her throat. Brightsmile grinned eagerly as she prepared to slit the zebra’s throat… But a rage, that didn’t belong to her, let itself known…

Her shadow rose up from the ground and shoved the crazed dentist into the wall… The room was filled with the dark voice, one that caused all of this horror.

"You dare continue to kill?!" Crimson raved, her fury remained untamed. "I am supposed to be doing that deed!!!" The reason for her rage to be so great… for it was so Brightsmile kept killing, she would have no use for her.

If that was to happen… The demon would have to find a new host who would give in to her words… It took her a hundred years just to find Brightsmile!

Brightsmile roared with rage of her own… The mad mare tried to attack her own shadow but to make no progress. "I don’t need you anymore! The memories of your last victim are still in my mind… You failed your promise!"

These words were only fuel for the monster's anger… "You dare shout at me…? Then I’ll have to punish you, you ungrateful tool!" She yelled in reply. Every shadow nearby started to wrap around her host… And the struggle for control began…

The now black mare scrambled around the room, screaming at her parasite. "Stop!" She demanded at her shadow, fighting to keep power over herself. “C-crimson… Our deal… is done!” the room became filled with blinding white…

And the shadow of dread withered away…

"I was hoping that you’d see things my way..." The victor said with a grin, followed with a wicked cackle. "Now, time to add some lovely decorations to this lovely little home and prepare dinner~"

The demented mare began to set up the cauldron for another batch of sleeping potions. And after that it’ll be full of water, carrots, potatoes, and her special, secret, ingredient…

Did you think Zecora is just going to sleep through this nightmare? Why would anyone let that happen? Well her time had come when the boiling water was ready…

Instead of just slitting her throat, the victorious Brightsmile slowly dug the knife into the flesh of her unconscious captive's chest and slowly began running it down. The helpless zebra’s scream rang throughout the forest and frighten even the most horrifying creatures of the dreaded forest…

She took her sweet time moving the blade through the flesh, she wasn't exactly an expert at skinning but she understood the basics. Zecora's throat was becoming too sore to continue her screams, but she always found the strength to continue when the blade was dug down deeper. Soon that process was done and now she began with separate the skin from the muscle.

The cannibal mare’s smile grew wider when she was nearly done skinning her bloody captive alive. The delicate flesh was cut off so easily, the blood came out so quickly, and the screams sounded so lovely as the painfully slow process was done.

“With that over, the grand finale can begin~” She whispered into her latest victims ear. Sadly she could only reply with an agonized whimper when another source of pain flared through her body.

Salt was sprinkled on her flesh once the pelt was removed.

“Perfect! You’re ready for the cauldron my dear!” The killer said with glee as Zecora was lifted… And dropped into hot cauldron with her hooves still bounded together. The pain was too great for the stripped one to hold in her breath, she couldn’t help but to scream which only led the boiling water to enter her mouth and force its way down her throat and lungs.

While she was busy drowning; the bringer of death left in search of more poor souls to steal. But who shall it be?

~ Rarity’s home. 12 P.M. ~

Lack of sleep finally made Rarity pass out earlier today...

Rarity hadn't slept as she usually did since sweetie's demise. She now slept lightly and was woken by the slightest of things. This night was like every other, her doors locked and bolted, and her windows the same.

She tossed and turned under her covers from the nightmares that plagued her mind; Luna tried to quell them, but it never worked.

"No" She mumbled in her uneasy slumber. "No, not sweetie, please, anything else, but not sweetie."

A voice made her eyes dart open.

"I guess I could take you as well." A mare with an evil cackle stood over her, smiling a dark, sharp-toothed smile. Rarity tried to scream, but no sound. Something was restricting her breathing; something magical.

The crazed killer looked down at the horrified face of sisterless unicorn. The strangled mare gasped for air that didn't come; her face was turning red and her eyes started to roll back into her skull.

Darkness overcame her...

She woke on a messy bed in a messy room that had shattered jars and other items on the floor her only source of light was the fire from a boiling cauldron. The startled mare forced air past her vocal cords in an attempted scream, but it was muffled and nearly inaudible.

A searing pain shot through her lips as the air was trapped and made her mouth expand outwards. Her mouth wouldn't open and she didn't know why.

She tried to move her hooves to feel for what was restraining her mouth, but they wouldn't budge either; this time she only had to move her head to see what the problem was.

Ropes were tied around her legs. The unicorn tried to use her magic to undo the knots. Nothing happened. Another attempted scream, another shockwave of pain. The fashion pony struggled against the bindings.

"Well well, did you enjoy your nap?" Brightsmile called out from somewhere. "Mph humph mrr!” Was the only reply. "What? Has seeing me put you at a loss for words?" The white dentist laughed, the laughter was drawing closer...

Rarity saw her ponynapper walk into the room from a door to her right, she watched the insane mare walk around the bed and then struggled against her bindings even more vigorously to try to get away.

"I couldn't help myself; I gave you a makeover when you were asleep! Do you want to see it?" Bright said with a disturbing smile. "Hrrrmmph mmrrppphh mrrmm." Came as a reply once again.

The insane white mare leaned her head in closer. "What was that? I can't understand you." The fashion designer took her chance and quickly, without warning, lunged her head forward, head butting the ponynapper

With a sharp yelled she pulled her head back and rubbed it with a hoof. "Ouch! That’s not nice, you know! I'm trying to show a bit of hospitality and you're just being mean." She said with a childish pout.

Is she being serious or just playing with her food?!

"Mrrphmmr!” The victim shouted even though the results never changed. "I still can't understand you. Oh! I still haven't showed you your makeover!" The deviant Brightsmile remembered quickly.

The mad dentist levitated a mirror to Rarity's face. The tied mare burst into tears. What she saw was a monstrosity, a horror that she never would have seen, even in her nightmares…

Makeup was sloppily speared on her face, mascara, eyeliner, and a little blush. There was medical thread going up and down her lips, sewing them shut; her mane was now just a stubbly shadow of what it used to be, and where there used to be an elegant slowly swirled bone protruding from her head was a stump. Bloodstains were around the little holes where the thread pierced through her fragile lips.

"Do you like it? I put a lot of effort into it." The mirror was levitated back to its shelf. Bright grinned darkly, looking at Rarity's face, which now had mascara running down it.

"Mmphrrmphhhmrr…!" said the hideous mare through sporadic breaths caused by her sobbing. Snot ran down from her muzzle and the tears reached her sewn lips, causing intense stinging pain that echoed throughout her whole face.

"What? You don't like it, do you? DO YOU!?" The mad mare screamed. Rarity continued to sob. She gave up trying to communicate her pleas for mercy through her locked lips. "I PUT SO MUCH INTO THAT! HOW CAN YOU BE SO RUDE?!"

Her face twisted into what could have easily been the purest form of rage. Her teeth sharpened, will be Rarity’s end be so near already? "WHAT CAN MAKE IT BETTER!? HUH? WHAT DO YOU THI-"

Suddenly, the cannibal’s face shifted from rage to what one would expect someone to look like when they had an idea; a devious, evil idea.

"You like gems, right?" She asked the mare whose sobbing was throwing her body into fits. "Well maybe I can make your makeover something more to your... liking."

Brightsmile looked through the drawers and shelves in search for some precious stones, ignoring the borderline-screaming and crying of Rarity. Finally she found a sapphire and an emerald in one of the drawers; both were about the size of a walnut, perfect for what she had in mind.

"Oh Rarity! I found something!" She called out cheerily. Rarity turned her head out of pure terror, still sobbing. "If you like gems so much, why don't I put some gems into your makeover!"

Bright happily trotted over to the still tied Rarity. Through tear soaked and blurry vision, Rarity made out two objects, one blue and one green, both levitated to her. "Well let's put them in!"

… Rarity felt something behind her eyes, deep in her eye sockets. Whatever it was it was putting pressure outwards, shoving her eyes toward the front of her head. She started to lash about wildly, now driven by an intense instinct for survival. She could feel the fleshy balls pushing against the front ridges of her eye sockets.

Was that mare.... could she be so insane? Why, of course she can be.

Rarity's eyeballs popped out of her skull. She tried another muffled scream; she didn’t care about the pain. The tears she was shedding stopped flowing from her eyes, because they were now pooling in the void where her blue eyes resided no more than a second ago.

Rarity could see the ceiling growing closer to her field of vision. Then she could see the whole room turn; Bright was controlling HER eyes! More screaming, more attempts at escape, but escape was now just a mere hope.

The insane white mare was now in full view of rarity's eyes, and her smile was so sick, so twisted. Her eyes were about an inch and a half away from her skull, still attached by the nerves that were screaming in pain and still showing Rarity what they saw.

"I wonder... How does it taste?” The unicorn of madness thought aloud.

No, she couldn't mean what it sounded like, there was no way a pony could be so sick, so twisted… Brightsmile grew closer to Rarity's vision. Closer.... Closer. Her mouth opened. Rarity could see her tonsils and teeth. She thrashed about wildly; the ropes now tore at her flesh.

One eye now showed Rarity the room about her, the other now showed the back of the insane mare's throat. The teeth sank into her optic nerve. Rarity's thrashing was now uncontrollable, the pain unbearable.

Rarity's only eye left turned and showed a monster chewing. Soon her chewing stopped and she swallowed. "Mmm... that was really good, pretty juicy to! I think I might want another!”

She advanced towards Rarity once again, forcing Rarity's one eye to focus on her movements; each step the heartless killer took made Rarity only more horrified. "Well how am I going to do with this one? Time to be a little more creative..." She said while sitting down and scratching her head with a hoof.

Rarity still thrashed about, tears soaking her face and snot now running down faster than it was before. "I know!" said Bright, pointing her hoof at the tied mare. "I don't think you're going to like it though." Her face was now the embodiment of insane pleasure.

"Now hold still, this is going to be a delicate procedure!" Rarity continued to flail her whole body around, causing the skin under the ropes that bound her to the bed to peel away; blood slowly trickled down her legs.

"I said hold STILL!" Bright forced Rarity to stop moving entirely with great effort, as the tied mare was using strength that not even bright imagined she had. "I told you, this procedure is delicate. Trust me, I'm a doctor... Well, I'm a dentist, but technically dentists are- sorry, I got sidetracked, now where were we?"

Rarity was entirely immobile, but that didn't mean she couldn't continue to pour salty tears from where her eyes once were; the space where her eyes once were was now filled with the stinging salty liquid, and it overflowed out, past her eyelids.

"Oh yeah, I was about to operate!"

Rarity attempted another muffled scream. "One... Two... THREE!" Bright ripped the ball of flesh from Rarity's skull, dragging most of the optic nerve out with it. Everything was black, but she could still feel every bit of agonizing pain.

The magic holding her still subsided and her thrashing didn't resume. What was the point? She was a dead mare. The end… has finally come.

"Don't you think this would go well with some cider?" Bright's voice still rang in Rarity's head although she couldn't see where it was coming from. The lack of vision only made the experience more terrifying.

That psychopath could be right next to her, ready to run a knife through her ribs or far away, making a cider cocktail from the orb that gave her the precious vision which she so needed.


A sound Rarity was all too familiar with, the sound of a martini glass being lightly set on a wooden table. This was too insane to be possible. Was she really making a drink from her flesh?

Rarity kept trying to convince herself that this whole experience was just a horrible nightmare, one that she would wake up from at any moment, but the searing pain all over her body kept reminding her that this was all real. Much too real.

The sound of Bright’s voice rang in Rarity's ears once more. "I still have to finish up your makeover, don't I?" Magic restrained the already tied mare once more.

What more could she do? What kinds of horrors could she possibly have left? Something cold pressed itself against her eye sockets. "Come on… Go in!" The pressure doubled and the two spherical objects lodged themselves into the spaces where the once beautiful blue eyes once resided, shooting the liquid that was pooled in them outward.

"There! Now you look so pretty! Those gems really accent the blood nicely. I wish you could see it!" The magic subsided and what seemed like an eternity of anguished pain passed by before Bright spoke once again.

"I have an idea! Let's do something in honor of... Pinkie was it? You know; the pink pony that was too crazy for her own good." Bright said without a second thought. How could SHE call Pinkie crazy?! This mare was so horrifyingly insane that she had no right to call Pinkie crazy…

"Well whatever her name was, let's do something that she would have enjoyed! Let's play a 'game'." Horror washed over Rarity. What could she possibly be thinking of?

The ropes binding Rarity to the bed loosened and slipped off of her legs. She immediately curled up to protect her vulnerable body and brought her hooves up to the objects that were lodged in her skull. They had hard edges and were cold.

She felt things like these all the time. They were gemstones. Her crying continued. "The rules of the game are: If you make it back to Pineville, you're free to go." Rarity was driven to raise from the bed by fear, pure unbridled terror.

Blindly she stumbled about the room as Bright watched, sipping her cocktail. It was funny, watching the white mare stumble about randomly. She sipped her drink once again, the blue eye in it staring at her blankly.

Bright watched as the white mare stumbled around, sliding a hoof along the wall in an effort to find the door. Bright silently chuckled to herself; if Rarity kept going she was bound to trigger the trap she had set at the front door.

A large sharpened log was controlled by a mechanism that, when the door opened, released the log and swung it at the door, impaling any who opened it.

Bright watched as the mare found the door. She watched as it swung open violently, releasing the mechanism. She watched in psychopathic anticipation as the log swung through the air.

Rarity turned her head toward the sound; A whooshing of air around something massive. Paralyzed by fear, she stood in place. A hard blow hit her side and lifted her body through the air. She felt it go all the way through her side.

The pain started to fade as she swung side to side, propelled by the object that was lodged in her side. Even though it seemed that her vision couldn't get darker, it somehow did. The pain was gone and so was she. Bright ran to the dead mare, hoping to save as much of the liquid as she could. The fear was no more, now the liquid of life was nothing more than the most forbidden drink she could ever get her hooves on.

~ Cutiemark Crusaders’ Clubhouse. 3 P.M. ~

Applebloom and Scootaloo were making plans… Not to find the marks they desperately wanted, but to put the killer to justice…

"It doesn’t make any sense!" Applebloom blurted out when she was making a list of possible suspects. And of course it was empty. "Nopony has the slightest clue about who could be doing this!"

"You know who might have a clue?” Scootaloo said with a sudden upbeat tone. The small earth pony gave herself a facehoof, "Don't say it...” Here we go again... "RAINBOW DASH!" Cried the little pegasus, jumping up and flapping her little wings.

"Scootaloo, that's the fourth time you've said Rainbow Dash. I don't think that she knows any more about who it could be than most of the other ponies around here." Applebloom had to point out once more.

"If she doesn't know any more than anypony else in town, I'm sure she would help us find out more." Her friend said, being taken aback; all the orange filly did was give a loud sigh. "Scootaloo, I'm being serious here. We need to find out who's behind all this."

"But I AM being serious! Rainbow Dash could help!" She stomped a hoof, can’t her friend ever listen?! "I'm being serious too!" The other filly nearly screamed.

And the bickering began…

"NUH-UH!" Started Applebloom

"YUH-HUH!" Retorted Scootaloo



“YUH-HUH!” “NUH-UH!” It seemed like this argument was going on for an hour until a third filly came to mind…

"Wait, Scootaloo. What would Sweetie Belle say if she saw us arguin' like this?" The farm filly realized. "You're right Applebloom. I'm sorry..." Sighed the little pegasus, a tear started to form in her eye.

"No, I'm sorry. You're right, Rainbow Dash would be a help here." A tear formed in Bloom’s eye as well. “Let’s go see her.” "Can we visit Sweetie on the way there? I really… *sniffle* miss her." A single droplet of water trickled down the brown filly’s face. "Me too, Scootaloo. Me too."

~ Sweetie Belle's grave ~

The two fillies stood in the rain, over the headstone that read, "Here lays Sweetie Belle, loved daughter, sister, and friend. R.I.P." Their eyes were full of tears as they held each other in a comforting embrace.

"Whoever did this has to pay" Sobbed Scootaloo. "And they will, Scoots. We're going to make sure of that." Replied her last friend.

Thunder rolled after a streak of lightning carved a path through the sky.

They held each other tighter. Secretly they were both afraid of lightning but here they didn't need to keep secrets from each other.

The rain stopped suddenly but they still heard the sound of water droplets showering down. Scootaloo looked around. The rain was still coming down in sheets but it stopped falling on them.

"What's going on down there?"

Scootaloo perked up in an instant. That voice belonged to somepony she knew all too well. "RAINBOW DASH!" She yelled, a warm feeling of hope filling her up.

Applebloom looked up too; the clouds were parted and sunlight poured down as the rain once did. The silhouette of a pegasus was looking down at the fillies through the hole.

The Pegasus flew down to the fillies’ side; her biggest fan rushed up to her and buried their face into her rainbow mane. Rainbow Dash returned the hug and inquired "What are you two doing out in the rain?"

Applebloom was the one who replied. "We're.... visiting Sweetie Belle." More shiny beads ran down her face. Scootaloo was doing the same, wetting Rainbow Dash's mane.

"I'm sorry. I... I..." The rainbow pegasus couldn't find words. But they weren’t needed. Applebloom ran up and joined Scootaloo in hugging Rainbow Dash. Scootaloo peeled her face away from her idol to ask a question.

"Will you help us find who did this? Please?"

"I don't think that's such a good idea, a few fillies trying to find a killer." Dash replied. "But whoever did this needs to pay!" Cried a still sniffling Applebloom. "They will, but you aren't the ones who will make it happen. I'm sorry but I have to put my hoof down here." Hopefully they can understand?

"Bu- but Rainbow Dash..." Scootaloo tried to convince the Rainbow Pegasus that they were able, but sobbing interrupted her speech; her face fell into the rainbow mane once more. Rainbow Dash tried to soothe the two by stroking their manes with her wing, but they continued to cry. Rainbow Dash did the only thing she could think of to soothe the two sobbing fillies.

With a small sigh she said, "I'll find the killer."

"You will?" Said Applebloom through sniffles. "Will you really catch who did this?" Scootaloo said as well. They’re eyes shined with their tears… And an overflowing feeling of hope and faith for Rainbow.

"It'll be easy. I'll have the killer behind bars before you can say 'Rainbow Dash is best pony'" She said confidently, and a smile to back up her words.

"Really? You would do that for us?" questioned Applebloom. "Well duh she would do it! She is only the best pegasus in all of Equestria!" Answered Scootaloo before hero could. “She wouldn’t let anypony down!”

"Yeah, I'll catch the killer. It'll be a snap."

"THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!" cried the fillies in unison, jumping up and down in excitement. Watch out killer, whoever you are, because the mighty Rainbow Dash will catch you!

"Now if you'll excuse me, I have some clouds to buck. Then I'll catch whoever it is." The rainbow pegasus soared off into the sky, stopping the rain and letting the sun shine down once again on the town of Ponyville.

~ Ponyville ~

The ground was still wet and muddy from the downpour earlier. Rainbow Dash trotted along the streets asking ponies if they knew anything about the killer; she was always met with the same reply.

"I don't want to think about that."

"I'm sorry. I would help if I could, but I can't."

It went this way for almost all day, but soon enough she found the information she wanted. She spotted a hooded cloak that was all too familiar.

"Hey Zecora!" Shouted Rainbow Dash. "I think you have the wrong pony, sorry." Said the figure as she turned towards the cyan pegasus. The mare in the hood had a white mane with pale blue eyes.

"Oh, sorry." The pegasus rubbed the back of her head, blushing from embarrassment. "Well anyways, you... umm... you wouldn't happen to know anything about the killer, would you?"

She got her head closer to Rainbow's and whispered "Last I heard he was hiding in the Everfree forest." There was something in the mare’s voice that sounded off… was there a bit of laughter in it?

"Where'd you hear that?" She asked quickly, just who is this mare?

"From a friend of mine that said they saw some weird pony lurking in there. She said that she was taking a stroll through the forest over there one day,” The hooded unicorn then pointed at the only entrance to the Everfree forest and continued.

“And she saw a strange pony just off the path. She said that when it turned to look at her she ran for her life. I can't blame her for running with all that's been going on."

"Did she give you any details about what she saw? A color? Maybe a size?" Interrogated Rainbow Dash.

"All she said was that it was a big red stallion. Sorry I can't talk about it anymore, but that's all I know and I really must go. My friend is waiting for me." Said the strange mare with a slight impatience in her voice.

Well… That was it Rainbow guessed. "Thanks, ummm... what's your name?"

"It’s Brightsmile, and you're welcome." Bright turned and started to walk down the road again and Rainbow Dash flew past bright white unicorn on her way to the Everfree to search for a killer. Bright chuckled to herself.

Will everything be this easy?

Before she could retreat to the dead zebra’s house she went to grab a few more essential pieces for her entertainment tonight…

But what could it be?

~ Everfree Forest ~

"I'm never going to find him in this forest. I could've already passed by him and not known." Our heroic mare was getting irritated at the fact that she couldn't find the killer; it was over 3 hours since she started her search with flying over the forest!

"IF YOU'RE OUT THERE GIVE YOURSELF UP! IT'S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME! … *Sigh* … That was a horrible idea." she mumbled to herself.

The colorful pegasus landed on a tree to think about her situation.

A while passed before she had a good idea. Ask Zecora for help; she knew the forest better than anypony else. Her brightest idea all day it seems.

She began her way to Zecora’s once she found the right path and once she saw the house things seemed… Off. Very off.

The windows were broken and the decorations that stood in front of her home were all destroyed as well… What would do this? She peered through what used to be a window and darkness peered back.

A faint bit of light came from the faint bit of fire still burning bits of wood left under Zecora’s cauldron. Although the house was still very dark our hero could still see the familiar zebra’s pelt.

“Zecora?” Rainbow Dash cautiously entered the zebra’s home through the window, trying to examine the room better. Her something cracked under her hoof, the sound of glass breaking echoed throughout the house.

The sound opened the gates to Rainbow Dash’s hell…

The sound of breaking glass filled the room and objects punctured through Rainbow’s flesh from the back. Glass is falling from the roof! If they are coming from the roof then they won’t land in the same spot twice…

Huddled close to the wall, Rainbow Dash started taking out as much glass as she can. The pain nearly made her scream as loud as she did when they fell on her. What is Zecora thinking?!

The rainbow mare got up once the glass stopped falling and lounged for Zecora, knocking her over. “What are you think…ing?” What she thought was Zecora was only a mannequin that belonged to Rarity with that had a realistic zebra pelt on it… What is that doing here?!

Candles around the room suddenly came to life and an uncontrollable laughter filled the room. “Looking for somepony?” A familiar white mare entered from another room, tears were filling her eyes from laughing so much.

The stunned mare stood there in disbelief. “Brightsmile… You’re behind this?! And where is Zecora?!” She demanded. She seemed fine on the outside besides the gashes from all of the glass, but in reality she had trouble even keeping her eyes open…

“Who knows? Maybe we should ask Rarity!” Brightsmile stepped aside; And Rainbow almost immediately expelled what contents she had in her belly.

The gems shone brightly in Rarity’s eye sockets and the string dangled freely from her lips as well. It looked like our mad mare had been in the middle of skinning off her friends precious pelt…

“You… Y-You’re a monster…!” Rainbow Dash managed to gasp out. Her courage is out of the window, her fear was screaming at her to run, but the wretched sight before her kept her rooted where she was.

Brightsmile thought about that for a second. She didn’t think that word would have been thrown out. “A monster huh? Now let’s ask Zecora this time!” With a dark grin she went the cauldron.

“N-No… You’re bluffing!” Gasped the petrified pegasus; there was no way that this psychopath would put Zecora in there…

A leg bone, surrounded with Bright’s brilliant white aura, rose from the water. Most of the meat came off when it was cooked but there was still some delicious flesh still on it.

The crazed cannibal peeled off the meat and tossed the bone to Rainbow Dash…

Laughter filled the room when Rainbow fell backwards, screaming when the bone collided with her forehead. It didn’t hurt, but who wouldn’t scream if their friend’s bones were chucked at them?

With jokes hopefully aside, something that is severely doubted, the crazed cannibal advanced towards the cowering cyan mare. “Awh… You look so cute when you’re scared...”

…A moment of awkwardness went by…

“A-Anyways! It’s time for you to join you’re friends here.” Bright levitated a small bag to her. In it, a familiar green powder inside. “We can do this the easy way, or the fun way~” She chimed; a sadistic smile began to spread across her face.

Step after step, the maddening mare advanced. Buck it; Rainbow Dash did not sign up to be a meal! She got up, knowing that she could always outfly the crazy white mare in front of her. But… Something inside her, a voice of reason, broke away from the fear.

“Would you really let Scootaloo… No, would you let Ponyville down like this? Yes this is the most frightening thing to ever witness… But will you throw away your loyalty to Ponyville and run away to let this continue?”

That’s right. The mare, bound to her honor, gave her word that she would catch this killer, and that is going to happen tonight! With newfound courage and strength she stood her ground. Just as the overconfident Brightsmile got in range Rainbow Dash lunged forwards and delivered a mighty blow to her head.

“That was for Sweetie Belle!” Before the mad dentist could recover the courageous one turned and bucked Bright into the nearest wall, “That was for Blitz…” Brightsmile tried reaching for the bag of powder that she dropped, but her leg nearly broke when Rainbow suddenly stomps on it.

Zecora’s name was choked out; the rage was being drenched by the sorrow of lives that ended because of Brightsmile. The cyan colored mare raised her hoof and delivered a punch that broke Bright’s jaw and made her fall back down. The white dentist, doing her best not to scream out in pain, weakly tried crawling away.

Such a pitiful sight...

Dash grabbed her by the mane and got her on her hooves only to punch her down once again and took hold of her horn, what good is a unicorn without their horn? She tried ripping the horn right out of her skull. But her sudden power was gone, vision began fading.

“What… Did you do… To me?” Rainbow Dash tried to get ahold of herself, but Brightsmile saw her chance. With whatever strength the heartless killer had left she threw the cyan mare off and huddled up into the darkest corner in the far side of the room. Rainbow Dash, feeling the effect of the sleeping potion from the glass, made an effort to give chase.

The wretched white unicorn counted down the steps needed in her mind. “7. 6… 5…” Her teeth clenched tighter on the thin rope. The rope was connected to some bent nails in the roof that held a net in place. The net had other shards of glass, of course dipped in the sleeping potion, with it. Who knew making fake nets back at her hometown would come in handy?

“2…1!” Down went the final trap, the glass pierced through the flesh, the potion mixed with the blood, and the weakened pegasus collapsed. Brightsmile won another battle, and won herself a deeper pit in Tartarus…

~ 1-2 hours later ~

Brightsmile woke up from the effects of the sleeping potion; the cause of it entering her body was from the broken glass that she fell on from fighting Rainbow Dash. Thanks to that crazy strong cyan pony she might have fractures in her right front leg and in her jaw.

Speaking of Rainbow Dash; Brightsmile remembered tying her up to the best of her ability before passing out. She checked up on the defeated pegasus and found her still asleep, wings tied shut, the same fate for her mouth, and each of her legs tied together.

Brightsmile found herself staring at dash for a… awkwardly long time.

“O-Ok Bright that’s enough looking!” She said to herself, after the pain crept back in and snapped her out of the trance. This shouldn’t be happening! She began pacing back and forth.

“This has to be a doctor and patient relationship! Plus she is… A she!” She threw cautious glances at Rainbow, whom was still out, “Plus she nearly beat me to death. But how will I get rid of her? She deserves a fun death like her friends…”

Zecora had plenty of strange stuff lying around; Bright didn’t think Zecora would mind her going through them. What stood out the most were strange plants in jars, and a book right beside them! Brightsmile levitated the book and skimmed through the pages…


“The flower of suffering: Pathos.” She read aloud, “A gorgeous white flower with light red spots on the petals. Because of its amazing scent some tried to make a perfume with it, but it paralyzed the user’s body and put them in a nightmare some never woke up from…”

Her perfect teeth slowly became as sharp as needles. “Perfect!”

The plan is made, the flower was obtained, and the waiting began. But the fallen hero can continue to slumber; because there were 2 other pieces of prey to play with…

~ Someplace in the same house... ~

Scootaloo’s eyes slowly opened, and a groan escaped from her throat. She tried to look around, but where ever she was it was far too dark to even see the hoof in front of her face. The little pegasus got up and felt around. Walls, Walls, the floor, and... "Oof!" She tripped over something soft, and alive!

"Watch where ya' going!" Wailed whatever was under the brown filly. It was Applebloom under her! The young earth pony managed to wiggle her way out from under her friend and then realization hit her as well. "Where am I? Why is it so dark?" The questions began spilling out.

"I don't know either. Are you ok?" Scoots got up and tried to see if her last friend was alright, but all she could she, even though she had enough time adjust to such darkness, was just a faint outline of the equally confused filly. Thankfully Applebloom said she was alright, and had already started searching for a way out of the room.

"I think I found a way ou- AH!" The farm pony was blinded as the door before her opened and light flooded into the room. Scootaloo was just as blinded, but she knew who must be at the door because she remembered the cackle the pony let out before, the strange white unicorn mare...

It was back at the club house after the two went back from the cemetery, and after the weird grave keeper gave them towels to dry up. They tried going back to the drawing board to see who could be a suspect, but once again they didn't know anypony who could have done it. So they randomly throw out names.

"Diamond Tiara?" was of course to escape one of their lips. "Nah, there’s no way she could pull something so scary..." True.

"That scary batpony that works in the cemetery?" It does kinda seemed right to them at first, but he was so nice and if he was it, why not eat them right there and then?

"Maybe it was that new pony in town?" Applebloom thought aloud. Scootaloo's eyebrow rose, "Who?" She asked. "I think her name was..."

"Brightsmile I think" The white unicorn was at the doorway. She took her hood down and studied the place, ignoring the gaping fillies stare. "But she was a victim from the second murder... But whatever did it, left her alive..." Finally she met the eyes of the little fillies with a small, shaky smile. "Sorry for intruding, but I was hoping you could help me..."

After a moment of hesitation Applebloom was the one to ask the question that was on both of their minds. "How did you find us here?" A question that was expected. "I saw you both coming from the cemetery, and I knew you both could help me with something. So I kind of... Followed you here."

"Why not go to Twilight? She could help you with whatever you wanted!" Scootaloo didn't hide her suspicion, smart girl, too bad that question was so easy to lie pass.

"Because I don't believe they can help me. Whoever the killer is, must be coming after me next and I don't want to be out in the open with just a few guards... But I know that I could trust sweet, innocent fillies who want that monster gone just as much as I do."

Her words sounded so honestly, her reasons why would make sense to plenty of these paranoid ponies, but what no pony could figure out yet was that this "harmless" dentist was now the biggest threat in Equestria...

"Well, what could we do for you? It’s not like we could just hide ya' in here." The orange philly asked, then she realized it was exactly the idea. "B-But this isn't even close to being as safe as your house with a bunch of guards!"

Brightsmile gave a small sigh before explaining, sounding worried as if her life was actually in danger... "But one of them can be the killer... Even if none of them are the one I'm sure this psycho knows where I would be staying... But here would be the last place he or she would look!"

The suspicion was finally killed. The unicorn was nothing more to them but a scared survivor that was looking for a safe place to hide. The remaining Cutiemark Crusaders knew that if Sweetie Belle was here... She would defiantly let this mare hide here. So they gave in to her plea.

"Alright, you can stay, but you got to help us figure out who is doing this!" Spoke the pegasus crusader. She wasn't sure if this was the best decision to make, but when she saw the dentist's eyes light up, it was all worth it.

"Thank you both, I'll do what I can to repay you for your kindness." Bright was shaking, as if she was ready to burst into tears. But in reality she was shaking in her excitement, and trying to hold back her maddening laughter...

"But first, let’s have a small drink." Three small bottles were levitated from under the cloak. Inside them were some strange liquid that gave suspicion rise from its grave. The silver tongue dentist saw it in their eyes, another lie come up in her mind thanks to the voices now on her side.

"I made these drinks so it cleans your teeth and taste great. Dentists do like great tasting things to you know. I was planning on saving these for emergencies, and I didn't have the time to brush my teeth so why not now?" With a sweet, pearly white smile she gave them each the drink.

Applebloom sniffed it, didn't smell bad, so she took a drink. "It’s kinda sweet!" She stated with a bit of joy. Well if its Scootaloo's friend likes it, that’s enough for her to try it too. "Wow, it is!"

Brightsmile laughed a little, amused about how they enjoyed it, but her bottle was still full. The laughter soon grew louder, louder than the laughing voices in her twisted mind. "It’s a real knockout!" The laughter began to scare the two foals. But then, when it was too late, they figure out the drink was not what it was said to be.

Their world turned black then, and here they are with the killer looking down on them once more.

"I see you're both awake! Did you both sleep well?" She grinned as she walked in, holding back laughter when Applebloom ran to her friend's side. "Look at you two... Such close friends, I wonder how long how that will last..."

"What are you talking about, you psycho!" Scootaloo dared to shout out. The mare of madness was all too glad to answer... "I'm going to let one of you out of her... After you kill your friend of course."

No... She has to lying... Right?

"You can't make us do that! Not in a million years!" One shouted. "Yeah, and Rainbow Dash will find you any minute to!" Both fillies cried out this time. Now they're getting bold.

Time to crush their dreams...

"Oh yeah, Rainbow Dash... Cyan colored with a rainbow mane right? She did find me earlier than expected. Plus she did put up the fiercest fight I've been in..." The bright white dentist smiled, the sharp teeth gleamed. "Sadly her best wasn't quite good enough..."

Scootaloo, Rainbow's biggest fan, took each word as a buck to the head. Lies... Everything she said had to be lies! Nopony could beat Rainbow Dash! ...Right...? "Y-You are lying! There is no way a stupid killer like you would EVER defeat her!"

It’s ironic really... Now that she's telling the truth, they don't even want to believe. It’s just pony nature maybe.

"I have proof... Just wait here~" Brightsmile shut the door and placed something in front of it. The little pegasus was on the brink of her insanity, her hero can't be dead... She just can't be! What if she is...? That would only leave Applebloom as the last of the ponies close to her in her life... And then she might be forced to kill her... Scoots would rather die than that...

Speaking of Applebloom... She hardly said a thing, and now she’s crying. The brown philly rested a hoof and Bloom's shoulder. "We'll get out of here... Let’s try to find an escape exit." ... No reply from her friend for what seemed like forever, until she managed to choke something horrid between sobs.

"We're in Zecora's house... I-I... *Hiccup* Saw her cauldron and things just behind Brightsmile... I thought that cloak she had looked familiar..."

Hope was stomped on, kicked around, and was stabbed in the back... But there was still a bit of life in it to destroy... The door opened and the defeated cyan mare was thrown onto the ground before the defeated little fillies. She was still asleep, not to wake up just yet...

"Just kill me..." Scootaloo broke the everlasting silence. There is no hope is surviving this... Rainbow Dash was going to get killed, and if Bloom dies that would leave the little brown foal with absolutely nothing... Applebloom still has family, she has more to live for. The choice is obvious...

"Ah, ah, ah~" The captivator saw this coming... Time to bring out what’s left of her weaponry. A couple dental records.

"Scootaloo... Only one visit to the dentist's office? Your teeth are probably full of cavities and you don’t even know it!" She stared at the sheet of paper with disgust. But the real reason she was reviewing it was that it held some very important information...

"So you're an orphan? It says that your one appointment was from the Ponyville orphanage right here. Don't you still go there? Don't you got some new parents or something?" Her vile grin grew widen when she saw that her words hit every nerve in the parentless filly’s body... "I guess nopony really loved you enough to even get a checkup every now and then~"

"SHUT THE BUCK UP!!!" Without the slightest hesitation Scootaloo went for this psychotic bitch. This dentist needs to die, now!

She was merely levitated and thrown back to the end of the room.

"But you idolize Rainbow Dash quite a bit... So I'll make this deal even sweater. If you win I'll let her live and not die the way I planned for! Now for Applebloom..." She started reading through her file.

"That’s more like it. You've been slipping though I see. At least your brother and sister are way more diligent with their cleaning~" Her gaze slide to the little earth pony this time. She was up and almost ready to attack foolishly just like her little pegasus friend.

"You leave my family alone, you deceiving, sick in the head, good for nothin'!" Was screamed at the top of Bloom's lungs. Her anger made her shake even more than she did when she cowering in fear.

"I will... As long as you win!" This was her plan... If one lost. Whatever they held dear will lose with them... Brightsmile, the empress of insanity, took the unconscious mare out of the room with her magic and made some candles from the main room levitate into the room they are in now. The door closed. "If either of you give up. Both Rainbow Dash and Applebloom's family die. So begin, my dears~"

Applebloom wished to protest, there must be some way out of this... Before a single idea could even begin to form, the hoof of her friend connected to Bloom's head. The fight has started, and now their friendship must be put to an end...

With ears in both of their eyes, and a stronger reason to live with them, began their barrage of blows to each other’s bodies. They seemed pretty evenly matched, but with years of apple bucking on her side. The match of strength favored the small earth pony as she turned and, with all of her might, sent the pegasus crashing into the wall with a buck that had the power to make an apple tree bare...

Scootaloo couldn't get up, it seems like she reached her limit just after 2 minutes of fighting... Far too soon for Bright's liking. "I'm very disappointed, little orphan. But I guess Rainbow Da-" The groan behind the dentist made her turn and open to door to see the cyan pony waking up already. "Well. I guess I can play with you before one of the other toys wake up..."

The two beaten down crusaders where levitated into separate corners in the room and the crazed captor began to exit the room. "This is the end of round 1. When I get back you can finish it then... And orphan." She glanced back at the little pegasus, whom was trying to drag her body towards the door.

"I won't kill Rainbow Dash yet... But I will let her screams become a reminder of what’s at stake~"

Vines that were found in the forest today on the unicorn's way back was levitate into the room and tied the two up. "Just to make sure you don't try anything in my absence~" Mad laughter echoed throughout the room until the door closed... Brightsmile's attention was now focused on the older pegasus as she began to struggle against her bindings.

"Look at the result of your failure. All because you didn't kill me one of those 2 are going to die..." The unstable unicorn levitated her adversary into the wall and kept her there and stared at her with a sudden deep anger.

"You make me sick, really. Those fillies really looked up to you and yet you were standing around, ready to piss all over the ground just because I showed you a few new victims... If you just fought sooner you could have killed me..."

Rainbow Dash looked at her with utter sadness... She was right, she let every pony down, and now it’s time to pay... Before that the dentist continued, "When I was little nopony stood up for me when bullies just beat me down... It took a bucking monster to finally put that to an end! At least it fulfilled the promises it made... All you are is a fake hero!" Her right hoof made contact to bounded mare's cheek.

"Ow!" It... Was regretful move.

The rope around Rainbow's muzzle was removed, but the expected screaming or begging never exited her lips for the longest moment in Equestria. "So what if I die... Twilight will find out everything and you'll get what you'll get what’s coming ten times over..." The words came out cracked and was followed with tears.

"Twilight?" The white mare cackled and let her captive drop to the ground. "She is just a clueless mare who is just chasing nothing but a shadow... I'm just a missing victim in her eyes." A wonderful white flower with petals covered in red spots was brought in front of the bounded pegasus.

"Eat it..."

The defiant cyan mare turned her head away from it, no way will she take anything this wacko offers. Magic forced her mouth open and shove the flower into her mouth. "Eat it before I reconsider sparing you or Applejack..." Snarled the white mare with a dark soul. Reluctantly Rainbow Dash did as she was told and eat it... It tasted alight... But it left a bitter after taste.

"Sweet dreams, I'll let you know if you're little Scootaloo dies~" Uncontrollable laughter was all the famous pegasus could hear until she plummeted into a world of utter darkness.

She was falling... falling... The ground was nowhere to be seen, crash. She’s in a dead forest now, dead trees dotted the grey landscape; dead leaves were sent flying when she landed. The cyan pony got up, with shock that the ropes that kept her restricted were gone. "Hello? Anypony here?" She called out, but not even a breeze blew to answer her.

This world, was void of all life except for the colorful intruder...

The lonely mare traveled the forsaken land to find nothing as much as a living plant or animal. Soon there was something that the pegasus recognizes, and it made her fly to it with blazing speed. It was the ruins of the Sweet Apple Acres. The barn, the house, everything around it was nothing but ruins of rotted wood and dried blood splattered everywhere.

"Applejack!" Rainbow Dash entered the house from the front door, minus the door. The smell from the house almost made her vomit and faint; the entire place was wrecked with torn furniture and blood painted all around the house. "Is anypony here...?" Slowly she advanced and followed a path of blood trail into the kitchen, and the house came to life with screams.

Poor Granny was a rotted corpse, missing its eyes and most of her flesh has fallen off and laid in a disgusting puddle on the ground. She was nailed to the table, 2 legs broken so it was tilted to face a pair of other corpses. Applejack and her brother laid beside each other, Eyes both gone as well. AJ had about every knife in the kitchen stabbed into her chest and skull.

Her brother on the other hoof was missing his tongue and his legs were all bent in awkward angles. What finished him off was that his head was backwards... Granny was nailed to a table and starved to death, watching her dead grandchildren decay in her final hours...

Brightsmile... You sadistic mastermind....

Tears were forming a puddle at Dash’s hooves, anger and horror make her body shake. How could that unicorn do something so horrible...? "I'll make you pay for this..." Vowed the pegasus... Sadly she doesn't know what’s really going on, but this did make her realize one thing. Where is Applebloom and Scootaloo? To the Everfree Forest it is she went.

Zecora's wretched house stood, frozen in time it seemed. She went through the window, same as last time, but this time she made sure no more traps were waiting just to take her by surprise once again. Once she was in the smell of rotten flesh hit her nostrils once again. "Oh no..." She gasped as she went for the source of it, but a flash of light came between her and the room the two fillies fought in.

"There you are my dear!" The cause of all suffering... Brightsmile stood in front of Rainbow Dash, sipping a drink from a martini glass with an eyeball substitute of an olive. The eye was green around the pupil... AJ had green eyes... "I was wondering when you would 'drop' in."

"You sick monster!" With her strongest punch the pegasus went for the monstrous dentist, but she was gone... "We must stop meeting like this, all we do is fight, fight, fight. Can't we just kiss and make up?" ...Again, the dentist must bring awkwardness in times where it doesn't belong...

Vines snaked through the windows and lashed out for the pegasus, but the swift mare got inside the room before they could get her. Now she was stuck in the room, outside the mad dentist and the vines awaited. Inside, something much worse...

Applebloom was hanged on the wall next to the door, from her chest to her pelvis she was cut open and her organs floated out of the gaping hole...

"Why didn't you save us, Rainbow Dash? I cried for you when Scootaloo was beating me to death... Did you at least save my family...?" The little corpse spoke, but it’s impossible. Her organs are floating around the room! How are they floating about in the first place...?

"I did it all for you." The voice was from the little victor... Scootaloo was right behind her idol, smiling the same way Brightsmile did when she finally killed all on her own. Tears of blood ran down her cheeks and her teeth were filed to resemble the dentist's. As the older Pegasus turned to face the bloody, still living philly, the entire scenery changed...

They were out deeper in the Everfree Forest, far from the house of torture.

"Scootaloo...?" The sense of reality is defiantly gone... What is going on with Dash's biggest fan? Also... Where did she go? "Scootaloo?!" She disappeared! "I've always wanted to be you..." Her voice echoed out... "But I can't even fly yet... Maybe you can help with that!" The blade of a knife dug into her wings this world may not be real, but the pain sure was!

"Stop!" Rainbow Dash tried shaking off the little pegasus on her back, rolling on the ground, bashing her back into trees, but nothing. All she could do was scream from the terrible pain from the knife digging into the wing's bone. She tried her best but it wasn't quite enough to shake off the mad filly.


The bones were snapped off, the remaining flesh was ripped off as the wings were taken and the brown foal jumped off what used to be her hero. With a truly mad cackle the once sweet Scootaloo, without hesitation, took her own wings and ripped them off of her back. "Do you think I will be able to fly using your wings?" The little one cackled like the heartless killer as the impossible began.

The last crusader placed Dash's wings on her back and it began fusing with the stubs that used to be her wings!

"Scootaloo... Why are you doing this? This isn't you!" The wingless one demanded. This world, and everything happening in it, brought forth a fountain of tears from the forsakened mare. "You are acting just like that monster... You are not Brightsmile! Please just stop!"

Laughter... The words didn't faze the young pegasus, she came closer with her knives. "Hey, Rainbow Dash! Do you mind if I borrow you're cutiemark to?" Not good... The cyan pegasus began backing up, there’s a wall of trees too close together to pass. She tried going right, more trees, left? Same thing...

Fear, regret, and a rising anger filled Rainbow Dash. "No... Please Scootaloo. Don't do it! You little monster!!!"

This is more amusing than Brightsmile would imagine! For about four minutes the cyan pegasus has been wiggling around and screaming bloody murder! Such a lovely scene... "Don't do it! You little monster!!!"

Well isn't that great? She's dreaming of her little fan, and hating her guts! This gives our deadly dentist a great idea. With a new plan at hand she went into the room with the fillies still tied up, Applebloom was still crying and the other was shaking so much she just might loosen the vines.

This was so exciting, the mare of madness began speaking like an announcer. "Now my dears. It’s time for round 2! Just remember what’s at stake, or did I go too easy on Rainbow Dash?" The vines became undone, and the fight was forced to resume...

Tears, blood, and blows flew around. The earth pony attempted bucking her friend but this time she was prepared, sidestepping and ramming herself into the orange one's ribs. The pegasus crusader took her chance and got on top of her friend. "I'm so sorry..." Scootaloo whispered as she started landing punches endlessly onto her dear friend.

The punches were weakening... Did the orphan has the will to kill her last friend? If not both Rainbow and AJ will be killed... Sorry Scoots...

Applebloom managed to get her powerful hind legs under the other philly's belly and kick her off and get on her instead. "No... I'm the sorry one..." It was her turn to bringing a mad barrage of punches. The little foal didn't fight back, she laid like a lifeless lump of flesh as her friend continued beating her to death... Until a knife slid to her side, and a voice screamed in her mind.

"Use it! It won't hurt your friend if she is stabbed in the head... DO IT FOR RAINBOW DASH!" ...Her body acted on its own for survival. Scootaloo took a hold of the knife and buried the blade deep in her skull...

Applebloom's punches ended, blood gushed from the wound and landed on victor's cheek, she pushed the body off of her and took out the knife... There was only one Cutiemark Crusader left alive now... Rainbow Dash will be spared from her agony...

Oh if only things would go as planned...

"Scootaloo!!!" The cyan pegasus managed to loosen her bindings even in her unconscious state and get loose. She was stuck between real reality and her nightmare world, but all she saw of her fan was a twisted little monstrosity that took her wings and wore her cutiemarks ripping her sharp teeth into the flesh of her dead friend. "I... I HATE YOU!!!"

The little philly watched as what was once her hero charge at her, ready to bash her little skull in.Scootaloo raised the knife in defense and then Rainbow Dash's body crashed into hers... The knife was in Dash's chest, and in her heart...

"Scootaloo..." It wasn't until her dying second did Rainbow Dash was brought into reality... And she saw the little bloody Scootaloo under her with tears bursting from her eyes.

Now everypony that little orphan held dear to her is dead... She was cast into a world of dark, loneliness...

Brightsmile came up to the two and pulled Dash's lifeless body and... Gave it a deep French kiss?! Her eyes were closed, obviously enjoying it, but when she pulled away her muzzle was bloody and she was chewing on something. Rainbow Dash's tongue...

"I'll miss you, my little Dashie~" She said with a lovely crimson smile... Her attention was turned to the curled up philly. "So alone in this world... This cold, cruel world..."

The cyan mare's body was dropped to the ground and the white dentist rested her hoof on the little scared pegasus' shoulder, she tensed up. "I know how it's like having nopony to trust... Nopony to run to and believe me... If you wish to spend your freedom with me, I can help you forget what happened here someday. Maybe treat you like a daughter... Now let me see what they did to you..."

Scootaloo didn't care anymore, she let the out of her mind mare examine her body that was covered in bruises and gashes. What was most on her mind is what she offered... She offered to be a mother, but look at what she did to her! She made her kill her friend and her idol...

But she promised to make her forget... Can she really erase the most scaring memories in this orphan’s life...? "I just want to forget... Just forget... C-Can you do it...?" She sobbed. Her hooves were on her head as the sobs of Applebloom and the screams of Rainbow Dash echoed through her mind.

"You will, after this is all done…" The now motherly mare gave the little orphan a kiss on the cheek, and walked her out of the bloody room. It wasn't until now she didn't hide her limp, her right leg was killing her... "Let’s patch you up, and then we can have a nice, warm meal... Tomorrow we're going to leave this horrid place forever..."

"Ok..." This feeling was becoming rather nice, have an older pony care for her this much... She still didn't fully trust this evil mare's words... But what else can she do...? She has nothing left... But now she can receive a motherly figure... And maybe forget about all of this day..."Can I... Can I call you mom then...?"

"Of course, my precious daughter..." The new mother said with a warm smile... Once the foster daughter's wounds were treated they both had a rather great tasting bowl of soup. Scootaloo wasn't hungry but she forced it down with a small smile. After their meal they shared the bed for the night... A wonderful family was forged from the scars and blood...

Although Scootaloo had trouble finding peace in her sleep... The voices of her friend and idol stayed on her mind. "Why did you do it? She is going to kill my family now..." Applebloom's voice called out, almost as if she was whispering it into the filly's ear. "You're just like her now... A cold blooded killer..." Dash whispered in the other.

"No... I didn't mean to do it... I'm so sorry..."

~ Brightsmile's home... 9 P.M. ~

"Why do you do this, Brightsmile...?" Twilight's whisper rang out. By the side of princess Luna and her older sister Celestia, they witness the police officers remove the evidence from the ex-dentist's hidden room... Plus the party pony's body in a blood pool near the front door... "This doesn't make sense! She was so kind and considerate! She'd even freeze up at the sight of blood!"

The princess of the sun rested a wing on her student's shoulder, she has never seen such a sight in over a thousand years... "We will find her..." She said softly. Luna raised her voice raised to her old equestrian way, for all of the police and the ponies gathering to hear.

"Listen up our faithful subjects. We know you may be afraid, but we must have every pony help if she is to be found! Set up wanted posters, check each home, and report any information to my sister, Twilight, and myself. She must be brought to us alive, so she can receive her proper punishment..."

"Public execution!"