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It is the largest, most luxurious cruise ship anypony had ever seen. It cost more than 100 million bits to create, and its maiden voyage is the most talked-about bit of news in Equestria. And nopony would think twice to say it could ever be sunk.

Twilight Sparkle has received 6 tickets for the Titanic's maiden voyage, and all of her friends are more than excited to go. Leaving a moping Spike behind, Twilight and her friends board the enormous cruise ship, anticipating a luxuriously grand vacation. But, of course, you all know how this ends.


Behold, my first fanfic! Note that I most certainly do not own the characters of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic OR Titanic(no matter how much I wish I did).

Chapters (7)

Friendships are broken. Worlds are disappearing. Hope is fading. Who can change the fate of Equestria when they themselves are already lost?

When even the Elements of Harmony together are not enough to save Equestria, where will our heroes go for help?

Chapters (6)

Luna is haunted by mysterious monsters while she grows up. Can the Doctor help her before it is too late?

Chapters (6)
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