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My Little Kingdom : Hearts is Magic - Iateacrayon

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Letter of Disaster

Twilight had never seen a brighter night sky over Ponyville. Tonight was their annual picnic under the starry skies as they stayed up waiting for the sun to rise again. Thankfully, it seemed there would not be an emergency this year. Their picnics always seemed to be interrupted by grave news, and Twilight secretly thought they were cursed. The Elements of Harmony solved their problems every time though, so she wasn't too worried about an impending doom.

Time had slowly passed for them all in the quiet little village these past fifteen years. However, it became apparent that the wielders of the Elements of Harmony were different from everypony. All six of them had changed noticeably, making their friends curious of what the Elements would do if they were used regularly.

As Twilight Sparkle's studies continued, anypony lucky enough to see her in action would have noticed how much more powerful she had gotten over the years. Her exploits spanned all of Equestria. She was rumored to have once stopped a wild group of rampaging Ursa Minors just before they could descend on Fillydelphia unawares. She had grown to Princess Celestia's size, and she could have passed for Celestia's sister if she only had wings.

Twilight's library had expanded over the years. She had read every book several times over, and was Equestria's most knowledgeable unicorn. She had recently considered going to unknown lands in search of more knowledge, but felt she would be more helpful staying in Ponyville.

Applejack had grown taller than Princess Luna, reaching an unbelievable size, second only to Princess Celestia herself. Her formidable strength was known by everypony in Equestria. After placing first in every rodeo competition she entered, Applejack eventually decided it would be wrong for her to compete anymore, feeling she had a dishonest advantage on anypony she competed against.

She spends her days working on the orchard farm without Big Mac, who had recently been married and was still on an extended honeymoon in Manehattan.

Pinkie Pie was more and more energetic as each day passed. She slowly grew to Luna's height, and drove everypony mad from her endless nagging for information about them. Eventually, she had to resort to reading through Twilight's extensive library back in Canterlot after she had started Ponyville's largest known riot of angry ponies. Her knowledge grew and grew until one day she was said to have shouted, "Oh! Now I get it!" and went back to her everyday routine of meeting visitors new to Ponyville.

Pinkie Pie had learned almost as much as Twilight Sparkle by that point, and some say she had secretly discovered several secrets of her Pinkie sense from her time delving into mysterious books. She still knows how to throw the best parties in Ponyville, and the town residents were always quick to accept her invitations after the third riot she had caused with a large rock, a sack of flour, an overripe turnip, and an enormous lint ball the size of a small foal.

Fluttershy had changed the least of them all. She had grown to be slightly taller than the average stallion, and her thin graceful wings were light in the air as butterflies. Her kindness to creatures big and small was known by everypony. Her house had been overrun with all manner of tiny adorable creatures, and her time with them slowly gave her the skills to heal any type of wound she encountered.

Fluttershy also learned many of the weaknesses of the larger creatures in the Evergreen Forest as she went to Zecora for lessons about mysterious plants in the alien forest. Rumors tell of a time when she simply stared down a rampaging Hydra in Ponyville, and gave it a stern talking to.

Rainbow Dash was barely taller than Fluttershy, but could still pack a powerful punch with her agile frame. Her wings were the biggest and strongest anypony had ever seen. She became famous for setting an unbeatable wingpower record with 40.3 wingpower. It still wasn't enough for her, and she continues to train, trying to beat her previous records every month or two.

She was quickly approached with an offer by the Wonderbolts to join their squad, and turned them down. Instead, she started the Thunderbolts, and became their captain. They were situated in Ponyville, and with her skills and leadership they occasionally clashed with her foalhood heroes for the title of best aerial squad in Equestria.

Rarity's size slowly increased until she was barely shorter than Twilight, but that didn't stop her from being able to defend herself. She learned a number of martial arts, including a bit of fencing, as she slowly ran out of patience for her many would-be suitors. Her fame grew along with her body as the years passed, to the surprise of nopony.

After Princess Celestia and Luna wore her dresses to the next Grand Galloping Gala, Rarity was pushed into the center stage of the fashion world. Customers came from all over Equestria for her designer clothing, swamping her boutique with orders. She excelled in creating new fashions, and her boutique was rebuilt on a grander scale for more space to keep up with demand for her designs. Her work caused many sleepless nights, and she had been too busy for any one pony these past five years. Sweetie Bell was more helpful these days, but she still had to find help from another full time assistant.

Spike had changed the most. He had slowly and carefully up a hoard of his very own treasure. With an enormous amount of help from Twilight and their friends, he manages to keep his greed under control, but he had also grown because of it.

For a dragon, he was tiny, but he was now bigger than anypony, even Princess Celestia. His leathery wings were larger than even Rainbow Dash's wings, and all the new weight had taken its toll on him. After a bit of practice, he became used to walking around on all fours when he his heavy wings were tired from carrying him everywhere. He quickly lost the dexterity he once had in his front paws as he walked upright less and less. He took to sleeping outside Twilight's library lately, only going inside the cramped study when bad weather arose.

His large body had trouble helping Twilight except when she went on excursions or emergencies, so he had to find something else to do while Twilight was locked up in her library. After looking around Ponyville for jobs, he had little luck finding somewhere to work until Rarity offered him a job. The horrific workload crushed his dreams of romancing his long-time crush, and he resigned himself to spending each day alone with her, albeit professionally.

Rarity's home improvements were perfectly suited to him considering his current size, and Spike sometimes wondered if she had planned this all along. The endless work helped him get used to his new body, and he slowly regained the ability to hold the most delicate and fragile items in his paws once again. As the arrangement continued, Spike couldn't help but feel at home every day he spent working alongside her, and he thought he noticed her sneak a glance at him more and more as time went on.

As the seven gathered underneath the bright open sky in their favorite field, Twilight thought about how they had all changed since she first met them long ago. Ignoring how her old assistant and Rarity stared at each other when they thought the other wasn't looking, she turned to Rainbow Dash.

"So, how are preparations going for this year's hurricane to bring water to Cloudsdale? Will you have enough wingpower at your disposal?" Twilight questioned her after they sat on a large, warm, comfy blanket. She remembered the fiasco that had almost occurred the last time Ponyville was in charge of sending water to Cloudsdale. After several ponies called in sick, they barely managed to reach the necessary 800 wingpower to create the hurricane to send to Cloudsdale.

"We'll have more than enough this year!" Rainbow Dash haughtily replied. "I'm sure if everypony really tried..." she glanced over at Fluttershy who was staring up into the night sky before continuing, "we could even beat Fillydelphia's record!"

"But didn't they just set a new record of 965 wingpower?" Twilight asked, considering how many ponies they would need for Rainbow Dash's ambitious proposition.

"Of course we can! I bet we could do more than 1000 wingpower! NO! 1100 wingpower if I helped!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed, thinking of the possibilities.

As the other ponies talked, Fluttershy saw a star in the infinite night slowly begin to fade. She watched with fascination as it shrank before her eyes, enjoying the mysterious sight. She was pleasantly surprised as another one beside it began fading, before several more began fading around the missing star. She whimpered quietly as she felt a wave of disquiet wash over, feeling as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. Fluttershy knew something terrible was happening.

She turned to the others, hoping they had also seen this phenomenon, but they were busily talking amongst themselves. She crawled over to Twilight so she wouldn't ruin anypony's view, hoping to tell them about what she saw.

"Tw-Twilight?" Fluttershy whispered, worried she might be interrupting her conversation with Rainbow Dash. "There's something I-" she continued before she was cut off.

"Fluttershy! We're going to need your help for the hurricane. We'll need everypony to help this time!" Rainbow Dash asked, unaware of the emergency above her.

"Will you help us out?"

"O-Of course Rainbow Dash," Fluttershy answered. "But the stars-"

"The stars are moving?" Pinkie Pie supplied her best answer. "They're fading? They're disappearing?"

"Don't worry about the stars, they're not going anywhere!" Rainbow Dash laughed at the absurdity of it, while Twilight's wandering eyes noticed several constellations were missing from the sky.

"Everypony! I think we have a problem," she shouted, catching their attention. As they all looked up, they noticed stars fading into black across the entire expanse above them. They were silent for a few moments as they watched random stars blink and fade into nothing, until Spike grabbed onto his stomach as it suddenly rumbled.

Spike let out a large burst of smoke, and the letter that slowly materialized captured everypony's attention. Twilight levitated the scroll over to her, noting the Princess' seal as she broke it open. She unfurled the letter and read it aloud, letting them all know what in Celestia was going on.

To my faithful student, Twilight Sparkle,

As you read this letter, know that time is of the essence. I and my sister Luna have left Equestria. If you look carefully, you might see the stars have begun to disappear, one by one. It is only a matter of time before this darkness reaches Equestria, and we cannot stop it ourselves. We have gone in search of the answer of how to save not only Equestria, but every star above you in the night sky.

Out through a special door in Canterlot is another world. You and Rarity must send the rest of the Elements of Harmony to Canterlot, so they may travel through it. You alone must go through another door located in Ponyville.

Beyond these doors will be somepony with a "key"-- the key to our very survival. It is more powerful than all the Elements of Harmony in the right pony's hands. I need you and the others to find this pony, and protect them. It is our only hope!

Our road is treacherous, and we cannot tell you everything, but know that this power is special.

You will know if they are the right pony by their appearance. Use the Elements. They can help you.

Good luck,

Princess Celestia of Equestria

As Twilight finished the letter, the Elements of Magic and Generosity teleported onto the grass in front of her.

"O Celestia! Whatever shall we do?" Rarity swooned, falling back slowly in a mock faint. Luckily, Spike was prepared for her reaction, and caught her on his leg before she managed to hit the ground. Rarity blushed as she ignored everypony glaring at her antics, feeling safe in the arms of whoever had caught her.

"Ah guess the letter wasn't enough to give you a clue about what she wanted us to do?" Applejack retorted, before turning to Twilight.

"How can we get to Canterlot with your help? It's mighty far away, even for you Twi!"

Twilight prodded the two Elements before her, calculating the magic at her disposal. She glanced to Rarity lying in Spike's arms before answering.

"With these Elements and Rarity, it may be possible for me to send you to Canterlot from here. It might go wrong though," Twilight thought out loud, considering the alternatives. Applejack quickly nodded her head in agreement.

"Ah know you can do it. Just tell us what to do." Rainbow Dash chimed in as well, lending her support.

"Yeah! You can get us all to Canterlot super fast. Even I can't fly us all there myself."

"All right, then. Rarity, put this on," Twilight ordered, floating the Element of Generosity in the shape of a necklace towards Rarity while donning the tiara-like Element of Magic.

"Rarity, you'll focus on where we want to send them, the Element of Generosity will help," Twilight instructed her on how to teleport somepony. "Just think of somewhere you remember vividly in Canterlot, and I'll do the rest." Rarity closed her eyes, and carefully thought of Canterlot. Twilight mentally prepared herself for channeling her magic to Rarity.

"I have it," Rarity said, focusing on her memory. Her horn and the necklace around her glowed in a pale blue light, giving Twilight her cue.

"Now don't think of anything else," Twilight added as her horn glowed pink. The tiara on her forehead responded, enveloping the intended ponies in a bright pink color. She felt her magic slowly drain as the magic took effect.

Her eyes closed as she slumped to the ground, exhausted, and when she opened her eyes, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie had vanished.

"I hope they made it," she muttered, thinking about where the door in Ponyville could be.

"Wow! We made it," Rainbow Dash exclaimed from under the heap of ponies that Twilight and Rarity had teleported, seeing the Canterlot castle outside through a window.

"Now get off me!"

"Sorry, everypony," Fluttershy mumbled as she flapped her wings and lifted herself off the pile. Her apology was greeted by the relieved sighs of those below her.

"Not your fault, sweetie," Applejack calmed her as she rolled off the two ponies below her, looking around for a clue to tell them where they were.

"Now where in tarnation are we?"

Pinkie Pie smiled, glad somepony had asked her. Jumping up off Rainbow Dash, she bounced around the familiar room.

"This is Twilight's brother and Princess Cadence got married, silly!" She laughed as she remembered the crazy party she had thrown in this very room.

"Trust Rarity to remember a place in Canterlot, and all she thinks of is the wedding room..." Rainbow Dash grumbled as she felt the combined weight of her friends finally lift off of her.

As she got up off the stone cold floor, the main door slowly opened, revealing a fully armored Shining Armor. He was as tall as Applejack, and looked strong enough to fight a small army. He didn't look too happy to see them.

"Who was my sister's foal-sitter?" Shining Armor demanded, carefully watching the four of them as his horn glowed a dangerous pink hue beneath his helmet, holding up a large, thick broadsword in his hooves.

"It was your wife, Cadence!" Pinkie Pie answered with glee.

Twilight's brother's magic slowly faded away as he realized who they were.

"You're Twiley's friends!" He let out a relieved sigh as his magic disappeared, and pulled off his large golden helmet. He motioned for them to come with him as he pushed the door open, revealing a small army of ponies preparing for battle.

"I'm sorry about questioning you, I thought we might be fighting changelings again. We've been on high alert since Princess Celestia told us we would be under attack soon."

"She told me you would be coming, but I didn't think you could teleport all the way from Ponyville."

"Twilight did it with Rarity's help and their Elements of Harmony," Rainbow Dash supplied, to Shining Armor's astonishment.

"Wow, that's amazing! She's really gotten powerful in the last few years." He walked into a hall none of them had ever been down, or ever seen before.

"Follow me, I'll take you to Cadence. She has what you came for. Hurry, we don't have much time apparently."

The five walked past many dark and mysterious doors before reaching the end of the hall. Seeing their leader, the two guards pushed on the door to let them pass, watching for unseen enemies as they gripped their halberds nervously.

The doors parted, revealing a brightly lit spiral staircase, leading deeper into the castle. They walked down the narrow steps, and as they reached the bottom, they heard sounds of a large battle echo down towards them from upstairs.

"You'll have to go the rest of the way yourself, girls. Good luck," Shining Armor gravely announced, donning his helmet as he turned and raced up the steps. He left the four a short distance from a magnificent gold and silver-cast door, towering over the four heroines.

Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie took the lead again, with Fluttershy behind them. Applejack walked backwards with her back turned, watching the stairs and listening for any sign of what was going on far above them.

"I think this is door, guys," Rainbow Dash spoke, staring up at the intricate carvings that bordered the enormous door. As she pushed open the door, they prepared themselves for another world.

Princess Cadence stood waiting for them on the other side, standing in a giant cavern that made the door they had just passed through seem small in comparison. She looked happy to see them as they walked towards her, wearing a light pink jewel necklace hanging around her neck. They slowly took in the view before them.

The cavern was light bright as day, with thousands of candles illuminating a wide stone path. On both sides of the path was a steep cliff, and nopony could see how far down the hole went. The lengthy path went to the middle of the empty underground expanse, and there sat an ominous door. It was a plain grey to the eyes at first, but the group suddenly heard whispers of a town going about their business coming from it.

"That is the door, and here is what Celestia left under my safekeeping," Princess Cadence announced, distracting the newcomers from gazing upon the mysterious entrance to another world. She opened the box containing the remaining Elements of Harmony, motioning for them to grab their respective necklaces. After the last piece of the jewellery was taken, they saw a pink bubble ripple down from above, passing around them as it expanded deep into the cavern below. Princess Cadence was alarmed by the appearance of the shield.

"My shining prince needs my help! Go through the door. We will try to hold them off for as long we can. May you accomplish what Celestia sent you to do."

"Of course, princess. You can count on us!" Rainbow Dash answered for all of them, knowing they would do everything they could to save Equestria.

With a final tearful goodbye, Princess Cadence turned away and ran in the direction of the stairs, hoping to help her husband with her powers of Love.

Finally left alone, Rainbow Dash and the others quickly trotted over to the door. Rainbow Dash turned to the others as she laid a hoof on the door handle, checking to see if they were ready.

"Are you ready, everypony?" She asked, listening to the rumbles in the cavern getting louder as the battle above them intensified.

"Of course, Rainbow Dash!" Pinkie Pie shouted and put her hoof on the other handle, making them all momentarily wince as her voice rebounded off the walls around them.

"How about you, Applejack?"

"Ah'm as ready as ah'll ever be." Applejack replied, placing her hoof on the alien door.


Fluttershy quietly stared back to the stairs leading back up to the castle. Eventually, she turned back to her friends.

"Let's do this," she finally answered, pushing on the door together with the others. The entire cavern trembled as the door opened, and the four jumped into the opening, not knowing what adventures awaited them on the other side.

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