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Star Swirl is a name that echoes in the halls of history. The legends of his exploits and tales of his magnificent, magical mastery are impossible to ignore. Even in these modern, peaceful times, there is nopony alive who has not heard the name, or who had not spent their childhood waiting every night for grand stories about this stallion.

Even the most famous of names, however, lose some of their true luster to the grindstone of time. Few exist who do not know of him, yet even fewer know who and what he really was. I offer you his story, the truth of the Master of Myth; a tale of hardship and sorrow, triumph and prestige, love and glory. Long before the life we know came to be, he was only a colt who could never have imagined that his tiny hooves would forge the world into a shape even a god would envy.

Dawn of Friendship is the first book in the Equestrian pre-history trilogy, Master of Stars.

Chapters (2)

Blue Skies, a relatively shy pegasus stallion, has always had feelings for Fluttershy, but has also been too shy to admit them. His best friend is Soarin', but befriending a wonderbolt isn't easy and Soarin' is just too busy nowadays to hang out with Blue Skies as much as he did when they were both little colts. He's hated that Fluttershy's been teased, but he's been too soft-spoken to stand up for her. What will happen when he confesses feelings for her?

How will Fluttershy react, indeed?

Chapters (2)

Twilight Sparkle prides herself on following and sticking to her plans, but she isn't as organized as everypony thinks. Her master list, the plan for her life, has an item that she has never been able to check off; and the time has come to fix that. How hard can it be? All she needs to do is go on a date and get a kiss.

Chapters (13)
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