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Twilight Sparkle lives in the ideal world of Equestria. There, she is a pony, strong and proud, surrounded by friends, and with only studying as her job. Though some may try to mock this, as the student to the princess of this land, she is revered as one of the smartest and most amazing mares in the world. She even has the honor of defending the land, and going on adventures few even see in their dreams.

It is these dreams that for five years, Celestia has recorded, while looking over the human known as Twilight Sparkle.

Co-Write with Jumbled Thought

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It really was a very nice hat she'd given Spike.

Even though Twilight gave it back to her after his rampage was over, Cheerilee doesn't want to keep it.

She really should give it back to him.

*An alternate ending to The Secret of My Excess

Editing and Idea wall support given by Minds Eye
Pre-reading and adding a missing 'i' done by Syeekoh

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One morning, Fluttershy wakes up to discover something about herself. Something that had never crossed her mind until that very moment. Nothing had changed, yet everything did.

Fluttershy likes mares.

Collaboration with ThatOneWriter, except the entire thing was my idea, I did at least 2/3 of the work, and I'm like twenty percent—

Please, Flint, shut up. At least I wrote the ending.

Twinkletail preread this for us. Go check him out and stuff.

Chapters (1)