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To be honest I just write this storys for the goofy titles

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Can the mane six discover calculus fast enough to win a flying competition, counter a deadly parasite, and destroy a tornado?

Welcome to the only MLP fanfiction which doubles as a calculus tutorial.

Once this fic is complete, it will serve as a complete walkthrough for calculus. I want to teach the intuitive side of math: tell you why things work, and make you feel like you could have discovered them yourself.

Petition your teacher to make this your school's standard textbook.

Chapters (4)

In eighth grade, Lightning Bolt met the most awesome girl in the world. Plum Rose. But after middle school, she left and went to live in Applewood for a reason he didn't understand. She said something about being discovered. Years later, Lightning still hasn't forgotten Plum. And when she applies for a job at the Storm Factory, his heart nearly bursts with glee.

My girlfriend, Plum Rose, asked me to do a story on my opinion of her story, Delicate Rose. So this is it.

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