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This story is a sequel to Floral Embrace

A lot of things happened at the good ol' triple G. The crusaders got some hot tips on cutie marks, the nobles were smoozed beyond belief, and Tree Hugger met somebody who really, really intrigued her.

Still, Discord was a bit bemused when Tree Hugger offered to show him her garden. After all, he'd had threatened to throw her into another reality, and that usually put most ponies off from having more interactions with him.

But perhaps, with time, Tree Hugger's intentions might become clear.

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She saw things differently
*than those around her
**so focused on life
***they did not live
****but she never worried
*****for the universe was
******always singing to her.

This is the story
of Tree Hugger's Cutie Mark,
cover image here.

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This story is a sequel to Psychadelic

Epiphany's mother is an easy-going mare in tune with the universe and the balance of magic, who needs magic glasses to see the world the way everyone else does.

Epiphany's father is an off-the-wall draconequiis, who runs circles around the laws of physics and spreads chaos wherever he goes because that's what he is.

As for what Epiphany is... well, it's rather complicated.

Coverart by Chocolatechilla.

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