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In one timeline, Discord decided that the best way to get a group of villains to learn friendship was to pretend to be a spooky old goat and strongarm them into trying to conquer Equestria together.

This would turn out to be a terrible plan.

In another timeline, Discord took five seconds to actually think and run this plan by someone else before jumping in head first. Maybe the cashier at Whinndy’s wasn't the best pony to ask for advice, but he loved the plan she suggested even more.

It too, was a terrible plan.

Cover art provided by Mutter_Butter

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This story is a sequel to The Lay of Canterlot High

He was at the head of a mighty host, sergeant in a great army of the voiceless 200 strong and growing. As they marched from Our Town in the northeast down towards the capitol, their numbers swelled, seeming to double with every three towns they passed through. The air in their camps was electric, brimming with promise, with hope, the hope that the revolution might succeed. All was going so well, he couldn't help but grin.

But it was still his fake grin, the one he wore to try to cover up the screams whirling around inside him. And as they settle down for the evening, preparing for the last leg of the journey, he desperately tries to stop them from escaping, from giving voice to his hidden fears.

But in the darkness of the night, however much of a sergeant he might be in the daytime, Party Favor is still the boy who cried himself to bed with laughter, and the fears he tried to leave behind are not done with him yet.

TW: Interphobia, some non-sexual reproductive organ depiction (non-explicit)

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This story is a sequel to The Sun in Flight

Their fellowship now without its leader, the remaining Mane Seven debate what to do, and Pinkie Pie sings a song.

Lore note: Vingol is the Homestrian (human Equestria) ethnic group roughly equivalent to the pegasi across the mirror.

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This story is a sequel to Up Through the Roots

"State your name, please."

"Sunset Shimmer."



"Real age?"

*sigh* "24."

"Do you know why we called you here today?"

"Because more Equestrian magic's on the loose."

"That is correct."

"Alright, I'll see what I can do. Where is it?"

"Everywhere, Miss Shimmer."

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This story is a sequel to The Gifts of Gaea

Wallflower has never been the most noticeable person, and it logically follows that she's never been the most sought after one; whether the selection be for sports teams, classroom groups, or social outings, she's been lucky to even be considered, let alone chosen.

Until today.

Now it's her turn to make a choice; reject the offer and return to her boring routine, or accept it and leave her old life behind forever?

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Timber Spruce barely seemed to react to the appearance of magic. Celestia investigates why. Written for the May 2021 Original Pairings Contest. First story on FimFiction, too, so ratings/comments appreciated!

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Celestia has worked with promising young unicorns and their parents for many years. However, working with Night Light, the father of her prize pupil, presents a challenge she hasn't faced in centuries.

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In the midst of Ponyville being plunged into chaos, Twilight and her friends finally manage to use the Elements of Harmony for the first time, and in doing so successfully stop Discord from wreaking further havoc on the land they hold dear. Problem is, the way the elements do this isn't quite what they had in mind. At all.

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Sunset Shimmer isn't a normal girl. She can levitate objects with her mind, shoot hot energy from her palms, and when she's scared, she can disappear and reappear somewhere else entirely.

Her parents know. Her siblings know. What they don't know is how different Sunset really is.

When nightmarish creatures attack and kidnap her sister, Sunset ventures into the unknown and discovers a world teetering on the edge of total darkness.

What begins as a rescue mission turns into a struggle to save a kingdom, as Sunset learns just who and what she is, and the weight that comes with it.

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CelestAI deals with a mischievous intruder in Equestria.

Inspired by and contains spoilers from: Untitled Goose Game (its really fun, go play it)
Cover Sauce

A (silly) entry to the Friendship is Optimal Writing Contest

Thanks yall, featured 4/25/2021, and got to the number 1 spot for a minute!

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