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I’m still around, but… · 3:02pm Feb 19th, 2022

Hey all!

Haven’t been active of late and wanted to come around and let you all know what’s up with me…

Had Covid…I’m fine. Wasn’t really sick, just fatigued.

Doing the carnivore diet again. Feeling great but damn is there temptation everywhere.

Now for the hard part…

In terms of writing: I’m done.

I’m sorry if this is disappointing to some, but I’m bloody bad at it. Maybe not in structure or ideas, although I could see the argument. More in the sense that I don’t enjoy it. It’s not my medium.

I enjoy sitting down with my sketchbook and drawing out characters or ideas for characters.

My work with much more passionate and committed writers here like Hiver and Irrespective is where my talent shines.

I look forward to working with authors of stories I like! I read there words and yearn to bring pictures to life.

Will I still dabble in writing. A little. But mostly editing and support.

Again sorry if this is upsetting to some but I have to be real to me here.

If you have questions about where my stories were going ask here or maybe I will have different blogs about them, depending on interest.

I’ll still be around.


Report Sipioc · 1,579 views · Story: The Anonymous Mr. Green Hill ·
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Well poo. I Really liked Mr. Greenhill and was looking forward to more.

Fair thee well.

Edit: may want to mark stories canceled so folks know.

You do you. Will I be disappointed? Yes. Will I complain? Absolutely not. Focus on making yourself happy. You don't owe us words and I am grateful for the words you have chosen to provide.

In fact, I thank you for saying something. Too many people just disappear in the middle of their stories.


Maybe a comic book?

Do whatever makes you happy bro.

i agree i really lie Mr. Greenhill.
but yo have to do what your muse want's you to do.

Got it dude I understand your your situation, I still hope to hear from you again in the future.

Disappointed sure. Loved the story, so many interesting places it could have gone. Having the talent doesn’t mean you have the passion though. Maybe give us a spoiler-y autopsy though, explain where you were thinking of taking it and where you got bogged down?

love to know what would have happened in The Anonymous Mr. Green Hill it the story that made me follow you to begin with

*snugs* will we see your art here still?

Understandable, have a nice day.

Yeah. Again sorry, just lost the will to continue.

That’s probably a good idea to make it official.

Probably not. Also a lot of commitment. And I couldn’t really post it here.

Sure. Maybe have a explanation chapter in the future.

Sorry about that. Maybe I will do an informal: this is where certain ideas were leading closing chapter.


Still, for whatever it is that comes next, you'll do great.

Oh. And I just thought of the story last night and wondered where it was going.

Thanks for the closure and making a decision, so many writers just kinda disappear. It's a lot of pressure to finish a story, especially if you don't have the entire damn thing outlined from the beginning. Thank you for giving us what's already done, as though Green Hill will never be done, I do enjoy what's there.

Hope you... get better? Yeah, hope you get better.

Cheers for that boss. Its hardest to be blunt and come out and say what needs saying specially when you know some wont take the news lightly but the reality is you gotta look after you.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing your presence in Hivers and Irrys stories.

Hope you get to feeling 100% here soon too.

Sad to hear it my friend. But i get where you're coming from.

since you've quit you need to set those stories to canceled man.

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