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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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Anthro ponies? · 8:50pm June 17th

Anthro ponies or normal ponies? Which do you like better?

What do you think of anthro ponies? Okay, it's not impossible to write a good anthro story. I even liked some. But... I prefer my MLP FIM ponies being ponies. I mean if you think about it, the uncanny valley is even worse with them being some sort of human-horse-women hybrids. Plus the normal MLP FIM ponies outclass the anthro ponies in the back if you know what I mean. Baby got back. Anthro ponies got nothing on normal MLP FIM ponies.

In stories, I find it somewhat hard to picture and even describe how these anthro ponies even look. It's even the same case when I am reading someone else's story. When we see MLP FIM Ponies from the show itself I don't have to think very hard on let's say how Rainbow Dash looks.

Report Bendy · 159 views · #Anthro
Comments ( 32 )

i like both of them :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

It depends on the mood I'm in. Anthro can be done alright. And while I agree the ponies have the anthro out classed when it comes to having back. The anthro by far has the better breasts.

I like both, but I do love good Anthro stories.

I think some new readers would latch onto the idea of anthropogenic after a while because of the romance or sex. Personally, I started reading anthropology stories (specifically romance) because it felt easier for my brain to process. Two legs good, four legs bad, and all that.

Action anthropology stories are usually alright, but they don't usually pack the same punch that a regular pony story can. After some time in the fandom, I've come to appreciate the quadrupedal equines more than their bipedal cousins in other stories. Most anthro stories only exist for the sex element, while others have reasons like, "A human can blend into a crowd of anthros more easily" but those stories are few and far between.

Also, a minor gripe on anthro stories. Some of them actually go the extra step to show us the height comparison of the characters, which I appreciate since my default ideal size for normal ponies is knee to hip height, while anthros usually vary. What I don't appreciate or care about is when the author decides to describe bust size. I don't see why they need to say, "Pinkie Pie had a triple A bust size while Rarity had a double F cup." Fuck, I don't even know some of these sizes. The fuck is a G cup?

Anyway, there are good and bad anthro stories, just as there are good and bad quadruped stories. I just have a preference for one or the other depending on the tags and the subject matter.

Bendy #5 · June 17th · · ·

I like ponies more. But, I wonder if a clopfic with both could be done?

In some pony stories they still have boobs. They just lower down.

I personally find it hard to picture them. Unless I find some good art on derpibooru to base my picture of them.

Those four legs belong to fully sapient beings. The ponies end up melting the heart of nearly any human. They may not like the ponies at first, but they will grow on them.

They certainly melted my heart.

True, so like I said it depends on my mood.

Nearly is a good caveat, because some monsters just hate ponies.

TTCB: Skeletor The Evil Protector of Evil Humanity
Skeletor is the evil dark lord of the evil Human Liberation Front. Skeletor fights for humanity's very survival against the good and friendly alien ponies that plan to invade Earth to turn all humans into ponies against their will.
Bendy · 1.1k words  ·  145  10 · 4k views
Bendy #9 · June 17th · · ·

Ah, that story of mine that mocked TCB. With Skeletor being the so-called 'evil' leader of the Human Liberation Front. XD

Most of my stories are anthro and I can agree that it is sometime hard to picture the characters. Which is one of the reasons why most people use fanart as a way to show what the characters, as the author imagine them, look like. I mostly do it because I have a difficult time to describe movement and action scenes revolving "normal" ponies.
Sometime when I read fics that have fight scenes with regular ponies, I have a hard time seeing what I'm reading. Though it mostly revolves around action sequences were the ponies are armed with a weapon, since most other fight usually revolves around tackle, bucks and magic laser beams.

Though if we're talking sexually, it really comes down to whether you're an ass-man or a boobs-bro.

I think I'm more of an ass-man. But I do like boobs. If all fails, crotchboobs on the ponies.

A clopfic with the two would be nice. Pony asses, and anthro boobies.

I recall on fic that had both, the mares were anthro while the stallions were ponies.
The Different Prince by Buckly Jones.

I like the sound of that.

Personally, Its not too hard to picture them, I have a very active imagination, but I do wish some creators here made some more anthro stories that werent prn.

It really depends for me. When it comes to pure smut, I'm about dead even. When it comes to an action/adventure, horror, romance, crime or HiE stories, I usually prefer pony. Ultimately what matters most for me is if the story allows me suspend my disbelief enough to get invested.

Is it wrong that I like both?

Def pony, I don't read anthro. Feels wrong. Unfortunately alot of stories that I through sounded really good were anthro and I just don't really like it. I read mlp stories for the ponies.

Comment posted by Hiroblade deleted June 18th

What an unusual universe that fic seems to be.

I guess that's fair.

Both are fine. Ponies asses. Anthro boobs. Although ponies may still have boobs, just lower down, as in crotchboobs.


I feel somewhat the same way. I find it hard to picture what the anthro ponies even look like.

Why must I choose?

Err, you can pick both if need be.


Though if we're talking sexually, it really comes down to whether you're an ass-man or a boobs-bro.

I like to paraphrase Seinfeld in this situation: I have an ass. I'm also aro-ace, mind, so it's a fair cop to tell me I have no idea what I'm talking about.


I also think, it depends on the context of the story. If its supposed to be the canon universe, then pony. If its about the difference between humans and ponies, or equestria girls, also pony.

If its about boobs, anthro, also anthro makes it easier to imagine fight scenes, like for example sword fights would be really awkward with ponies.

The ponies seem to be able to pick up objects. Passive magic seems to be in their hooves.

Boobs can be done with ponies as well. Crotchboobs.

not really a fan of crotchboobs.

also yes, they do do that, but its still awkward, if a pony has to hold both a sword AND a shield and is not an unicorn.

Or if a character wants to flip someone off, and isnt a pegasus.

Most fighting moves from other shows were designed for humanoid characters, so porting those over would be harder for ponies.


Most fighting moves from other shows were designed for humanoid characters

And the exceptions were usually intended to be humorous.

I'm not really a huge fan of anthro ponies, I like mlp ponies being ponies. but some anthro stuff can be good, but its hit and miss for me. But I think its cause I kinda expect them to BE ponies and not anthro'd

Velcro! Velcro is always the answer XD Oh god, thats comdey story material there. Just ponies getting stuck to things cause they use velcro to hold stuff haha

i for one like both in there various ways, the ways you could interact or hold a pony friend. Every comment that was previous handles anthro is a much more actiony, or 'normalized' style that were more used to as a bipedal race with it interaction of the word and its working.

I find our normal MLM FIM pone easier to imagine then anthro really. it easier to imagine there body structure and tone, plushness, softness, vast irregular/superior range of limb movement of our normal Pone compared to Anthro. Anthro (especially the 3d modeling pics/art) while looking nice always urk me in 2 ways.

A' they away seem well fur less and bare skin while nice doesn't seem possible... like what am suppose to imagine a hot posing anthro ponywoman as a hairless pastel colored cat. like yeah their bare butts, bust, hands and feet/hooves (more about this in a sec), and shapely legs seem feasible, but when you get to the face or ears like what am i supposed to imagine touching or looking at. it bugs the living shit out of me. I couldn't honestly image taking a cute anthro pone for a hug into a kiss and my hands wander to her ears and its like bare skin, or she nuzzles me and its like bare skin on bare skin contact. my mind just goes WTF, i would expect something a bit fuzzier in all honest, even peach fuzzy.

B' my second point would be adding human feet to anthro ponies. Honestly, not to kink shame anyone that like this sort of thing but it just so freaken stupid putting feet on Equines. I guess I has do be done right i guess. there some art, mostly 3d modeling that has mayhaps done it right (guilty there some artists that do it right) but most seem strange or awkward. bottom line adding feet unto hooved races is awkward as hell, other furred/draconic/scaly races do it less so because of all the shapes and sizes and numbers of toes of ligament an artist could go for.

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