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Wanna get back into writing. So vote · 12:25am Feb 26th, 2021

Which should I tackle to try and get back into the swing of things. It's gonna be a Sci-Twi x Sunset Story however I wanna see which you all would wanna see more. It's gonna be a story that leads into another that's why I ask so which would you prefer.

Sunset proposing to Twilight?


Twilight proposing to Sunset?

Comment your answer and give a short reason as to why. Thanks for sticking with me all this time, sorry for the silence, work has been nothing short of Hell on my muse.

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¿Por qué no los dos?

Traduction: Why not both?

That's a good point. I was going to cast my vote for Twilight to take initiative, but why not? Lyra and Bon Bon did the same.

If it's not an option, though, I still vote for Twilight.

gezze. talk about a really hard thing to chose.

The first option because Sunset has been the focal point of most of your stories both current and past, it would also be interesting to see some of the concepts from past stories make a return like say sunset meeting her mother in the human world or sunset magic fucking her lover.

I plan on doing both, i just wanna see what fans wanna see first

That's exactly why I chose to suggest that.

Sunset to Twily <3

then please go for a double path. do both.

I will but i wanna know which people wanna see the most first so i can build motivation

Well, I would love to see them proposing at the same time just to see how they contradict each other, but IF I would HAVE TO choose I would go for Twilight. Always fun to see Twi stressing out:derpytongue2:

neither. both are ready to tie the knot, but neither want to be the one to ask for reasons.

so Spike takes the initiative.

I don't stress out THAT much!:twilightangry2:

Yes you do :duck:

That would be fun andactually make sense. And it would be nice to more DogSpike. Poor guy doesn't get much attention.

This is a hard question. I would like to see both, but maybe I'm leaning towards Twilight because I think she would most likely want to propose to Sunset first, despite her nerves.

Twilight would have very frazzled nerves and Spike would be her coping mechinisim lol

No no no, I have to agree with Twilight on this one. I'm sorry. She doesn't stress out.

She goes Twilynanas:moustache:

I mean, I'm good for both, really. I think it either or could work.

But if you're looking for absolute definite... ehh I think Shimmy would be the one who'd probably pop the question first.

Though I must admit I'm interested in the polyamorous story with Ponkers/Tw/Sunset and the kinky detention story a bit more. Oh my.:twilightblush:

It could be humorous with both of them trying to plan the perfect proposal. But if I had to pick, I'd have to say Sunset.

I had thought about them proposing at the same time but I remember I kinda did that already once lol

Sunset to Twi, Sunset just has too much charisma not to be the one to give the ring.

This is very true. Her charm stat is easily a 10

Yes to both. As in have both of them try and fail to do it again and again while silly hijinx ensue! :rainbowlaugh:

sunset to twi because twi being all flustered sounds cute.

OR both. A story where they both separately have the idea to propose would also be cute.
My idea being based on this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9P58c1U23Ao

Hey, I do have to ask. Since it sounds like a there will be wedding bells for ScI-Twi and Sunset soon, by any chance, will a certain prismatic athlete and shy animal lover be the ones to catch the bouquets?

Of course. Though if a certain purple haired dress lover has anything to say about it? She will be the one catching the flowers :duck:

Well, it's likely there will be two sets, so she can't exactly be greedy.

That story was also where sunset met her mother right? I really loved that scene.

Indeed. I could total recycle the idea though so I will keep that in mind

This new story wouldn’t happened to be a sequel to The best possible thing right?

Yes and no. lol I do wanna finish that story at some point though

I would prefer Sunset proposing to Scitwi

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