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Chapter 2 should post either Sunday or Monday depending on what I have going on and how much my fingers do or don't hurt lmao

hehe, aww. Good start so far!

This sequel is really good!

Thank you ^.^ It'll only get better as I continue. Let's just say Twilight and Sunset are gonna have their hands full soon

More of these two dorks being cute? Yes please.

Oh the cuteness will not be stopping anytime soon! Twily is about to get a big money grant and that means time in the lab with Sunny!

Sexy Science Fun Time!!


Twily is about to get a big money grant and that means time in the lab with Sunny!

Sexy Science Fun Time!!

Well, not to be a buzzkill, but as someone who's been a lab safety officer in the past, I'd strongly advise against allowing yourselves to get too distracted while in there. Snuggle fun time is all well and good, but please observe basic lab safety, girls. Magic or no, there are far too many ways to hurt yourselves in a lab if you're not fully focused on your experiments.

Pft oh please I am perfectly aware of standard lab safety protocols! Plus I have an entire AI system to help us out in case we get 'distracted' What could possibly go wrong?

Don't tempt fate Sunny

Fate is another lie told by the Gods!

Okay someone has been playing too much God of War

I'm just saying as someone who's been in and around labs for years, be careful. Murphy's a cruel god…

I'm sure they'll be fine. Who knows? They might make something cool!

Holy cow that ship picture! Where did you find it?

Oh, sorry I should’ve been more specific, I like the cover, but I was actually referring to sci-twi and sunset framed in a heart and making a heart with their hands. Again, sorry for not specifying.

Sweet. Thanks.

I also took the time to read this and it’s prequel, and you have my attention. I’ll have to keep an eye on this one.

:twilightoops: (slowly hides all the alcohol before twi & sunny starts to drink in the lab)

Hey you get back here with my booze!!!

NO!!! This world is not ready for a G.A.M.M.A!!!! & nether are you or twi!!! (starts running away with the booze)

-Morphs into Demon Sunset-


Mate ya done fucked up

Deadpool:he has me for a room mate & I forcefully drag him along on all of my crazy stuff. this is nothing.
not helping 'deadhead'!!! jest drink all of this before they do it in the lab they have!!!
Deadpool:nope.(rides off on a rocket propelled hot dog the size of a surf board)

Don't make me bring out the big guns

I'm the big guns!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

:ajbemused:really? Trying to scare me with pinkie?

True. Very true on that.

Pretty sweet, like it already!

Sunset smiled and lifting her finger to channel what access she had to Twilight's magic she captured the girls clit in her magical grip and swirled it in a circle which made the purple geek shudder as she sat there eating

This. This is one of the best uses of magic that I would 100% love to see abused more. Maybe during a date, maybe while someone is tutoring, the possibilities are transfinite :pinkiecrazy:

Ohoho yeah she and twilight abuse the fuck out if their magic on each other when they want to. They want to make it more common to use and each of the girls uses magic in daily life in different ways

Glad to see our two adorkable girls being adorkable and cute.

Rainbow and Sunny's game of tag was fun, as was the Sun-Dash-Jack banter. Scoots has issues, and hopefully the girls can help her through it.

And of course, Sunset going full dragon-girlfriend when Twily's upset.

Looking forward to where this goes.


Oh dear.

Oooooh scoots is in trooooouble!

Yeah, bets on Scoots mostly being jealous of not being with Sweetie instead of Diamond Tiara?

Perhaps. Who know. Scoots is a very emotional teenage girl lol

(still has a huge crate of booze) no drinking & science on my watch!!! (runs off with the crate)

Let's see how the team can handle Scoots

This is gonna have to be a combined effort. Scoots hate for Diamond runs very very deep.

aww... Twi-Twi need some huggles. At least Shimmy's there for her, that's always good.

And all da butt spanking :rainbowwild: ... and now I wanna see them suck off AJ, oh my.:twilightblush::raritywink:

The year and some months away from home had done Fluttershy's body wonders and puberty hit the meek girl harder than the rainbooms hit the dazzlings with a rainbow. With help from Rainbow Dash in terms of working out and a consistently healthy diet; Fluttershy had evolved from a shy little caterpillar that she'd been in High School and blossomed into a full blown(albeit still adorably shy) butterfly with a body that would make some models jealous.

Stop trying to make me ditch Scitwi as best waifu!

a very unusual and crazy thought came in my head...….. twi & sunny want to be parents……. who would bare the child???

😏😏😏😏 Why spoil it?😏😏😏😏

jest asking is all...……….:twilightblush:

:twilightoops: .. oh wow...……… hopefully no drinking in a lab was done...………..

I might have. Or magical sex was involved. Who knows

You do.

:twilightoops: if sunset is saying that then...………… oh sweet Easter………… how drunk were they??????

Next chapter soon please? :)

Any chance of a story with Smolder and Spike? (Not M Rated but just a spinoff)

Cool! Thanks :3 I hope the next chapter is coming along nicely!

Hi Twi Hi Sunny!

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