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RELAXETH THINE MAMMARIES!!! · 2:24am Dec 1st, 2020

Blah, blah, Adorable Applejack:

Okay, I know that a bunch of y'all just got a random ass update notice for a story that ended nearly eight years ago. Well, you can relax. There is no new chapter of Under A Luminous Sky.

Well, okay there is a new chapter, but it's not a new new chapter.


Let's hop in the Wayback Machine and head back to 2013, when I was writing Chapter Fourteen of UALS. Now, the original plan was that it was going to be a cliffhanger. Right after the line:

Parchment finally composed himself, calmly strolling beside his creation. “Now, my pet,” he chuckled.

“Kill them.”

Bam. Chapter ends, and I let y'all sweat for a few days before I post what was going to be Chapter Fifteen. This makes sense when you look back. I mean, read the last line of Fourteen and the intro to Fifteen back to back. That first line of Fifteen just feels like a first line to a chapter. Unfortunately, when I told them of my plan, one of my pre-readers—I can't recall if it was Piquo Pie or My dear friend who wishes to remain forgotten—said, "The hell you are!" He all but demanded I not break it up, and at that period in my writing, I wasn't about to disregard one of the people who made me good. And so y'all got the bloated 14K Chapter Fourteen, and it just... irked me for so long.

Cut to last year, when Aquaman was running the Bronycon Bookstore, and I was going to bring a few prints of UALS. To do so, I had to convert the story into a properly formatted PDF. And when I did so, I decided to finally fix the thing that had stuck in my craw for nearly seven years, and I made Chapter Fifteen: Sudden Death.

We know that chapter are named after metal songs where the title or lyrics have a connection to the chapter. This was named after one of my favorite Megadeth songs, Sudden Death, specifically for the line, "The beast is genetically programed. Time to destroy, time to go berserk."

Hey, I never said they were good connections. Just connections.

Now, I had never really planned to make this change on the story itself, mainly for the reason y'all are likely reading this: it would confused or even freak people out to get a sudden death huehuehuehue update that wasn't really an update. However, tonight for some strange reason I decided... "Meh, fuck 'em if they can't take a joke."

And so, we now have my very first story ever in the form I have always wanted it to be. Now to wait a few years and and new chapters of background characters walking around aimlessly, saying lines the main characters never react to, and a scene where Bentgrass shoots first.

Stay awesome! :heart:

EDIT: And now I make the fucking Feature Box! 100K words, and I make the Box on an update that doesn;t have any new content. Fucking tits, man.

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Bro, that reminds me when I updated Spike's Rainbow Dash for the first time since 2012 a couple months ago. It was kind of a lucid feeling, lol.

That's a cute Applejack!

Now to wait a few years and and new chapters of background characters walking around aimlessly, saying lines the main characters never react to, and a scene where Bentgrass shoots first.

Then create a series of prequels where it you have absolutely free reign and becomes readily apparent that the bottled lightning your first story captured was largely in part of your team of editors and pre-readers providing needed reigning-in, then sell the story rights to a megacorp whose hired hatchet-writers mechanically, soullessly release so many sequels that even without their controversial writing decisions that eviscerate the UaLS story and characters, perform an anti-Midas "minus-touch", transmuting gold into styrofoam and the whole series ignobly fizzles away with an apathetic *meh* as fans become bored with the shovelware writing and lose interest...

To quote another fic writer "Bitch, my tits are calm. The left one is called Siddhartha Buddha and the right one is Vardhamana Mahavira, and together they are lactating a veritable font of peace and understanding. It is the rest of me that you need to worry about."

But really, welcome back to this :ajsmug:

Ah, thank you for the explanatory blog post; I was rather puzzled, yes. :)

(And congratulations on making the Feature Box with it. :))

.... Jaaaake? Bro you okay there? Yer goin' a lil stir crazy.

Bruh does this man there will be a print version? 👀


Well, RBDash47 said one time he may be interested in a print run, but I haven't heard anything from him since. And I certainly don't have the money to fund a printing, so most likely not.

If you use lulu you can just have it as print on demand!

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