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FAN ART FAN ART FAN ART FAN ART · 2:25am July 28th

(Also, I got some commissions done.)

Yesterday, around one in the morning, I happened to still be up. That is not important. Do not ask me why I was still awake and in discord calls at one in the morning. When I happened to refresh my FIMFiction tab, I found a new PM. In it, were some lovely pieces of fan art. Someone literally sent me fandom fan art at one in the morning, and goodness they are gorgeous. The only thing that kept me from screaming bloody murder was the fact that there are people that actually sleep at that hour. Anyway, please take time out of your day to look at the absolutely wonderful pieces of fan art that dragonofruin made for me.


The grouchy demon himself

Here is their Deviant Art. Please be sure to give them a follow. They also do commissions, and you can find out about their prices and what you could get right here. With that said, I have some other commissions to show off too. Eonlonic is doing low-cost charity commissions. You can get as many ponies as you want, and they're extremely patient. Their work includes show-style high-quality bases and a funky freehand style with lots of specific quirks for the pony races. They're willing to work without perfect references and only text-based descriptions to bring your ponies to life. (And, if you ask nicely, you can get a version without the floating cutie mark bubble at no extra cost.)

  • You can check out their commission info here!
  • There is a google document that is attached with further examples and prices.
  • More examples of their work can be found here, and be sure to follow Krickis because her stuff is also very good.

Anyway, please once again look at my horses.


Here is a floofy fella who will be in an upcoming story!

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm smol goth horse for another upcoming story

This also means I edited my cover art a bit. I swapped out Favorable Alignment's and made it this:

TThe Care and Keeping of Hidden Castles
Princess Luna heads out on a date with her special somepony, the only one who enjoys escaping the presence of ponies as much as she does.
Ice Star · 16k words  ·  58  3 · 2.1k views
TFavorable Alignment
Princess Luna disappears from Equestria with hopes of saving the world and is accompanied by the enigmatic Sombra. Meanwhile, Celestia tries to bury secrets as immortal as she is and Cadance must choose her loyalties carefully...
Ice Star · 360k words  ·  70  9 · 2k views

...I'll use the new Sombra one from dragonofruin too! When I can find the ideal story for it, of course!

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Comments ( 21 )

That's awesome.

I know right? Fanart gives me life!

These are amazing!

Aren't they just??

That last pony is adorable and majestic and must be protected at all costs. I will fight anyone who claims otherwise.

Wonderful art all around!

She’s a little babby and will be showing up EVENTUALLY aaaaaa

She’s my favorite of my OCs ;~;

Wow, look at Onyx..............you would've never guess this adorable looking colt is actually an huge asshole.

A lot of good art and good ponies but I say Onyx has no right to look so cute(I love his socks).

Might have to consider commissioning Eonlonic too... Typically I like to design my own characters but dang I've got some that I might could use some help with. Unfortunately this depends on how things work out because of course I've found myself potentially needing to spend money on important physical things, ugh.

That there Krickis gal is bad news, I tell you...

Really happy to see you've worked with Eonlonic! I was rather pleased with them, and I recognized their style before I even read who it was lol. I wanna hug the floor pone :derpyderp1:

His socks + crystal hooves are the artist’s personal touch and yeah everyone keeps saying he’s cute
“Floor pone?”

Auto correct, meant floof pone

He’s very huggable and gay 🖤🏳️‍🌈

Is that a Lighthouse of Alexandria cutie mark?

thank you for being the first to notice

Dems is some good pones.

I have ALL the good pones

if you shorten fan art
you get fart

Now this is a quality comment :V

It’s just the best!

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