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Looking for a place to stay! · 6:55pm Sep 5th, 2019

First of all, I am located in the state of Pennsylvania. We've got lots of farms and horses here, but moving isn't completely out of the option, would just be more difficult to get a bus on such short notice. I'm a 30 year old single woman with a cat. He's my baby. And I need a place to stay. If you know of any brony/pegasister that might be willing to take me in for a short term basis, I'd really appriciate it.
My exact location: Williamsport.
My discord is Godfrog#4197
I will have unemployment benefits coming in, and I am looking for work, in the meantime, I can clean, and help out around the house. Really. I'll do just about anything. (within reason) to get away from this place. I know some might think me reckless but I just can't take this anymore. I've been holding it all in, somehow keeping it together. And I love you all dearly. So please let me know if you know anything.

As for my last blog.
THANK YOU SO MUCH. Words can't express. If anyone that donated to me ever wants me to write/draw them something just hit a girl up. I'll be glad to work on it for you.

Comments ( 10 )

Quite honestly, what I would currently suggest here is looking in for facilities at Penn State, like a few others have suggested.

I have a Socialist Party comrade in Pennsylvania; I’ll ask him if he knows any resources.

I would ask a friend, but they’ve been taken advantage of too many times, so they’re likely to say no. Wish I could help:ajsleepy:

Okay my friend only mostly knows places near Philly, but he’s going to do some asking around after work.

PM me, I may, key word: may, have a solution

Rommies sounds a good solution for the time being, and a roomie like Nailah who is willing to clean the house is most welcome along students I think:twilightsmile:

I hope you find some place soon! Sorry I couldn't help.

I approve of kitty twi

Wish I could help. Is the tyranny of distance.

If you need a little strength, just remember, we are here and we want you to succeed.

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