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I did a thing... · 7:02am Jul 18th, 2019

Yep, that's right! I jumped on the BronyCon Bookstore bandwagon.

'But Red!' You might say, 'How can you print a story that isn't even finished yet?!' Well, the short answer is: it is finished. The long answer is: as the bookstore thing started gaining traction I started telling myself 'ok, I'm gonna write this shit.' Then there came the July 4th deadline for book submissions, and I told myself 'ok, I've got [time] to write this shit.' Well [time] dwindled from months to weeks, to - believe it or not - days, and that lit a fire under my ass to, well, sit down and write. In my defense, I have actually been super busy. All of my other side projects have fallen by the wayside. Nevertheless I wrote the final three chapters for Last Brony.

Three chapters may not sound like much, and I suppose compared to my grand plan for the story, it isn't much. But what it is, is done. That said, I have tried my very best to make the last three chapters of Last the best that I could, and I think they hold up to the general idea I had for ending the story. In other words, I haven't sacrificed much.

And a little about the book. I haven't settled on a price yet, probably around $10 (thoughts?) They will be available at the BronyCon Golden Oaks Bookstore in the BronyCon vendor hall. After that, if anyone wants one you can let me know, and I'll probably open a thingie on Lulu so you can buy copies there.

You may have noticed the 'Other Stories' in the book's title. Those are:
Forbidden Knowledge
That One Passenger
Changeling Day
Twilight’s New Nightmare Night Costume
Fluttershy Doesn’t Have a Kitchen!
Dash Eats Meat!
A Bogan in Equestria

Basically what I think are my best stories all rolled into one book. Oh, and also that shitty one about Leo. Because why in the fuck not? Also if you haven't read Changeling Day yet, please check it out. I definitely feel it's a contender for Red's Best Fic.

Look forward to me posting new chapters very soon. :twilightsmile:

Also look forward to seeing me at BronyCon 2019 :trollestia:

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tfw it's been a year since my last blog post. :twilightoops:

I'd buy that book if I was there.

Very nice! Please do sell it online! I'd love a copy but am unable to go to Bronycon.

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