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Next Patreon Steps: Getting Organized, Developing an Author Profile and The Plan for my Unfinished Fics · 6:50am Jun 25th, 2019

Good Morning, everypony! I say "Good Morning", because it has just become morning for me here, after spending an entire night with figuring out what kind of pony author I actually am. Now all of that is done and I present to you the results, as the next steps towards my planned Patreon account.

Ever since I started writing MLP: FiM fics and publishing them here, my writing and my presentation as author has been very disorganized. For the first two years, I was just that pony author dude who sometimes wrote a ponyfic based on Season 4 or Season 5 when I had an idea for one, who published it, answered a few comments under the stories, said thank you for favourites and then vanished again.
This changed a little with Season 6. I started writing "Princess Flurry Heart, Destroyer of Worlds!" and not long after "Aunt Millie". I got into regular, daily writing with chapter releases each week, I gained a substantial following and a loyal readerbase for the first time ever and I managed to continue and finish my first multi-chapters that I wrote all the way to the end.
But even with that, I wasn't completely organized. I had no idea what kind of ponyfics I like to write the most, I just wrote whatever inspired me and jumped into my head at any given time. I didn't have a real image as pony author, like all successful authors here have. There still wasn't anything recognizeable about me, except for "that pony author who wrote really good fics about Flurry Heart and Dinky".
The last two years didn't do much to improve that image; with barely anything new by me in 2017, while I juggled finishing an older fic and battling a life crisis, and with still no episode-related fics even during Season 8 because I had to write myself through a backlog of planned or promised stories that has accumulated itself because of said life crisis during the entirety of 2018, with depression or exhaustion-induced breaks of several months, I still was in the minds of people as that. Worse, I suddenly was "this author who wrote two really great fics in 2016, then suddenly tripped, barely published anything and if he did, only below his usual quality".
Until now, most of my readers still define me by the two fics I wrote for Flurry Heart and Dinky during Season 6 and, admittedly, also by my story for Brown Sugar that somehow managed to rise into the Feature Box. Which is great and I am glad that people remember my best writing to date and my biggest successes so far, but these three stories aren't enough to completey define me as author. Even my userpage is (mostly) an unstructured mess. I have no real identity as a pony author here. I never promoted myself with one and it was even just recently that I realized myself what kind of pony author I am.

Ever since I began to publish ponyfics here, I have primarily published foal fics. Stories that have one or more foals as the mane characters or in which foals have at least important secondary roles and contribute a lot to the plot. From all the 64 stories (including the stories in my NaPoWriMo 2014 compilation) that I have published here since February 11th, 2014, there are only 9 stories that have none or only unsignificant appearances of foals in them.
Even my constantly growing list of story ideas has a ratio of 137:75 foal fics vs. other fics. For so many years, I was writing stories primarily about foals and yet, I never noticed it..... And even last night I had to look through my stories thoroughly to make absolutely sture I'm not exaggerating anything.
I'm not sure how many of you noticed, because I've never promoted myself as such, but I am apparently a specialized foal author. Which makes the utmost sense for me, because I'd rather be a foal myself again.
So, for the future, I'll be officially labelling myself as such and this will be part of my soon redesigned userpage. Fluttercheer, the foal author, is at your service!

Other than stories about foals, what else can you expect from me in the coming years? As you can see at the first point of my fact sheet about myself, there are several genres or sub-genres I've taken a huge interest in.
I've always been fan of high-fantasy scenarios. My history from the dark times before pony has seen games like "Diablo" or "Thief" and of course LotR movies. That is part of the reason why I got interested in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and started watching it.
Epic adventure journeys consisting of exploring foreign lands and fending off dark, demonic creatures make my heart beat in ultrafast tempo. There is a story as old as the ages here, which you might have spotted above already (but you will also find it again below), that was supposed to be exactly that, the three best fillies under Equestria's sun going on a journey and getting to know Equestria from its rough and merciless side.
It has seen hiccups and got rocks thrown at it that slowed it down, but this story is still going to happen and a plan is made for its continuation, this time one that will not fail no matter what else the universe throws at it. I have also ideas for many more epic adventure stories in my head.
What if Cozy Glow had succeeded with sending Equestria's magic into another realm, and Starlight and the Student Six alongside it, and they would find themselves in a completely new world, that is so much different from Equestria, suddenly being tasked with saving it because it literally crumbles away?
Epic and long-term adventure stories are the kind of stories I want to write a lot more of.

Then there are horror stories, my favourite genre. So far, my attempts of venturing into this genre have not seen much success, as it's almost a hard rule that horror pony fics I write don't garner much interest. Which is not just me, pony horror stories often have a hard a time here on FIMFiction.net. But that makes writing them all the more interesting, as the bar for getting such a story to popularity is apparently very high here.
I like high goals that are hard to reach, it makes it all the more rewarding when you are reaching them.
You can expect many more horror stories from me while I'm practicing this genre further.

Lastly, I am fascinated by post-apocalyptic scenarios. Especially if zombies are involved. It's a sub-genre that allows for a lot of variety and that offers you a lot of freedom. Which is one of the reasons why I enjoy such stories. I also like the feelings of isolation such stories evoke and the challenge of using your ressources sparingly. As well as the tragic tones such stories often strike (please don't spoiler me, I'm only at Chapter 9!)
I have much fewer ideas for post-apocalyptic stories and I don't want to write these kinds of stories too often so they won't wear themselves thin. But I have some ideas for such stories in mind. And it's my ambitious goal to one day write a post-apocalyptic story that gains a cult following similar to the one "Fallout: Equestria" gained. Dream big and reach for the stars to rise into the sky.

And other than that? You'll have to let yourself get surprised. My head is bursting from ideas and I want to continue writing in a lot of varying genres, instead of just limiting myself to a few.
But epic high-fantasy adventures, horror stories to make your blood run cold or tales from the days after the apocalypse, which will not always, but often, have foals as the mane characters, is something you will see much of from me in the future.

The last point on today's agenda, and probably what most of you are here for, are my currently unfinished stories. Of course I can't go on Patreon without letting you know when and how frequently these stories will get (finally) continued.
Not all of my multi-chapter fics have been a paragon of steady updates so far, but regardless of depressions or other commitments that delayed these stories, I have never truly abandoned them and all of them will get their place in the spotlight as intended.

The following plan depends on the length of the mid-season hiatus and assumes said length to be seven weeks. As such, it's subject to change and I may have to make adjustments, in which case I'll inform you immediately.


"Aegis" will, as announced in the description, get continued in the mid-season hiatus. I estimate that there will be two or three chapters more and will resume writing for it on July 5th, with a session for it every Friday and Sunday.
Assuming there are three chapters left, the remaining updates for it will happen on July 7th, July 14th and July 21st.

A Storm on the Horizon of the Arcane World

I know there is a good number of you waiting for this. Despite the simple prologue that just retells what we already know from the movie, it has an impressive viewcount for just having started.
Updates for this story will finally pick up once "Aegis" is finished. If I need three chapters more for it, I will resume working on Tempest's journey on July 26th in the same Friday and Sunday pattern. The release of Chapter 1 is scheduled for August 4th.
From then on, updates will happen on the first Sunday of each month.

My Little Pony: Guardians of Crystal Growth

I have previously made an announcement about the date of continuation of this story already. However, after I thought it over in the past couple weeks, I have to admit that I talked too big there.
Revising the first two episodes and the description to make everything fit to the remaining events seen in Season 9, while keeping to the 22 minute length, will probably not be possible in only three days. Even if it were, it probably would also make me exhausted enough to struggle with writing the next episode and keeping its quality consistent.
This story requires a different approach and more work than most stories do.
Because of this, I have decided to go for even more realism and to simulate a hiatus between Generation 4 and Generation 5. This will allow me to have a decent number of episodes written before I let my vision of Generation 5 start "airing" on Saturday, April 18th, 2020. Writing for it will start once Season 9 is over, each Saturday from November 9th onwards.
More infos and a reminder will follow once the date of release draws closer.

Filed Away

Now we reach the territory of very old stories. This one has never been continued for almost four years now, because I put too much on my plate by starting it and could never got around to work out the chapters of it. But regardless, it will still get continued.
As long as Season 9 still runs, I also want to write more Season 9 fics and I also have a probably rather huge Hearth's Warming Eve fic planned for this year already, which will take up a lot of time for writing in November and December. With that and with updates for "A Storm on the Horizon of the Arcane World" and work on "My Little Pony: Guardians of Crystal Growth", I will resume working on "Filed Away" on January 10th, 2020.
The pattern of working days for this fic will also be Friday and Sunday and there will be 2 - 3 updates each month, depending on the calendar. I'll put up a reminder closer to the release date.

Journeys and Destinations: A Friendship for Eternity

And here we have the old grandmare of my stories..... But it will still get continued, cause there is still life in this old lady. She looks just a little worn because the universe constantly bombarded it.
I will finally continue working on this story, likely also on Fridays and Sundays, once "Filed Away" has been finished. I don't know how long "Filed Away" will be yet, but I'll let you know about a date for "Journeys and Destinations: A Friendship for Eternity" once I have one!

Dreamwalker Dash
Letters to Cozy Glow

"Dreamwalker Dash" and "Letters to Cozy Glow" will continue as previously announced, with the former updating on Wednesdays and the latter updating on Fridays. Cozy Glow's story is a bit slowed down right now because of Patreon preparations, but updates should resume this week. "Dreamwalker Dash" is still getting revised before I start writing a new chapter.
Other then that, the release days and patterns for both fics will remain the same.

The Marvelous, Life-Changing Discoveries of Silverstream, the Hippogriff

No changes for this story. I merely included it here for the sake of completion. There is still no particular release pattern or schedule for it and updates will happen as spontaneously, casually and unannounced as the description says.

Lastly, I bet you also wonder what is the status of sequels for "Princess Flurry Heart, Destroyer of Worlds!", "Aunt Millie" and "Wish for a Mother". Unfortunately, I can't tell you anything new on this front, for now. I wanted to continue these stories for the longest time already and it's thanks to all the chaos in 2017 and the resulting writing backlog that I still couldn't continue them. But they will come with time.
Right now, it's a higher priority for me to write for Season 9 and to continue and complete my unfinished multi-chapter fics. I want to write a sequel for at least one of these three stories in 2020, though. I should have more infos for you once I have finished "Filed Away" in early 2020.

And that concludes it. This has been another long blog entry, because with my upcoming Patreon account, there is a lot to tell and go into. But I hope you stuck around until the end of this. I will eventually copy the new update schedules for the individual stories into separate blog entries that I'll tag with the story so you can be notified about what's relevant for the stories you're following.
But for now, I'll let myself drop into bed and leave you with this blog entry on my userpage. More Patreon announcements will come very soon! Good Night/Morning!

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