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Admin and official Story Scavenger of the Cutie Mark(ed) Crusaders group. If you need help with sorting a story into the group folders, send me a message! Once Quest writer for "Legends of Equestria".


This is a collection of thirty twenty-eight short stories for the National Pony Writing Month I'm participating in.
Every story will be added as a new chapter, to create a big compilation of all the stories I write for it, and will be about different ponies, different locations and different adventures.
There could also be a variety in the length of the stories, depending on it how many ideas come to me while writing, but my general goal is to write 60,000 words, which means every story will have 2,000 words minimum.
I will add a description for each story below as soon as I have written it.

Note: The gore tag and the teen rating are only there because of the first story "Back from the Grave" and because this was the only way to getting it passed through moderation. All the other stories are suitable for "Everyone".

November 23rd 2014, 01:34 AM (MEZ): "Haunting for Two -Part 1-" reached 100 views! Thanks to everyone who read it! :scootangel:

November 24th 2014, 05:07 PM (MEZ): My NaPoWriMo compilation has reached 1,000 views! Thanks for the support everypony! :scootangel:

The cover image belongs to dm29.

Day 1: Back from the Grave (Dark)
After an attempt to create an own spell, Twilight suddenly has to deal with a horde of undead ponies in Ponyville. Will she and Apple Bloom manage it to safe the town or is everything too late? (Contains slight amount of gore!)
Characters: Twilight Sparkle, Apple Bloom

Day 2: Tears and Apologies (Slice of Life, Sad)
After cleaning up the mess she created in Twilight's library together with Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle during their last Twilight Time, Scootaloo has to learn that some foals are more sensitive than her. Especially the ones who are younger.
Based on "Twilight Time".
Characters: Scootaloo, Pipsqueak, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle

Day 3: Haunting for Two -Part 1- (Dark, Slight Romance, Tragedy)
After spending some time with Rainbow Dash during the last Nightmare Night, Luna discovers some unexpected feelings for the fast pegasus. Determined to impress Rainbow Dash and to show her that they have similar interests, she invites her to a spooky trip into a haunted asylum in Fillydelphia.
Luna is sure that this is exactly the right way to attract the pegasus' attention.
Rainbow Dash likes scary things after all. Right?
Characters: Luna, Rainbow Dash

Day 4: Haunting for Two -Part 2- (Dark, Slight Romance, Tragedy)
Luna and Rainbow Dash continue their scary exploration of the haunted asylum. Will Rainbow Dash manage it to stay there until Luna's tour is over? And who is Shapy Cloud?
Characters: Luna, Rainbow Dash, Shapy Cloud

Day 5: Cuddly Cloudwatching (Slice of Life, Random)
After Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle blew up the barn while trying to get their cutie marks, they fear Applejack's wrath. While cloudwatching to relax themselves after their failed attempt, Sweetie Belle comes up with an idea how they could calm Applejack down.
An idea that involves a cuteness overload.....
Characters: Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle

Day 6: How to Polish an Opal (Slice of Life)
Opal has a problem and it's Fluttershy's task to help her deal with it.

Have you ever wondered about it why we have seen Opal acting so aggressive in "Stare Master" back in Season 1, but then in Season 2 suddenly not anymore?
This fanfiction gives an answer on this question.
It also shines a light on the relationship between Opal and Sweetie Belle and gives a hint on it what they have in common.....
Set between the events of Season 1 and Season 2.
Characters: Fluttershy, Opal, Sweetie Belle

Day 7: The Pond Fairy and the Golden Helmet (Slice of Life, Comedy)
After having had a miserable day, Scootaloo has a mystical experience with a higher being and gets rewarded for her honesty with a precious present.
Characters: Scootaloo, The Pond Fairy, Diamond Tiara, Discord, Cheerilee

Day 8: Celestia sits drunk in a bar (Random, Comedy)
Celestia sits in a bar and drowns herself in alcohol. Why?
Because all those terrible peasants did not appreciate her sun. But she will show them! She will show them all!
If the alcohol lets her.
Characters: Celestia, Luna

Day 9: Just a Sunny Day (Slice of Life)
It's Pinkie Pie's free day and all her friends have to work, so she decides to make a walk through the town on this sunny day.
But after meeting a filly, her plans change, and she finds herself playing games in the Whitetail Woods.
Characters: Pinkie Pie, Dinky Hooves

Day 10: The Dragon of the Whitetail Woods -Part 1- (Slice of Life, Adventure)
Pinkie and Dinky continue to play in the Whitetail Woods. After a little roleplay in a cave they have discovered, Pinkie tells Dinky a story that she heard from her Granny, a story about a secret underwater cave down in the Whitetail Lake.
Together, they decide to find out how much truth is behind this old legend.....
Characters: Pinkie Pie, Dinky Hooves

Day 11: Some Chances Never Come Back (Slice of Life, Sad)
After spending the night with some other Daring Do fans, Rainbow Dash has to face something terrible the next morning. There was something she wanted to get, but she missed the chance.
A chance that will never come back.....
Inspired by real events.
Characters: Rainbow Dash

Day 12: The Dragon of the Whitetail Woods -Part 2- (Slice of Life, Adventure)
Dinky and Pinkie can find the cave from the legend. After entering it, they find it protected by several, magical traps.
Is the legend really true?
Characters: Pinkie Pie, Dinky Hooves

Day 13: Spike's Hearts and Hooves Day Surprise (Slice of Life, Sad)
It's Hearts and Hooves Day and Spike has planned the perfect present for Rarity.
But as the thing he wanted to buy for the mare of his dreams is sold out, everything takes on a different turn and he finds himself assigned with the task to take care of the foals in the Ponyville Kindergarten for one day.
Can Spike handle this task or has he bitten off more than he can chew?
Characters: Spike, Noteworthy, Honey Mood, Golden Grape, Snowy Breeze, Nasty Hooves

Day 14: Chasing Away The Nightmares (Slice of Life, Dark)
It's night and Sweetie Belle just had a terrible dream.
Woken up by her little sister, Rarity comes into Sweetie's room to chase away her nightmares.
Inspired by a fanart (see Author's Notes).
Characters: Sweetie Belle, Rarity

Day 15: Fluttershy's First Day in Ponyville (Slice of Life, Sad)
Fluttershy just moved to Ponyville. What adventures await her on her first day in the quiet, little town?
Based on a fanart (see Author's Notes).
Characters: Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie

Day 16: Fillies 'n the Hood (Comedy, Slice of Life)
After an unsuccessful attempt to get gamer cutie marks, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle are left with no plans for the afternoon. As their boredom threatens to overwhelm them, a fortunate coincidence brings some money into their hooves.
Using this opportunity, they buy a big amount of ice cream and try to get cutie marks in ice cream eating, which causes unpredictable consequences for the three young fillies.....
Characters: Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Cheerilee, Berry Punch

Day 17: Justice and Revenge (Slice of Life, Sad)
Dinky lashes out at Diamond Tiara for insulting her beloved mom and in the aftermath of their confrontation, Diamond Tiara suddenly has to face real consequences for her actions for once. But will the bully give up so easily? No.
What Diamond Tiara has in mind is revenge.....
Characters: Dinky Hooves, Diamond Tiara, Cheerilee

Day 18: The Future She Was Not Supposed To Know (Comedy)
The Equestria of the future is very different:
Futuristic skyscrapers, ponies who look like squids, cyber ponies. And no nature or free living animals anymore.
Discord saw this future, but he decided to keep it a secret from Fluttershy and the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
But now Fluttershy is asking about the future that he didn't show them.
Will Discord manage it to prevent her from finding out about the future she is not supposed to know?
Contains spoilers for the 24th issue of the official Mane Series comics!
Characters: Discord, Fluttershy

Day 19: Something is following you (Dark)
After watching the premiere of a scary movie in cinema together with her friends and Rainbow Dash late at night, Apple Bloom makes her way home to Sweet Apple Acres alone.
She's a big pony and she was not scared of the movie, so walking home at midnight would be an easy feat for her.
But when she hears mysterious hoofsteps behind her and a voice whispering to her, she has to face what horrors the night can contain.....
Characters: Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Rainbow Dash

Day 20: Woodpecker Day (Random, Comedy, Slice of Life)
It was Woodpecker Day on Sweet Apple Acres. The one day of the year every member of the Apple Family dreaded.
And it was all Applejack's fault. Sort of. Because all animals hated her.
But this year she was going to find out the reason for it.
Characters: Applejack, Apple Bloom, Big McIntosh, Granny Smith, Twilight Sparkle

Day 21: Ya Packed The Bug Spray? or How Applejack Met A Moth (Slice of Life, Adventure)
At the end of her camping trip to Winsome Falls together with Apple Bloom, her friends and their big sisters, Applejack has a strange encounter with a moth.
For other ponies, this wouldn't be too bad, but Applejack feared moths.
To her bad luck, this encounter should just be the beginning of a very unusual relationship with the hairy insect.....
A tribute to Fluffy (see Author's Notes).
Characters: Applejack, Fluffy, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Rainbow Dash, Sweetie Belle, Rarity

Day 22: Berry Punch Origins (Comedy, Slice of Life)
Berry Punch was still a blank flank. But this was something that should change on this day.
As she returns hungrily from school and eats some cupcakes from the fridge, unexpected side effects are caused that lead the little filly to find her special talent.....
Characters: Berry Punch

Day 23: For The Queen (Dark, Tragedy, Alternate Universe)
After having herself locked up in her room because Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle found the letters she had written, a mysterious, bodiless voice starts to talk to Apple Bloom.
What does this voice want from her? And is it friend or foe?
Set in Slitherpon's "Moody Mark Crusaders" universe. Having read the comic is necessary in order to understand the story completely.
Characters: Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Applejack

Day 24: A Good Cold (Slice of Life)
After having carelessly played outside in the snow on the first day of winter, Apple Bloom finds herself sick with a cold on the next morning.
Luckily, she has a good older sister to take care of her and very good friends.
Based on a song (see Author's Notes).
Characters: Apple Bloom, Applejack, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle

Day 25: In a Distant Land (Adventure, Dark)
After their time travel with Discord and Fluttershy, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle get a chance to see the Gryphon Kingdom, as Discord accidentally takes a wrong turn on their way back to Ponyville.
And as a defect of the time machine causes it that they can spend more time there than expected, they are eager to experience another adventure.
But as they meet a gryphon in the town who invites them into his home, they end up with more adventure than they desired.....
Based on the 25th issue of the Mane Series comics.
Characters: Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Discord, Fluttershy, Henry

Day 26: Derpy's Day: The Morning (Slice of Life)
Derpy lives a happy life with her two daughters Dinky and Sparkler and as one of the mailponies in Ponyville.
That's one of her days.
Volume 1 of a collection.
Characters: Derpy Hooves, Dinky Hooves, Sparkler Hooves

Day 27: The Path of Food (Crossover, Comedy, Slice of Life)
On a normal, quiet day in Ponyville, something unusual happens suddenly. So unusual, that even the local residents, who are used to extreme events, see it as that:
A certain gourmand from another universe lands in Equestria. And he is determined to continue to learn how to master "The Path of Food" there.
Much to Rarity's dismay.
A crossover with Final Fantasy IX (see Author's Notes for more infos).
Characters: Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Quina Quen, Zidane Tribal

Day 28: The Art Of Making Ponies Smile (A Tribute to Pinkie Pie's Smile Song) (Slice of Life, Sad)
Pinkie Pie just wants to make all of her friends happy. And in Ponyville, everypony is her friend.
This is her story.
Characters: Pinkie Pie, Apple Cobbler, Noi, Bloo, Big McIntosh, Apple Bloom, Applejack

Chapters (28)
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Comments ( 25 )

“Hush now, quiet now, it's time to lay your sleepy head.....”

Is it just me or does no Brony here know any lullabies?

Comment posted by Fluttercheer deleted Nov 23rd, 2014

I can't speak for other bronies, but I only got german lullabies as a child and I don't really remember them anymore.
"Hush Now, Quiet Now" is used here because it was used in the description of the fanart this fanfiction is based on, in which the artist had already wrote down a little piece of story to accompany the picture.
I just built up on that.
If I should write a fanfiction with a more original lullaby one day, then I would create my own one, to guarantee that it's fitting to Equestria.

Anyway, thanks for your comment! :twilightsmile:
I already wondered why no one writes something, despite the quite many views my compilation gets, so it's very much appreciated. :scootangel:

Seeing Celestia drunk like this is Hilarious keep it up.


Thanks, I'm so glad you like it! :pinkiehappy:

I was unsure about her portrayal, because I don't have any real experience with drunken people. Do you think it's accurate?

Yes, I know what that is like...it's very hard and can me one very distraught. But sometimes, in fact, most always, the situation works out for the best. Not always right away or even in a way you might see, but it does. I like this because I can see Rainbow becoming down on herself like this. I know, though that she will always pick her self up. That's just how she is.


But sometimes, in fact, most always, the situation works out for the best. Not always right away or even in a way you might see, but it does.

It gets easier over time, yes. But something always remains.
When a similar thing happened to me before writing this fic, I learnt to deal with it too; that I could buy another one of Brenda Hickey's original pages of the 24th Mane Series Issue, even though not the one I wanted to have the most, helped with it.
But if I think on it today, it still stings. Just as I described it in the fic with Rainbow Dash.
Fun Fact: The monologues and dialogues are all authentic and I wrote them down as they were spoken out to the very last word. Same goes for the Daring Do fans, which are all pony versions of people I discussed a certain cover of the official comics with in a Skype chat the night before I wrote this.

I like this because I can see Rainbow becoming down on herself like this.

Yes, Rainbow Dash was the fitting pony here and I immediately knew that such a reaction would be in-character for her. I'm glad you like it.
I look forward to hear more feedback and thoughts! What do you think of the story for Day 9?

That was really cool! You got Pinkie's style perfect! I'm so glad you're a part of the 'Herd'. I love that song, too!

This was a nice, very sweet story. I liked the exploration of Opals' behavior, as we see her often very grumpy on the show. Fluttershy's portrayal was very well done, I think, and I enjoyed how the description of her feelings and how she developed her conversation with Opal. Very good work, I'd say.

This was just a fun romp with Discord having all the fun in the background and living it vicariously through Scootaloo. I really liked the pond fairy depictions; I could really see how she looked and moved. Loved that DT bore the brunt of the mischief, too! This would make a nice little two or three chapter story if you ever wanted to see how things turned out the next day!

I really enjoyed this one...especially all the foals! Your descriptions of their personalities and how they interacted with Spike and each other were just wonderful. You are doing a great job here of 'showing' the characters instead of just telling about them. You really made them come to life! Very good story, as well. I think Spike had more enjoyment out of helping all the fillies and colts and sharing their day with them than anything other part of the might have held for him. Just my impression, though. Very nice work!

I think you did a great job showing the bond between Rarity and Sweetie Belle in this story. The dream you wrote was very vivid and well described....actually scared me a little! I like it that you could take a picture and build a story around it...very nice work! I think the lullaby was most appropriate as it was sung by Fluttershy to the crusaders before and I'm sure it is a well known tune in Equestria. Very well done!

This was an interesting Crusaders story and very typical of the kind of situations they get themselves into! It was fun to see how they would handle an unexpected windfall. Applebloom always tries to be the voice of reason but just as often gets caught up in the excitement of the moment. Their ice cream induced escapades were really amusing, too. Almost sounded like a few of my own wilder nights *cough, cough* ( We won't discuss that...just remember it's only what they can prove) Overall, this was fun with a good lesson. I liked it and thought it was fun.

You really outdid yourself with this one! The descriptions of Fluttershy and Pinkie were very well done and the whole story just flowed so well. Again, taking a picture and constructing an entire day in the life of Fluttershy! It was very well done. I could feel her emotions and tell how frustrated and afraid she was here. This writing has been great practice for you as I can see much better descriptions and more confidence in your writing. Great job!

I have always thought that the best stories we can write or tell are the ones we have experienced. We really know those feelings and emotions because we have lived and felt them. It really makes a difference. I think.


Yes, Discord had a lot of fun there, but he actually really wanted to help Scootaloo out of sympathy for her. I just didn't make that too obvious, because Discord wouldn't show that very openly.
A sequel with Discord messing around with Diamond Tiara won't happen, though, even if the idea has potential. Having seen that she went through similar stuff as me when I was a child (and after I have forgiven her by now), I couldn't bring this over my heart to write.:pinkiesad2:
Glad you could imagine the pond fairy so well! Her description is one of my best ones I ever wrote.


You really made them come to life!

And this time they even ARE alive! :pinkiecrazy:

Writing this fanfiction made me realize that I really love it to create filly OCs. I might make foals my special field of pony art, I'm thinking about that since writing this story.
How much Spike enjoyed it remains in the open for now. But Snowy Breeze and Grapy really like him and want to meet him again. And they're going to one day! I have plans to expand on this too, because the chemistry between them works so well!


The dream you wrote was very vivid and well described....actually scared me a little!

Yeah, during the NaPoWriMo 2014 I increasingly noticed that I'm really good at writing horror and that I feel very comfortable with that, more than with anything else. I might make this my special field in writing.


The whole fanfiction is a ponified version of an episode of "The Simpsons", or at least the beginning of it. Look up the episode "Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood" if you want to see what was ponified.

Almost sounded like a few of my own wilder nights *cough, cough* ( We won't discuss that...just remember it's only what they can prove)

What happened during drunken nights, stays in the drunken nights. Mostly due to memory loss. :derpytongue2:
The end of the story is intentionally controversially written, for bigger joke effect. xD


This writing has been great practice for you as I can see much better descriptions and more confidence in your writing.

Yeah, the NaPoWriMo 2014 increased my writing skills tremendously in a short time frame. Shows how much persistent, everyday writing can accomplish.
Sadly, a lot of practice of this month has vanished again already, cause I didn't for some time after it.
The stories I have written since and that I write currently have done a step down on the quality ladder again. :fluttershysad: Only more consistent and regular writing will bring me back on that level again.
Glad you liked it. I just feel that this one particular story is lacking something, I just still can't tell what it is.....


Definitely. Sometimes, events in my life even inspire me to write something.
While living with that drunken guy (I'm moving out tomorrow, by the way, WOO!), just a day or two after moving in, I had the thought of a story about Scootaloo moving in with such a pony, with more extreme stuff happening to her than to me there.
Not sure if I would choose Scootaloo for that story; I noticed a tendency that I write too much horrible fates for her in stories, despite that I love her so much, so I need to cut back on that.
I have yet to determine which ponies I should choose for this story and especially which pony would fit in the role of the drunken, dangerous guy, but the idea is there and possibly getting written one day.

Omg when is napowrimo?! I've been doing nanowrimo for almost ten years!


Ah, you found my NaPoWriMo compilation! It contains my best writing so far. Writing for one month straight almost without any breaks paid off a lot!
If you ever read some of the stories in it, please drop me a comment and tell me what you think! I really like to get comments on this compilation, but most people don't give any and just silently read and favourite it.

Omg when is napowrimo?! I've been doing nanowrimo for almost ten years!

It's every year in November. I participated last year too, but only with a very small goal, that I unfortunately couldn't meet completely. :fluttershysad:
Here are some posts about the NaPoWriMo on Equestria Daily:





6955724 oh okay, someone told me it was in April between the time I posted my comment and now. :)


Never heard of it that it was ever in April. It was in September in 2013, but other than that, it was always November as far as I know.

6955868 yeah, nanowrimo is always november, and the camp nanowrimo sessions are usually April and july, sometimes august. But one year someone said napowrimo was april, (cause I went looking around for the pony version).


I just went and checked it:

In 2011, NaPoWriMo began at the end of August, in 2012 it was held in August and in 2013 in September, as I said.
It switched to November in 2014.

Will you be doing camp nanowrimo in April with ponies? I was wondering instead of doing 50,000 that we could team up and write 25,000 each and maybe bounce a story back and forth. Not really a rp, but a chapter by chapter kind of deal. :)


That sounds like an incredible idea and I feel humbled that you want to do this with me. :scootangel:
Unfortunately, I can't say yes yet. This is shortly after Season 6 will have started and a new season always takes most of my attention and I don't want to make promises to write something and then end up not doing it because something from Season 6 distracted me.
I keep it in my head, though, and will come back to you about that if I can figure something out to avoid that.
In case, do you have a concrete idea for a story? I could offer one from my idea pool if not, but since you got the idea to do this, I thought I ask you first and to let you decide for what we write.
Shoot me a message so that we can discuss the details!

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