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Polar Vortex · 11:36pm March 17th

Preparing for my next story. Tell me, dear readers, what do you think the Polar Vortex is in Equestria?

1. A band of westerly wind that swirls around 50km above the polar cap during summer months. Usually stable, but can be disturbed by disruptive weather created by inexperienced weather ponies, with unforeseen consequences?

2. A variable high latitude jet stream that meanders around Northern Equestria, around 10km high, maintained by a dedicated Pegasus pilot navigation team?

3. An extreme weather event created by a crazy goat-like creature and a rebel unicorn, threatening the safety of ponies and hippogriffs?

4. A sub-species of ursa major that spends most of its time asleep in ice caves, and is best not disturbed as they get really cranky when woken up?

5. The name of a pegasus mare from Cloudsdale, who works in the weather factory strategic planning office by day, while enjoying singing with her friends in a folk music group in the evenings?

Report Pineta · 146 views · #polar vortex #weather
Comments ( 16 )

Maybe 5, who as an agent of SMILE, is to try and prevent 1?:derpytongue2:

I'm placing my bets on 4.

Can it be all of the above?

Indeed it can. These definitions are not mutually exclusive.

6. A hexagon. Nopony's quite sure why it's a hexagon, but it might be something to do with standing waves or something.

It's quite obviously #1. Partly just because the Wendigoes are gosh dang cool...

In that case I'm going to go with this option.

Definitely going with 5, though that doesn't rule out any other possibilities. I especially like the idea of pegasi using experience on 2 as a form of bragging rights.

It's 4, but 5 leads to a lot of confusion and bedlam in the ensuing disaster.

#1, mostly. I immediately thought of a place where windigos hang out, far from most pony civilization, stirring up wild weather while waiting for it to affect the emotions of ponies at lower latitudes. (I only just now noticed the windigos in the image...)

Apart from that, #5 is cute.

Yeah, I'm gonna go with #5. I have to wonder though, if it isn't any of the others, then what is she named after? Just polar-y vortexness in general?

I'd go with number five. She is also a good of friend of Rossby Wave. My headcanon has been that ponies live on a torus, that's why they have prefectly projected maps and would explain the need to "raise" the sun. So no poles.

FTL #14 · March 18th · · ·

I'd guess Option 1. Possibly when conditions require it, weather ponies 'detach' a section of the vortex to 'kick start' winter. When done wrongly or when conditions conspire against a weather pony/team, the Vortex becomes mobile and extreme measures are required to return it to its stable state.

Option 5 is also a pony who is still trying to work out if her parents gave her this name to try to make her live up or down to a name of fame or infamy or were just passing comment on the marked effect her birth had on their lives and if they considered this a positive or negative thing... as yet they have not said and she is still afraid to ask...

I go with # 2.

I like all of the odd numbered options, honestly.

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