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    Hi everyone, my name's Nathan and I come today to bring some somber and tragic news. The reason Loyal isn't here giving you the news is because he sadly is the news. Loyal and I would have been best friends for 5 years this fall, but I am so very sorry to have to inform everyone that Jordan Williams appears to have taken his own life last night.

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We will remember him. · 2:07pm Aug 7th, 2017

Hi everyone, my name's Nathan and I come today to bring some somber and tragic news. The reason Loyal isn't here giving you the news is because he sadly is the news. Loyal and I would have been best friends for 5 years this fall, but I am so very sorry to have to inform everyone that Jordan Williams appears to have taken his own life last night.

I received a phone call around 9pm last night from Loyal and received only a short message. "I love you nathan." Followed by the sound of what I can only assume was a gunshot. I sat there with the phone to my ear for what seemed like an eternity just listening to the all consuming silence.

I don't think I'll ever be able to get the sound out of my head. God knows the booze haven't done anything. I knew Jordan always struggled with some personal demons, we often talked at length about our issues long into the night. He was really one of the best friends I ever had. I can't help but think there must have been something more I could have done. Some way I could have prevented this tragedy. I think it's something that will haunt me till the end of my days.

Today the world seems just a little bit darker, a shadow cast over it by the loss of another bright creative soul. Loyal created wonderful stories that brought happiness to countless people. People he never knew but touched none the less. Please feel free to use this blog post to share whatever stories or feelings you have about or recently departed friend.

Because those we love never truly leave us. We keep a part of them with us long long after there gone.

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i don't think i have words at the moment, i didn't know him as well as you did but it still hurts to know that someone i knew and cherished his writing is no longer with us.

you have my condolences
i can only hope he is in a better place now :fluttercry:

Oh shit....:raritydespair:

Now i'm sad.... that sucks to hear....:fluttershysad:

fimfiction has suffered a tragedy with his passing and the loss of one of the best authors i ever had the privileged to read.

i didn't even know loyal at all accept the few correspondences we had in the comment section of some of his stories. I just know i will miss him and the loss of him hits...hard...

you have all my condolences and i fir one will not forget him or the stories he wrote that i have very much fell in love with

WE LOVE AND MISS YOU LOYAL <3...hopefully you will find peace wherever you are.....

I'm really sorry to hear this.
My thoughts are with you and all who knew him during this difficult time.
You have my condolences.
Rest in peace Loyal.

That's just tragic... there's no word that would describe the sorrow I feel when something like this happens...
My condolence to everyone 😢:applecry:

I... I don't even know what to type right now. My world is darker as well, that's for sure.

Nathan: I know we never got along, but if you need/want to talk, my PM box is open. And fwiw, I'll be praying for you today as well.

I miss you, Jordan.

im not too good with words so I will do this instead: :fluttercry::ajsleepy:

Thanks, I still don't think it's really set in yet. Not really. I haven't let myself sober up enough yet to let it. Couldn't sleep last night because any time I tried lay down in a quiet room... I just heard the shot go off again.

Still couldn't believe my eyes,Why in the world?I have been translate his works into Chinese and now this happened.I wished to send him a copy someday.I'm sorry,May he Rest In Peace..

Nathan: Tommy wanted me to tell you that he got your message, and definitely wants to chat. He asked that you text him when you have chance. (keeps it off public social media that way)

I don't have his number, tell him to shoot me a pm on here or something.


Dont really know what to say, this is quiet the tragedy, my condolences to his family and friends.

Wow. I have no words. I'm very very sorry for the loss of your friend, I know what it's like to lose a best friend. Try to stay strong and keep your chin set and your head high. Once again, I'm so sorry this dark time has befallen you.

Damn, this is sad news indeed. I hope he has found his peaceful rest.

Peace be upon him

Deeply saddened to hear of the loss of Loyal. I hope you have freinds an associates to at least stay in contact with.:fluttercry:

Just, keep talking.:pinkiesad2:

This was... not what I'd expected to see upon waking up today. Like ArcFoxx above, I never really knew Loyal either outside of a couple of short comments conversations. He was definitely one of the best authors that I've ever read, both on this site and off, and the world is a darker place with his loss. :raritydespair:

I'm also incredibly sorry that you had to go through what you did, Nathan. I have a best friend that I've known since kindergarten and when I try to imagine the two of us in yours and Jordan's places, my brain just... can't.
I know things likely won't get any less painful any time soon but I hope they at least get better. My condolences, Nathan. Rest in peace, Loyal. :fluttershysad:

Im sorry for your loss sir.:fluttercry:

You know what's really sad? After all this time, after six years on FiMFiction, I cannot ever read something like this and not think it is a fake. And this is no disrespect to Jordan and his legacy here and IRL, but I have had my money and good graces used and abused. I don't like seeing this on this site anymore because of all the stupidity I've been through.

So I'm going to say this: if he really is dead, then may he rest in peace, and I hope that time eases your pain and heals your wounds. However, if I were in your shoes, I doubt I'd be fit to make this post in a week's time, let alone one day. Why does this read so well? Why does it seem so fake?

That's all I have to say. You shouldn't have to ever defend yourself and prove that one of your friend's did die, but no one on this site should have their emotions taken advantage of and, sometimes, their money. Both have happened many times on this site.

I just hope that, one day, I can believe something like this without being skeptical because I feel wrong for saying this, but time has taught me I'm very right for thinking this.

I would say I'm sorry for your loss, that everything will be fine, all the bull that is socially acceptable to say. But I'm not. I'm not because that won't change anything, after all I'm just another random stranger hiding behind an alias. The world is going to be a little bit darker from now on, because losing someone you love hurts. It hurts more than words can express. When I was younger, one of my closest friends -also named Jordan- lost his life. It's hard to cope when one moment everything's fine and the next one of the brightest lights in your solar system goes out. You can't cope, all you can do is try to remember him for all he was, don't let him go, don't move on and forget him, move on and live life to the fullest, if only for his sake. Remember him for who he was, all the bad times, all the good, and never forget. Never forget him because the moment you do, is the moment he truly dies.

Oh. Would you look at that, my face is leaking. I'm going to post this and find a couple of tissues. :heart:

It probably reads well because I'm also a writer on this site so I know how to put my thoughts to text pretty eloquently. Since Loyal was a very dear friend for many years I naturally had many thoughts about his tragic end. The only reason I bothered to post this was because I knew Loyal had a lot of unfinished stories floating around and this was mainly to let people know that much of his work will sadly go unfinished. Also I guess I needed to get my own thoughts out of my head. I've been drinking heavily since I received that last phone call trying to get the sound out of my head. Making this blog post helped me get my head on a bit straighter.

Well, my friend, I wish you good luck. This is going to be a rough time, but you will overcome it. Just keep your head on right. I cannot say that I want to go so far as to demand proof, but I'll take your word for it.

Understand that I myself have literally been in your shoes. I've done this before with a very valued friend of mine, and the only problem is that she never committed suicide. The situation was really serious, and I took things to the next level, so honestly, it was my fault for that embarrassment. However, there were three people that said they had cancer on this site, were about to die, and then suddenly "died," and we had this huge outpour of support for these people. Every time was a lie. I've seen people lie for money, lie for places to stay, lie for story views, story likes, you name it. All on this site.

I don't say what I say without reason, so I just want you to understand that.

It never gets easier, but it won't always be as hard. Sorry for the loss of your dear friend.

I can absolutely see where you are coming from but I can assure you there is no ulterior motive here. Not looking for anything, just trying to find a way to deal with this the best I can.

fuck... why, just why
I have no words :raritycry:
always remember the worlds he had created here

All to often the world looses those who make it a better place. I did not know them outside of an author here on this site but I truly enjoyed the world they created and the conversations read in comments.

While I am sad such wonderfull stories won't be finished I'm sadder still for the loss of such a brilliant wrighter and the loss of light to brighten up dark times.

I have no illusions that things will get easyer but I will tell you threw personal experience that you will be able to one day think back on them and have the joy of their memory overshadow the pain.

May god watch over you in these dark times.

well fuck.... didn't think he was in that bad a place.... i didn't really know him well but i respected him as a creator....now he's gone...heh....another one bites the dust :(

i'll always remember him as the reason i came to this site, his story "Archmage" was the first story i ever read here, and it was the reason i stayed here....i'll miss him

id didn't expect to read something like this today.....i thought i would just skip this blog post like so many others.......fuck.

Nathan, you have my condolences.

I wish I'd of had the chance to get to know him better personally while helping edit F:SA. Sad truth is we didn't really talk a whole lot outside of doing that, so I knew not much else other than his writer side. That, and being a fan of his work.

I hope he rests in peace.

Shit. That's... just... my condolences. Is all I can give you, sadly.

Moonstone and Archmage always had a place in my heart as two of my favorite stories written here-- heck, Moonstone broke me in fucking half with its ending.

A shame that the world now is suddenly missing a great writer, and who I can only imagine was a dear friend and person to you. My condolences, once again.

so sorry for your loss

it's always hard to know some one is gone, and there are times when I have had those thoughts:
1 when my mother left to live in Kansas,
2: finding out that my 19 yr old sister had a child before me,
and many other times where I thought the world would be better without me, but I will always try to do better than what I have done in the past, though I still have those thoughts from time to time I don't let them win, for I am better than those thoughts and want to bring at least a sliver of happiness to the world in whatever minuscule way I can. I am sorry for your lost and know how you feel to a point but don't let it darken your day to much, and maybe his in Equestria right now, waiting to be born again as one of the ponies he so loved and cared for. good luck and you have my sympathy.

Oh fuckin hell, that's... I have no words. I'm very sorry for your loss.


I don't know what to say beyond my condolences to you and Loyal's family and friends. I enjoyed his work greatly and while I didn't get to know him well personally I did always try to see what was going on when he would choose to post. Hopefully he can rest now and I will always remember the stories he shared with us.

Fuck. I'm sorry.

Loyal made the world, my world, a better place by sharing his craft. May he find the peace which eluded him in this world

I have few words for this. I'd like to be able to tell you it gets better, but it doesn't. It does get easier, though. I lost a very close friend a few years back and it haunted me for a long time; I found out second hand, so I can't even imagine what this must be like for you.

I know its hard, but try to remind yourself that it wasn't your fault. Jordan made his decision for himself and you couldn't have controlled it. I've tread that dark path and, for me, it lead only to the same place as your friend.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Well.....shit. I have no words. :(

I'm so sorry. I hope you find a way to make peace with this tragedy. And thank you for informing the rest of us.

Loyal has written several different series of stories that are amongst my favorite on the site. Moonstone is one of the first stories that comes to mind when I think of a good, unconventional romance story. Intimate Details is arguably even better. Even though Loyal is no longer here, at least his stories will remain as a proof that he was once here, and that he's touched the lives of many.

I don't know who Loyal is. I don't know what he did, what kind of person he was, or what he wrote.

But none of that matters. I will still remember him.

I am so very sorry for your loss. Whatever higher power you may believe in, I hope they have been kind to your friend.

Never heard of Royal at any point whatsoever in my continued existence on this site, but all of my sympathies go with you and his relatives. Do take care of yourself and pass the message along.

Again, all of my sympathies and condolences go to you.

May he rest in peace wherever he is now.

Never heard of him or ready any of his stories, but he will be remembered.

God. You have my condolences...shit, i dont know what to say.

I wish I had something more meaningful to say than "that's heavy, you have my condolences", but the truth of the matter is no words can accurately portray the sorrow. It's a travesty for one to end his own life. All I can offer is support.

To those walking the edge, think of your friends, your family, your lovers. You matter to them just as much as they matter to you. Talk, and they will listen. Cry, and they will hold you tight. You don't have to walk the road alone.

This makes me wish I'd made more effort to get more in touch with him. I don't really mesh well with Skype, so despite talking a few times we never really managed to connect the way I wanted.

Damn just came across this now. Sorry to hear he passed away.

Fuck man. I was looking through the blogs to see why Loyal's most awesome stories were canceled. I never imagined it was because of this. Just ... damn.

Yes, Loyal once gave me the information for his account so I could publish stories for him when he was at work and such. After his death I felt it was right to move all his unfinished stories to cancelled, that way no one would be left wondering why they were never finished.

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